28 Olympians on How to Get Laid in the Olympic Village | Cosmopolitan

28 Olympians on How to Get Laid in the Olympic Village | Cosmopolitan

Uhh… The condoms are Olympic strong. Ohh… I don’t know anything about… (nervous mumbling) It’s, uh… a bunch of athletes and they hand out
a lot of condoms. So… You know… What are you gonna do? Ugh, I don’t know how gossipy I want to be… (laughs) I think there was like, loss of virginity
in our Olympic Village, which is crazy… It happens. (laughs) Incredibly good looking, perfect
bodies, tight spandex, of course there’s gonna be some hooking up. Dd you expect anything else? (laughs) Put together a bunch of… very fit twenty-year-olds in one space
with nowhere else to go… So, um, there’s probably, definitely some
chemistry that flies around… My hook-ups have been always with my girlfriend
at the Olympic Village. That’s what I know about it. I’m going in low-key this year. I have a girlfriend. So, sorry ladies, I’m taken. I’m very happily in a relationship, but like… Ummm, I mean, if like… Ummm… No, I’m happy in my relationship, thank you. I hooked up with everyone! (laughs) Winter Olympics… It’s cold… And… You need to snuggle. Oh, lord! Child, no! (laughs) I don’t want to hear about all that! All my teammates and all of my friends are
gonna be making the most of it, and I’m with them in spirit. Honestly, I’m not just saying this, I know nothing about the hookups that
happen in the Olympic Village. Nothing. Use your phone. There’s so many applications. It’s pretty easy, so… Bumble, Tinder… Easy. Uhh… I don’t have a Tinder, so I’m… I don’t want to be offensive to anybody who
does have Tinder. My last Winter Olympics was when
I first learned about Tinder, and it was the best place to go because
everybody on it was just a bunch of… hot, babe Olympians. If you saw condoms with Olympic Rings on them, wouldn’t you take them? Like… every day! I honestly didn’t see one condom the whole
time I was there. Ummm… Which was funny because they were supposed
to be passing them out to everyone, but… I didn’t see one. So… Hookups in the Olympic Village? Uh, I don’t think you’re supposed to talk
about hookups in the Olympic Village. I think that’s supposed to be… What happens in the Olympic Village,
stays in the Olympic Village. I don’t know too much about the first hand
hookups in the Olympic Village. You know, a bunch of young, athletes… Most of them are pretty good looking, and,
you know, they’ve been away from home for a while. Hm. Do I have to say any more? I mean, really? You have that many athletes in one place. You know, things are bound to happen. Things that happen in the village, uhhh… You know, there’s a lot of down time and stuff, but there’s a lot of cameras and
security everywhere, so… Umm… You definitely have to be sneaky if
you’re gonna try to get away with anything. I wish I had some good, juicy stories
for you, but, man… I’m… a square… Maybe, this being our second Olympic games,
we’ll be with the cool kids, and they’ll, like, invite us out. Someone tell us where the party is! (laughs) Where’s the party at? (laughs)

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  1. How about focusing on your sport and the country you represent instead of making an ass of yourself like Ryan Lochte? The purpose of the Olympic Village is to eat, sleep and recuperate for competition without having to pay outrageous hotel fees.

  2. wow. this is something to be proud of. gotta end up with sex. fucking sad state of affairs. why even go there. pea brain mentality

  3. This is pretty awkward and hypocritical. Is cosmopolitan not aware of the huge abuse scandal involving olympic athletes that happened recently? Are they like Patrick Star and live under a rock? SMH.

  4. ..life is short….me me me….life is not that….your body should be given to a true love….this is very bad….

  5. The product of a promiscuous, shallow and degenerate (cult)ure. How sad that these kids have not been taught modesty, class or respect for the sacred. This is the result of a shallow and empty sexually "liberated" West. Look at the result. Letting go of all inhibitions is to be admired by those dictating our societies. The fall of a civilization came not with guns and physical death, but at the hands of the likes of Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich and Edward Bernays and their perverted ideas about sexuality and "freedom" from restrictions and "fascism." The result is a childless and toxic West, filled will leftists and SJWs.

    'What falleth, that shall one also push!' – Nietzsche

  6. Harvey Weinstein turned up at the Olympic village . Pulled out his circumcised cock and offered free film roles to the athletes and they all took a bite

  7. this fucking event has become a complete and total sham… just shut it down wtf is this garbage? Olympics should only be every 10-15 years…..

  8. Everyone is commenting about how the last two girls "are so hot" but all they want to do is party. they seem sweet though. their laughs are contagious.

  9. 70% of comments: Aja is so hot
    20% of comments: Jokes about sexual diseases
    10% of comments: Completely random shit

  10. Man I wanna fuck one of them white girls white girls look good when there young but when there old damn idk what happens black girls keep there youth longer if you put girls an boys together your crazy if no sex will happen. It’s impossible

  11. Really! What is the point of asking athletes about sex. These jerks must be from Team, Greg Louganis.

  12. This country is starting to become a one way ticket to hell, everyone knows how to have hookups maybe ask them something we care about like how they became an olympian

  13. Tons of judgemental assholes in this comment section. Pipe down and go back to your "perfect" lives..

  14. If I ever decide to compete In Olympics it will not be for da medals it will be for some deep inside ACTION

  15. I’m wonder in Olympic village some are in relationship and some of them cheat and think their love ones won’t find out but I wonder if the go on tinder as well and try to look for their name and expose them for cheating

  16. Mirai thinking about it and then deciding that she's happy in her relationship was the cutest thing ever

  17. Has anyone wonder about the ones who are in a relationship or are marry don’t you think they wonder if their love one cheat on them on Olympic village

  18. I’m all for having a sense of humor but this this is so tasteless and insulting. The Olympics are a sacred tradition; its just insulting to these athletes.

  19. little kid looking at Olympian doing crazy trick "I wanna be just like them one day…
    immediately cuts to said Olympian getting plowed face-first into a wall doggy style and trying to hide herpes sores from trainers 3 weeks later

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