what up shark gang and you’re probably
wondering why I just showed as loud as I can but Oh what are you doing what are
you doing whoa guys there’s nobody in here right now a fast and I are about to
do an overnight challenge for 24 hours and this trampoline park there’s
absolutely no one here like look I know any of you guys wouldn’t want to stay
overnight in a tramp park like will you do whatever we want and I got kicked out
of the trampoline park before but we are back if there’s no employees so I’m
gonna do everything I did last time like that I don’t know we’re good I don’t
think anyone’s gonna show up with guys before we get into this video make sure
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YouTube video okay I’m done talking we have this whole freakin park absolutely
empty come with me babe come here whoa whoa
okay well what are you doing whoa whoa okay guys I know y’all want to see a
really hard flip right now because no one’s in here and typically you can’t do
like double flips but it’s overnight and no one’s here yeah with no employees no that was a double oh babe oh my god oh
my gosh that was just one double flip I don’t think we’re gonna get in trouble
we’re probably not getting kicked out of anything we’re getting locked in this is
like a lock-in we’re staying overnight the only thing
is there’s no one not just walking mmm you know what I don’t think you’re
allowed to climb this pole and then jump onto the trampoline that’s for extra hi
babe you’re not gonna do – yeah the fire alarm on it Oh No oh my god
you’re a monkey no no babe careful really freaking high babe babe oh my god
what what are you doing you know this is actually really high I do no no no no
I’m not what babe you’re not gonna do that are you no no that was literally so
hot I have an idea come here you know why you know what we should do next
no because we’re here all night and we can do whatever we want there’s no one
in here I think we should go over there to the swing thing and guys if you
haven’t seen my kicked out of this trap park basically what happened was I did
this huh whoo guys let’s go what are you doing pull it in pull it in
here we go I have an idea you ready there we go I’m
gonna try to double back off of there no way actually it says you can’t swing
backwards so let’s do this no no no oh my gosh are you okay your swing task
fool do you want to try something else oh do you want to try something else
whoops oh wow wait what let me see the stick are you
are crazy what do you mean we’re here overnight there’s no one here we can do
whatever I’m so pumped about this are you kidding oh my gosh oh my gosh she’s
crazy but you know you know what I feel like doing what here hold this Oh what
are you doing right now whoa you’re not supposed to jump from up
here oh my gosh all right guys you know what
I have so much energy we have a whole trampoline park
completely empty overnight I literally have so many ideas for what we should do
what’s that noise guys I hear noise maybe it’s a game machine in here
there’s games over there I don’t know maybe it’s a game master from Rebecca’s
ammulu I don’t know you know what here babe it’s fine come here babe it’s fine
come here you know what let’s go off with this little thing because I’ve some
tricks I want to do off of it that you can’t do when people are in here so
let’s go I don’t know what Jackson budget I have two ideas my first I do
know off of this what are you doing I was trying to do like some flips off of
something tall it’s kind of like a boat the shipwreck I flipped off of us we my
channel to go check it out super awesome anyways wait what’s the key word today’s
key word is overnight and trampoline park so overnight and trembling Park
that’s really for words comment down below and I’ll pick one of you tell you
about post notifications not to add the NS YouTube video alright let’s keep
doing more stuff that we can only do not really out of breath why am I still have
energy because literally no one’s in here all night long so much stuff I want
to do here oh my gosh ready what are you doing oh no babe are
you serious there are so many bolts up here babe oh
good idea but this is really fun and completely safe because there’s a pic
are you serious I’m No
oh my freakin set you are crazy literally if we were here during park
hours when it’s open we would never be able to do that they would have told me
to get down whether they were here all night we can do whatever you know what
what huh you know what I mean might be a good idea to save some energy
because I want to wake up at 2:00 a.m. and do some stuff are you serious here
let’s go sleep in the pit here have a perfect spot actually come here this is
it early oh these pillows too here you get this one and I’ll get this one
no we’re gonna lay in the pit Oh here jump in ready woo all right you know
what babe we can just cuddle right here come under my pillow
alright guys so overnight challenge and the trampoline park I’m gonna do more
stuff that you can’t normally do we have the whole park to ourselves
that’s freaking awesome but right now we’re gonna take a quick nap I’ll be
back I’ll let you know what time it is when we wake up I need to save energy
there’s gonna be all night thank you guys
oh you just like a 3-hour nap well I don’t even know how long it is it’s
probably like 3 or 4 in the morning babe get up babe get up get up I have
some stuff I want to go do when people get in here we’re not gonna be able to
do this stuff anymore so did you check your phone guys I’m freaking tired
alright you know what let’s just get up I have so many it’s 3 a.m.
alright I think we’re good I’m gonna get up because there’s more stuff I need to
do here come on come on I literally just want to lay here in the pit babe come on
here give me your hand I’ll help you here come on
babe literally no one oh are you okay nobody is in this park let’s go do some
more self what can you see in here that we’re not normally allowed to do that we
want to do right now literally there’s no one like what would you guys guys
comment down below what you would do right now in this part if there was
absolutely nobody in here like right now this is the best overnight challenge I
could not have dream to be overnight anywhere else let’s do it there’s a
certain court here that you if you’re over like this height tall you can’t go
on it we saw it last time where you going and it looks super awesome and I
really wanted to go on it going are you ready where are you going let’s
go a fast favorite place to jump no one in here guys we have this whole place
wait they go into a mini pit guys come check this out I don’t know if you’ve
ever seen a put this small but literally babe show them hold this oh let’s see
what we can try off of these trampolines oh my gosh yes oh my gosh okay
that was not normally sketchy I just didn’t want to go over the edge into it
babe do your front oh come on yes there’s no one here no one’s gonna make
fun of you wow that was so awesome really I love this should we sleep in
here later no come on come on babe I have like way more ideas I got to do it
guys what guys we never have a trampoline park overnight completely to
ourselves there was no one in here like the sky’s the limit I have an idea you
guys know how every trampoline park their basketball goals you can dunk in
I’m gonna climb up on one and flip off the rim are you ready come on come on
let’s go do it alright guys so we just got over to the
bathroom goals and look there’s so nobody here so
we have plenty of hours left like I don’t even know I’m starting to get more
energy now that we’ve been up for a little bit and I got to do that I don’t
know double front to the mini pit but babe here we go ready oh my god my pants
there we go you know I think I need to dunk it he’s crazy
what do I need a dunk it then do it off the taller one right no I have some more
stuff I want to do are you ready yeah come here have a really good idea what
are you doing oh my gosh okay okay alright my gosh you know what we can do
that normally no we can’t we can’t do more than one flip in a row yeah what
can we do right now we can’t normally do when there’s people in here
I don’t know climb on that come with me oh did you hear that game
okay maybe someones gonna come in hi guys this is the exit for the parkour
course and it’s literally completely empty you’re supposed to go through the
entrance I’m gonna go through the exit if it’s easier to do backwards comment
down below if you’ve ever gone through a park or a course like this backwards at
a trampoline park let’s get it ready I don’t know Josh babe here we go oh
okay I can’t do that one my hands are sweating so nervous come on this side oh
my god it’s backwards on the course babe no way oh okay
I need to get out of here this course is kind of like sketchy backwards and I
don’t know if it’s designed to go that way let’s go see what else we got into
you guys for watching this YouTube video I literally can’t believe we’ve been
here all night I think that sun’s about to come up it’s
like 5:20 a.m. here so we’re gonna and we’re gonna have to get out of here
fairly quickly anyways guys thanks for watching this video make sure to give it
a thumbs up both of us on tik-tok and on Instagram also guys comment the key word
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entire thing look for the keyword anyways love your shirt gang ah today
rinji and flipping


  1. When he said 'Brooke' I thought that he was going to say my name because my name is Brooke but then he said 'Mansfield' and then I realized that it wasn't me.

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