24-Hour Endurance Racing in Assetto Corsa Competizione

24-Hour Endurance Racing in Assetto Corsa Competizione

[Julian]: Hello and welcome to GeForce!
I am Julian. This is Marco and we are gonna talk
about Assetto Corsa Competizione. Was that? Did I get it? I got it.
I was practicing before you showed up. So as racing games go,
on a scale of RKD to simulation, there is super RKD, there’s simulation,
and then there’s Assetto Corsa. And now you guys are coming out with a new
game. What’s up with Competizione? [Marco]: It’s the official game
of the Blancpain GT Series. That is the most important
and popular GT series in Europe and also in Asia and in America.
The game is based on the Unreal Engine 4, so we didn’t use nothing
from our previous assets. Just using our knowledge,
all the data we collected through the years working with the teams,
and the drivers and the tracks in order to provide
a visual racing experience that can be even more closer
to the real one. [Julian]: I mean you guys can control
like every aspect of the car, right? The traction control,
the anti-lock braking system, the fuel mapping,
you can dial it all in if you want and it affects how the car drives, right?
[Marco]: Yeah. What we are doing now with Competizione, we are keeping our DNA in the way we reproduce the cars,
but we are creating also an experience in terms of immersion that is much better
and we want to create an experience that can allow the gamers
to feel they are actually on the track. [Julain]: So, you guys are obsessive
about the cars and the details and now that you partnered with Blancpain
you can also include these real teams and drivers and liberties, right?
That’s part of the experience. [Marco]: Yeah. This is very important
and actually, since a lot of drivers already use Assetto Corsa 1
to make training, they are also telling us
what they would like to see in Assetto Corsa Competizione,
so that the simulation can be even more effective.
Simulation doesn’t mean just the driving. Simulation means also all those
aspects of the competition because we’ll also have a rating system
for the online leaderboard, the matchmaking, they way they can have
a progression in the game. They can improve
their driving style and so on. [Julian]: I understand you guys, for PC
gamers, you can support a ton of peripherals too
like gamepad and what-not. They get a bit more accessible to maybe
someone who’s not so hardcore into driving [Marco]: Well, actually we collect
a lot of suggestion from the gamers. We are taking into consideration
for Competizione because we want also the rookies,
can enjoy the game. Taking into consideration
those aspects, like for instance, for the fact a lot of people
use the gamepad to drive. What we are doing is not just to simplify
the game in order to make it more easy. What we want to do is
to provide within the game tutorials and tools and information on the screen that can help the gamers
to improve their driving style. And we believe that this is the right way
to allow the casual gamers to enjoy a game like Competizione
rather than make an RKD game. [Julian]: Yeah, it’s not really
the same feel at all. I love endurance racing and you guys
actually have a 24-hour racing spa! [Marco]: Yes, it is.
[Julian]: In this game! [Marco]: Finally! I would say finally.
The night racing and the endurance racing are the two most frequent
requests we got from the users. One of the reasons why
we chose the Blancpain GT Series, is that it’s the most complete
championship you can get because we have sprint racing,
3 hours, and 6 hours, and the 24-hours. There are lot of teams a lot of different
cars, and a lot of different game modes that actually are part
of the Blancpain GT Series. [Julian]: So, when can people expect
Assetto Corsa Competizione? [Marco]: We confirm that early access
will start on late summer and we’ll announce about the release
of the full game in about a few weeks.

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  1. Foliage and vegetation still looks like total ass, car models look like they have been straight up imported from AC.

  2. This question is for the channel host, not the PC snobs who like to insult and rag on console gamers every chance they get.
    The moment you guys lose respect for others and start getting on your high PC horses, you show your immaturity and total lack of class.
    Now that I got that out. Is there any word as to whether this game will be released for PS4 and XBOX 1?

  3. Is this a new game or an dlc for assetto corsa? What I have understand it is a new game, correct me if I am wrong.

  4. it's gt racing – it's for amateurs by design, you don't need to do anything special to make it driveable with gamepads

  5. And yet they make the same mistake… it will be once again something between arcade and a sim, but not a sim…. 2 bad 🙁

  6. Hey nvidia. I just wanna know when ur new series of gaming gpu comes out. Beacuse im gonna make a new pc with the new series, when it comes out

  7. But it's only GT3. And PC2 already has weather and i as an SE myself i can create a FFB profile that rivals whats in this game. Why would i buy this? for a dozen laser scanned tracks? (if even, 75% of AC's dozen tracks are DLC!) The artifical noise i add to my FFB is more than enough. Im not trying to make a living driving fake cars. There is no way ill drive the tracks enough to even realize where real bumps in the road would be. If im even capable of paying that close attention to minor unimportant details.

    Also will the physics even be up to par with PC2? Current AC lacks big time in tire physics and ive yet to see anything saying they will be overhauling the physics system from AC.

  8. Full game in a few weeks?? What did he say?? And who all can access early access anyway? Will early access only be on PC?

  9. Looking forward to this very much! But 24h at Spa was already in GTR2 in 2006 , 12 years ago 😉 and day/night and weather!

  10. 1:53 , thats how ue4 suck, need to be fix it w that engine, shadow distance really bad, this gonna make replay really suck, and hhopefully load tetxture system didin't like pubg or motogp 18

  11. Hello, i am desperately in need of a graphics card, because my pc is a very low end pc and i only use an intergrated graphics. I cant even run pubg. Please can you make me a winner i am 15 and be coming 16 in nov 28. I hope you will find this comment

  12. I really hope this doesn't feel like Project Cars. PC felt too arcadey with how the weight of the car moved around. The sounds were sub par and the player base was awful. How the current car platform is on assetto corsa is how the cars need to feel in the new game.

  13. The main reason i played AC was beacuse you can adjust all aspects of the viewer hub. Please allow us to change our pov, eye height, move around certain gauges, etc. I loved the popout menu on the right.

  14. Hi if I buy assetto corsa on nvidia shield tv 2017 from steam, does it run properly/smooth? Does it have enough ram to play it smooth?

  15. It's gonna be cool with 3 monitors and driving wheel… I'm glad I can run some games in FHD with 1050-ti
    2080 Ti giveway

  16. I have been playing PC games since I was 3 years old. I know many of you would think its a lie but its not. But due to future advancement in technology and graphical improvement in games my PC couldn't support most of the games of now and if it does support then the game runs too much laggy and choppy. I want to make gaming industry proud that I am worth of gaming as much as the legends of PC gaming but for that i need help from NVIDIA by supporting me through its products and awesome technologies and wishes from all of you! Wish me luck for this gaming products giveaway event. I am a gamer and I am proud of it! #E32018 #Giveaway #NVIDIA

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