23 Upcoming Playstation VR Exclusive Games

23 Upcoming Playstation VR Exclusive Games

Sony is pushing their exclusives hard for the fall release of one of the most anticipated
VR devices. There’s a mix of 3rd party exclusives, triple A titles, and independent titles. Not
to mention one of the games in this list will come bundled in with the Playstation VR. I’m
curious to see what’s available, because there’s a lot more talk about headsets and price than
there is about the games. So let’s take a look at these upcoming Playstation VR Exclusive
games. 24 Ace Combat 7 – 2016
Ace Combat 7 is the 18th game in the series and this time it brings you the closest possible
to the cockpit experience by utilizing Playstation VR. Ace Combat 7 is about intense dog fighting
while you’re soaring through the clouds. There’s a mix of authentic and futuristic aircraft
to pilot through an immersive campaign mode. Ace Combat 7’s tentative release date is 2016. 23 Robinson: The Journey – TBA
Robinson The Journey is a game of exploration and mystery. You play as a young boy who crash
landed on an unknown planet and you’re forced to find a way out. The world is a dangerous
jungle filled with huge dinosaurs. Your only companion is an AI robot in the shape of a
floating orb who leads you along. The game runs on the Cryengine which has always been
regarded as one of the most visually impressive game engines. The release date for Robinson
the Journey is currently unknown. 22 DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3 � March 2016
Fun in the sun is back in Dead Or Alive’s fighting game turned beach volleyball vacation.
The game has a series of different modes from beach volleyball matches to �butt battles�.
There’s beach flag where players have to compete in a race to retrieve a flag. There’s a new
suntanning system. A girl mode which lets players take direct control of the girl they
select and owner mode where players take control of the whole island. If you like girls in
bikinis on a sunny island playing fun games then this might be the game for you. DOA Xtreme 3 releases in March 2016. Right
now it’s only being released in Japan, so if you’re in the west you’ll have to import
it. The good news is that the release is region free with an English language option if you
order from Play Asia. 21 Tekken 7 – TBA
Tekken 7 has been announced for VR compatibility and it’s probably the first big fighting game
we’ve heard of in virtual reality. Tekken 7’s story is going in a much darker direction
and is intended to conclude the Mishima clan saga. It will provide answers to feuds of
the main characters. The game focuses on 1 on 1 battles with the addition of two new
mechanics called Rage Art and Power Crush. There’s a traditional stage based playthrough
where the player progresses by beating five opponents and then finishing with a final
stage. With up to 27 playable characters total this fighting game will be interesting to
see on Playstation VR. 20 Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – TBA
Until Dawn Rush Of Blood is a different take on Supermassive’s surprisingly successful
horror game. It’s an arcade style on rails shooter with VR support that attempts to break
conventions. It will take you back to familiar parts of Blackwood Pines from the previous
game, but with a different perspective that expands on new experiences. With clever use
of sound design and specifically placed jump scares, Rush of Blood may be the scariest
VR game on Playstation. 19 Godling � TBA
Godling presents sandbox in both a beautifully creative and violently destructive way. You
play as a godling, or a toddler god, from the very start of their life. Just like a
child you have to discover how to use your powers. This game is all about agency. Do
you care for the nature around you? Or do you play with it in a destructive manor? Navigation
is actually intuitive due to the headsets position tracking and the gyroscope of the
dualshock 4 controller. Godling’s release date is still to be announced. 18 GNOG
Gnog is a unique looking puzzle adventure game. The game revolves around discovering
the inside of a monster head. Monsters have their own personalities and a micro world
on the opposite side. Each monster head is a totally unique puzzle to solve. Created by a small team of just 4 people,
this indie game with a unique art style may be a fresh experience. The game is being published
by Double Fine Productions who has a track record for producing interesting games. 17 RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
RIGS is a first-person, arena based shooter set 50 years into the future and is a combination
of all different sports. There�s elements of motorsport, shooting, and basketball that
come together to create this combat league where the rigs are the heroes. It�s all
about the drama, knocking an opponent rig out of the air when they�re going to score,
getting the big saves or scoring a last minute goal to win for your team. The game is built for Playstation VR since
head movement is a big part of how you control the rigs. It’s how players steer their mechs
and aim themselves. Matches are 3-on-3, and the rigs come in different forms with different
specialties. This is one of the few multiplayer oriented games for the Playstation VR. The
release date is still to be announced. 16 100ft Robot Golf – 2016
Take huge 100ft mechanized robots and put them in a golf game. Put that golf game in
virtual reality. Now you’ve got 100ft Robot Golf. If your ball gets stuck you’ll just
smash your way out by destroying any tree or building the way. Players join together
with varied courses from green fields, to cities, mountains, and even orbiting moons.
4 Players can play online or on the couch for real time destruction golf or even just
classic turn based matches. 100Ft Robot Golf releases sometime in 2016. 15 Dreams
Dreams is a sandbox creation game similar to LittleBigPlanet, but this game focuses
on the ideas from your subconscious. This is a game that’s really based on community
involvement and ingenuity. The actual capabilities in dreams are still unknown, but the trailer
shows us everything from cute polar bears to futuristic hover jets to eerie zombie dolls.
While other games on this list are about mystery and action, this one is all about creativity.
Dreams is intended to launch sometime in 2016. 13 Golem – TBA
Golem is one of the few games built from the ground up for VR. The game isn’t about playing
as a Golem, but it’s actually about controlling multiple golems. There’s a sense of mystery
and magical powers involved, but developer Highwire Games is currently keeping the details
of the game a mystery. The release date is still to be announced. 12 Gran Turismo Sport – 2016
Racing fans aren’t being left out when it comes to VR gaming. Developed by Polyphony
Digital and published by Sony, Gran Turismo Sport is the 13th game in the Gran Turismo
series but it is a separate standalone entry. GT Sport includes three modes: Campaign, Sports
Mode, and Arcade mode with online and offline play available. There will be two championships
held simultaneously throughout the year. These will be organized into online live events
for The Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup. There will be a beta for the game during the
first and second quarter of 2016 prior to the release later in 2016. 11 Headmaster – TBA
If you want to get far in this game, you’ll have to use your head. Literally. Headmaster
has you hitting soccerballs with your head to hit targets, knock down boxes, or even
break a pinata. It’s ironically a very intuitive game since head tracking and seeing objects
coming at you is part of the quintessential experience of VR. The game might not have
the most longevity or depth but it might be a cool showpiece for how VR works to the mainstream
audience. Release date is still to be announced. 10 The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. – TBA
Remember Crazy Taxi? This game is crazy in a different way. You’re the last human on
earth who has to drive brain eating zombies to their destinations. It’s zany in appearance
and themes. Sometimes you’ll have to fight the zombies punching them using the motion
of the dualshock control. 360 degree head tracking plays an important role because you’ll
be able to turn around and look at your passengers in the back seat. Release date on this humorous
game about the undead is still to be announced. 09 O! My Genesis VR – TBA
O! My Genesis lets you create the universe with your bare hands. Manipulating life, planets,
and it looks like in some cases you’ll be saving them from extinction. This game appears
to utilize head tracking and motion controls, but it’s also still a working title. 08 The Playroom VR – TBA
Playroom VR is the showpiece for introducing your friends to VR. And it’s free if you have
a Playstation VR. Playroom is a series of games that are multiplayer focused, letting
one person wear the headset while the others play with their dualshock 4 controllers and
the TV. This is from the same studio known of Shadow of the Colossus and Bloodborne.
There’s a virtual robot called AR Bots that you can mess around with or you can play Air
Hockey. Playroom will probably be the first thing you turn on when you get your headset
and then move on to more complex games. 07 Playstation VR Worlds – TBA
Playstation VR Worlds is another collection of 5 games that were built specifically for
the platform. The first game is London Heist is like a gangland rail shooter that lets
you use dual PS move controls to fire at enemies. Into the Deep lets you explore the underwater.
VR Luge lets you race down a California hillside. This is one experience I would only be bold
enough to do in the virtual world. Danger ball is a sports game where you hit the ball
with your head to strike the ball. And lastly, there’s Scavenger’s Odyssey where you play
as an alien treasure hunter. For those of you itching to try these five games, the good
news is that this game will be included in select Playstation VR bundles. 06 Rez Infinite
Rez Infinite is a follow up to the original game on the Dreamcast back in 2001. The developers
claim that they always envisioned this game in VR and now they finally have a chance to
make it happen on the Playstation VR. Rez is a really diverse game. It’s a futuristic
on rails shooter that mixes wireframe graphics and intense trance music with arcade style
gameplay. It’s definitely for fans of classic arcade style games and also trippy experiences.
The release date for Rez is still To Be Announced. 05 Star Wars VR Experience
DICE is working on a Star Wars Experience game exclusively for the Playstation VR. Details
are sparse. The only thing we know is that it will be an extension to what we’ve seen
in Battlefront and that it’s the biggest AAA experience we’ve seen so far for VR. 04 Superhypercube – TBA
Superhypercube is a first person puzzle game with trippy neon 80s inspired colors and motion
graphics. It’s highly inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, and Xanadu with
a retro futuristic look. At first look, it reminds you of tetris because it’s about moving
colored blocks, but the game has a lot of flow because the background is moving and
you’re getting the perspective of looking around the blocks. Superhypercube has the
potential to have a universal appeal like Tetris, but we’ll see how it plays when it
releases. 03 Thumper – TBA
There’s so many overused buzz words to describe games. But Rhythm Violence is something that
captures your attention. Thumper breaks the controls down to one button and one analog
stick. You control a space beetle passing through blinding fast vibrant colors. You’ll
have to thump, slide, and turn to progress through
the levels. 02 Tumble VR
Supermassive games, the team known for the surprisingly fun release of Until Dawn is
switching from horror to puzzle games. Tumble VR is a puzzle game where you pass a series
of trials from building a tower to creating bridges. Using the move controller, you can
accurately place and move blocks on screen. And if they fall, they’ll tumble just like
real world physics. 01 Wayward Sky
Wayward Sky has you guiding Bess, a young pilot, who was flying with her father when
she crashed into a mysterious fortress. Her father has been kidnapped and the crashed
plane no longer works so she’ll have to find a way to rescue herself and her father within
the fortress. The game has movement similar to a point and click game but it will take
advantage of VR head tracking. Players will point their head in the direction they want
to go in and then press the action button on the dualshock controller to move. The game
uses a third person perspective for exploration but during interactive puzzles it switches
into first person. Wayward Sky will be an interesting and accessible adventure game
for gamers new to VR. Outro
Playstation VR has a diverse lineup, but do any of these look like a killer app to you?
It’s almost like the release of a new console, and the best titles often come a few years
into the life cycle. Developers have to learn how to utilize the platform and we as consumers
have to vote with our dollar by buying the games that we consider to be good. What do
you think about the Playstation VR exclusives in this list? Are any of them worth pickup
a headset for? Let us know in the comments, and subscribe to the skilled channel for more
upcoming games previews.

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  1. Replace "100 FT ROBOT GOLF" with "100 FT ROBOT BATTLE" would have been more appealing. If they wanted to make a golf game. Why not just make a golf game? What's next? Tekken Beach Volleyball?

  2. Ace Combat, Golem and Wayward Sky look alright. I want a good Mech game though. I've already got VR Worlds, Eve Valkyrie, Robinson the journey, Resident Evil Biohazard and Eagle Flight.

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