2:05 Olympic Distance Triathlon

2:05 Olympic Distance Triathlon

– Race day. (swoosh) Boom! Hello folks, I’m ready to run. (swoosh) (percussive music) Toast with a light spread, and a small glass of Hyper Hydrator. No big jug of water today. Not on race day, we don’t pit stops. (gulps drink) Oh that’s salty. (lips smacking) (door closes) Picking up Mel from the office. It is 4:49 in the a.m. on a Sunday. I’m the best boss, aren’t I? Thanks Mel. Some people aren’t into
mornings as much as I am, so so I tell Mel I’m here. (soft knocking on door) Subtle, but effective. (soft knocking on door) She’s in there. 15 minutes of breathing on her door. (car door handle clicks) Later
– [Female] Oh my God. (man grunts) – I’m handing you over to Mel. – Okay hold on. – There you go. You’re
dealing with a pro now. There you go.
(Mel laughs) (man laughs)
– So professional. (upbeat music) (siren) (rhythmic clapping) (person cheering) (crowd chatter) (upbeat music) (clapping and cheering) (upbeat music) – [Man] That’s it. Doing good! (footsteps) (upbeat music) Second place, I would think. – I think so. (upbeat music) (applause) (beep) – [Man] Come on in,
bring it in, bring it in. (upbeat music) (person grunts) (steady clapping) – [Woman] Push in there.
– [Man] Thanks. (man laughs) – [Man] I was hoping you were
biking and running scared. – [Man] Wow. This guy made me work for it. (man laughs) – [Announcer] 35 to 39 Olympic. In first goes to Teran Gesell. – [Man] It’s anti-climactic. – [Man] Who got the overalls up here? – [Crowd Member] Good job guys! (person cheers) – [Man] Good race. – [Man] That’s not fair.
You’re taller than me. – [Man] This guy went fast. – [Announcer] Hey Trainiacs, race report. So that was an awesome day. I didn’t think that I had
that kind of time in me. Final time 2:04:36. Course was a little bit short. The swim, I’m not a superstar swimmer so it was a 24:43 for, if anything it was a little bit long swim course. The bike was short. It was just under 37K and I did that in 56 minutes, 29 seconds. Speed-wise, that is going
an average of 39.1 km/hr. Top speed 52.4 km/hr. Normalized power 272 watts. Bam! Yeah, that was what we wanted. We wanted to see a big jump in the power. And then the run, basically bang on 10K. If anything just a hair under, in 40 minutes, 38 seconds. Yeah! Story time, here’s how
this whole thing went down. Because it was fun. So right at the start of the swim I knew there were two
guys, Josh and Andrew, Andrews’s an awesome Trainiac by the way, I’m sure he’s watching this by the way, Andrew, awesome racing with you, who were much faster swimmers than me. I knew that going in and I thought maybe, just maybe, I could hang on to their toes and draft off of them for a little bit. Yeah, well. 50 meters later I’m like that ain’t happening. No. No way. So, as I wanted to do,
I went off at the start all the way just hammering
it to the first buoy and a little bit around the first buoy and I’m in third place. At that point, I lead
it out for about 100, 200 meters, and then Philippe Chabot, who’s like legendary in the province, old dude that still has it in
the swim goes in front of me. I’m like hello Philippe,
thank you very much, yes please, I will take a
draft from you, thank you, sir. So I draft him the
entire way and there were a couple of times that I pulled out just to see if we were going
to do a little back and forth. Not gonna happen. Water
was just perfectly calm, so all we had to do was
just battle our own bodies and battle each other and the time. (man sneezes) Oh, wow. That’s how excited I am. One loop in the swim and
Philippe was actually basically ahead of me
coming in to the beach, but I stood up out of
the water, Bam Bam Bam, and I was out, so third out of the water and a really nice quick transition. You know, I need to get proper PowerTap P1 Power Pedal
cleats on my my tri shoes. That’s the only reason
I’m not racing in them, so I had my road shoes, lost a few… (dog barks) Will you quiet down? (dog barks) So I lost a few seconds trying
to slip into my road shoes, but then Pat wanted me to
completely hammer the bike, and hammer, yes I did,
thank you very much. By this point, Josh and
Andrew are out in front of me by about four minutes because
they did a 20 minute low, and that means low like under 20:30, swim. So they’re like four minutes ahead of me. So I start hammering it and I’m basically out there by myself. Mel is out there doing a fantastic job driving ahead getting footage of me, which you all saw, and I could see as we were
starting to do roundabouts, every five minutes I would gain about 20 to 30 seconds on Andrew. I didn’t gain a whole lot of time on the bike on Josh. He’s pretty strong. And by the time we came
in to transition 2, Josh was about four minutes ahead, Andrew was about 30 seconds ahead, and I had a transition that was like Boom! Hello folks, I’m ready to run. Went out and I gained
like 20 seconds on him on the transition, and had about a 10 to 12
second gap going into the run. And what my plan was on the run, take 2K, just pace myself, see what my body’s going to be capable of. Did that, held back, held back, and I didn’t gain anything on him and I had to have that
mental fortitude to say you know what, just let him be in his race and you be in your race. Don’t race him right now because you got a hell of a lot
of running left to do. So for 2K I went out, no cramps, no stomach issues, no nothing, no balk. And I’m like alright, after
2K I can start to play here and at that point, at 2K
because I knew I was ready to go I said alright I’m going to do 5K good steady running here. First 2K I did at somewhere
around a 4:14 per km pace and then I brought it down
to about a 4:05 per km pace and then I started gaining on him, and started gaining on him, and started gaining on him. At 3K I passed him, and at that point I wanted him to keep running with me because it was fun, it was motivating to have that person side
by side, duking it out. You don’t get that a lot in Manitoba. But he was kind of off the
back of me but not by a lot, so he was like 20, 30 feet
behind me and I kept going. It was a two loop run course,
so I did the first loop and he starts gaining on me a little bit because I took a gel and
it didn’t quite sit right at about 4.5K and he starts
gaining on me a little bit but I was like just hold
him off, hold him off, stay steady, stay as close
to 4:05 per km as you can, I slowed down a little
bit, and the plan was to, at three km left, seven
km into the run, Bam! Let out everything that
I had and at that point, that was when I lost him. Josh had already finished by that time. He ended up finishing I
want to say 1:58 or so, but at 3K left I hammered
it, started losing Andrew, and I think he finished about
30 seconds in behind me, maybe 25 seconds in behind me. So anyway, good for second place, some new higher FTP numbers on the bike, apparently I’ve got some good
running speed in my legs, and by far a new personal best. Second place and a time
of 2:04:36, short course, but it translates to a
2:10 olympic distance race. I’ll take it Trainiacs, I will take it. Oh and the best part about today? This is hands down, I haven’t been racing
locally here all year, so I haven’t seen any local Trainiacs, people that watch the videos. I’m at like, a half a dozen. I’m not even going to start into the names because I’m going to miss out people, but there were a huge amount
of people that came up and I got to meet them,
and it’s awesome because here in Winnipeg we
don’t have this massive Tri community where I get exposed to a bunch of people
that watch the videos. I did today. And, you all motivate me when you tell me that you’re watching the
videos, and that you like them, and that you have fun with
them, and you find them funny. So, thank you to all local Trainiacs, and I’m proud of all y’all for the races that you put in today. Good day! It was a good day, Trainiacs! More like that.

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  1. Wow! Great Race! Such an inspiration Man! And this is why we Trainiacs are here…. for this stuff! Congratulations!

  2. Good job yesterday. It was good to see you out there. Love seeing a bit of the local tri scene flavour in your vlogs. Keep up the good work and good luck in Austin

  3. Awesome job man ! What’s crazy about this is marathon swim was not too long ago, yet you already got that speed back ! If Josh was here that means TheTriGuy was there too, wasn’t he ? Talk about motivation for Ironman Austin 70.3 !

  4. Great Day for you! Congratulations! Sounds like you put it all together for this race! Transitions, pacing, etc. It is good to have these kind of races,

  5. What an awesome video!! Congratulations! I loved hearing about the details of your race and what you were thinking at each stage. I can tell what an exciting race you had!

  6. Basically im right behind you in olympic. Just 30 min behind… mine, here in DR, was 31:00 swim, 1:07 bike, and 49:00 run, damn you're fast

  7. Congrats Taren, we just did a sprint yesterday and I placed 6th in my age group, very pleased with that time considering I just started training in February, wife two kids, and a crazy job, lol.

  8. Seriously impressive time. Just completed the Kisarazu triathlon on Sunday and have a long ways to go 🙂

    Btw, where are your soundtracks from? Digging the BGM.

  9. Congratulations your such an inspiration for a beginner like me.
    I'm working hard trying to get a better time on my Sprint triathlon here in Brazil.

  10. Awesome race and great story telling skills. Impressive work from Mel with the footage as well. Loved the drone action from the transition area.
    Did you get both Overall 2nd place and 1st place in age group classification? I saw in another video that you are allowed to get only one of the best of them, so I guess only 2nd Overall?

  11. Congratulations from Brazil, my friend! Great job!
    Your videos are helping me a lot to enter in this triworld!

  12. Awesome video and awesome performance as well! I'm new to triathlon and your channel has helped me a lot!

    I had my second ever OD race last weekend. Overall I'm pretty happy with the race, but the first 4k of the run were pretty rough. I was feeling close to stomach cramps and had to dial back my pace quite a bit. Now I'm contemplating whether I should change my nutrition strategy, or if it's just a case of starting the run at a slower pace. Do you have any wisdom in that regard?

  13. WOW so impressive!!
    It's funny how important the cycling is :O
    On my last olympic tri, i was a minute slower in the water, 2 minutes faster on the run…. but I was 15 minutes slower on the bike ^^'

  14. Talk about timing with the deer dipping into the woods to pan over and here you come striding towards us!!!??????

  15. Great inspiration! I totally suck at Triathlon but for some reason keep doing em…lol Thanks for the motivation and congrats from Chicago!!

  16. Dude, love the videos. Just did my first sprint triathlon last weekend at 57. I’m in love. Thanks go to you as I watched you videos as I ran on the dreadmill. Not a typo. Keep up the encouraging videos.

  17. Very impressed with your times and speed. I'm running at 6mph and you were doing over 9mph!!! I'm striving to get to that speed!

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