2020 Porsche Taycan Reveal & First Look — The New Electric Car Sport Sedan King?

2020 Porsche Taycan Reveal & First Look — The New Electric Car Sport Sedan King?

it is at last– the new Porsche Taycan. We’ve been waiting
for this for months, and now we finally get
to see what it looks like without any camouflage. Let’s take a closer look. So this is really cool. It’s a four door sports car. It’s a little bit
smaller than a Panamera– about an inch and 1/2 shorter,
about 3 and 1/2 inches less long, and over an inch wider– so the proportions are really
attractive and really pleasing. And what’s really
neat about this car– it’s got two motors, one in
the front and one in the rear. And combined, the
Taycan Turbo– which is what we’re looking at
here– makes 616 horsepower. The Taycan Turbo S, which
we haven’t seen yet– it makes 750 horsepower. So yeah, that’s moving. What that means on
the track is this car can go from zero to
60 in three seconds. The Turbo S can do it in 2.6. If I know Porsche, there’ll
be more variants to come. You just know that, right? You can laugh if you want about
the use of the word turbo, because you don’t turbo
charge an electric motor. But we can go beyond that,
because this thing has the performance befitting
the turbo badge. So I’m not going
to argue with them. And how they do that is,
the two electric motors– they’re set up to where
the one in the rear is about twice as powerful
as the one in the front. Not, quite but pretty close. The front motor is
a coaxial design, which means the drive shaft
that goes from left to right goes through the motor
itself, and that saves space. It’s also really cool. In the back they don’t do that
because of other packaging considerations. But what’s going on in the
back is there’s a two speed transmission. There isn’t another electric
car that does that right now. What that allows
is a really quick 0 to 60 time of 2.6 seconds
in the case of the Turbo S, but also a top speed
of 162 miles an hour. And also really good efficiency
on the highway, because you can be in more of a cruising gear. And in fact, if you put this
vehicle in its range mode– which is its eco mode– it actually drives with the rear
in second gear all the time. Now, you may think,
wait a minute, the two ends are
in different gears? Well, remember, this
is an electric car. There’s no drive shaft between
the front and the rear. They can do anything they
want and it won’t matter. All that matters is it
generates turbo performance. Of course, being
an electric Car, this has a huge battery
underneath the floor– in this case it’s 93.4
kilowatt hours, which is the electric
equivalent of gallons. And so what that means in terms
of range we don’t yet know, but I’m thinking it’s going to
be between 250 and 300 miles. But we’ll have to wait and see. The battery’s position
under the floor gives this vehicle
the lowest center of gravity of any Porsche made. And it’s also really slippery
because it doesn’t need a lot of radiator openings. It’s coefficient
of drag is 0.22, which is the best of any
Porsche on the road today. So what’s really,
really interesting about this car is the
battery, the electric motors, the inverters, all that stuff. It’s built around an
800 volt standard, which is about double what most other
electric cars are built around. And what that means is
that the cabling doesn’t have to be as fat or heavy, and
it also charges really quickly. Porsche says that you can
fill this battery using a DC fast charger from 5% to
80% in 22 and 1/2 minutes. And the charges required to
do that– they already exist. Electrify America is starting to
build out a network of chargers from coast to coast. They’re not done yet, but
I’ve been to a couple of them, and some of them are
rated at 350 kilowatts. This car charges at 270
kilowatts, which is fantastic. But what that means is the
chargers, they’re going in. And you’ll be able to drive
from LA to New York in a year, maybe less. But at home you can charge
it using 240 and, what’s really cool is there’s a
charge door on each side of the car for that. And it’s got a 9.6
kilowatt onboard charger, which means if you have a
240 volt charger at home, you can fill it
in 11 or 12 hours. And that’s fine, because really
nobody starts from empty. And if you’re asleep, you’ll
be full in the morning. So all good there. I just can’t wait to drive
it, because this car has all kinds of performance
oriented options that you’ll find on
any other Porsche. It’s got PDCC adaptive
stabilizer bars, PASM adaptive dampers, there’s
huge breaks with 10 piston calipers, and you can get carbon
ceramic disks as an option. Not that you’ll ever
need those, because this vehicle’s regenerative
braking capacity– that’s the magnetic braking that
the electric motors can do– is 0.39 g’s maximum, which is
double of the electric cars we’ve measured at
our test track. And that’s pretty amazing,
because that means 90% to 95% of the stops you’ll ever
make will be magnetic. You’ll push on the brake
pedal, because Porsche thinks that’s the only
way to apply breaks, because this car’s built for
people who like to drive– but still, you’re going
to get magnetic braking. And the pads– they say you
have to change them at six years just because they might
corrode before they wear out. This is my first time
sitting in the new Taycan, and I got to say, it
looks modern and familiar at the same time. Familiar because it’s got
these horizontal lines that a lot of Porsches have, a
cockpit that goes door to door, this prominent center console. What’s different is
it’s all screens. The big curved
screen in front of me doesn’t have any
real instruments, they’re all virtual,
and you can customize them using the buttons on
the steering wheel here. The controls for the lights
and the trash control are touch panels
out on the edges. There’s some real
controls for the windows and for the mirrors,
which is nice because burying those in a
touch screen is a real bad idea. But what we’ve got here
is a infotainment screen, but there’s also another
one for the passenger. This is an option,
but the passenger can be a true co-pilot. They can actually adjust
the navigation or the music, and then once they’ve
made a decision they can port it over
to the main screen. And you can set it up to
where the map completely dominates this display right
in front of the driver. So this is a really
useful cockpit. These are not just gadgets. And then here, this is where
you control the climate. You can set your
temperature, and your modes, and all of that. But also there’s
a touch pad here that allows you to make
screen selections up here. But also, if you
notice these vents– they don’t have any
grills that move. That all happens deep
in the dashboard, and you can use
mode here to select dispersed or concentrated, or
you can drag your finger around to aim them right at your face
if you like that, or your hands if you like that. So this is a really useful
use of touch screens, and they’re kind of
spread around the cabin for a whole bunch of
different purposes. And at the end of
the day though, this is also very driver focused. None of this takes
a lot of attention away from the task of driving. The things you need
to do as a driver are right here at the outside
edges of the steering wheel. And what you need to look
at is straight ahead. So yeah, this is a driver
focused electric car. The first impression
I have of the Taycan is this looks, and feels, and
even smells like a Porsche. There is a quality to the
way it’s put together– a cohesiveness to the design,
a familiarity about it in terms of the main themes. But the details in the screens
and the way the menus are set up are pure modern EV. So it’s a really nice
blending of the two. You don’t feel like they
stumbled onto something. They really thought
about what it is to be a Porsche in the
terms of an electric car, and they’ve really nailed it. Remember, I’m 6 foot 2 and,
I fit pretty well back here. Part of the reason is
this is a glass roof. All US versions of the Taycan
will have this glass roof. There’s not even a
bar across the middle here between the door
pillars, because the structure is strong enough to withstand
all the side impacts and pass all those tests without
a bar connecting the left and right across the top. So this is really open. The Taycan on has
a 911 styled roof. It’s got this really
nice, fastback shape, and the way they do that
is really interesting. You remember, there’s a
battery pack under the floor, but what they’ve done
is they’ve omitted cells right here where your feet go. And they call that
the foot garage. So this is actually
the floor of the car that’s close to the ground– most of the batteries
are at this level. And so they’ve omitted
batteries right there so that they can put the rear
seat passengers down low, give them the nice
sports car feel, and allow for the nice
fastback roof that defines a Porsche shape. And adding glass and getting
rid of the little headliner thickness helps, too. So there’s actually
decent headroom back here. They say that this
particular glass is treated so that 100% of UV is blocked. Obviously we’re
indoors right now, I don’t know how that’s
going to play out. But that sounds really good. One of the things
about this interior is we’ve got leather seats
in this particular model, but you can get a leather
free option if you want. And that’s independent of
any kind of trim level. That’s a stand alone
option depending on how you want your
interior to be built, so that’s really neat. Back here there’s
more of these vents that have the same
type of grills that you adjust electronically. And if you get the quad
zone air conditioning, there’s another screen back
here– this is the fifth one– that allows the rear seat
passengers to make adjustments. This car technically seats five. You can see there’s another
seat belt right here, but there’s also kind of
a prominent hump here. So I don’t know who
would want to sit here– probably a small child. Maybe you could use this
buckle to install a child seat. But certainly you can
install child seats on the outside really easily. And this rear seat–
they also fall down to expand the trunk volume. And they fold pretty flat
with the surface in the back. We don’t know the actual
volume of this trunk in numerical fashion, but
it’s actually a good size. And it’s really easy to open. This is a low lift over, and
it goes way back in there. And of course, you can fold
the seats down if you need to. Around front we
have another trunk. And it’s not very big, but you
could put a suitcase in here. Just one, probably,
but certainly there’s room in the front
for some more stuff. Cool thing about the
Taycan’s charging is you can do it
from either side. Here on the driver’s side
you just wipe your finger underneath there– this is the European
charge port– but this is how you’d
plug-in at home. When you’re done just do
that and it closes up again. And then we go to
the other side– we have the DC fast charge. You can charge normally
here, but if you’re going to do fast charging you
want to set up on this side. Just wipe here, it opens up. There’s an icebreaker
function in case that’s iced over in the winter. And then, of course
the DC fast pins are underneath this little flap. So that’s it. This is the new Porsche Taycan. And I can’t tell you,
this thing really lived up to my expectations. It really looks the part. And I’ll let you in
on a little secret– a couple of weeks ago I got to
ride in a prototype on a closed course. And let me tell you,
this is not just about going fast
in a straight line. This is a Porsche. It can corner, it can
break, it can thrill you in four dimensions– the
fourth dimension being time. This powertrain doesn’t get hot. It will launch over
and over again. It’ll do lap after lap. This is not just a parlor
trick, this is a Porsche.

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    All I've been shown is a concept car you can walk around and sit in.

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