2020 Porsche 911 (992) – Development Of Stunning Sports Car

2020 Porsche 911 (992) – Development Of Stunning Sports Car

3rgwergwegfwegwegwegwegfwegwefwegwegwedgwedgwegwegwegwegwegweg this. I think this looks good you can squeeze it mode shift. Cool. More circles Like this it can have gauges and screens yes. Gauges. and screens. they can switch back and forth Let’s test it out. YES! Check it out… We should all be very proud of ourselves. The way it anchors the dash… But flows all the way across. It’s…Amazing. And this clay color for the new year. Clay. I love it. the lines. Let’s tape them up We need more shiny tape. please. help. YES. the way it creates the lines. Wow. From a distance…it’s beautiul See that We made it real. It was our vision. we watched it’s beauty take shape first just on the screen. Then in realistic 3D renders In physical form it really blew us away The scale models The insane fidelity of these models really helps us focus on the smallest details that sets us apart in the refined design side of exotic cars.

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  1. Qué se tiene que estudiar para poder trabajar haciendo esto?

    What do you have to study to be able to work doing this?

  2. If the car seat has a decelerator like ABS. Then when an accident occurs, the person sitting on the chair will reduce the impact. i am Vietnamese

  3. I must say these guys work attitude is the best team working having such a crew such people such work attitude ones company can grow in just two years

  4. Talk to a car salesman and this is how they would have you believe every single car is manufactured. Visit an assemble line and a 19 year old, has headphones on, struggles to get the last head bolt tightened as the engine moves down the assembly line leaving his immediate work area. Meanwhile we wonder why the head gasket is shot after 70,000 miles.

  5. Really amazing! I have a 996 Turbo and 997 Carrera S, I really appreciate Porsche design and styling and is pretty amazing to watch the 991 come together.

  6. Absolutely amazing looks like every other Porsche ever made. Real unoriginal. Sad that these car companies come out with the same car every year, and you smucks eat it up every time.

  7. No se xq se hacen los detallistas los q hacen el diseño en arcilla, si siempre sacan el mismo modelo x más q le cambien el nombre o la potencia. Ya aburre Porsche con ese diseño del siglo 0.

  8. Ojala si hay otra vida. En la proxima quisiera almenos subirme a uno de esos y pegar una vuelta. Porq en esta lo dudo.!?

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