2020 Honda Accord // THIS Accord Sport is a $27,000 BARGAIN!

2020 Honda Accord // THIS Accord Sport is a $27,000 BARGAIN!

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  1. Like your videos. Keep up the good work. Idk if I would call that a bargain though. Always thought the Altima was a better bargain considering Nissan dealerships obsession to handing out max rebates and deals on certain models.

  2. I love the 2020 Honda Accord! It’s very sexy and nice!!! I still like the Toyota Camry better! My brother has a 2014 Honda Accord! The Honda Accord is a great price, just like the Camry

  3. This may be the better car and more refined overall but at least with the help of fleet sales and rental companies the Camry still outsells the Accord!

  4. So unattractive. God awful motor with STANDARD oil dilution. That tacky Hofmeister kink on both sides.The Dodge charger sxt front bumper. Those horrendous tailights. 9th gen Accord still looks better exterior wise. -it may be great to drive but it's BUTT F k ugly😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Omg again the CVT 🤦🏼‍♂️ your wasting your time on the CVT, get the 2.0 Touring and that’s a real car.

  6. You should do the touring if your going to compare it to Toyota Camry. Just because you did the XSE on the Camry. Not trying to hate but just saying.

  7. Guys should I get the 2.0 sport accord or Mazda 6 Grand Touring. I love the look and sound of Accord but the Mazda6 inside looks so good

  8. Nice review! This and the 2020 Sonata stand out for good choices! Can you guys get your hands on a 2020 Lexus ES300h Ultra Luxury with the Triple Beam LED lights?

  9. Howdy, great review as always! While I personally prefer the Camry, Sonata, Optima, and Fusion (so sad it’s being discontinued) over this, I still like it!😸😸😸😸

  10. But the thing Honda is missing is… every year their cars get uglier and uglier…and this is from a honda lifer…so far….it is truly hideous

  11. Serious oil dilution problems on their new cars. Just go to Edmunds.com & I can read about the Honda lemons that were purchased from local dealers around me. Scary! No thanks! I'll buy my new 2020 Toyota Highlander!

  12. I know looks are subjective but the accord looks better than the Camry. However, the 2020 camry now offers everything the honda offers tech wise plus 360 camera and panoramic roof and it's only a grand more

  13. Loved my 2014 accord but the transmission didnt make it past 87k miles even with all the services done at Honda on time… This 10 speed scares me.. I Really like the 2.0T. I hope Honda fixes their Transmission problems.

  14. Drew and Mason, excellent review. For what you get on the basic Sport trim, I'm honestly surprised. 19s on the trim you two reviewed and tested yet no rear vents and ports to charge devices, I'm like how? Those 19s and exterior color is a delicious combination. Yeah this particular Accord is a bargain for sure and a way better car, plenty of room for your family and friends Drew, it's definitely not your 2010 Camry. Mason, how long did it take for you to choose the car you're driving?

  15. Buying my 2nd accord coupe this weekend 2015 V with only 28k miles. I cannot see myself purchasing such a monstrosity as this thing. I love accords but this one will never makes its way in my life. Too ugly looking for my family

  16. I was waiting for this review from you guys 😍 I don’t notice much if any difference between this and the 2019 accord, but great review none the less!

  17. The Honda 1.5 turbo motor leaks gas into the oil diluting it, that is no bargain! Id go with a Mazda 6 turbo for a few bucks more.

  18. Love to see more Honda reviews, but I want to ask why did you review the 1.5 sport accord three times in a row? Shouldn’t you review the 2.0T model? Like you should change trims between years

  19. As you have reviewed the 2019 HR-V in sport trim, can you review the 2020 model this time in the touring trim just to see every features?

  20. As you have reviewed the 2019 HR-V in sport trim, can you review the 2020 model this time in the touring trim just to see every features?

  21. Thank you for the very detailed review Drew and Mason! Ya'll always do a superb job hitting all the key highlights and facts that are essential for viewers whom are researching their next potential vehicle. It would be awesome to see ya'll review the 2.0T 10 speed Accord Sport to see what your driving impressions are compared to this 1.5T Accord Sport CVT. When I test drove the 2018 2.0T 10 speed Accord Sport I was beyond impressed by the torque and powerful acceleration off the line compared to the 1.5T CVT test drive. So much that to me the 2.0T 10 speed Accord Sport is definitely worth the extra$$ for those looking for more torque in their Sport 😉😎

  22. Not a bargin with cvt snd a turbo system that over heats the egine coming from 99 honda accord driver… I have a 2019 camry se nightshade edition and the seats and the ride is smoother then new accord and new accord look ugly doesnt look sporty

  23. I was a passenger in a new Accord hybrid, and was impressed with the cabin, spacious rear leg room, and comfortable ride. It was a bit loud though, with some road and wind noise. I am a fan of the styling, but wonder if this fastback trend will become dated looking in the near future.

  24. I have this in blue. Despite the rear being funky , I still get a lot of people giving me a thumbs up or complimenting me on the color.

  25. I'm a Camry-Accord owner for life. Whichever one I own at any particular period of time will depend on my mood, especially as it relates to Ugly Looks (Camry) vs. Horrible Sound System (Accord).

  26. This ugly corn husked car
    When the design changes I'll consider another accord.til then I'm rocking my coupé til she dies.
    I still can't get over the hideous exterior

  27. I don't see why so many people thing this car is ugly.. yeah the taillights could be a little better, but I love the look on both the exterior and interior. I literally had to drive a 2019 Camaro as a rental for a month, and I HATED it..couldn't wait to get my 2019 Accord back. Also for the price, the new Accords are very hard to beat in terms of extras like lane mitigation control, breaking assistance (which I always turn off) etc. But that's just my opinion:)

  28. In Canada, some of the Canadian exclusive features besides the mentioned heated steering wheel are the available rear seat USB ports standard for the touring trim. Also, the 8 inch display with apple carplay comes standard even on the base LX, and the 1.5T sport is based off the EX trim just like the 2.0T.

  29. mother ALWAYS said "if you don't have anything nice to say DONT say ANYTHING" but in this case I must confess. its hideous. period . point blank.

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