2019 King of the Ring competitors revealed: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

2019 King of the Ring competitors revealed: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

King of the Ring. A grueling tournament, where the champions
of tomorrow are forged in combat.>>We welcome you to the King
of the Ring tournament. Where legends have been made and
careers have been built.>>And where future Hall of Famers take
their first step toward immortality.>>Superstars will compete in a tournament
with the winner being crowned the King of the Ring.>>Think about the all-time greats over
the years that have held this crown.>>The King, Handsome Harley Race.>>Ooh, yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.>>Austin 316 says I
just whipped your ass.>>Hell yeah!>>This ring is now my house.>>I’m royalty, it’s true, it’s true.>>I welcome you an era of awesomeness.>>Yeah [LAUGH].>>All hail King Booker.>>The Next Big Thing has arrived.>>Next week, the tradition begins again. Who will seize their destiny and
become King of the Ring? [MUSIC]

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  1. 3 matches I would love to see
    Cedric Alexander vs. Ricochett
    Drew McIntyre vs. Somoa Joe
    Kevin Owens vs. Buddy Murphy

  2. I read some of these comments am I the only one that remembers ricochet was King Ricochet in the independents. There's your winner I'm tellin ya

  3. King of the Ring should be the 4th biggest and important event like it used to be in the past. Not a regular show on raw. Very sad WWE doesnt care for this event and take it serious like before

  4. I love the superstars featured in here but i think wwe could use a heel king of the ring. Elias would be awsome. A heel cesaro, drew of course. And the others guy could benefit a lot like buddy ali, apollo cedric but sadly and i hope im wrong most of these will just be stepping stones ? for k.o or corbin. ( i like corbin and k.o) corbin couldve been a good heel but theyboverused him a as a match filler for rollins and the shield and k.o already got a big push. But lowkey i want ellias to win ??

  5. Elias – has the ability but he might just be jobbed out
    Miz – not as a face
    KO – Too Predictable and unoriginal
    Chad Gable – why?
    Andrade – Currently lacking charisma
    Shelton Benjamin – too little too late
    Buddy Murphy – without a heavy or a solid heel character and charisma to pull off the heat he ain't it.
    Ricochet – Flat out no
    Cedric Alexander – No character, no charisma, simply a cruiserweight.
    Drew McIntyre – Logical if he didn't lose the heat he had in 2018
    Cesaro – Needs a manager and actual heel charisma
    Baron Corbin – Would be the most hated but would be the most perfect heel to pull it off.
    Sami Zayn – no
    Ali – why?
    Apollo Crews – charismaless gatekeeper
    Samoa Joe – He's been losing more matches then winning. He's not it.

  6. McIntyre, Corbin, Alexander, Joe, and Owens are my picks. Ali seems like a sleeper. Ricochet might still be going after Styles, Andrade another sleeper. Antonio Cesaro's been putting guys over and Murphy seems too soon

  7. Is there controversy between WWE and barret ?
    If I am not wrong then Wade was the winner of the last KOR tournament,but they didn’t mention him

  8. Final Four: Samoa Joe vs. Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens vs. Andrade

    Finals: Drew McIntyre vs. Kevin Owens

    2019 KOTR Winner: Kevin Owens

  9. So many interesting match probability…. Murphy vs mcintyre, Joe vs mcintyre, Joe vs Murphy, ko vs mcintyre, ko vs Murphy,

  10. KOTR hasnt meant anything since lesnar won it. This tournament is a flurry of midcard guys that will go on to just lose against the real top guys once this tournament is over. Who cares if cesaro wins if hes going to job out to AJ Styles or Roman Reigns later. You need actual top stars in these tournament so there an actual hurdle to overcome.

  11. Me: anyone but Corbin
    You: (insert name other than Corbin)
    Everyone: NoT CoRbiN
    Literally Everybody: no Corbin

    WWE: King Corbin

  12. Which one would you prefer?

    –> Cesaro = "King of Swing"

    –> K.O. = "King Owens"

    –> Baron Corbin = "Lone Wolf King"

    –> Drew McIntyre = "Psychopath King"

    –> Sami Zayn = From UnderDog to "UnderGround King"
    –> Ali = From Prince Ali to "King Ali"

    –> Samoa Joe = "Destroyer King"

    –> The Miz = "Hollywood King"

    –> Elias = "Concert King"

    –> Ricochet = From Prince Puma to "King Puma"

    –> Cedric Alexander = "King Alexander the Great"

    –> Andrade = "King Andrade"

    –> Apollo Crews = "King Apollo"

    –> Buddy Murphy = "King Murphy"

  13. I think there will be last minute changes like one of the wrestlers get beaten by another wrestler one of the competiter gets an injury

  14. Evey WWE Fan: KO,Apollo Crews,Ali,Samoa Joe


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