2019 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT | First Ride | Review

2019 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT | First Ride | Review

oh we’re running out of Road Oh okay let’s see no can’t go up there it’s not my bike so I won’t take it down there guess I’m the chicken guys [Music] hi guys nothing2prove here today’s a beautiful day because any day one could be out and about on two wheels is a beautiful day and yesterday I ride the Honda Africa twin adventure sports so what’s the difference between the Africa twin and adventure sports nine things really starting with the rear luggage rack here that’s standard foot pegs a little bit wider seat a little flatter a little wider and yes I did notice that coming out here they survey the cushion you could do something a long distance travel on this thing these skid plate is bigger a suspension travel 20 mils more so just under an inch the handlebars are a little higher and come about thirty millimeters back towards you so it’s a little over an inch a little closer and yes I did notice that difference between the 1250g SI the 850 GS in the stand up position I don’t remember it’s been such a long time since I really the super adventure but I could feel it the handlebars being a little bit closer it was kind of nice actually also the windscreen is 3.1 inches higher so 79 millimeters know that and this is the DCT that’s why I wanted to ride this on some trail today to feel this DCT yeah you can paddle shift it but no no I want Honda to prove to me that it’s worth the extra three kilos to get the DCT because that’s what it is you’re getting three more kilos and the last ix figure the difference this is ten more kilos than the No Africa so I hope you guys stick around and enjoy the ride as we go [Music] all right guys let’s get right into the ergonomics of this bike it’s your standard upright seating position for an adventure tour bike and with this flatter wider seat it’s at nine hundred millimeters this is the lower position you can go up to nine twenty and as you can see here the seat two foot peg ratio is pretty good for me right there at nine hundred millimeters and also the handlebar reach is very comfortable very close in so that extra thirty millimeters closer that they did the difference between the adventure sports and the adventure or than just the Africa twin really made it a little more comfortable and that’s what Honda was aiming for is to make a longer tour on the street and also the fuel tank it’s twenty four point two liters and Honda say five hundred kilo meters on a range yeah I guess who they’re gonna employed there mister GS yeah they’re gunning for you right there by making this fuel tank bigger okay now let’s get right up close and personal in 4k with the Osmo so let’s turn on the Osmo and let’s get in real close with this bad boy let’s turn around here oh yeah there we go this is the color you can also get it in the gray / black / whatever the new color for 2019 or this color here now let’s get right into the motor here this motor is 95 ponies right at 7500 and here’s the most important number 98 Newton meters of torque right at 6k good job love that and the 270 degree firing quarter loved that sound I am NOT a proponent of Honda’s exhausts that our stock and yes this is a stock can as you can see there but in stock love the sound great job Honda with the adventure sports fully adjustable forty five millimeter show us good job life loved them two hundred and fifty two millimeters of travel and the Africa twin is just twenty less the same thing on there three hundred and ten disc brakes there on four piston essence like them good feedback you didn’t have to give it too much force too much pressure it was it was like the the best compromise between off-road and on-road with the feedback I was very surprised one piston listens back here on a 256 mill disc but something I want to show you guys look right down here what is that an extra set of brakes huh there’s one and there’s one what’s going on yeah let me show you what this is for you have a lever right over here you just that’s your parking brake so what you need to do is you can go in and pull this and then push it right like that let’s see if I can do it there I finally did it now the back tire is locked why because I’m in neutral so this is the parking brake so if you want to be a neutral you just pull the parking brake like that good now how do you undo it you just come back and let’s go it’s too far to reach to pull for a clutch because I believe me when I when I first got on this bike I was trying to pull for the clutch all the time every time coming to a stop so basically my left hand and my left foot have filed for unemployment it’s nothing else that they can do okay let’s do the traditional fly over here alright here we go I love this it’s a nice wide tank I do like this color scheme and let’s get right into the handle bar look at how high these risers come up I wonder if that will those things are a high and a very busy set of controls here yeah you got your – paddle shifter and the plus on the other side heated grips horns this is where you control your moles and modes and then what you select here and then this traction or this is your your torque so on the fly you can change your torque you have seven levels of torque delivery here it’s very nice you can just bump bump um one two three four five six that’s very nice and then as you go over here you can see that you have your drive and sport and sport also has three levels one two and three I have it in two three held the gear a little too long two seemed about right in neutral and then you can also change it to automatic and manual mode you can Pat use the paddle shifter here your thumb will be your – and then your this is your plus right here with your your index finger so you can do this thing although I pretty much left it in automatic because I want to try the DCT you know let’s see how it does and pretty much 90% of the time I agreed with the gear that it was in but again you have your four settings here okay let me just show you here on the display you have your four settings that’s probably not going to show up very good is it no no yeah that’s not showing up very well at all I’m on gravel as you can see but you have your engine braking a3i my torque deliveries on number six the LED is a little in my opinion dated Honda with all the color T of T’s that are out there and the amount of display that you want to display might be a little easier on a bigger PFT although this is a good job very basic very minimalistic you can just look at it a glance and know where you’re at so I’m not criticizing nor am i praising this LED display okay so let’s get on down the row get on down the trail here and gear up and let’s see how all these numbers translate into how it feels how does this adventure sports few compared to the other big dogs in this category all right let’s gear up oh we’ve got some trees in the way let’s see what’s the best way around this huh thank you yeah that’s why we have a cool let’s get plate there we go oh yeah this is easy this is fun I really have to pick your way through here hey this is fun there we go I love this power train it works very well together good job glad I have an engine guard on down there we got a tree down how am I gonna get around this that’s not good it looks like it came down huh go this way looks like the storm knocked it down okay clear let’s have a little bit of fun here oh well let’s see how she pulled up here yeah oh nice this is nice it’s really good job underwear that goes well I know where this goes let’s go this way okay I don’t need to stand anymore here see this injured breaking leaves it in first until I give it some gas and then it goes okay listen to that torque this is torquing right up this hill no problem whatsoever ahaha [Music] so the powertrain on this bike just really gets to thumbs up on me this DCT love it would I get this yes is it worth the extra three kilos in weight yeah [Music] so the chess again two thumbs up no complaints on the chess and whatsoever simple because you can adjust it till you’re blue in the face and there really isn’t a serious diet for 243 kilos that’s a lot of bike to not have a dive okay sure there is some dive but it’s not so bad so the in town manners of this bike are just fascinating are very very good no complaints whatsoever yeah it’s 243 kilos but it’s it’s nice down low with this engine layout and it’s not here let’s bring it all the way down to 30 I love that rear brake the fuelling could be a little bit better for a flagship adventure tour but now I’m nitpicking nothing to complain about here now what’s in third I love that sound [Music] all right guys yeah it’s raining but I still am having fun because I’m talking to you and riding on two wheels I don’t care how is this bike two thumbs up for the adventure sports two thumbs nothing but two thumbs way way up off-road capability two thumbs up on road capability it’s still very very very good on road is it as good as some of the other triumphs BMV on road that’s very close KTM super adventure very close off-road I would choose this bike all day long all day long overall three Triumph BMW KTM I would take this bike off-road in a heartbeat especially with this DCT loved it loved the DCT spied on Honda and my my left hand and right foot have filed for unemployment it’s great love it don’t have to work at all no clutch loved it the shifting with the DCT you have the four levels they’re basically driving in sport in three different levels love that and then you can also do it in manual you can just paddle shift at whichever gear you want love that option without having to clutch to thumbs up guys would I recommend buy yes for the money the four bikes in this category okay I’m not County in the Ducati Multistrada because I haven’t ridden the 1260 yet but for the money this is the cheapest of the floor and if you guys are going to do 10 20 30 % off-road I would seriously consider this bike and I am not kidding there seriously consider this bike sorry it’s raining guys so I hope you guys have enjoyed this review I’m gonna gear back up and go home where it’s and number one guys ride safe can’t stress that enough ride safe and number two goes with number one right and safe ride like wasn’t supposed to rain today okay let’s hurry up and change the battery and trying to have to get them wet at least too much [Music]

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  1. Would be interesting to ride it off road with off road tyres as opposed to with road tyres. As you say the engine sounds great but Honda is a bit behind compared to rivals KTM, BMW, Triumph with spec i.e. NO cruise control and as you say that LCD dash looks very dated like it is from Star Wars 1980. Does it have heated grips or illuminated switch gear like rivals? For me the new adventure bike top contender on the block is the KTM 790 Adventure R, much lighter, low down weight with repositioned fuel tanks, more nimble and still plenty enough power for lots of fun off road. Thanks for your review.

  2. Another excellent review as always. Will you ever do reviews of riding gear? Helmets, gloves, trousers, boots etc?

  3. Nice Video again and a damn nice bike! If i would drive a bike like this, i would prefer the AT! But the basic version!

  4. Excellent review, as always very informative, something i can rely on. The conversion to inches is in error: 900mm = 35.4in, 920mm = 36.2in.

  5. It is a beauty! I really like the shifting myself so I think I would pass on the DCT. If you used it primarily on the road and do some two touring would you still give two big thumbs up?

  6. What riding pants are those ?!

    Found em they are the Trilobite Probut X Factor Jeans Pants in case anyone is wondering

  7. Great review! Especially going over controls, parking brake, display. It was like I was right there with you while you explained all the buttons/switches.

  8. You’d think for how much this and the reg AT are brand new – they would come with a full color TFT – i dont mind the monochrome LCD – I’m just sayin.

  9. I just wish it was lower. I’m 5’10 with 30 inch seam legs.
    The regular AT is a little bit lower but I prefer the look of the Adventure. And it has all the options that I would have to buy.
    Great review, thank you.

  10. I owned a KLR 650 and a Vstrom 1000. Both were fat pigs in the dirt, the adventure part of adventure bikes can be downright exhausting ?
    I have to say the sound of that bike is very nice.

  11. Hi Scott, could you please test the Niken…..Then you have to reconsider your second sentence because this „thing " is an amazing bike …..btw thumbs up as always ?

  12. Ciao a tutti la mia scelta per usare il mio cellulare sulla mia moto africa twin 2019 come navigatore é ricaduta nei tre pezzi della ram mount ram-b-408-37-62u supporto telaietto parabrezza, ram-b-201u-a prolunga da 6cm e a seconda della grandezza dei cellulari e di dove sono posizionati i pulsanti volume ed accensione in queste due soluzioni ram-hol-un7bu oppure ram-hol–un10bu. La ritengo la soluzione più valida per l'africa Twin 2018, 2019 vista la palpebra e in più non rischiate con prodotti tutti chiusi ed impermeabili che il cellulare vada in crash per il surriscaldamento.

  13. I've no idea how you only have 6k subs – I've watched a tonne of your vids and love your relaxed, knowledgeable delivery. You do a great job.

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