2018 Winter Olympics WARDROBE MALFUNCTION While Figure Skating In Pyeongchang | What’s Trending Now!

2018 Winter Olympics WARDROBE MALFUNCTION While Figure Skating In Pyeongchang | What’s Trending Now!

An unfortunate wardrobe malfunction has
overshadowed the Winter Games for a pair of French ice dancers. Welcome back to
What’s Trending, I’m Shira Lazar. Be sure to like this video and subscribe for
more social media news daily. Gabrielle Papadakis and Guillaume
Cizeron were near the beginning of their program to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of
You” when part of Papadakis’ costume loosened behind her neck. Her nipple was
visible for the majority of the duo’s performance. They were true professionals,
though. They kept going, finished their routine even. And I actually think they
should get extra points for maintaining their composure throughout the entire
thing. NBC analysts Terry Gannon and Tanith
white praised the duo for finishing the program, but admitted the distraction
would probably remove them from gold medal contention. White said: “There are
such exceptional skaters. But unfortunately that was distracting
throughout the entire program and it hurt them in their technical execution,
which is really where they shine. They are such a strong team. I’m just heartbroken
that this even had to be part of their Olympics story.” And I admire her not
only for how she handled it while she was skating, but after the fact her
perspective on the incident is just inspiring. She said: “I felt it right away
and I prayed. That was all that I could do. … I told myself I don’t have a choice, I
have to keep going and that’s what we did and I think we can be proud of
ourselves to have been able to deliver a high performance with that happening.” She
added: “It was my worst nightmare happening at the Olympics.” I can’t even
imagine my nip slipping while I’m live. That’s why I wear big sweatshirts. So it doesn’t happen. But the incident has won Papadakis some fans on social media.
Jessica Morgan of the Go Fug Yourself podcast asked: “Sincere question: Papadkis could have stopped and asked the judges if they could start over once
her dress unsnapped, right? I get why she didn’t, just wondering.” Onson Smeemey
says: “Seriously, a million points to Gabriella Papadakis for just saying “f*ck it” when her dress broke and skating with her entire boob out. That is a bad
bit.” Olympic gold medalist Meryl Davis tweets: “My heart is broken for G/G today.
For something like a costume malfunction to hinder this moment for them is
utterly devastating. Empathy is always a good idea. Please remember how much time
these dedicated athletes have put in these moments. We may have favorites, we
may root for our fellow countrymen, but kindness is universal. No better event
than the Olympics remind us of that.” Meagan Duhamel added: “Devastating… a
costume malfunction can be such a disturbance mentally. I’m sad for them
that this happened at this moment.” Personally, I think if you can just skate
out there with your boob out like that and not make a scene, you deserve a gold
medal and you are a hero in my eyes. Now despite the costume slip-up, the French
team is less than two points behind leaders Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
from Canada going into the final round. Virtue and Moier are also a hot topic on
social media. While they are professional partners, the Internet is obsessed with
their romantic chemistry on the ice. @miss_meaux tweets: “Honestly, Tessa and
Scott have more chemistry in any single moment of a 4-minute performance then
exists in the entire 50 Shades trilogy.” And Jade Leto says: “Yeah sex is great and all but have you ever watched Tessa and Scott skate.” And there’s also the
fact that they share an extended hug before every competition, just like me
and my writer before we shoot these videos we just share an extended hug and
it’s really awkward. I mean this is difficult. We have the
really hot, intimate, seems like spiritual connected skating duo, and the
one that just lets it all out. That’s a tough one.
They are both heroes in my eyes, but I must say I gotta go with the Canadian
since I am from Montreal, Quebec. Believe it or
not, this isn’t the first wardrobe malfunction to take place at the
Pyeongchang Olympics. A clasp on South Korean your Yura Min’s dress came undone
during their performance, and it’s only by the luck of a single strap that kept
her whole top from falling off. Min also had a really good sense of humor about
the incident tweeting out this video of her covering up her chest with a jacket
with a word “oopsie.” If you’re wondering, malfunctions
like these do happen at the Olympics although they aren’t necessarily
intentional. Like Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. I mean that was so
intentional, right? Where my conspiracy theorists at? This one may have been
intentional though at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games when Russian speed skater
Olga Graff unzipped her suit after a run which earned her bronze. Ah my virgin eyes. How dare she? Too much skin. And that image went viral around the world. Can you blame her though? I
mean imagine how hot it gets underneath those suits. For me that’s just like a
typical day here at What’s Trending. Back to 2018, and in American Olympics news,
skier Lindsey Vonn is dealing with online trolls because of an interview in
which she criticized President Donald Trump. Back in December, Vonn said the
following during an interview with CNN. Well I hope to represent the people of
the United States, not the president. Would you accept an invitation to the
White House if you were to win Olympic gold in Pyeongchang? Absolutely not. Then
after a mistake cost her a medal in the Ladies’ Super G, commenters hit at her
online. Gregory Weicker says: “Her biggest mistake
was that WH comment. Karma is a bitch.” And @ptguy2001 says: “She deserves to
lose! She made a point of being political.” Another female Olympian not sweating the
small stuff. She said: “I’m enjoying being at the
Olympics. My family is here. They love me, and of course there’s going to be people
that hate me and hope I ski off a cliff and die. But that’s fine. I’m not going to do
that. I just take it for what it is. At some point you have to laugh and say
this is just completely ridiculous.” Lindsay Vonn will have a chance to redeem
herself and possibly claim gold in the Women’s Downhill and the Women’s
Combined. So go ladies for saying f*ck you to the trolls out there at the Olympics. So
what would you do if you had a wardrobe malfunction at the Olympics? Let us know
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31 Replies to “2018 Winter Olympics WARDROBE MALFUNCTION While Figure Skating In Pyeongchang | What’s Trending Now!”

  1. They gave Tonya Harding a "do over" when she had a wardrobe malfunction (skate string broke). Same should apply here.
    Just make everybody skate naked.

  2. I worked at The Royal Glenora club where Jamie Sale and David Pelte (spelt wrong I know!) were practicing there many years ago for the Olympic Games. These skaters work extremely hard to get to the Olympics! A clothing malfunction should have nothing to do with their scores! Their whole life revolves around training for that performance. To spend day after day watching how hard they trained it upsets me that something so mundane as a clothing malfunction could ruin their dream of a gold.

  3. If you think they deserve extra points for managing to skate despite a wardrobe malfunction then you are completely naive to the world of competition skating. Skaters have to train for every possible issue. Anything could have happened to any of the skaters and they should not have chosen a dress that so easily comes apart. This costume completely shows their youth and inexperience in choosing such a dress. They certainly don’t deserve extra points for choosing a dress that so easily falls off. They were not robbed …they were not as good, all you need to do is watch the exact same performance they did at Europeans where there was no wardrobe malfunction at all and the routine was simply not as precise or technically superior.

  4. Extra points for not taking the care to wear a dress that they had had to sew closed the entire season! It was a horrible decision by their entire team to not change the dress….they shouldn’t get extra points fork skating through a costume malfunction! She was awesome and handled it amazingly well but they still didn’t deserve Gold.

  5. If you admire her professionalism so much, why would you show a freeze frame of her exposed? You didn’t need it to make your point. Yet now, you’ve created another copy of the very thing she didn’t want people to see. I gave this video a thumbs down.

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