2018 OLYMPICS VLOG – ShibSibs

2018 OLYMPICS VLOG – ShibSibs

Alex: Thank you. Man Off-Screen: You guys good? Maia: I feel like I just keep smiling but I’m just really happy to be here. Maia: She said everything’s nice and small so it’s easy to get around. Alex: Good. Woman Off-Screen: So you guys know right around here is the dining hall entrance?
Alex: Okay. Hi! Alex: Watch your step, on the other side. It’s uneven a little bit. Woman Off-Screen: So we’re in a twenty-two story building, well it’s twenty five but they’re opening twenty-two and there’ll be one elevator, but you guys [incoherent] Alex: Okay. [wind blowing loudly] Maia: We’ve unpacked a bit but…made it! Maia: Check this out!
Alex: Check these awesome banners… Alex: Mine’s over there. Maia: My hair is probably a mess. Maia: First night! Alex: Time for dinner. Alex: Good morning, Maia!
Maia: Good morning! [loud rolling sounds and wind] [music playing loudly] Maia: [giggles] 🎵 [Music: Paradise by Coldplay] 🎵 When she was just a girl, 🎵 She expected the world, 🎵 But it flew away from her reach, 🎵 So she ran away in her sleep, 🎵 And dreamed of para-para-paradise, 🎵Para-para-paradise, 🎵 Para-para-paradise, 🎵 Every time she closed her eyes… [piano] [Chris Martin/Coldplay vocalizing] 🎵 And dreamed of para-para-paradise, 🎵Para-…paradise, 🎵Para-…paradise 🎵Wo-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh. [song ends] Maia: Day one!
Alex: Great first practice, we’re hanging out in the center of the athletes’ village right now. There’s this huge, uh, flag display, which is really cool. And… Maia: Now we’re gonna go get lunch [Alex: Yeah], and we have a second practice later but we just wanted to check in and… …check out. Check it out! Maia: Check it out, check it out. Maia: Swag. Swag. [whispered] Swag. Swag.
Alex: I’m a flag amongst flags.
Maia: [giggles] Maia: Flow in the breeze, Alex. Alex: [blowing sounds] Maia: [giggles] [engine sounds] [Music: Mamba No. 5 by Perez Prado]
🎵 AaaaaaaaAAAAAH [Music: Mamba No. 5 by Perez Prado] 🎵 🎵 [yelling in foreign language] 🎵 [Music: Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White by Perez Prado] 🎵 [music ends] [applause] [wind blowing loudly] [Music: Paradise by Coldplay] 🎵 🎵 When she was just a girl, 🎵 She expected the world, 🎵 But it flew away from her reach, 🎵 So she ran away in her sleep, 🎵 And dreamed of para-para-paradise, 🎵 Para-para-paradise, 🎵 Para-para-paradise, 🎵 Every time she closed her eyes. [piano] 🎵 🎵 Dreamed of para-para-paradise, 🎵 Para-para-paradise, [Chris Martin vocalizing] 🎵 🎵 And dreamed of para-para-paradise 🎵 Para-…paradise, 🎵 Para-…paradise
[vocalizing] 🎵Wo-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh. [song ends] [applause and cheering] Alex: Ready? Alex: ‘Kay.
Man: [says something about pictures and phone] Alex: [laughing] Yeah!
Maia: He’s a perfectionist. Just a bit. Maia: [laughing]
Men in Picture: Wow…! [Men Talking and Laughing]
Man: I don’t have enough data on my phone! Maia: [laughing] Alex: No calling home!
Man: Yeah. Alex: Okay
Man: Thanks. Maia: Busy day. Right?
Alex: Yeah. Alex: So, we started early this morning. Uh, we had to leave for the rink, [both] with all of our stuff. Maia: A lot of stuff.
Alex: Yeah. Uh, because we had practice in the afternoon following men’s and pair’s short program for the team event, and we wanted to cheer on our t– our teammates. Maia: So it was worth it, lugging all of our stuff to the rink early and being there hours before our practice so we can-
Alex: It was really just cool to be in that environment, and kinda get a sense for what it’s gonna be like competing here. Uh, obviously we’ve been to this venue before cause we had Four Continents in 2017. Maia: But still, this is the Olympics. Alex: Yeah. And so, we’re done with practice for the day, we had a great practice, practiced free dance. And… we’re back in the village.
Maia: I love the ice, the ice is amazing. Right? Alex: Yeah, the ice in the main arena is– [hand gestures] Alex: –on point.
Maia: And of course the memories from Four Continents are– [nodding] really nice too. Alex: Yeah, that’s nice too. Um, but…where are we? Maia: We’re in the village! Alex: Thumbnail! Maia: You should keep that in the video, [both laugh], just the pause. So we’re walking through the village. Back to our apartment, might stop in the dining hall. But yeah, it’s a really beautiful day, not too cold, it’s actually really sunny and nice.
Alex: Getting that kind of… Maia: Perfect lighting. Yeah.
Alex: Sort of evening…. Alex: What’s that called? Magic hour. [Maia: Magic hour.] Magic hour. Maia: Magic hour. Alex: What’s next? Maia: Dinner.
Alex: Dinner. [Maia: Right.] Um, and– –we’ll work out before dinner.
Maia: Work out…Dinner… Maia: Busy day. [Alex: Yeah.] Like we said. Maia: Bye! Maia: We’ve got our opening ceremony uniforms on. Alex: Everyone’s gathering outside the rings. Takin’ pictures. Maia: Everyone’s looking fresh!
Alex: Yeaaaaah, looking good! [Music: Mamba No. 5 by Perez Prado]
🎵 AaaaaaaaAAAAAH 🎵 [Music: Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom by Perez Prado] 🎵 [music ends] [applause and cheering] Man: Awesome! [loud music playing] Man: Alex and Maia, good luck at the Olympics, we’re rooting for you guys! [clapping and whooping]
Other Man: Good job! Rooting for you! Go get em-! [loud cheering and clapping, music playing] Female Announcer: From the United States of America, Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani.
[loud cheering and clapping] [Off-Screen] WOOOOOOO! [shrill whistling] [more cheering and clapping] Mirai: WOOOOOOO! Maia: WOO!
Mirai: I’m so excited! Alex: We found them!
Maia: We found them, finally. [Male Announcer Speaking In Korean] (Shibutani Parents!!) Maia: Yay! [wind blowing loudly] Adam: Alex. Alex: What?
Adam: I’m about to go get an Olympic medal. Alex: ME TOO! [both start cough-laughing] Maia: We just got debriefed on the medal ceremony. Maia: Gloves on! Alex: [clap]
Maia: Getting ready to go! [chattering and laughter] Maia: Ah, you’re missing–! [loud wind and Star Spangled Banner in background] Singer In Background: [Star Spangled Banner] 🎵 Oh say does that star spangled [atheles sing along] banner yet wave…. Both: [singing] The home…of the…braaaaaaaave. [Maia clapping, athletes start whooping] [all at once] Maia: We’re about to go on!
Alex: We’re about to go!
Alexa: We’re here to get medaled! Women: WOOOO!
Chris: Medal time! Women: [laughing] Mirai: I didn’t know this was video! Mirai: It’s a video!
Nathan: Oh. [both laughing] Woohoo! [Loud Music Playing, Chattering In Background] [Crowd Cheering, Male Announcer Speaking in Korean] [Loud Music Playing, Crowd Cheering] [More Loud Music, Crowd Screaming/Cheering] Male Announcer: Maia Shibutani! Male Announcer: Alex Shibutani! Alex: We just got our medals! Alex: Cool. Congrats team! Male Reporter: And that is your latest weather. Ladies! Female Reporter: Alright now, thank you. And still to come on this busy Olympic Monday morning. [Wind blowing loudly(again)] [More cheering/screaming] [Loud Talking] [Music: Paradise by Coldplay] [Wind blowing loudly(again)] [Music: Mambo No. 5 by Perez Prado] [Music: Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White by Perez Prado] 🎵 [Music: Mambo No. 5 by Perez Prado] [Music: Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White by Perez Prado] [Music Ends] [Music: Paradise by Coldplay] 🎵 [Music Ends] [Female Speaking Foreign Language] [Male Speaking Foreign Language] [Music: Mambo No. 5 by Perez Prado(again!)] Maia: We did it! [laughs] Maia: That was awesome!
Massimo: WOOOOO! Maia: [laughs] [Female Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, the thank you ceremony for the figure skating and ice dance. [Female Announcer Speaking Foreign Language] Another Female Announcer: Third place. United State of America. [Male Announcer Speaking Korean] Female Announcer: Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani. Female Announcer: [Speaking In French] Maia: That was awesome!
Massimo: WOOOOO! Maia: [laughs] [Fans cheering] Yeaaah! Congratulations! Woo! Woo! [Female Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, the medal ceremony for the figure skating and ice dance. [Male Announcer Speaking Korean] [Female Announcer Speaking Foreign Language] Another Female Announcer: Third place. United State of America. [Male Announcer Speaking Korean] Female Announcer: Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani. [Crowd cheering as Paradise starts to play] [Shrill cheering]
Male Fan: MAIA AND ALEX! Female Fan: CONGRATULATIONS! [Music Abruptly Stops] Female Announcer: [Speaking In French] Female Announcer: [In English] Second place. France. Female Announcer: Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron. [Shrill Cheering as El Tango De Roxanne from Moulin Rouge Plays] Female Announcer: –States of America. [Male Announcer Speaking Foreign Language] Female Announcer: Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani. [More Applause and Cheering] Maia: Dude, you did it!
Alex: [cheering] Yeah! Maia: [giggles] [clapping] Alex: Okay, take ’em off, take ’em off, take ’em o-! [More Cheering, Male Announcer Speaking in Foreign Language] Maia: We’re on Olympic ice– –and we just won two bronze medals! [hand slap sound] Alex: That was terrible! [another hand slap noise] Female Fan: Yeah ShibSibs! Female Fan: Yeah ShibSiiibs! Woohoooo! Maia: Hey Michael!
Michael: Hey! Alex: You’re, uh, sideways. I’ll have to flip this. Maia: Oh well. Woman On Right: Oh. I’m so happy. Alex: Where are we? Maia: We’re at the medal plaza. I think. [Alex: Medalist Plaza.] Medalist Plaza. Man: Welcome back to Medalist Plaza! Great to have you guys here! [Alex: Yeaaaaahhh!] Man: Derek from Orlando! Woohoo! [Alex: Sweet!] Alright! Derek: Congratulations.
Alex: Thank you. Maia: It’s awesome being back. Alex: What is this you’re signing? [Marker writing sounds] Alex: Are we both signing?
Maia: We’re making Olympic history. Maia: Leave your autograph. And I just broke the sign. Alex: Oh…
Maia: It’s okay. Alex: No it’s–you didn’t break it. There you go. [Marker writing sounds] Woman: Thank you so much.
Alex: Cool. Thank you. Woman: Congratulations again.
Alex: Thank you. Man Holding Sign: Figure skating. Ice dance. [Alex: That’s us.] Please assemble to the briefing zone. To receive a briefing on the procedures of the victory ceremony. Thank you. Alex: Gooo to the briefing area. Woman: Congratulations. [Music Playing] Off-Screen Man: Congratulations.
Alex: Thank you. Another Off-Screen Man: Congratulations. Well done. Alex: Thank you. Maia: Flyaways, but I don’t care. [both giggle] Woman Announcer: The victory ceremony for the figure skating ice dance. [Male Announcer Speaking In Korean] [Triumphant Music Playing] 🎵 [Crowd Cheering and Whooping] Woman Announcer: Please welcome the medalists! [Male Announcer Speaking Korean] [More Triumphant Music Playing] [Crowd Cheering] [Female Announcer Speaking French] Female Announcer [In English]: Bronze medalists! United States of America! [Crowd Cheering] [Male Announcer Speaking Foreign Language] Male Fan: MAIA! [More Cheering!!!! As Trimphant Music Plays] Male Announcer: Maia Shibutani! Male Announcer: Alex Shibutani! [Still Cheering and Triumphant Music!] Both: We did it! [Alex: Yeaaah!!] [Medals Clinking] [MORE CHEERING!!!!] Female Reporter: [groaning] Ohhhhh! Ohhh. Ohh. Female Reporter In Blue: It’s so hard to wear. Can you believe it? It’s awesome. [Reporter in Pink: This is so great.] Reporter In Pink: This is so crazy. Reporter: The ShibSibs! [Crowd Cheering] Reporter In Pink: OHH wait, wait, wait! [All Exclaiming At Once] [Crowd Cheering and Chanting] USA! x5 USA! USA! USA! [Cheering] Off-Screen Man: You also have like seven to eight minutes here– Alex: Okay. We’re goin’. To see–hold on, hold on, hold on we’re going this way. Okay. [Chanting] USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! [Cheering] Alex: Thanks guys! [Female Fan: You were awesome!] Thank you! Thank you! Thanks guys! Thanks guys! Female Fan: Awesome job you guys! [Alex: Thanks guys!] Thank you! [crowd cheering] [Music Playing in Background] [Medals Clinking] Off-Screen Woman: One, two, and three. Awesome. Thank you guys. [Music Playing Loudly, Alex Speaking] Reporter: Congratulations.
Maia: Thank you. [People Chattering, Cameras Flashing] Maia: We haven’t–had anything to eat for… twelve hours? Maybe? Alex: Oh, what do you want? Maia: All the things. Everything. Alex: Really? Maia: Yeah, I’m starving. Alex: Let’s get two McChickens, right? Maia: I want nuggets and I want fries. Maia: I’ve been kind of intrigued by these mozzarella sticks all week, but [Alex: Do you want one?] I’ll think I’ll–ahhh, sure. [Both Laugh] Alex: Wow, we’re getting a lot. [giggles] Maia: Let’s hear back from Massi so maybe he’ll come help us. [Alex: Okay.] Maia: No sauce for me. Maia: Success. Worker: Thank you very much. Maia: Can you carry that all by yourself?
Alex: Yep. I got it. Maia: Yeeeeees. Alex: Spread. Alex: Wassup, Lindsey? What’s up, us? [both laugh] Alex: Hey Shaun. Maia: Mikaela.
Alex: Mikaela. ‘Sup? Alex: Cool. Alex: Thank you!
Worker: You’re welcooome! Alex: Hey Mike, can I get a refill on this coffee? Mike: Sir, is there anything I can do, it’s an honor to be a runner for an Olympian. Alex: Just this one cream [Mike: One cream?] and one sugar. [One cream.] Yeah. Mike: Stand by. [Alex: Thank you so much.] Is that your paperweight, sir? Alex: Ah, yeah, actually, um. I’ll keep it here, though. Mike: Do you need another one in case it gets windy?
Alex: I like this one around my neck. Mike: Okay, that’s fine. [Alex: Okay.] Cotinue on, please. [Thank you, Mike]. And try to stick to the script. We don’t have much time.
Alex: Okay, sounds good. Maia: N-B-C. Alex: And t hey got breakfast potatoes. [Chattering in Background] Woman Off-Screen: Will you sign my wrist? [Loud Laughter] [Plates Clinking] [Man and Woman Speaking Korean] Man Off-Screen: I’m just taking selfies, by the way.
Alex: Oh. [laughter] [Cheering] Maia: Where are we?
Alex: I don’t know exactly, but we’re about to meet some really special students. Alex: And…[Maia: Finally. Right?] it’s been six months. Right? So I’m kinda nervous, but I’m really excited. Actually I’m just really excited. [Maia laughs] This is gonna be so much fun. Man in Blue: So, uh, without further ado– [Korean Man: Yeah. Bring Alex and Maia!] –bring Alex and Maia! [Man Speaking Korean Amid Cheering] [applause] [Speaking Korean] Man Off-screen: Okay, now we say one-two-three-kimchi. One, two, three!
Group: Kimchiiii! Man: One more time. One, two, three! Group: Kimchi! [Man: One, two, three!] Kimchii! [Music Playing Loudly] Maia: Exhibition practice! [Ice Skating Sounds ASMR] [Loud Diminishing Instrumental Music] [Applause] [Upbeat Music Playing] Alex: Photo?
Maia: Video. [This Is Me from The Greatest Showman playing] 🎵 –no one will love you as you are, but 🎵 I won’t let them break me down to dust, 🎵 I know that there’s a place for us, 🎵 For we are glorious… 🎵 When the sharpest words wanna cut me down– 🎵 Well, fire away, ’cause today, 🎵 I won’t let the shame sink in. 🎵 We are bursting through the barricades, 🎵 Reaching for the sun! (We are warriors!) [Woman Speaking] Woman: Thank you so much. [applause] Alex: Ooh! Fire! [Fire Intensifies]
Alex: Woah!! Fire!! [Woman Laughing] Alex: I see you Intel. You fancy. Alex: It’s okay, I don’t need to warm up for the show. [Maia: That’s your warm-up.] I don’t need to warm up. Man: Good Morning. Maia: Nice shirt. Alex: Thanks. [Alex sighing amidst bus engine sounds] [More bus engine sounds] [Music Playing Loudly] [Music: Love Yourself by Justin Beiber] [Maia says something]
Alex: Okay. [Chatter in Foreign Language] Yuzuru: Chhhhhh. Javi: Wake up! [laughter] [Music: Chandelier by Sia] 🎵 Gonna swing [More Music Playing Loudly] Maia: You know, just going over what we have to do right before we do it! Alex: What do we have to do? Maia: Go out and wave! Female Announcer: United States of America, Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani! [Cheering and Applause] Alex: Okay, Shoma’s next.
Maia: Okay. Maia: We always [Alex: We always skate–] seem to skate after Shoma. Right? Alex: Yeah, we always skate after Shoma at exhibitions. Maia: That means it’s gonna be a good one! Maia: I thought you were gonna do a selfie and show the cameraman that’s watching us right now. [Music In Background: See You Again by Wiz Khalifa] Maia: This is the Olympics, there are always cameras EVERYWHERE. Alex: So we’re vlogging, and he’s recording us vlogging. And maybe you’re seeing us on television [Maia: Maybe.] right now. Maia: And we’re about to skate.
Alex: Yeah, we’re about to skate. Alex: So I’ll focus now. Maia: We’re trying to remember the choreography for the closing. [Woman laughs]
Maia: You guys got it, right? Man and Woman: No. No.
Maia: We remember. Man: Not quite.
Woman: No. Man: Not quite.
Maia: Kaetlyn, you–you got it. Kaetlyn: No. [All Talking At Once]
Man: We’ve gotta get practicing. Come on! Come on!
Maia: We’ve gotta get practice. Man: Aaand here. And then one here. You remember? [Kaetlyn: Yeah.] And it was [all] one, two, three, four. All: One, two. One, two. One, two.
Man: And then– Woman: Cross.
Man: Is it–is it like–? Woman: It’s just a cross. [All Talking At Once] Kaetlyn: And then a turn. Woman At Far End: Come on you guys– [talking and laughing] Maia: I just asked Alex if he remembers, and… you don’t look to convinced, so. Alex: In my ability to rememeber what to do?
Maia: Yeah. Alex: Well, we’ll find out! [Loud Applause and Cheering] [chattering] [Crowd Screaming in Joy] [Girl Giggling] [Girl Shrieks] Girl: Thank you!
Alex: You’re welcome! Maia: And that’s it.
Alex: That’s it! Maia: The Olympic Games! We’re on the ice, but this is it. Both: Thank you [Alex: everyone]! [Loud Uproar of Cheering] Maia: Ahhh! Maia: Proud of us.
Alex: Yeah. Alex: Really special week! Really special two weeks. Thanks guys.
Maia: Thank you! [Cheering] [Maia Laughing] Man: I love–I love this product. Maia: We’re back in the village after the exhibition. Alex: Walkin’ around.
Maia: Kind of just enjoying it a little bit.
Alex: Yeah, it’s kind of the last– –uh, this is sort of the last time we’ll walk through the plaza because, uh, we are going to Closing Ceremony, and then when we get back, it’s gonna be really late, and we have an early morning bus. Maia: You just ruined mah shot. [Alex: Oh, sorry.] You just got in my shot, [Alex: Sorry…] and I’m getting in my own shot right now.
Alex: I’m out, I’m out of it. Woman Off-Screen: Excuse me, can I have a picture together?
Maia: Sure! Yeah! [Alex: Sure!] Alex: That’s it all right there. [Adam: Yeah.] Woman: Woah.
Adam: I think it looks good. As he undoes the entire thing. Just start over.
Alex: Yeah, actually, it’s too wide. Adam: Really? Maia: What’s wrong with it? Mirai: Just not good enough. Adam: I’m having some, like, handkerchief drama, which ironically this is the first time I’ve ever had handkerchief drama.
Mirai: Mine–mine looks good though, right? Mirai: Look at mine! I’m–I’m pretty sure she told me to tuck the knot.
Adam: I can’t believe–actually, this handkerchief adds, like, a lot of warmth. Alex: Is that an endorsement, an endorsement of the handkerchief? Adam: Yeah. [Alex: Handkerchief!] Warmth! [laughing] Alex: Where we goin’?
Maia: We’re going to the closing ceremony. Alex: We are walking to the bus, and the bus will take us. Maia: To the closing ceremony. [Loud Chattering] Maia: Oh. Oh. [laughs] [More Loud Chattering] [Cheering] Yayyyy! Yayy! [Loud Music] Maia: Walking into the stadium! Alex: So cool. [Loud Music] Alex: We’ve got these lights behind us. And I think that they’re, like, programmed, so that you can see the flags in the arena. Right now they’re doing this, like, snowflake cool blue thing. Hold on, let me show you that. [Instrumental Music] [K-Pop!] [More K-Pop!] [Triumphant Instrumental Music] Male Announcer: –to assemble, four years from now, in Beijing, People’s Republic of China to celebrate with us all the twenty-fourth Olympic Winter Games. Thank you all, and bye-bye Korea. [Pop Music] Alex: The torch is lit no more! Maia: It’s not lit! [laughs] [Chanting] USA! USA! Maia: The Olympic Games… …are over. For now. Alex: [groaning] AAaaaaahhh.
Maia: Thank you, everyone! Alex: Thank you! [Upbeat Music] Maia: You’re the one with the money, right?
Alex: The bunny?? [Both Laugh :)] Maia: That was a reenactment, but I was like ‘Alex, do you have the money?’ and he asked if I had a bunny. [Alex: The bunny???] Alex: I’m, like, so tired, but not as tired as him. Maia: I’m not good.
Alex: [laughs] There’s this guy, he’s– –really tired. And he’s, uh… He looks kind of like this. I’ll just reenact exactly what he’s doing. You know? [Maia: Protect the privacy.] Yeah, ensure his privacy. But essentially, it’s a situation like… Maia: But you’re missing balancing a bottle in your hand. Maia: Not sponsored by [indecipherable].
Alex: Ugh, it’s so uncomfortable too, so he must be wiped out. Maia: And you’re being kinda loud, and he’s still sleeping. Alex: I know. Maia: Time to get on the plane!
Alex: Time to get on the plane!! Maia: Don’t make fun of me. Going home. Ready for this long flight? [Alex: What?] Maia: Ready for this long flight? Alex: I’m wearing a lot of jackets. So I’m really overheating. So… …no…? Flight Attendant: Hi! [Maia: Hi!] Annyeonghaseyo! Another Flight Attendant: Hi! Woman: Team USA?! Alex: Is this where we’re sitting? Maia: This is where we’re sitting! I don’t know if you can call this just a seat, though. Alex: It’s like a room! Alex: It’s a room.
Maia: I can just bother you though still. Maia: Cause I’m sitting behind you. Alex: Do you need help with your bag? Maia: Sure. Or wait. Maia: I can do things by myself.
Alex: All the push-ups. Maia: So many jackets! Alex: So many jackets. [Alex grunts] [Cheerful Music! :D🎵]

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  23. Your medal ceremony makes me cry every time. Because you look so proud and happy, and also because you keep hugging and smiling and looking at each other as if you couldn’t believe that you where living that moment with your sibling. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. AMAZING SIBLINGS ANS SKATERS.

  24. Congrats to you guys you did great you made history for this country and question, How was the food they made in South Korea?

  25. You guys could have kept this vlog for your personal memoirs, but here we are watching it, and for that… i thank you, for sharing this vlog ? it feels like we were there with you guys! Take care of your health, alex & maia

  26. omg i can really feel your happiness and excitement during the prize ceremonies :'))) really lovelovelove you guys!!! continue to work hard (but do take care of yourselves!!) and your fans shall see you in the next olympics!!

  27. Does anyone know where to find the Paradise version that they used in their program? Seems more acoustic than the original.


  29. Super cool video, always wondered what the Olympics experience was like from the athletes' perspective. I wonder if you guys had to pay for those burgers at McDonalds or if it was comped.

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