2018 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 4×4 VS 2018 Toyota Fortuner V 4×4 – Autodeal Comparo

2018 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 4×4 VS 2018 Toyota Fortuner V 4×4 – Autodeal Comparo

100 Replies to “2018 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 4×4 VS 2018 Toyota Fortuner V 4×4 – Autodeal Comparo”

  1. AutoDeal.com.ph – Underrated
    Top Gear PH – Overrated

    Even if AutoDeal do a far better review than Top Gear PH

  2. I drove the montero of my friend and I would say that it is a powerful and capable vehicle. I would drive it any day. I wish I can afford it.

  3. This is a comparo of two cars not of presenters. Haaay Pinoy nga naman pag nag comment almost always out of topic.

  4. Sabi ko sa girlfriend ko susunduin ko siya at hintayin niya ang tunog ng busina.
    "Bumili ka na ng SUV na pangarap mo"? Sabi ko hindi, busina lang.

  5. expecting a SUV comparison from AutoDeal for 2019-20 models made available to phillipines!
    Good job Caco! 🙂

  6. di man lang pinakita yung sa Montero pag INA unlock gamit keyless tapos pag ni lolock timitiklop tenga parang aso

  7. "… filled with old toys, old clothes, hopes and dreams… pretty much useless stuff." HAHAHA! I'm liking you even more and more Caco. 😀

  8. I go for the fortuner. You can never go wrong if you choose fortuner. Tech wise, fortuner is loosing a margin againts montero, BUT those supension, chasi and engine, priceless beybe. I currently own 2013 first gen fortuner V and second gen 2017 fortuner V for my wife :). My 2013 fortuner ride feeling and power did not change in comparisson from my first ride on it until now-walang nagbago, promise, and that what I call fortuner magic. Another advantage i experience on owning fortuner is that I only go to car shop to do change oil and oil filter, no major nor minor issues at all. I only change my prion once. Unlike my 2008 strada before, same engine and chasi like montero, after 4 years of owning it the ride feeling did change, I felt that the car really aged. And the major drawback with mitsubishi engine is the torque and speed, my 2008 strada quickness and high speed lessened to a noticable degree. That is why when I bought a car to my wife, its another fortuner, and we are loving the new second gen fortuner 🙂 And by the way the eco mode and the sport mode of the second gen forty, swabeeeee.

  9. Bought a montero last 3 months ago, gls variant comparing to g variant of fortuner walang sinabi yung fortuner. tsaka basura yung sales ng toyota pag ka cash mo bibilhin, posa di kami pinansin and besides medyo panget nang suspension parang mas maganda parin yung sa lumang innova namin. Montero parin Tried Comparing it to everest i think ito yung ka rival niya not terra/fortuner.

  10. Great and honest review! Love the montero! But, I might add that to those who sells their car before buying a new one that the fortuner has greater resale value. 🙂

  11. In times of durability and conveniency for buying a parts for emergency. Toyota is better, just my opinion 😂😂

  12. I think that fortuner is 4×2 coz
    The foglights are helogen
    I can't see the 4×4 selector
    2 sensors only.

  13. Driven both, and owned both generations of the Fortuner. But I've gotta hand it to Mitsu for giving more toys for less cash, more engine response for less cash, and more luxury for less cash.

    But nothing beats legendary Toyota reliability for me. Still both are great SUVs.

  14. FORTUNER IS THE BEST🔥💖 I alreadt drived it in 5,000 km to travel in Philippines. If I where u buy FORTUNER

  15. Gustong gusto ko TOYOTA Fortuner before pero nakita ko at nakasabay ko ang Fortuner sa daan yung latest na Fortuner 😭 May mga sakay sa likod at karga nakita ko Suspension ng Fortuner BAGSAK ANG LIKOD NAKADAPA ANG SUSPENSION SA LIKOD 😭😭😭. Correct me if i wrong guys 🙏 Thanks

  16. “…filled with old clothes, old toys, hopes and dreams. Pretty much useless stuff.”

  17. Hahahahaha… Bro E X C E L L E N T review that I have seen ever! Congrats to you… I'm brasilian I really want to buy Montero but my filipina wife doesn't… I will show her this video made from a Filipino person and she will cry as taillights from Montero's back hahahahahaah

  18. Nakapakdrive nko ng
    Limited pajero
    But montero pajero is above all SUV

  19. Taillights at night much SAFER in Mitsubishi. Safety more important than looks. Surprised toyota outsells the Mitsubishi hopefully your report will get more people in to the safer car.

  20. Mas maganda yung Montero sa comfort at physical appearance mas sporty design.. parang cargo ship itsura ng latest gen fortuner.. pangit ang side fenders ng fortuner walang dating yung small black fender strip. dapat nilakihan na sana para maganda naman tignan.. hyped kasi yan toyota. pero yung ibang mitsubushi pangit, yung mirage pangit parang natatae na nagmamadali pumunta sa CR ang design.

  21. Hmm, I drive a 2018 Fortuner V on a daily basis and that has back up camera, so I not sure why it is being said here that it doesn't have that.

  22. My mom just brought a black mistubishi Montero sports this week and then my uncle brought a toyota fortuner last month 😀

  23. Bkit Ganun Ilang Beses NaPanuod Ko Hehehehe Nagustohan Ko Tong Dalawang SUV Sa Pinas (Except Mu X At Traliblazer)

  24. para lang po saken kasi na try ko na tlga si montero gt. iba tlga kht sa performance grabe sulit ang pera ko guys. pero di ko po sinasabi na ayaw ko sa furtuner, base lang po eto sa exp ko to montero tlga. di ko pinag sisihan

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