2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Trims Explained | Differences Between Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Trims Explained | Differences Between Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon

I’m Ryan from extremeterrain.com, and in this
video, we’re gonna talk about the different trim packages available for the 2018 JL. This is gonna be helpful to you if you’re
looking to purchase a JL and you’re not sure which trim package you should go with, or
maybe you’re just curious about what’s included in all of the different packages. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel,
that way you can check out some other videos about the JL and some other great Jeep content. But for now, let’s jump into the Sport. So like I said, there are gonna be a total
of four different trim packages. We have three of them with us today, and we’re
gonna start on the low end. What we don’t have today is the Sport. This is a Sport S, so it’s a little bit of
a step up from that. The Sport is going to be very, very basic. And if you’re looking at a Sport, here’s what
you’re going to get. You’ll have the command track transfer case
with 3.45 gears. It’s going to come with 17-inch black steel
wheels. Those are going to be an all season tire on
that Jeep. They’re going to be 31 and a half by nine
inches. On the inside of that Jeep, again, very, very
bare bones, no power windows, no power locks, not a lot of options to upgrade a lot of the
interior stuff. A couple of the options that are available
even on that basic Sport are going to be an anti-spin rear differential that’s going to
add a little bit of traction. And if you plan on doing a lot of off-roading,
that’s gonna be a good option to pick up. You can also get an all-terrain tire instead
of an all-season tire. Again, a little bit more off-road ability
there. You can get an engine block heater. That’s gonna be for our friends who are up
north in those really, really cold temperatures. You all know about the engine block heaters,
and that is going to be a factory option for even the Sport. So a couple of the interior options that you
actually can get on this Sport are that tow and trailer HD electrical group. And that’s going to include a seven and a
four-pin trailer connection. So, not that this is ever going to be a heavy-duty
tow vehicle, but if you are gonna be moving a trailer, that’s great to have. It’s also going to add a bigger battery and
a bigger alternator. And the thing that a lot of you are gonna
be looking at that package for, is the auxiliary switches. So you can actually get some auxiliary switches
that don’t do anything from the factory but they’re already there and installed, making
it very easy to hook up some additional lights, a winch, really any of that other stuff that
you may wanna bolt on to your Sport. You can also get the smokers package, which,
of course, is going to have a cigarette lighter and an ash tray on the inside of the vehicle,
and then a couple other little things like rubber floor mats, a Jeep branded recovery
package, tinted windows. Those are going to be this sort of basic options
that you can get with the Sport. But when you step up into the Sport S, you’re
going to have even more options available. So the Sport S is going to have a lot of those
same standard features that we just talked about on the Sport, with a couple of little
differences. But it is going to have some additional option
packages that you can get, should you choose to add them. But first, let’s talk about some of those
standard features. Again, you’re going to have halogen headlights. This is going to be the standard bumper on
the Sport and the Sport S, these black fender flares, a 17-inch wheel with 31 and a half
by 9 inch higher. Again, you can get the all-season tires or
the all-terrain tires. Now that we’re standing by the Sport S here,
these are going to be the alloy wheels that come standard on this Jeep. But you can also step up to an optional polished
alloy wheel should you choose to. As far as standard features, you’re still
gonna have that same 344 rear. You’re gonna have the command-track transfer
case. This vehicle is going to come standard with
power windows and power locks, and that is going to be a little bit different from what
we saw on the Sport. The option packages that are available on
the Sport S that are not available on the Sport, there are only a couple of them that
really affect the outside of the vehicle. That is, you can get the dual top group. So that’s gonna include both the soft top
and a hard top right out of the factory. And you can get additional top options, so
some different colors and some different materials, especially when it comes to that soft top. And then you can also get an optional set
of side steps on the Sport S that are not even an option on the Sport. Now, the rest of the packages that are available
for the Sport S are on the inside. So, let’s go in there, and I’ll show you that. So like I said, a lot of the differences between
the Sport and the Sport S are going to happen on the interior. I already mentioned that the Sport S comes
standard with power windows and power locks, where that’s not even going to be an option
for you on the Sport. One of the other differences you’re gonna
see is right here. So on the Sport, you’re going to have to get
an optional package in order to get UConnect 3, and it’s going to have a five-inch screen. That is going to be standard on the Sport
S with the optional seven-inch screen. And that’s what we have here. This is part of the technology group. So you get the seven-inch screen. You’re going to get automatic climate control
with the air conditioning all worked through this screen here. You’re also going to get an additional air
filtration and Apple CarPlay with that technology group. Another package that you can get on the Sport
S is the convenience group that’s going to have the built-in universal garage door opener
and also a remote start. But, of course, that’s not available with
the stick shift. Two other groups that are available on the
Sport S are going to be the cold weather group. Of course, that’s going to have heated front
seats, heated steering wheel, and that’s also going to have a remote start. And you can also get the active safety group,
and that’s going to have things like blind spot monitoring and cross traffic monitoring. It’s also going to have the little beep that
happens as you’re backing up, that park sense, that park assist. So you’re not gonna back your Jeep into anything,
and it’s going to include LED tail lights, which is not going to be an option anywhere
else on the Sport S. You’re going to have to get that active safety group to get the
LED tail lights. Those are gonna be the big groups, but there
are a few additional optional things you can get with this vehicle. You can get an upgraded sound system that’s
going to be the Alpine system. In the back cargo area there is a trail rail
management system. That just keeps all of your gear in place
when you’re on the trail or even just running around on the street. As we talked about before, you can get rubber
mats in the Sport S. And if you do get the hardtop with this Jeep, you can get a hardtop
headliner system right out of the factory. So that pretty much covers all of the standard
and optional features on both the Sport and the Sport S. So now we’re gonna talk about the Sahara,
and this vehicle is gonna be a little bit more comfortable, have a few more creature
comfort options, but also be a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the Sport or the Sport S. This
is going to have some standard features that make it that way and also have some additional
optional packages. So let’s first talk about what’s standard
on this Jeep that isn’t even an option on this Sport S. Starting down at the wheel and
tire package, this is going to have an 18-inch alloy wheel and a slightly larger 31 by 10
inch tire. And this is going to have a body color fender
flare standard as opposed to the black one on the Sport or the Sport S. A few other differences
are right up front here. You’re going to have a surround around the
headlight, a surround around each one of these grille cutouts, as well as a grille insert
here. And on the bumper, they carry that same detail
around the fog light inserts there as well. So as I was saying before, a little bit more
aesthetically pleasing, a few more of those little accent trim pieces that make this a
step up over the Sport S. So there are gonna be some optional packages
available on the Sahara that weren’t available on the Sport S. Everything you could get on
the Sport S, you can get on this, but you can also get some additional stuff here. One of those additional packages is going
to be the LED lighting group, and we have that on our Sahara. So the LED headlights, fog lights, and tail
lights which are going to give the vehicle a much more modern look but also be a lot
more effective at lighting up the road in front of you is going to be an optional package
that you can pick up on the Sahara. As with the Sport S, you can get a polished
wheel that’s going to be a little bit of a more expensive option. You can get that on the Sahara as well. Now, all the other optional packages are things
that I can show you on the inside of the Jeep. So let’s pop in there. The first thing you’re gonna notice about
this Sahara is that it has a lot more leather on the inside, and that is going to be an
optional package that’s available on the Sahara that wasn’t even available to you on the Sport
or the Sport S. So you’re going to have a little bit of a nicer leather-wrapped steering
wheel, of course, leather seats. Even the dash is a little bit different with
some more leather and some more stitching. So, speaking of the dashboard, another option
that you can get on this vehicle that we actually have here that you couldn’t get on the Sport
and Sport S is this electronic infotainment system. That makes this screen an 8.4-inch screen
instead of a 7-inch screen. It’s going to add navigation, HD radio, and
it actually also adds a premium sound system that was an option on the Sport S but it’s
going to come as part of that electronic infotainment group on this vehicle. You can also add the remote start as an a
la carte option when you step up to the Sahara, as well as a proximity keyless entry. That allows you to keep the key in your pocket
and come up to the vehicle, just grab the handle and have it unlock. Again, that was not an option on the lower
trim package Jeeps. Sticking with the theme of the Sahara having
a few more creature comforts, like all the options that we just talked about, this is
going to have a slightly different transfer case as an option. And this is going to be the select track transfer
case. And what that does is add one additional mode
where this is actually an automatic four-wheel drive system. So in the other vehicles, you select 2 high,
4 high, or 4 low. This has an automatic setting so that you
can pop it in there. It’ll drive around just like it normally would
in two-wheel drive until it notices it’s slipping and then pop into four-wheel drive. So that is going to be an upgraded option
on this vehicle that you couldn’t get on the others. So that’s pretty much gonna wrap up the Sahara. Let’s move on to the Rubicon. So now we’re here talking about the Rubicon,
and this is the highest trim package. This is going to be one of the more expensive
JLs that you can get. And this is really more off-road themed. So the Sahara had a lot of creature comforts
built into it and a lot of options that made it even more comfortable and more stylish. And the Rubicon is going to have all of those
same options that you can get, but this is going to have a lot of standard stuff that
makes it a lot more off-roadable. So one of the things that you’re gonna notice
right off the bat is this steps down to a 17-inch wheel instead of the 18 that was on
the Sahara, but it stepped up in tire size to a 33-inch tire. And that’s gonna give you a little bit more
traction off-road, a little bit more comfortable ride off-road. And this is going to be more of an all-terrain
tire as well. In order to make room for those bigger tires,
this has a slightly higher fender flare. So the flare’s actually moved up, giving you
more room for articulation. Speaking of articulation and suspension travel,
this, like Rubicons of the past, is going to have a sway bar with an electronic disconnect
built right into it, and that is a standard feature on this Jeep. From the push of a button, you can disconnect
the sway bar, giving you maximum traction and articulation when you are off-road. A couple of things that you can’t see underneath
this Jeep are going to be the Dana 44 front and rear axles. Those are going to be locking axles and they
do come with four 10 gears instead of the three 45s that are in the other options that
we talked about. This has a little bit more armor on it as
well. This comes standard with a set of steel rock
rails offering a little bit of protection when you are off-road. A few of the things on the Rubicon are there
to make it look a little bit different from some of the other trim packages that we talked
about. Most notably, you’re going to see the big
Rubicon sticker on the side of the hood here. You have a lot of red accents, most notably
the red tow hooks up on the front of the Jeep. A lot of those red accents also carry on to
the inside of the Jeep that we’ll show you in just a second. This is also going to have that Rubicon hood. That’s something Jeep has carried since the
10th anniversary Rubicon is having a different hood. This one has a little bit of a bulge. And this big vent right here, that definitely
makes it different and lets everybody know from a long way off that they’re looking at
a Rubicon and not one of those other trim packages. So that’s a lot of standard stuff, but there
are also gonna be a couple of options available on the Rubicon as well. You can get this same wheel in black if you
choose to. You can get a set of steel bumpers. That’s gonna be both front and rear steel
bumpers. The front one is going to be winch ready,
which allows you to bolt the winch right up to it without any additional hardware or without
swapping that bumper to an aftermarket one, which is a really nice feature. And finally, you can get body colored fender
flares if you choose to, which actually makes it look a little bit more like a Sahara while
still having all of the off-road ability of the Rubicon. So like I said, there are also some changes
on the inside. So let’s pop in there, and I’ll show you those. So like I already said, a lot of the options
you can get on the Sahara, you can get on the Rubicon. That includes the leather seats. We didn’t get that on this Jeep, but these
seats still have the Rubicon badging on them, which is a nice little touch. As I said, from the outside, a lot of those
red accents that we saw, they do get pulled to the inside. So we have some red stitching on the inside
of the steering wheel here. The stitching in the Rubicon on the seats
is red as well. But the biggest thing that stands out is the
red dash. And this is not an option. This is standard on the Rubicon. So, regardless of the exterior color that
you get, it’s gonna be red on the inside. That’s something that not everybody’s crazy
about, but it does certainly let you know that you’re driving a Rubicon. As we said, from the outside, this does have
the disconnectable sway bar and lockers. Those buttons have been moved a little bit
from some past generations, but they’re gonna be right here and they’re not going to be
on any of those other trim packages. And one of the other big things that’s on
this vehicle that’s actually a standard feature on the Rubicon is the Rock-Trac transfer case. It’s only going to be 2 high, 4 high, and
4 low like you’re used to. But it does have a different gear ratio in
it. And what that does, with the eight-speed automatic
on this Jeep, is offer an 84 to 1 crawl ratio, which is absolutely ridiculous. This thing is going to be amazing off-road. It gives you a ton of torque, keeps you exactly
where you wanna be in the power band while keeping you going very, very slow so you can
climb over obstacles. So that Rock-Trac transfer case, the Dana
44s with the four 10 gears and lockers, the electronic sway bar disconnects, all of that
stuff is what really makes a Rubicon a Rubicon. It’s going to drive up the cost of this trim
package, but if you do wanna go off-roading right off the showroom floor, this is going
to give you the most capability. So, those are the four different trim packages
that you can get on a new JL and a lot of the options that you can get with each of
those. We talked about the Sport and the Sport S.
They’re gonna be the least expensive but also the most basic options. The Sahara, that’s going to give you a little
bit more aesthetically and also a little bit more comfort. And finally, that Rubicon. That’s going to be the top of the pile. It’s going to give you the comfort, the looks,
and the off-road ability right out of the box. Of course, at the end of the day, they’re
all Jeeps. They’re all going to be great on-road and
off-road, which one you choose is completely up to you. So comment below and let me know which is
your favorite trim package, which one you have, what’s you’re driving, what’s on order,
and why you like it or don’t. Also, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube
channel, that way you can check out our compare videos of past generations and the new JL
and some of the best Jeep content out there.

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