2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport – Redline: Review

2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport – Redline: Review

in the compact segment you often find more than one body style to choose from which is why I’m testing out the 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT more than just a hatchback version of the Elantra this European flavored Korean compact sedan has their sights set on the latest Honda Civic hatchback and a Mazda 3 hatchback so as hyundai delivered a vehicle that should be able to steal away buyers from those two japanese stalwarts that’s what we’re here to find out [Music] [Music] [Music] your launcher name has been pretty successful for a Hyundai spawning over six generations I was pretty impressed with the latest Elantra sport that I drove earlier this year with the turbo engine and the six-speed manual now we all knew the hatchback version was coming we’ve seen a version of the Elantra GT in the States for over 10 years now and this is actually a completely different car versus the sedan it’s based on the European market Hyundai i30 and although they say they share the same chassis they don’t really share a single body panel on the outside or on the inside as the two cars have their own distinctively styled exterior and interior now the Elantra GT is available in two flavors there’s the base Elantra GT and then the Elantra GT sport which is my tester which basically takes the turbo engine the 1.6 from the Elantra sports sedan that I showed you guys earlier there’s Siri now you can see the design sports the latest version of Hyundai’s fluidic sculpture 2.0 with the cascade waterfall style grille the swept back LED headlights which are full LED that comes standard on the Sport trim it’s available as an option if you guys go for the base GT I really like the amber illuminated LED daytime running lights with an LED turn signal I think it looks slightly different versus all everyone else’s LED I think this is one handsome looking car especially when you look at it from every angle to me now looking around the sides these wheels are the 18-inch wheels they’re upgraded for the sport trim the base model will come standard with 17-inch wheels which is an upgrade from the 16 inch steel use you get on these sport trims now dimensionally the Elantra GT is smaller than the sedan about nine inches shorter and overall length about a two-inch shorter wheelbase but this vehicle is a half inch wider compared to the old Elantra GT this is about two inches longer in overall length a half inch wider the wheelbase is staying the same at 104 point three now the rear is also an equally attractive design I love the LED tail lights love the dual exhaust tips that you get on the Sport trim and it’s just a really clean inoffensive design that’ll age well which is kind of a refreshing change from the slum what slightly over styled proportions of the civic hatch but not quite as boring as the Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback or the Volkswagen Golf this has come to me it’s kind of like in the same league as the Mazda 3 there is an even hotter I thirty n that’s available in Europe which kind of goes head-to-head with a Ford Focus ST Subaru WRX or Volkswagen GTI unfortunately that hot version of the Elantra GT is not coming to the States but we will be getting a Veloster and tuned version in the next coming months which I believe Hyundai is going to be showing us at the Detroit Auto Show later in January of 2018 but enough about the exterior which I think as I said it looks really great let’s take a look at the inside and see how this hatch model differs from the sedan now when you first approach the Elantra GT you will notice it comes standard with Hyundai’s smart key access system with push button start it does have remote start just not on the actual remote fob you have to use the blue link telematics app to get to it and by the way this is an all new key fob design I’ve never seen this key on any other Hyundai product it’s a nice key it looks good it has this rubberized plastic texture finish with some metal accents I think it’s a really nice key I think Hyundai needs to put this key on every model since it looks nice and upscale versus the other keys that I’ve seen in their previous vehicles now looking at the door handle here you can see it’s got a button on the door handle when you push this button here it locks the door if you have the key on you when you want to unlock it there’s no hand no sensor on the back of the handle you have to touch the button again and then it’ll unlock the door for you now looking at the inside of the Elantra GT you can see it’s a really upscale looking interior it’s completely different than the sedan that I showed you I really love the red accents you get on the sport model on the seats on the dash vents on the shifter on the steering wheel the seats are themselves are also more aggressively bolstered on the sport you have a 10-way power adjustment sino memory seat though I believe the Kia Forte 5sx gives you the memory option if you guys go for that premium tag backage but overall it’s an interior that I think looks modern it’s handsome I think it’ll aged very well it looks better to me than the conservatively styled sedan so I would go for the GTS inside of that away now stepping inside you can see it has a nice easy step in height feels a little bit lower than the sedan that I drove last just a smidge which kind of goes more with a sporty character that the GT is supposed to offer now when I shut the door it sounds nice and solid didn’t really expect anything less now as I said push-button start is standard on the GT so all you have to do is keep the key fob in here which before on the brake to push this button here to fire up the engine and then what you’re hearing is that same 1.6 turbo 4-cylinder from the sedan [Music] so compared to the sedan the GT does not sound quite as raspy and verbally the exhaust systems are different versus the two vehicles since they are you know not exactly the same car but I think the sedan to me sound a little bit better this is still a pretty decent sounding 4-cylinder though now when you look at the rest of this interior you can see it’s a pretty nice place to spend time there’s some decent class competitive materials in here and other door panels they are soft touch on the upper portion here you have aluminum accented door handle the windows only one touch automatic for the driver side I kind of wish Hyundai also made it for the passenger side the switches themselves they feel okay they feel a little bit on the cheap side to me if I’m being a little bit honest here but I mean overall it’s pretty much competitive with all the other competitors in terms of plastic feel I like this storage here for your phone it has a nice little cup holder here in the door pocket and then when you look at the rest of this interior you can see class competitive materials again you have a soft touch upper portion on the dash you have this floating eight inch touchscreen display with the Hyundai telematics there blue link telematics I like how there’s buttons on the side and there’s a knob for volume and for tuning the material here is hard touch plastic I kind of wish they did something a little bit different here maybe maybe make it a piece of aluminum trim to kind of make it a little bit more upscale looking I like again the red accents on the dashboard here you have dual zone automatic climate control which is nice you have a nice little huge center storage area here that has a wireless charging pad I don’t believe this then gives you that so that is the one up for the hatchback version then when you want to hide your stuff you can just close it and they look it’ll hide your stuff behind that little door down here you can see my tester has heated and cooled seats that’s part of a tech package that you can only get with the automatic transmission it makes it one of the few compact cars that does offer cooled or ventilated seats which is definitely nice my tester also has the optional 7-speed dual-clutch transmission now this transmission Hyundai has been improving it over the years we’ll go into that and the driving dynamics to see how much better it has become you can also get a six-speed manual if you guys want a traditional manual transmission when you put the vehicle in Reverse you get a backup camera no parking sensors but it does have rear cross-traffic alert and trajectory pretty class competitive stuff here now looking at the steering wheel it’s also a different steering wheel than the sedan it’s not the flat bottom design which I kind of wish it as it does have paddles on the wheel you have these really nice volume controls you have your cruise control here this vehicle because it has that premium tech package you do have full speed range adaptive cruise control and active Lane keep assist with automatic emergency braking the steering itself is electric it feels nice we’ll go over to that in the driving portion you can see here you have a little helper screen here in the center that shows your driver assistance navigation audio vehicle information it has pretty easy to read instrument panel with a big tach a big speedo down here you have cupholders a little bit that you can close you have an electronic parking brake with a brake hold function this here controls your drive mode select there’s only two mu two modes either normal or sport which Hyundai makes it kind of simple there’s a lot of empty buttons here I believe this is for a heated steering wheel button if you guys live in Canada it’ll give you that heated steering wall I’m not entirely sure what these buttons are for but it’s a little it’s a little annoying to see these not used buttons here on this model because it is fully loaded now the armrest here also slides forward and back which is nice there’s some decent storage in there you can see I put a lot of stuff there’s a power outlet in there and then when you look above you there’s a gigantic panoramic sunroof which does come on the upper trim like my tester it’s huge it also has a nice little power retractable sunshade if you guys don’t want the Sun this is one of the few compact cars that offers this panel sunroof so make sure you guys put this car at the top of your list if this is a big priority for you the seats also are nicely bolstered they’re comfortable they hold you in place well enough and I love the fact that they’re ventilated and heated so overall I’m super impressed with the interior of this car it even has the requisite prerequisite apple carplay and android auto that’s something that the youth is really looking for that’s something some competitors don’t offer but I mean overall I would love to see Hyundai maybe even offer an even higher performance version but this interior will impress a lot of you especially if you’ve never sat in a modern Hyundai product looking at the rear seat of the Elantra GT you can see it is actually a lot smaller than the sedan this is where its European roots are showing because the sedan was tailored for the American market so Hyundai gave it a little bit more space back here but overall it’s not bad for somebody who’s shorter when you get back here you can see it doesn’t have a sloping roof for anything like some competitors because this is just the standard hatch but there is good foot space underneath the Front’s here seats here this is where I’d have it to draw but I can definitely tell the legroom has been reduced versus the sedan when you shut the door it sounds just like the front seats the materials back here are actually soft touch as well so they didn’t carry over which is good you have that aluminum accented door handle here and then the upper trim like my tester gives you rear seat bench which is kind of rare in the class but I believe it’s only in the upper trim so you did two math pockets here with this like cargo net finish and then the armrest here it folds down gives you two cupholders and then the seats themselves they fold down 60/40 split now opening up the cargo area of the Elantra GT this is another reason why you may want to go for the hatchback version you get about 25 cubic feet of space with the seats up now if you fold down the second row you get about 55 cubic feet of space now that’s actually more than some of those silly sub compact SUVs I believe Hyundai’s own Kona which is up incoming for 2018 or 19 will have less cargo space in this so that’s kind of silly and surprising now entering here you do get a temporary spare you have to deal with a fixed applaud kit but overall I’m really liking how large the cargo area here is it’s actually about 10 cubic feet larger than the latest Civic hatchback maximum [Music] [Music] under the hood of the Elantra GT sport you get the company’s very potent 1.6 liter t GDI force on reality stands for turbocharged it also has gasoline direct injection that’s what the ticking noise is what you’re hearing on this GT sport it makes the same 201 horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torque as the sedan that I tested earlier this year that’s roughly the same numbers as the latest Honda Civic Si with its 1.5 liter turbo and more power about 15 to 20 more horsepower than a lot of its competitors including the Civic hatchback now fuel economy does not merit not its strong suit this vehicle Hyundai has been kind of lagging in the fuel economy department this particular combination with the dual clutch and the turbo actually gets the best gas mileage out of the lineup it’s rated at 26 in the c32 on the highway about one or three mpg better than the base 2-liter which has 161 horsepower if you guys don’t go for the sportsman so my recommendation go for the sport if you guys don’t go to the manual it drops considerably to 20 to 29 I believe so this is somewhat of a thirstier vehicle compared to its competitors now this car weighs around 3,000 pounds it’s only offered in front-wheel drive no limited slip differential which is something the Civic Si offers a standard so that could be a deal-breaker if you guys we could actually take no autocrossing uh on a track but this car has enough power for a lot of people let’s get on the road and see how it all performs over so something that really surprised me was how many requests I got from you guys to do a full review on the latest Hyundai Elantra GT now Hyundai first showed us this car a few months ago at the New York Auto Show the full production model and I’ve been actually very excited to drive it you could never really say that about a Hyundai product in the past however when I drove the Elantra sports sedan earlier this year with that 6-speed manual I fell in love with it I actually prefer the Elantra sport sedan over the current Civic Si even though it is lacking a limited slip diff which is kind of the same with this GT model now as I said earlier this is actually based on the Korean market or European market Hyundai i30 and the sport think of the sport model as kind of a GTI light it has an independent rear suspension it has larger rear brake or front and rear brakes it has a sport-tuned suspension I has more power from the 1.6 turbo it’s honestly the logical choice and if you can afford the 4 grand up charge that Hyundai goes for or gives or hits you with with the sport I highly recommend it now first setting off on the road here the sport kind of gives a really good first impression the Sun the chassis feels nice and solid and tight it feels sporty it also feels a little bit on the stiffer side this is not the bodhi soft Elantra GT that you guys knew from a few years ago and I’m gonna actually put the transmission into its sport setting I’m gonna leave it in sport for the primary part of the test drive this is Hyundai’s 7-speed dual-clutch transmission which will probably be the transmission that most of you actually pick but let’s get out on the road here and see how it all performs [Music] okay now first thing I’m noticing is this thing has plenty of power for a vehicle in the compact hatch segment this is basically on par with the last Civic hatchback sport touring that I drove a Mazda 3 hatchback Wow okay that’s pretty good now this 1.6 turbo isn’t the smoothest turbo in the segment it doesn’t have the very most linear power brain and actually you feel a little bit of turbo lag off the line and then you also feel this 7-speed dual-clutch is peculiar behavior now if you’re gonna compare this card to the CVT that’s in the civic sport touring hatch now on paper the dual clutch in this car is gonna be far superior it’s got 7 gears you know dual clutch is the sporty-er transmission to go with however when you start comparing it to the best from Europe this dual clutch needs a little bit more time in the oven it is what I’d like to say I guess like a b-minus in terms of grade I kind of put a Volkswagen dual clutch as an a Porsche PDK is an A+ there’s a little bit of wheelspin and you know it shifts okay from time to time I do notice that the transmission just doesn’t read your mind that you would expect a dual-clutch would now I’m going to turn the traction control off here just the traction trough and we’re gonna floor it Oh a little bit of torque steer they’re mostly just wheel hop this cars chassis is damn surprisingly good the steering is typically a Hyundai weakness and you can see here it’s fast it’s quick enough it’s got good precision it’s got good feel too and that’s something that Hyundai is typically struggled with in the past however since they hired Albert Biermann from BMW M division to take over their chassis dynamics it’s really starting to show this is one of the sporty our offerings in the segment and it really shows when you start attacking a back road now the ride is definitely on the firmer side so those of you who are expecting a soft ride you may want to look elsewhere a Volkswagen Golf is a little bit softer and it’s ride quality or a Toyota Corolla I am but this is a nice balance it really the whole car in general reminds me of the last Civic hatchback with a power delivery that’s not quite as smooth not quite as linear I expect this car is their 260 time to be a tick under 7 seconds which again will keep pace with the latest Civic Si or civic sport hatch but it’s just shocking to me when I start hustling this car and driving it hard it will really shock you now it’s got paddle shifters which they don’t respond fast enough when I flip the paddle it does a sort of AB rev match but doesn’t have the burbles the crackles that you expect from a duel cliffs in them a knife flick it again it just doesn’t shift in that quickness it doesn’t read my mind the way I want to do a clutch to to do thankfully this car with its upgraded brakes okay it’s a pretty decent in terms of the brake feel and you can see here its major all your stuff shift forward but when you really start pushing this car it’ll really surprise you I’m having a ball I can’t decide whether I like this or the last Civic sport Tory hatch I definitely like the traditional shifting noises but I think the Civic may have a slightly better chassis although this cars chassis is great it could easily handle more power I would love to see Hyundai bring us the N version with you know initial you know 70 plus horsepower all right one wheel peel there this thing could definitely use a limited slip diff if you guys plan to auto cross this car you probably may want the Civic Si because of that limited slip diff oh I’m impressed I truly and genuinely impressed and you can see out of this car it’s got really comfortable seats they hug you the steering feel good feels good the chassis feels good man Hyundai is doing some incredible things right now and it gets me as excited as an enthusiast because Hyundai is seriously starting to up their game and they’re now adding driving fun to all the value to the style to the you know great warranty that you get with this brand and it’s it’s truly impressive so let’s talk a bit about some numbers here the fuel economy of this car is definitely lagging behind its competition I’ve been averaging around 23 miles per gallon in mostly city driving which is lagging behind the 26 that the EPA says you’ll get on the highway I got it up to about 35 miles to the gallon 34 ish maybe so it is definitely thirstier than a civic sport touring hatch that I drove which got around closer to 40 miles per gallon credit that to the civics more efficient engine maybe or the CVT transmission it’s just more efficient than this Hyundai has some work to do with the fuel economy but they’ve got the chassis to handling and the style and the interior they’ve got that all down so that makes me pretty happy and even in terms of the technology my tester has you know the tech package for the sports frame which has full speed range adaptive cruise it has active lane keep assist automatic emergency braking blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert that’s not available on civic for now and it’s just a really nice package now don’t expect this car to be the cheapest in the segment it’s fully loaded now this car actually is pretty much right in line with all its competitors a base Elantra GT starts at nineteen thousand three hundred dollars that’s basically right on the money as the last or as a current Mazda 3 hatch or a Chevrolet Cruze the Civic hatch is a little bit more that starts at around nineteen nine now you’re gonna pay about four grand extra for the sport trim I think it’s money well spent to go for the sport trim that one’s gonna be around 23 3 it’s priced very similarly to a Civic EXL with Navi hatchback which is around the 23 24 thousand dollar mark at $1,000 if you guys want an automatic transmission a manual is available on the other the base or this a sport trim I would probably stay the stick now my tester has the $3,800 sport tech package which gives you lots of items you got the you know the driver assistance tech the full suite of it the active safety systems you get the panoramic sunroof you get a ventilated seat you get the Wi-Fi wireless hotspot you got the upgraded eight inch display with the navigation and the Infinity premium sound system all in my tester is a tick over 29 grand now that makes it pretty darn expensive for a Hyundai I know however I will argue that this Hyundai has features that you don’t get on certain cars like it’s one of the only ones in the segment with panoramic sunroof and cool seats now I did test the Kia Forte 5 earlier this year and that did have memory seats which this car is lacking but it didn’t have the panel sunroof and it also didn’t have the newer chassis this has the newer chassis with the fully independent rear suspension it’s got the better dual clutch the dual clutch in this car still needs a little bit more tweaking but it is better than that Forte 5 that I drove honestly I would probably just stick with the 6-speed manual in this car if I was looking for a cheap commuter and Iona said I would pick it over a Civic Sport hatchback just because I like the equipment that it gives you with the stick option or if you guys want the automatic you can also pick the 7-speed dual-clutch which you may prefer over the CVT that’s equipped in the Civic I am very curious to see what Mazda is gonna do with the next generation 3 I think the 2.5 liter has suddenly become how class in the smaller displacement turbo engines they just deliver more fun and more power and that’s what buyers I think in this segment are definitely looking for but anyways I hope you guys have enjoyed my full review on this 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT sport if you’re looking for a small fun commuter warm hatch this one should definitely be at the top of your list if you’re also looking to see those cars I’m testing make sure you follow me on instagram at red line underscore reviews and like us on facebook and if you haven’t done so please subscribe to the red line reviews youtube channel for all the latest reviews thanks so much for watching guys I’ll catch you all in the next video [Music]

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