2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Hot Lap! – 2017 Best Driver’s Car Contender

2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Hot Lap! – 2017 Best Driver’s Car Contender

– [Narrator] Question. When does a 460 horsepower
Corvette feel slow? Answer. When it’s the Grand Sport
and entered in this year’s Best Driver’s Car Competition. First of all, the Grand Sport
is one of the most capable handling machines we’ve ever tested. Pulling 1.18 G’s of max grip, and running around our figure
eight course in an elite, 22.3 seconds. With all that grip comes
the need for more power. A 550 horsepower Grand Sport would split the difference nicely between
the 460 horsepower Stingray, and the bonkers, 650 horsepower Z06. Second of all, have you met
this year’s competition? Let’s see how this ‘vette
works on a racetrack. – Woo! Wow, this is not the Z06? Sure sounds like one. Oh yeah, I forgot, this
is only 460 horsepower. Lot of tire grip. Does not like the power. You know, that was an
easy power oversteer. One more. The car’s red, white, and blue. Ha! How perfect for a Chevy Corvette? This is a Grand Sport model. With the whole Z07 track package, from the big, honking supercharged car, but it’s the non-supercharged engine. Still 450 something horsepower. I went out in the Corvette
in full on race mode. It had snap oversteer and entry oversteer, I felt like I was wresting
alligators, I just wasn’t happy. I hit the switch, put it
over in sport on the shocks, which softens up the shock absorbers. The softer setting changed
the whole experience. Suddenly, the Corvette was
like a big Labrador retriever I’m petting in my lap. It was a puppy dog! And I could run it hard and
aggressively and take advantage of what’s really incredible
about Corvettes, the braking. It stops so well. Strong bite, stays there every
lap, hauls the speed down. And the sport mode on the shocks, I could just lay that thing in the corner, it was a friendly car. – [Narrator] Kids, the
Grand Sport is quick on the racetrack. It’s not only quicker than
a Lexus LFA or an Acura NSX, but that it’s quicker
than a Ferrari 458 Italia. Impressive. Randy’s big gripe, was that
the rear suspension goes all kablooey when in track mode. His solution was to put the
suspension in sport mode, and turn everything off. The problem with that for us mere mortals, is that GM’s brilliant Performance Traction
Management system, or PTM, is only available if
the car’s in track mode. As great to drive as the Grand Sport is, there are six cars we liked better. 7th place.

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  2. This is a true shocker? Everyone has unanimously praised the GS as being amazing, even the best handling corvette ever. What gives? Didn't impress Randy at all. Kinda funny that ya'll are complaining about lack of power but had none for the Cayman and you can't compare zero to 60 times to the road course, hence the 5 Second difference between their lap times. Once the cars are rolling, the corvette would run away from the cayman effortlessly, not to mention out corner and grip it like nobodies business. On Laguna , they aren't even in the same league. Traction is the caymans biggest strength in a drag race. Wonder if they got yet another broken or improperly tuned (alignment or wheel camber setup in this case) corvette?

  3. Hey, can you guys please do a Head to Head on the 2017 Chevy Corvette GrandSport vs 2017 Mercedes Benz C 63 S Coupe. I ask this because both fully spec are around the same price: $90,000.

  4. he said a 550 hp grand sport would split the difference nicely between the 460 hp stingray and the 650 hp z06. but the car here is 460 hp but it's a grand sport. im confused

  5. I love the grand sport best handling car iv drove. I havent had the chance to drive a zo6 (I rode in one) it was awsome to. its awsome having a couple of rich friends LoL but if I had the cash to buy zo6 or grand sport I would get the GS and slap a cam and F1a procharger and call it a day

  6. Cam + tuning and your in the 500 hp @ 6500+ rpms. The thing is GM should have done it from the factory. Guys are building 550 hp NA LS engines that are very reliable left and right nowadays so this is a very conservative move from Chevy.

  7. My 2015 GMC Sierra Denali has 420 hp stock. I did a mild tune with a performance chip, cold air intake and a 3” Exhaust with cat delete and was able to get 465 hp. And that was just a mild tune.

  8. Per their site: in alphabetical order: (this years contenders) I am taking the Mclaren myself…

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    Aston Martin DB11
    Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE
    Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
    Ferrari 488 GTB
    Lexus LC 500
    Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Club
    McLaren 570GT
    Mercedes-AMG GT R
    Nissan GT-R NISMO
    Porsche 718 Cayman S
    Porsche 911 Turbo S

  9. Call me crazy but I think this is the perfect amount of horsepower. Even if I had the money for a zo7 I would get the grand sport. Is has usable power. This car should have placed top 3.

  10. Great lap time, but Randy is spot on with the handling characteristics comments. Doesn't put down power well! Needs different rear shocks or geometry changes… imagine if it put power down well? Would be #1

  11. Wait a minute. The GS with almost 200 less hp than the ultra track focused ZL1 1LE was beaten by only a second?! Imagine the Z06!!

  12. General Motors really missed an opportunity. They could've stroked the original 6.2L to a 7.0L to make it a little more special than the entry-level Stingray and the over-the-top Z06. I can see an engine like that making 550-ish horsepower and lb.-ft. of torque. Hell, that could-have-been 7.0L could be used in the rumored Camaro Z/28.

  13. The only thing missing on the Grand Sport was a better powertrain like the one on the Z28 or the C6 Z06, which came with the 7.0 N.A. Engine and the 6 speed manual transmission or maybe the automatic transmission would have performed much better. The guys at M.T. were amazed with the handling and braking performance of the G.S. The only thing missing was 100 hp and a more accurate shifter.

  14. The Grand Sport is under powered. GM should offer a bump in horsepower as they did in the past to justify the price difference. Especially since you can buy a Z06 for less than a Grand Sport.

  15. Well done using the base engine clad GS in this shootout among +600hp exotics AND A CAMARO WITH THE NEW ZO6's motor… and review it giving poor marks for lack of power? Does that remind you of picking on somebody's little brother when the big brother wasn't invited? #carpolitics

  16. While its true that the Grand Sport should have come from the factory with 550 HP, it is only about $3000.00 and very easy to attain approximately 525 at the crank, which translates to 450 – 460 RWHP for a 7 speed manual. Intake, headers, improved X mid- pipe and safe conservative tune, voila. My 2017 GS lays down 460 HP and 465 RWTQ across most of its RPM range and will blow your shorts off while sounding savage. On top of that it benefits from the excellent cooling this version comes stock with.

  17. Selectable drive modes don't seem like such a great idea anymore. They used to be about having "The best of both worlds", such as a track car that can calm down for daily use or whatever. Now it's just finding a configuration that is the least compromised, and still the car might not do exactly what you want. I think I'd just rather have a well-tuned fixed suspension, and simple traction control: On or off.

  18. For real-world use, where you might do a few track days, then sunny Sundays, and road trips with wifey, there is no car better than this. Especially not for the money. I can build a dialed-in car with the Z07 package and just enough creature comforts without it being overloaded with junk, and it comes in around $80k. Folks, for the cars this thing straight up spanks around a racetrack, PLUS the flexibility and daily useability with the magnetic ride control, you can’t beat this.

    I have an SS sedan with the Tremec manual. It’s fun, and the MRC gives me a taste of Corvette life. But still… If my wife and I could get away with deleting the rear doors and seat, I would have a GS on order already. We use that back seat regularly though, so SS sedan it is for the foreseeable future. These Corvettes are amazing, and they get better and better with each generation. The want is strong.

  19. Fantastic car. The other cars are great but I at LEAST would have placed the Grand Sport fourth in this year's comparo.

  20. Hell yeah IMA start putting some cash away for this bad boy can't wait to be stunting in one of these and treating it with love!

  21. the sound of this machine is drawing me away from my originally strict stance of an m4 being my next car. i can live with the lower quality interior (tho a thousand times better than previous corvettes, and american cars in general) for that engine sound and exhaust note for sure. the turbo six sound just doesn't come close. not within a mile.

  22. For all the people who want the Grand Sport to have a motor with more power than the LT1 but less than the LT4 … Adding a 4'th engine would boost the cost of the GS. The GS uses the body of the Z06 and the motor of the Stingray. This does not increase its cost. If you were to add another motor, then you might as well just jump to the Z06 because it would boost the cost.

  23. INSIDER information, the Grand Sport ran early in the morning when the track was cold and damp. Hmmm maybe this contributed to the lack of traction at speed???

  24. If you're wondering how the Camaro compares..

    2017 Camaro SS 1LE -> 1:37:78 @ ~45K USD
    2017 Corvetter Grand Sport ->1:35:62 @ ~85K
    2017 Camaro ZL1 1LE -> 1:34:30 @~72K USD

  25. I love that color and livery combination. Admiral Blue with Torch Red fender hash marks, and that white stripe down the length of the car.

  26. The amount of people confused by the 550hp comment really makes me worry about the listening and comprehension skills of our society.

  27. Bought a Corvette Grand Sport with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION, and it's completely awesome. Sorry Porsche, too quiet, too refined, too aloof.

  28. I don't wanna be the next comment but i gotta say that this is not enough of a reason to make the Vette mid-engine

  29. Just bought a 2019 Corvette Grand Sport, with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION and it's a great car! Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren are all automatic only, and automatics are for pussies. And you know it.

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