2016 Rio Olympics open with bang at Maracana Stadium

2016 Rio Olympics open with bang at Maracana Stadium

Our top story this evening… The thirty-first modern Olympics have opened
in Rio with a spectacular ceremony at the Maracana Stadium. Around ten-thousand athletes from more than
two-hundred countries paraded before the enthusiastic crowd. Shin Se-min reports from Rio. Bringing the world together, under the umbrella
of sports,… the curtain to the 2016 Rio Olympics parted on Friday evening at the Maracana
Stadium. Sportsmen and women from around the globe
marched through the stadium to watch a grand fireworks display that lit up the sky. Leading up to the opening ceremony, excitement
had been building among the international visitors filling the streets and corners of
Rio. “We just couldn’t find any tickets together,
so we thought if we can’t get the tickets, might as well be out here, just to be around
the atmosphere, celebrating team USA.” “My father attended the Olympic games in Berlin,
so it’s a way of showing honor. He, like myself, was citizen of the world,…
we are all citizens of the world, and that’s how I would like to see myself.” Preparations for the ceremony meant the Rio
city government closed off almost 40 streets around the Maracana Stadium for nearly a full
day on Friday. With visitors from around the world, including
high ranking officials and leaders, in Rio for the curtain raiser,… additional security
forces were deployed, tripling the number of safety personnel. Marking the official start of the games, the
Olympic torch arrived at its final destination to ignite the cauldron. “With citizens from all corners of the world
bonding through the Rio Olympics,… audience members and sports enthusiasts now hope one
of the world’s largest international sporting events goes smoothly, bringing sound results
for all. Shin Se-min, Arirang News, Rio de Janeiro.”

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  1. Excuse my ignorance, but I think those who prepared (really) this show is not Brazilian, and, or, not live nor never lived long in the country. The choreography, special effects, aesthetics, the dancers are very good. The problem are the themes. I will list what I consider wrong: NUMBER 01, Arab and Japanese emigration. The Arab emigration was not that important in Brazil, and more important and much more than the Arabs were the Germans and Italians, who were not remembered; NUMBER 02, the choice of Tom Jobim and Chico Buarque songs. In my opinion they should develop unpublished songs for the event, although the composer could be the very Chico Buarque, for example (Jobim's already dead). To make matters worse the two singers and their two songs are well known abroad and old, which to me is the lack of creativity. To complete, Lulu Santos, with other early music; number 03, samba and maracatu. The maracatu is more folkloric than popular. And summarize in Brazil samba and maracatu is ridiculous. Much more important than the maracatu in my opinion is the frevo which was also not remembered. And summarize Brazil as samba and carnival is even more ridiculous. Most Brazilians do not like carnival and not like samba. The fact that a carnival holiday and festivities throughout the country does most Brazilians worship them. And finally NUMBER 04. It seems that for the spectacle of the winemaker Brazil, in terms of music and cultural expression comes down to Rio de Janeiro and maracatu. Forget the frevo Pernambuco, forgotten disparadamente most influential people for, especially in the South Region and São Paulo: the Germans and the Italians.

  2. Banish partially Russian athletes was political use. totally ban the Russians disabled athletes was the last straw. These are not games, it's a circus. I'm not clown, nor am the jester. Crowds worldwide, the vast majority of people is composed of idiots like cattle eating feed that is supplied to them daily while waiting for the time of slaughter. Think and build the world is for the few. As Hitler said in Mein Kampf: is not and never was the crowd, the vast majority, who builds or built something. They only need to know what is essecial them (for their handling of course). I'm not just another person. I'm me. I have a personality, an identity, a brand, a way of thinking and seeing things. I'm not directed like most. Reply to offenses and agrssões would waste my time with people unable to think.

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