2016 Olympics: What Rio doesn’t want the world to see

2016 Olympics: What Rio doesn’t want the world to see

When you leave the International Airport
of Rio de Janeiro and head towards the south of the city which is where all the
beaches are, you pass a sprawling informal settlement called Maré. it’s one of hundreds of neglected shanty
towns like this in Rio. It goes on for miles. But when you pass
by there today all you see is this wall. Look at this map of Rio: Here’s the part that you probably know.
It’s the South Zone it’s where all the iconic beaches are. Maré is in Rio’s
North Zone which is where most of the city’s poor live. They don’t have sewage systems they
don’t have housing rights they don’t have anything, but you know the city is
really concerned about how loud the cars are because they’re worried about you
know the ears of the poor people that don’t have food in their stomachs. The city just install the big new schoolin this community a few months ago. You’ll note that when we get to this
part of the highway, the wall becomes totally transparent,
giving us a perfect view of the shiny new school Every time international attention comes to Rio, the
city scrambles to build up infrastructure around tourism for
visitors to see that it’s this amazing city The problem is the visitors will come
and they go, but the people of Rio are here to stay, and they’re frustrated that their governments spends
so much money to build up certain parts of the city and completely neglects
others. The Olympics is no different in this
case. In fact it’s probably the biggest excuse Rio has to pour tons of money
into making the city look good. This is Patricia. She rides the buses
here in Rio and has noticed a major change in the bus routes recently. Patricia is showing me a few examples of the 11 bus
lines that were cut between the poor North zone and the touristy rich South
Zone, all in preparation for the Olympics. It’s now much harder for a resident of
the North Zone to get down to the beaches of Ipanema or Copacabana. So why put the bus lines? If discriminatory bus lines are bad here’s where it gets worse. So back to this
map: out here in the west is a place called Barra (Baha) R’s are pronounced like H
in Portuguese. This is a new part of the city where a lot of the Olympics action
is happening. It’s where the Olympic park is going to be built. And because of
this it’s home to what one real estate publication is calling a “cosmopolitan
awakening.” Tons of real estate investment. And of course a bunch of dramatic
promotional videos to go with it. there’s this one guy in Carlos Carvalho. He’s
a real estate developer and owns 64 million square feet in Barra. Last year
in a series of interviews with big publications, Carvalho sketched out his
dream for Barra. His goal is to turn this place into a
“new Rio” a city for the “elite … of good taste noble housing not housing for the poor.” This guy’s that 12 richest person in
Brazil and he’s got a ton of political influence to make his dream happen. Here
he is with Rios mayor who’s reelection campaign he generously donated to. They’re
just, you know, looking over plans for how they’re going to reshape Barra. But there’s one big problem for people
like Carlos carvalho and his dream to make Barra a haven for the rich. If you’re
interested in land value, the less poor people you who have in your land the greater value can give to it. They
think of the city as a place for you to invest and not a place to live in. Over the years little settlements of a
few hundred families have popped up in Barra. It’s usually workers unable to find
affordable housing and creating communities of their own. These places
have been around for decades and many of them have gained legal status for their
property. But to the luxury-minded developers of this new part of town, these informal settlements represent a
barrier to their plan. So when the Olympic park was planned for
this area of Rio it wasn’t much of a surprise when the
city came in with eminent domain eviction orders, telling these
communities that they would be moved to public housing complexes usually far out
of sight of any international visitors. Most communities left, some happily
taking the money that the city gave them, some mounted intense but failed
resistance. But I visited one community that didn’t give up on the fight to keep
their homes. Vila Autódromo was a community of around 600
families near where the olympic park is being built. it’s not on the actual park property but
it’s in the sight of the park. This is what it looks like today. People
chose to go there because there was no drug trafficking or militia. It was very
safe very– a good sense of community. close to jobs and schools. It’s hard to know that when you just
visit the community, but you kind of get a sense of that by seeing the people
who are still resisting, because they’re holding on to that memory and
they want to keep some of that alive. After years of fighting with the city
hall, only 20 families of the original six
hundred remain in this community. Fierce protesting in a flurry of international
press got the mayor to finally concede, saying that the twenty families could
stay, on condition that the city would build them nicer-looking homes, lest, heaven forbid, the international
community catch a glimpse of the real Rio. Through the long fight, some of Vila Autódromo was able to stay. But this is rare. Most
communities that receive eviction orders no longer exists. At least seventy seven
thousand two hundred people have been removed from their homes in Rio de
Janeiro since 2009. That’s according to government data. And
much of this to make way for infrastructure and real estate projects
associated with the World Cup and the Olympic Games. So it’s kind of a shame because the
Olympics end up coming in and kind of whitewashing areas and reframing them you lose a
lot of the personality of the city. of course there have been numerous benefits
to the people of Rio thanks to the Olympics investments: New
bus lines, revitalization of all parts of the city, museums, parks. This stuff will make life
better in the city for sure. But in the end Billions of public dollars that were
supposed to benefit the people ended up bowing to the interests of a few people
with a lot of money. And instead of investing in the underserved Rio will once again hide them from view.

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  1. I really wish Brazil would get it the f together. They could be the USA of South America if they stopped being so corrupt and invest in infrastructure (sewers, schools, clean water) for every part of the city and giving subsidies to rebuild the favelas with actual city planning (streets, parks, etc) and a making the houses nice and modern. Rio could be the New York of Brazil… instead it seems like it will always be a mess. A haven of crime, disease, poverty, and death. I know the Brazilian people could do it… it's their governments crimes holding them back. The US wasnt always perfect so maybe as their democracy ages it will get better. I'm not gonna hold my breath though ☹

  2. unironically, almost all of south america is like brasils favelas. take Comas, over in peru. it is absolutely the state of the favelas and almost nothing is being done.
    South America, we gotta get our stuff together, least we can hope.

  3. i think there should be understanding between the government and the poor. the government owning up to the existence of the poor, not covering them up, and offering them great areas where they could rebuild their lives. the poor, trusting the decision of the government because this urban planning is for the betterment of the country, atleast this concern was brought up when the community was not yet massive in size. i wish that every person in a country that struggles with urban planning believes that everyone should be treated well because this will be how the country will flourish but that would be hard and would almost always end up in violence, a sad truth that the world is facing.

  4. This one nearly happens also in Manila when they hosted APEC Summit, they tried to barricade a couple of bridge in a city (Parañaque) going to venues from airport ore vice versa to hide the informal settlers, but the city mayor refuses to do it and said it "why we hide them they're also part of the city and why we should be ashamed of all cities from around the world have this" and now they don't need to hide the informal settlers because they have now formal homes

  5. You should actually help the small comunities near the bigger cities because then tourists could go there, and see the decade old houses and hear the peoples stories. Adding a small barrier to the side of the highway for actual sound proofing is okay. It's not okay to use such walls for blocking everything on the other side off. One could agree with me, right?

  6. Just push Rio people and they will fight back and your not going like what the people will do and eventually the people will win at a high price.

  7. seeing what its now looking like, i feel so bad for the people who actually live in rio. And how their government lets them down so much

  8. My mom is from Brazil she kept on forcing us to believe that Brazil is the best country in the world. But luckily I've been there before when I was 9 and noticed the poverty, beaches and brigadeiro aside.

  9. *rio became the beautiful place i ever seen*

    Me: continue

    *Government doesnt show poor people*

    Me: go back

    *government uses polices and guns to poor people*


    (sorry for joking about this feel free to wrong my comment if i do something wrong ;-;)

  10. They could have chose a better country to play the role on olympic games that will not do what Brazil have done to their coumtrymen.

  11. London really did a great job!!? For those countries that are planning to host the olympics, should better take note.

  12. Try to watch Michael Jackson's They don't care about us music video in Brazil…

    Now try to think and realize carefully the truth…

  13. Some of the Brazilian politicians:
    (Imagine this are steps of stairs to gain first world country)
    Step 1: Tourists
    Step 2: Investments
    Step 3: Community
    Step 4: Infrastracture
    Step 5: Income

    "They're just skipping step 3"

  14. It’s always like this, my school and now I know much others at least in Texas only help the top 15% of people who scored high on the psat and when I was called in and they told me this I was like why don’t you guys help the bottom 15% the ones who need it and they just told me straight up those people won’t be going to college anyways

  15. Rio had jst made a illusion front of the world in 2016 Rio Olympics Brazil infrastructure is not up to the mark as they show to world . Brazil was not capable to host Olympics

  16. Brazil is almost totally corrupt. Inflation from money printing & state spending out of control. Just look at this homeless camp they created for the Olympics.

  17. 3 years later, the stadium's abandoned, the park's gone to waste, and the shiny new housings are neglected. So all the money was literally thrown down the drain.

  18. they should really be focused in the poor not the rich bc look they dont have any good houseing and no jobs just small ones

  19. People that live in shanty towns in south america are people that dont have good education and are believed to blame everything bad on the government

  20. The worst thing youll ever experience in your homeland is to be treated as an alien or worst a garbage to be disposed. And we know that it happens in almost every country. ?

  21. Brazil, stop acting like a 1st world country, it should’ve been given to Chicago they’re better conditions than Brazil. Focus on your citizens

  22. today I got to know that, why India is the only place where people see poor only. because India never hides its reality and problem

  23. You guys should see at what Lima did for the 2019 Panamerican Games by building most of the infrastructure in the poorest part of town in collaboration with local people

  24. Every country do this try to hide the poor people racial discrimination class discrimination from Tourist coming to there country . Run adds showing the pretty part of the country

  25. Tip for all property investors , as soon as a city has been named to host buy anything. Just B4 opening ceremony sell ,sell,sell. Leave the hype behind and over inflated riff raff behind

  26. They're wasting money on useless infrastructures and tourists when they should be focusing on their people and the cities that need fixing

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