2016 Lexus RX F Sport Review – AutoNation

2016 Lexus RX F Sport Review – AutoNation

Since it was introduced way back in 1998,
the RX has been a sales success for Lexus. Infact, every year it has sold an average
of 100,000 units. Making it one of the most successful luxury vehicles of all time. For
2016, Lexus is now introducing it’s fourth generation RX. With features and looks that
Lexus hopes will win it more male buyers in an increasingly competitive segment. The RX
is available in two editions. The RX 350 or the RX 450 Hybrid. For the first time you
can add the F-Sport package to either model. In this first look video, we’ll be driving
a pre-production RX-350 F-Sport, which features a 3.5 liter v6 connected to an eight speed
automatic transmission. This configuration puts out 295 horsepower with 267 pound feet
of torque. EPA numbers are estimated at 19 mpg city, and 26 highway with all-wheel-drive.
Though those are not official yet. Inside we’ll find a beautiful interior that Lexus
is known for. This because it is the F-Sport model, has special F-Sport seats. Now one
of the first things that you notice about this car is, yes it still has the little haptic
joystick to control the large nav screen. It also has eco and sport and sport plus modes.
Now because this is the F-Sport model, it’ll now tighten up the suspension when you go
into sport plus, it will also give you maximum feedback on your throttle. Now because this
is the F-Sport model, it includes the F-Sport gauges. It doesn’t have the little slidey
thing, like some of the other F-Sport models have. But it does look very nice. It’s a digital
display with a multifunction on the side. If you get the standard RX, you get a more
traditional dual gauge layout. The seats are of course heated and air conditioned, and
there’s also a new auto mode that will turn on the seat warmers and coolers in conjuction
with your ultimate temperature. So all I have to do is set it to 70 and auto, and it will
heat or cool the seats accordingly to keep me comfortable. Very nice. The steering wheel
is an LFA inspired 3-spoke unit. It has all the controls you would need readily at hand.
And it’s actually quite comfortable. And the stitching and the leather are quite nice,
as you would expect. Now, this particular model has a traditional sunroof, however,
a panorama sunroof is also now available. Plus, you can get adaptive cruise control,
which the RX has had for a while now. But it also has pedestrian detection and collision
mitigation, as well as blind spot monitoring and cross traffic alert with the rear view
camera. That whole package is available for pretty much any RX model. So, enough talking
about it. Let’s take it out on the road. On the road, the RX hauls groceries much faster
and furiouser than the outgoing model. The extra 25 horses they added to the motor for
2016 really pays off in smiles. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the adaptive suspension.
It does an amazing job of keeping the RX’s mass centered, even when pushing through curvy
b-roads. For 2016, Lexus has finally stepped up to the plate with a proper F-Sport offering.
In addition to the badge, you now get aluminum pedals, G-meter, adaptive variable suspension,
engine sound amplifier, paddle shifters, and a new sport S+ mode, which gives the transmission
and steering a more aggressive edge. But even with this extra edge, the RX still maintains
the feel of a Lexus. No one will complain about the ride, the seats, or even the interior.
It’s all very well executed, and very much on the conservative side of exciting. Lexus
has also made a number of enhancements to the navigation system. Though its very similar
to the 2015 set up, it now has a full screen map option, and that’s nice. The biggest question
mark about the new RX is the looks. Will enough buyers appreciate the new styling for Lexus
to remain the king of the luxury crossover marketplace. We’ll have to wait and see. To
check out the new RX, visit your AutoNation retailer today, or check out AutoNation.com
to get all the facts first. I’m your host Ryan Douthit, thanks for watching.

14 Replies to “2016 Lexus RX F Sport Review – AutoNation”

  1. Just Stunning.    

    This thing hit the GYM big time.  IMO Lexus needs a award for this design just look at it…every angle of the car is a event. Lexus new design is getter better over time. Looks great inside and out and drives better too?   This thing is gonna sale like hotcakes.   I wish I had a use for a SUV I would def pick one up… Fsport black with red interior.

  2. Lexus hit the mark on this one running off the female buyers. My mother is on her 3rd RX. She said this one is hideous and she will get a Volvo once the lease is up.

  3. I bought one white with red leather RX F sport 450h.
    let me tell you I had so many thumbs up its so cool to be different. I had BMW X6 in white ever one was driving one so have to get rid as soon as. BMW and Audi not cool any more every Tom dick and hary got one. Lexus drives excellent, interior and exterior looks very nice and hybrid is economical as diesel plus only £100 yearly tax, X6 was £500 a year.

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