2015-2019 Mustang GT Corsa Sport 3 in. Cat-Back Exhaust w/ Black Quad Tips Sound Clip & Review

2015-2019 Mustang GT Corsa Sport 3 in. Cat-Back Exhaust w/ Black Quad Tips Sound Clip & Review

Justin: So, the Corsa Sport is a system that’s
very near and dear to my heart as it’s one of the few that I’ve had the pleasure of installing
on my personal S197. And honestly, guys, I’ve no intentions of
taking this one off anytime soon because it just sounds so darn good, especially when
paired up with a set of catted long tubes and the corresponding X-pipe. But enough about my car, let’s talk a little
bit more about the sound clips that we just showed you guys at the top of this video. And for reference sake, the car we did use
had stock manifolds or headers in place and just basically had the Corsa Sport cat-back
rocking. And the sound is awesome. Just the right amount of bark, in my personal
opinion, without being too loud or too over the top. So, going to my patented and very much scientific
wake the neighbor scale, I have the Corsa Sport coming in at a robust four out of five
on my one to five to one to wake the neighbor scale. Yet you’re getting some volume here, guys. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a quiet system
but at the same time, it’s not gonna be nearly as loud and unruly as that Corsa Xtreme or
other five out of five systems out there. Now, if this is the first time you’re checking
out a Corsa exhaust system, then one thing you do need to be aware of is that yes, again,
you are getting a good amount of volume out back but inside the car, things are going
to remain extremely quiet, thanks to the company’s patented tech known as RSC or reflective sound
cancellation. Now, this just allows Corsa to punish those
eardrums on the outside while still being able to carry on a conversation inside the
car while cruising on the highway. And in my opinion, they are one of the best
at doing so. But let’s step away from the sound and talk
a little bit more about that premium build that we mentioned at the top of this video
and you are definitely getting the good stuff here from Corsa. We’re talking premium 304-grade stainless
steel from tip to tip including the three-inch mandrel bent tubing, unique double helix X-pipe
as they call this thing. Check that out. Pretty cool stuff. Everything is gonna exit through the mufflers
here that are incorporated into the system and finally out of your beautiful four-inch
quad tips done up in black. Now, speaking of those quads, this is a great
time to remind you all that this system will bolt directly up to your 2018 and newer Mustang
without active exhaust along with any 2015 through ’17 GT who may have installed that
Roush rear valance or modified the rear bumper in order to fit those extra tips. Now, price point will be right around 700
bucks here. But with all that out of the way, guys, what
do you say we switch gears and talk briefly about the install? Again, really easy stuff here on the ’18 and
newer cars. Site’s just automatically gonna bump this
one up to a two out of three wrenches simply because you do have to do all of your work
underneath the car. But without further ado, here is that walkthrough
that we promised you, in addition to a quick tool breakdown. Man: Tools required for this installation:
3/8 drive with an extension, 13 and 15-millimeter socket. Optional but extremely helpful: white lithium
grease, exhaust hanger removal tool, and an impact. All right. To uninstall your factory exhaust, to start,
we’re going to work on these clamps and this is going to be for the 2015 and newer owners. So I have a 15-millimeter socket, I’m gonna
just loosen up these clamps. All right. So, I’m just gonna slide one of them back
now and then we can work on the exhaust in the back. All right. So, just behind your rear differential, you’re
gonna have two hangers with 13-millimeter bolts. Let’s go ahead and remove those now. All right. Now, we’re actually gonna pop these hangers
out and off. I’m just gonna put them to the side just like
that and then I’m gonna grab an extra set of hands and get this exhaust out of here. All right. So, if you’re working with a lift, you might
need a friend for this next step. He’s going to be at the front section of the
exhaust, he’s gonna grab that last clamp, slide it back towards me releasing it from
this front section of the exhaust. Then I’m gonna grab the tips back here and
simultaneously push forward releasing it from the exhaust hangers underneath this back bumper. So, go ahead, Rob, with the clamp, then it’s
gonna drop down just like that and I’m going to push it out of these hangers. And it’s free. All right. So, with the stock exhaust laid out on the
ground, we are gonna need two things from it, those stock hangers and those stock clamps. So, we’re just gonna pull these hangers off. You can use a little bit of penetrating lubrication
or white lithium grease to get them off a little easier. And then we’ll just pull our old clamps off
and transfer them back onto the car. All right. So, what we’re gonna do now is put back our
factory clamps. You may have to just move them a little bit
to get them to slide back on. And then after that, we’re actually gonna
put our adapters into them. These you definitely have to slide and twist
to get them in there. And we’ll get our 15-millimeter and we’ll
tighten those back up. You’re gonna wanna make sure those are nice
and tight so you don’t have any exhaust gas leak. So, now we’re gonna bring in our X-pipe and
slide our clamps on it before we install it. And we’re gonna bring it into place here,
slip it over our couplers, twist it around a little bit, make sure it seats all the way
down, and slide your clamps over and tighten them up. Now, we’re gonna tighten these up. Same 15-millimeter socket. Slide that back a little bit. All right. So, what we’re gonna do is bring up one of
our mufflers. We’re gonna start on the driver side. Let’s get our clamp in place and then we’re
gonna bring up the muffler, stick on our stock hanger, slide that on. Bring this hanger up to the rear here and
just insert it, slide it back as far as you can because you got to get this tailpipe into
our X-pipe. So, let’s do that now. Bring it back, slide it on just like that. So, let’s get our clamp in place. So, let’s get our hanger in place here, slide
it in. Then, we can get our final adjustment when
we get that other muffler on there. All right. Moving on to the passenger side muffler, again,
let’s slide on that clamp. So, with the clamp in place, let’s go ahead
and get the muffler into the hanger all the way back here. Just slides on and we can put our muffler
tube onto our X-pipe, and then our hanger in place up there. So, let’s go ahead and bolt our hangers back
down. So, the next step we’re gonna do is tighten
down our mufflers. The clamp is back here, I’m gonna hold it
up with one hand over here, get my impact back on that nut and get on there first. I like to clock them about 90 degrees from
the ground. I’m just gonna start the clamp so it stays,
bring my muffler up and tighten it up. We’re gonna do that on both sides now. And to top it all off, let’s add our tips. Clamp first. We’re just checking for fitment right now. Now, it looks like we need to bring the muffler
up just a little bit and we can accomplish that by loosening that clamp we just tightened,
pushing it up and tightening it even more. Let’s go ahead and get this tip tightened
up. 15-millimeter socket on all these clamps. And with that, that’s gonna wrap up my install
of the Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust with Black Tips. For all things Mustang, keep it here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. Sounds real mean, just got me a S550 and I was lucky that the previous owner installed a full 3 inch exhaust with an xpipe and magna flow catback.

  3. Wow.. that sounds good! I wish I could make my 6 sound like that (more of a rumble, rather than a smoother sound)!

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