(2013) A Look Inside the Closed Winrock Shopping Center in Albuquerque

(2013) A Look Inside the Closed Winrock Shopping Center in Albuquerque

We’re here at what would normally be the busy entrance from the mall area at Dillard’s (in) Winrock Mall and look at this, the area to the mall is closed off Looks like some people were curious enough to peel back the layer exposing a little glimpse into the dead mall There’s a look into the store– There’s a look into the mall A lot of dead stores there And they just closed this area off, so Winrock mall is officially dead So that’s going to be it.

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  1. They've just recently started building around the east parking lot where they plan to build an I-MAX theater there, and they've also plan to make it as an open mall with Dillards being a solo standing anchor store. Very interested on what they plan to do with this mall

  2. I actually walked around the mall around the time they were going to start filming Observe and Report, and I even used the restroom in the food court

  3. I know this is old, but I just wanted to say that Dillards Winrock is one of the top stores in our district. since we do so well we get the best product and the most options than any other store in the state. pretty good for being in a closed mall 🙂

  4. There is new construction in Winrock Mall with some new stores opening Fall 2016. It will be an open concept mall with residential housing and I believe a hotel. Dillards is suppose to move into a new building with five stores to house everything together. In all it is going to be another 2 years before it's all completed.

  5. I'm fascinated by this place. I'm so happy business is bad that they can't afford to demolish the mall

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