2010 Winter Olympics Montage – Stephen Brunt Video Essay

2010 Winter Olympics Montage – Stephen Brunt Video Essay

massive national celebration and outpouring of patriotism continues and i think it’s appropriate
that one week ago as we reach the mid way point
of these games steven brunt of the globe and mail brought us in a video essay you might remember he described the feeling that was emerging in this country a momentum in that even a litany of early Olympic problems could
not stop of hosting the world was bringing in to focus
just who we are as a nation well now that the games are ending and you
can hear the celebrations we asked steven for his final thoughts on what the last seventeen days have meant to this country let’s be honest it didn’t start out very well a tragic death on day one an embarrassing malfunction at the worst possible
moment of the Olympic opening ceremonies the snow melting away on Cypress Mountain the cauldron crudely fenced off from those who wanted to bask
in its glow it seemed like Canada’s Olympics might not
recover from that stumbling start and that was before we realized it wasn’t going
to be quite so easy to own the podium before the crushing pressure to perform at
home shattered the confidence of some of Canada’s best medal hopes it’s really hard i feel like i have let my entire country down but even as those inside the olympic bubble were fretting and ringing their hands on the outside streets and not just here in vancouver in whistler but right across Canada something remarkable has taken place it was as though the entire country was given permission to feel something it needed to feel and it was the country to set the tone of these games and not the other way around a sense that began with the torch relay and kept right on building even after alexandre bilodeau’s victory the historic first gold medal and those unforgetable images with him and his brother
it wasn’t quite the script we were expecting the story was supposed to be all about winning
about finishing first about putting a swager in our step turns out the swager was already there it was just waiting for the right stage and by the time jon montgomery made his famous strole through the streets fo whistler all of Canada was walking beside him
reaching for that pitcher of beer the number of medals didn’t really matter though in the end the numbers were going to be just fine we didn’t really need to own anything what mattered was the occasion what mattered was the event what mattered was the excuse to wave the flag and sing the anthem and shout it out loud cynicism is easy so is retreating into historic grudges so is looking at a world in which were once borders are now dotted lines at best and believing it doesn’t really matter what you call youself but where you live, it does matter, or at least it can is it important to have a share at history, there is power in the collective experience and admit it it feels good it feels good to let your heart show that essay by global and mail columnist Stephen Brunt
now as I watched that I think back many of you people probably saw at the interview
with prime Minister harper last night I said to the prime Minister said there’s something happening in this country
iv’e been to 13 Olympics I’ve never seen it what do you think it is and he said much like Stephen said this afternoon he said the patriotism and pride has always been there this country was simply waiting for an opportunity to show it vancouver has provided that opportunity and that will forever be the legacy of these twenty ten winter Olympics

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  1. I'm not sure if I can describe what I felt during Vancouver 2010, or even what it has left inside me forever. I could say a sense of pride but really it's more than that. I know it's a little far but imagine the sense of unity a 2028 Vancouver/Seattle bid would do.

  2. @markdrummond508 THANK YOU! And you Americans were easily the best behaved visitors and our greatest competitors 😉 Extra thanks for Sean White as well

  3. Hey, you know… I used to be the most anti-patriotic guy in the world, but the Olympics turned that all around. Go Canada, bud.

  4. I liked the video, but.. i don' know.. is Patriotism that important? Where are the other countries in this video? Where are those moments? I'm Norwegian, we are right below Canada with 23 medals, only 4 million people here and we love the Olympics. I don't know.. I love my country, and i'm all for competition, but some level of understanding or recognition of the hosting country would be nice.
    Then again its just an essay by one guy…

  5. I well up every time I watch this. What a games and what a country. I live in Australia today and Australia is a wonderful country with great people but Canada will always be my true home! CANADA!

  6. Love this video. I live in Vancouver and the atmosphere was amazing, spontaneous signing of the national anthem on the street, as a Canadian I had never experience that kind of nationalism before. We are proud to be Canadian and it was wonderful to finally show it.

  7. Even 7 1/2 months later, this video still gives me chills and makes me incredibly proud to be Canadian and to have been part of the Games as a volunteer. It was an amazing 2 weeks, and will be something that I will cherish forever!

  8. @markdrummond508 Why thank you, I am very proud to be able to say that " I Am Canadian!!". Canada did mess up at the start, but we pulled up our socks, and just was who we are. I know people will take this the wrong way, say I'm basking in someone els's glory,. But I believe that there is a little bit of Canada in every Canadian. These were the best games I have ever seen.

  9. Haha, I had tears watching this video. I miss the Winter Olympics so much! So glad that I was there to experience it. It was amazing! Unforgettable. Proud to be Canadian!

  10. Born in Canada but now American, I still have great pride in my homeland, especially when it comes to the ice. What a great experience it was watching these games seeing Canadians take pride in such a wonderful land. Stand proud Canada, especially for your troops who sacrifice so much and ask for very little.

  11. I remember watching this on CBC and thinking how perfectly Stephen brunt captured the essence of what was going on. I was lucky enough to be at the Olympics for a week. What an incredible experience, and an incredible pice of journalism

  12. I volunteered during the Games and it was the most amazing two weeks of my life! Even today, I still come back and watch this video to remember being a part of this amazing event in this amazing country! Thank you for posting this!

  13. Wow what can you say about the Olympics…how many of us have dreamed about scoring a goal like the one Sidney Crosby scored. You will never see Vancouver like that again in a life time..wow! Here is an Olympic song that I created that features Rap Artist Blak Ace & Singer Resa Candice, Olympic 2010 ' We All In ' Search 247GoHard

  14. My friend showed me this video, excitedly informing me that I make an appearance in it! Even if it's for less than a second, I'm honored to appear in such an amazing piece! Those 2 weeks were filled with amazing experiences that I'll never forget and despite now living in the states, the patriotism that was born as a result will never die.

  15. We didnt need to own anything? We won the most number of golds! i would much rather have that then the most number of medals. Whats so great about winning the most number of second and third places

  16. i live in vancouver and the olympics was the most amazing experience of my life. it never made me so proud to be canadian, and it was the opportunity to hug random strangers, burst into O canada for no particular reason and everyone joins in with you, seas of red and white wherever you go and every street covered in olympic spirit! i had the honour off seeing alexandre bilodeau win his gold medal at an awards ceremony and i honestly say i'm proud to have witnessed history in that moment! 🙂

  17. @darkaura0 That's pretty cheap if you ask me. My opinion, that moment was not her's to share with us. She's one of those Canadians of convenience.

  18. We were SO proud of ALL our Olympians!! So many special moments… Rochette's bronze, Women's and Men's hockey gold medals, Jon Montgomery's Famous jug of beer!! He earned that beer, just like our Lady's hockey team did! OMG!! Canada did SO well!

  19. every time i'm feeling down i watch this video an just feel so much better
    i get goosebumps every time

  20. I think the guys over stocked on Olympic stuff like mascot plushies and those souvenir items….theres still boxes and boxes of them…just sitting there…

  21. Amazing, have been living out of Canada since 1983, but as I sit here crying with pride I am and always will be a Canadian

  22. Check out what real patriots did during the olympics in Vancouver…..

  23. I was fortunate enough to get to go to the 2010 Olympics and I got to say that Canada did an amazing job. I'm an American and all of the Canadians made us feel so welcome, I absolutely love going to Canada and the pride of the Canadians shined through the hospitality was just amazing from us forgetting a backpack at a restraunt and having someone come find us and tell us we had forgotten it everything was amazing. I will never forget these Olympics <3

  24. "It is important to have a share at history, there is power in the collective experience." Perfectly Said Mr. Brunt.

  25. @echoandi Yes racism right that's why you saw people of all different ethnic backgrounds celebrating together as Canadians. Get a life buddy, have a beer and stop being so serious. You get one go round on this earth, try to have a little fun while you're here.

  26. so many memorys, so many feel good storys. this truly was canada's comming out party of national pride. when sid scored and they played O'CANADA i cryed for the first time in 15 years in downtown van and i didnt care who saw it. these oly's gripped and united this great nation like never before, greatest 2 weeks in canadian history. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!

  27. just reading through these comments and how everybody tears up the same way i do, i love each and every one of my fellow canadians, and above all, I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!

  28. this was made by a canadian news agency made specifficly to re-capture the greatest comming out party in canadian history. sorry if you feel left out but im sure some norwegian made a video of all your aclompishments at these games. cheers friend

  29. Most amazing 17 days of my life! The emotion were amazing! I'm American and was so proud of my country and of Canada! I was lucky to attend and Canada did an amazing job welcoming us!

  30. Great essay by Stephen, and I would like to say that those were the most exciting, proud and amazing 17 days. The best thing to cap the entire Olympics off right was winning double gold in Hockey, while we also won double gold in Hockey in Salt Lake as well. Nothing better than beating our rival American counterparts.

  31. @pmharper @justintrudeau @elizabethmay @thomasmulcair make us feel this way about our country again SVP : ) #cdnpoli #lpcldr #cpc #gpc #ndp #lpc

  32. I've watched this video over and over and still get goosebumps . It Cant be said enough . . . I ♥ being CANADIAN!

  33. We here in BC are going through the Provincial election campaigns. All you hear is bitterness, bickering and division. I wish they could all remember these moments and unite us, not divide. Regardless of what people think of PM Harper, the man is a true Canadian. Nearly all of his tweets are about the glories of Canadian athletes. We have A LOT to be damn proud about! BRING THE CUP HOME!

  34. yeah I was thinking about it when I was working on liberal leadership convention video… imagery etc… I have my settings so my youtube comments go right on to my twitter

  35. Melissa Hollingsworth… all the world media showed up at a press conference that was prefaced by the promise "she'll probably cry"

  36. Canada keepin' that swagger going 4 years later in Sochi. I believe the winter Olympics in Vancouver propelled the Canadian team to greatness for years to come.
    I hope some of the athletes have seen this video essay, what a way to get pumped.

  37. I remember standing on my feet everytime a Canadian athlete was going for a medal that year. (Except when an American was going for it too) there was something different going on during those Olympics. I can't describe it, but honestly one of the most entertaining 2 sports weeks I have ever witnessed

  38. God even 8 years later I can't watch this video without bawling in joy. It perfectly crystalize those 2 weeks and how it made me feel to be Canadian.

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