200 M Freestyle Finals – 2004 Olympics

200 M Freestyle  Finals – 2004 Olympics

Mark Spitz in Munich in 1972 if he does not win gold in this race tonight that quest is over but he would still be alive for his hopes of eight total medals and matching Alexander DT optin the Soviet gymnast an ad for the most medals and a single games let’s check the lanes in lane one Emiliano Colombia of Italy he’s been in a lot of finals in three Olympics but he’s never had a melon come forth four times there is grant hack keep it to steal the show from everybody the 24 year old Ozzy took silver behind the Thor Pino and the 403 earlier there is Michael Phelps just took off the headphones but we understand the rapper of choice for these games as Eminem and there is the man that really if you look at it on paper rowdy ya seem to be the favorite the defending gold medalist Peter bobbin Hogan bond now 26 years old doesn’t swim a lot internationally but when he shows up he swims big well certainly has a lot of speed and he’ll use that early and next to him in lane five is Ian Thorpe a gold medal in this race would give him the most five in Australian Olympic history so there might be some serious thunder down under’ if Thorpe touches first after four lengths of the pool so much at stake for him don’t forget about the other American clean color he is in metal contender in Lane six one is second straight Olympic bronze in the 400 earlier in these games next to Keller and Lane seven Simon Burnett of Great Britain ranked 12th in the world in this event and over in Lane eight is Rick say of Canada seventh in this event in Sydney but back to Peter bond and Hogan bond rowdy why would he be considered perhaps the favorite just because of the fast time he’s grambler earlier today on that and the fact that he just has the speed me out split Thorpe and bon-ton Thorpe and Phelps by over second in their 400 freestyle relay last night so you know he’s going to use that to his advantage and look at that Dan all lined up in a row all for world record holders all of them Olympic champions and they represent the four fastest times in history in this event Wow four lengths of the pool to decide the Olympic medals in lane two Phelps Vaughn and Hogan Bob Thorpe keep an eye on Keller in Lane six take your mark the in Thorpe blast off the blocks before he came up swimming in a hurry he does not want Peter bonding Hogan bond to get too far away from him like he did in Sydney four years ago he might have learned his lesson by staying out front early you can see him right there what kind of raised his Phelps have to raise here up there in lane three well there’s no way he has the speed to match finding Hogan bond or Thorpe he cannot panic use that early speed he’s trying to stay with him as much as possible ride to HIPPA finding Hogan bond he can come home against these guys but he can’t get out with him bonded Hogan Vaughn had a lead Thorpe was in second thoughts world record was three years ago he was under world-record pace but it’s still early oh my goodness under world-record pace will continue to be napkin under world-record pace Phelps was michael phelps you know and Hogan bond went out way too fast 50.4 I just can’t imagine him being able to hold that pace you can see felt right there starting to get injured up against that lane line he’s trying to catch much of a draft as possible even though bottom Hogan felt still in Keller wasn’t for and hackett wasn’t packets going to have to get it going Elaine – he doesn’t seem to be so here comes the Thor pedo it’s the silver and folks gets the bronze and Phelps keeps his hopes alive bitching that eight metal toll coughs but Ian Thorpe ah what more can he say so we officially put to rest the talk about matching mark Spitz’s 7 Olympic golds but Phelps I mean it was very possible rowdy that he might not have got a medal here he got it done I tell you he did a great job of accelerating the finish you know it it’s expected to say this but I’m telling you another 10 meters and Michael Phelps was running down not only Biden Hogan bamba Thorpe himself that was a great swim by Michael Phelps to get the bronze breaking that American record he smashed his own American record you see Thorpe at the top of the screen what a great turn he had coming off that wall he stayed underwater when Vaughn and Hogan bond came up and started stroking away and you knew he had a lot left in those legs and look at this puts his head down does it breathe the last three or four strokes so I’ll find and hook him on really struggling to get in and that is the Olympic champion Wow Ian Thorpe with his fifth gold medal in his career gets it done against Peter bonnet Hogan Vaughn Michael Phelps who was under his American record tie or Hall

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  1. The younger the better unfortunately, Phelps failed to show us that he could beat the best of the best….sorry, history was done.

  2. "Michael Phelps – 3rd (now his an Olympic Champion because the best 2 swimmers retired before the 2008 Beijing Olympics)"

    Disagree. He defeated Hoogenband in 2007 melbourne championship.

  3. Stupidest description ever, coming from someone who doesn't understand this sport whatsoever.
    Phelps was 19years old and competing in 200freestyle (just to get the chance to battle his hero, Ian Thorpe), but outside his comfort zone (butterfly, medley) although this is a race he improved in the following years (besting the time of both of them even with normal swimsuits) . Thorpe and VDH are legends but Michael Phelps is simply the best and most dominant swimmer ever (19 Olympics + 26 World Championship if we count only gold medals: pure craziness).

  4. Thorpe didn’t swim his best time and still beat van den Hoogenband, Phelps, Keller and Hackett, who were all Olympic champions. Also who are these idiotic commentators? They are really crap – particularly the idiot who says if Phelps had another 10 meters…it’s a 200m race you moron – not 210m.

  5. honestly if you look at the way thorpe and phelps do turns vs how vdh does turns I'm actually amazed that he manages to get silver. VDH is just so good in the plainly swimming part of the race.

  6. 8 medals in 2008 was useles especially when you are tested positive for banned substance DDP. . A true champion never cheats

  7. IMO 6 gold and 2 bronze medals is a greater performance than 7 golds. Phelps got 5 individual medals, matching Spitz's 4 gold and adding a bronze. In Spitz's time the US simply was more dominant in the relays.

  8. 5:10 the commentators just say whatever they want… Another 10m? And Phelps would have washed out idiot.

  9. These commentators are full of crap! As if Phelps was running down Thorpe in this race…lol
    Thorpe was the world record holder & Olympic champion in the 400m, the world record holder in the 800m…so he was hardly going to run out of steam.

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