Steph0 does a video on a weekday whoa HeLlO SinNeRs. I recently received some disturbing Comments from people who claimed to have discovered my channel having never played The Sims How the fUcK did you get here?! Like any sane human, I attempted to perform a banishing ritual but there were too many of them. They were too powerful YouTube’s algorithm is a greater mystery than how my eyebrows managed to bypass the speed of light And then I thought why don’t I just cater to the masses because that’s what you should always do cater to the masses of noobs and educate them because I don’t know if you’ve noticed that the number one philosophy of this channel has always been the Education comes first, which is why I am NOT at university right now So today I will be teaching you how to ascend to simulated glory Because as I’m sure you can tell by my videos, my game is cOrRuPt It is tainted No longer pure and I’ve also seen a trend going around where people show all of the mods that they have in their game So today I’m going to be doing a “What’s in my Sims 4 tour.” Most of these mods could be labeled as realistic Not all of them will be family approved I’m calling the fucking police. So are you ready kids? I can’t hear you Let’s just jump into it Now the first mod I have is this billboard of the new Sigrid single. oH wAit, how did that get there? That was weird. Let’s just try this again. So I have sister James Charles. Oh wait, it’s Transforming it’s actually sister Sigrid. WhAt ThE fU- funny coincidence this video is actually sponsored. Hey, it’s me Sponsor Steph and welcome to create sim-grid, where we’ll be creating Sigrid in the sims Are you sick of having nothing to listen to while you play The Sims? Weirdly- Realistic virtual peeing sounds that need drowning out? The sound of your sim drowning need drowning out? Well, luckily for you Sigrid’s new song I don’t feel like cRyInG is out right now. Add it to your Sims and chill playlist and ignore all the responsibilities of taking care of your sims And here’s the tea sister Sigrid actually plays The Sims and if you ask me That is the only personality trait that matters. So make sure to download and stream the song and thank you to- Island Records- for sponsering this video. Because as you guys know, I don’t really do a lot of brand deals because Nobody is offering. I will also have the link to download the song in the description down below Now there are around 20 mods and I would say the majority fit under the categories of create a sim, gameplay pregnancy, career, and events. Now starting off in CAS because I have a thicc ass. The first mod we have is 40 plus new traits I don’t even know if the base game has 40 traits. Is your sim ugly on the inside? Just download a new personality! And that’s the personaliteAaAa Oh So now please allow me to serenade you by reading out all 40 of these traits. angler, artist, bad cook charming dancer fun-loving, gAmEr GiRl Tisha the naturally thicc trait. James simmy sister. Well, he gets the natural singer because- WhOmP wHoMp WhOmP And maybe if you’re Emma Chamberlain the naturally smelly trait I’m just kidding that ones for me. That and I also let mister sausage who I will now refer to as Little chub to protect his identity. He dragged in some kind of meaty flesh and then proceeded to lick my face, which I Didn’t object to because I mean look at him. He’s sleeping between my legs Finally I know what it’s like to have a sausage between my legs am I right ladies Okay, so the next mod is something that I also believe will add a lot of personality Which is height. Sometimes height just adds more context to a person’s character like Zac Efron He just exudes big everything energy yet He is 5’7 I mean they really scammed us all when they cast Gabriela is a 5 foot 1 Vanessa Hudgens and also Jojo Siwa is a giant toddler Why did I just sound like the “Summer, you’re about to be real mad at me” lady? summer you’re about to be real mad at me, but it must be said. So just grab your sim by the footsie and WhOoP We do our own sound effects here. And there you have it height variation. Is this mod perfect? nO, it doesn’t exactly realign any of the animations So sometimes you may make out with a chin But maybe they have a butt chin or maybe you’re into eating ass, so really this mod is 10 out of 10. sO brave sweetie. Never change. I bet you were wondering why Manny MUA is in the household today well in honor of his career I have decided to host a funeral. But first this gives me an opportunity to use and abuse one of my favorite mods, The EXTREME violence mod. So what will it be? Some knife crimes? Some gun violence ? Gamers? Fork knife? I honestly don’t know how fortnite remains the top game for 9 year olds But I get demonetized every time I use these options. So let’s just go for the sister strangle. Hey guys, welcome back to my channel So now for the main event just set it up like any usual party, except now you’re going to whip out the casket. It’s time for the sister speech. Welcome to the oBiTuArY. Dearly beloved and also Manny MUA Another event mod we have is a PrOm. prom. This works just like the funeral mod, except it’s not a funeral If we wanted we could do some shit like a promposal bUt- I hate stuff like that and Jojo ain’t no hoe hoe so we’re going single. The lot is pretty… We’ve got a DJ booth Why is… why is there not a DJ called DJ booth? A dance floor, a photo booth and nO bAr These are teens. They will not be getting juiced We are sinners not- oh wait I said that the wrong way around. We are simmers not sinners. Just get your sister chaperone to take a picture of you at prom and suddenly, you’ve got some memorabilia to put on your wall, which is great because if you’re walking into someone’s house in real life And there’s no pictures of family I’m going to assume that you’ve murdered someone ,fled the country, changed your name to Stacey and are now living as an undercover sociopath As you can probably imagine with the closest thing to a father figure being James Charles, Tisha’s got some daddy issues So we’re gonna go find me a new daddy This is the sugar daddy mod made just for Tisha because her life motto is “When one door closes just open up your legs”. And we’re just gonna select Mortimer Goth and I feel no remorse in doing that because I know Bella Goth In The Sims 2 was last seen on Don Lefario’s deck -dick- on his deck Sis was on Don Lefario’s dic- Her daughter’s fiance, truly shameful. Sis got blue ball so it’s time to get grinding , on that diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiid you know that you can just ask for money over and over again? It’s my favorite part of the mall and there you have it. We’ve trapped his ass 680 simolians later. Mortimer is now more two timer, and that’s the end of the video I’ll go Simda dating it’s tinder for your Sims. Swipity swipe, swipe, swipe if you want to see that booty righ-. I just- I-I- oh my god. You can select a date blind date uH- I not dating the blind people as in like uhH You don’t know who it’s- okay. And my personal favorite for when you’re doing the 100 baby challenge in 24 hours and can’t be bothered To flirt, flirt, compliment appearance, massage, kiss, ask to marry, have three kids, wOoHoO There is the hookup. WhEn BaE sAyS ShE’s HoMe AlOnE is that a mukbang in your stomach or are you just happy to see me? Oh wow how convenient. Time for a baby shower. And just like the other parties you want to decorate, fornicate, impregnate. oH wait we already did that- Correct me if I’m wrong I haven’t been pregnant recently, but I believe baby showers also serve the purpose of being a gender-reveal. But Tisha’s so dumb, she thought the ultrasound was just a very loud noise So we’re having her significant others drag her to an ultrasound. All three of them. Which is great because sometimes you’re doing the 100 baby challenge in 24 hours and you don’t exactly know who the dad or mother is So just bring all three. And bring Dr. Phil along too. And then just send them all to the rAnCh. And the results are in, Tisha’s having… a gamer girl Now if you like me and you don’t have a real job then you may want to consider downloading some mods for that. So you can roleplay- The first career is animation and I do not have the patience for that So I’m gonna give that one to Tisha. I mean that hundred layers of nut challenge really just showed some dedication, passion, and drive. Congrats on your new job. And then for me well gRaPhIc DeSiGn Is My PaSsIoN And then finally for James Charles we have the drag career cuz James Charles has really fucked up drag. James Charles X Morphe I think you mean more female because he is a biological woman. He will give you the sister scissor. And then finally in careers A better school mod. You’ve got homeschool, private school Which Olivia Jade your mom can legally actually pay for that. Subject specific schools and boarding school because, bye bitch These are all named after Gossip Girl- oH mY God, I lOvE gOsSiP gIrL I I mean nobody really talks about how Jojo outsold everyone with those 40 million bows. What the fuck bitch?! I mean at that point, I think you can legally drop out of life, but don’t you dare ever drop out of school you- viewer, did I just? Imagine if I called you guys viewer. Hi ViEwEr! Stay in school. Do not drop out of school to be a youtuber EVER. Just stay in school FOREVER. Just like your teachers. I mean they never actually left school. So we’ll just have Jojo be homeschooled and she can do all her assignments and study whatever the fuck she wants. This is freighting. I wish I could have been homeschooled when I was younger because I had severe social anxiety But mommy said no, and then I cried and that was the end of the story This next mod is essentially UberEats, Postmates. We’re just gonna get a little tiny party sized ramen. We’ll get that ten thousand calorie mukbang for the title. And it’s got to be ramen because we like to eat men. And then all you’ve got to do is wait for Wolverine weird beard guy from The Hunger Games to show up and the real Hunger Games is over. You are no longer starving, And that’s it just- The next mod I have is the passionate romance mod. I only really like this mod for one specific feature because the rest just kind of looks like you’re slamming to Polly Pockets together. Is ThIs sEx? Are we doing ThE sEx? Come on? This has to be sEx. But I really like the selfie feature the couples selfie, like look at that. That’s pretty fucking cute. Is that Ethan and Emma Chamberlain? Now, can I get a slice-of-life mod with a side of social media, please? The slice-of-life mod enhances your Sims emotional stghrcg Your Sims will have stronger reactions to li- oh my god I sound like a Sims trailer. But Nugget is feeling sad after the death of Manny MUA. And would you look at that? He’s got tears in his eyes. So raw. And Tisha well I can’t tell if she is embarrassed or if she just nutted. And I mean by looking at the moodlet, I’m not too sure either. We also have turn ons and turn off there’s a lot of options here, but unfortunately for Tisha, I couldn’t put old men. Unfortunately for James I couldn’t put straight men and unfortunately for me I couldn’t put gamer virgins. So I have to settle for an animal lover, And now back to Tisha with the social media dating advice. Did he ghost you after you sent nudes. Just threaten to leak his personal information and block him on Twitter. Works every time. oh my god she’s fucking dead jk, She’s a bad bitch You can kill her. Bad bitch gonn’ be back to give birth to bhad bhabie (bad baby) in the next video So I hope you enjoyed my mod?- My mods. That was possessive. Yes. I did make every single one of them myself. I think I have found the perfect mix of hotting, plotting and blocking on twitter. And if you enjoyed this video make sure to follow me on instagram, Block me on twitter read, the bible, leave 15 comments that say your game is corrupt if you’re still watching this video. Sign your soul over to me, unsubscribe from every channel apart from mine. And spread love and positivity. All the mods will be linked down below and I will also have the link to download Sigrid’s a new song. Lets get that to number one in Turkmenistan. Because I know my audience is all from there. I have a big audience there. We are powerful. Bye bitch


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