20 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout (INTENSE SPIN CHALLENGE!!)

20 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout (INTENSE SPIN CHALLENGE!!)

Hi, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo, and some little birdy
told me you guys absolutely loved the last 20 minute spin cycle video that I did. So, it forced me into doing another one. So here we are. We’re going to do another 20 minute spin cycle
video just for you guys. So the first one, remember your hip bone is
where your seat should be at. So line up, stand up next to your bike, the
seat right at your hip bone. And get on in your spin bike. I’m going to start my timer. We’re going to go right into a nice warm-up. So we’ve got our water, we’ve got our handlebars,
this is position one, this is position two, and standing up, driving it out, is position
three. All right? We’re going to go through that a few times
during the workout. So warming up, turning the right, I’m assuming,
on most or all of your spin bikes is harder. Turning to left is easier. So, let’s find your five. If you’re on the level one to ten – ten
being super, super hard and one being really easy – let’s find that five and let’s just
get some blood flow going. Remember, we want to keep your heels pressed
down. You never want to point your toes when you’re
spinning, all right? So, remaining in good posture. In five more seconds we’re going to crank
it up to the right and let’s take it to your level six. Two, one, here we go. Your level six. So we use the levels a lot because everybody’s
different. So one to ten allows you to feel like you
know how to push yourself, you know what level you’re on. You’ve got to go harder. Your level five is someone’s level four, or
three. All right. Number seven. Take it to your level seven. Dig in a little deeper. Let’s hang out here for 20 seconds. Keeping those heels pressed down. Airways opened. Don’t hunch over. Up and open. The higher the level, obviously, the slower
you go because you’re pushing on that resistance. Three, two, let’s go back down to level four. Your level four. Nice. Stay here for about 20 more seconds and we’re
going to climb up again. Five, six, seven, back down to four. This is still our warmup. Five, four, three, two, here we go. Your level five. Your level five. Excellent. Keep those heels down, airways opened. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Your level six, let’s go. Crank it. Push. Heels are pressed down. Dig in, airways are open, push hard. You’ve got five more seconds here. One more, level seven. Three, two, one, your level seven. Let’s go. Crank, push. Heels are down. Dig, dig. Ten, nine, eight, seven – hang in – five,
four, three, two, and one. Back to level four. Back down to your level four. All right. That’s your warmup. Four, five, six, seven, and then once again. Four, five, six, seven. That’s about four minutes of a warmup. So that’s a great way to get your blood pumping. Even if you want to do this video twice you
get a great 40 minute workout. You just skip that first four minutes. All right. So, first exercise, we’re going to do some
hills. We are going to get the dirties over with. So let’s crank it to about your level six
and stand it on up. Position three, right here. Climbing that hill. When you climb a hill you’re up, digging in
with all you got. A lot of strength in the legs. In the quads and hamstrings. Push, pull up. Push, pull up. All right. There’s already 30. Dig, dig, dig. 30 more. 60 seconds in total climbing this hill. Then we’re going to go another 60 at your
next level. Seven. 20 seconds left. Remember, same thing, don’t hunch over, airways
opened. Ten. Four, three, two, one. Let’s crank. Heavier. I’m not lying. That’s how you know, right there. Push, push. Heavy resistance. Heavy resistance. 15 in. You’ve got to dig. You’ve got to dig. Breathe it out. Keep those heels down. Push. Every side, you’ve got to dig in. you’re halfway. You’ve got one more hill after this. One more 60 second hill after this. 20. 15 seconds left, come on. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one. Last hill. Here we go. Crank. Push. You’ve got to get in it. 60 seconds. Great job! Remember if you need to back down a little
bit that’s okay. Really push through. Just push through. Halfway there already. Push, push. Dig, dig. It’s a great calorie burn. Keep it going. 20 seconds left. Last time. We’re going to go back to the saddle in ten,
nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. There we go. Take it back to your level two. All right. Excellent job. We’re at seven minutes. A third of the way there. Grab some water. So, riding it out. We’re going to kind of just pace this at this
pace for two minutes. So, comfortable ride, just burning some calories. Heart rate maybe 140, 145. Pay attention to that. Two minutes set. Ready? Let’s go ahead and take it to a four – level
four. Level five. Go! So this one here, we’ve now made it to the
top of the mountain, right? Now we’re just cruising. Burning some calories, cruising, keeping that
heart rate elevated, but it’s not necessarily an interval. That’s what’s great about intensity. The higher the intensity, the longer you don’t
really have to go. So keep that intensity up. You want to be efficient. Get it done! Great. Keep staying here. Push through. We’re a fourth of the way there. Keep the shoulder relaxed, not up here. Keep your traps down, airways are opened,
and just ride. Ride. Push, push. Great job. Heels are down. Push, pull. Push, pull. Just stay with that pace. I’m sure it’s getting more challenging, but
you’ve got this. You’re halfway there. 60. Ride it out. Ride it out. Awesome! 45 left, which means three 15s. Come on. Get that heart rate up. Burn, burn. 30 seconds. Three 10s. Push, push. Heels are down, drive through. 15, 13. Come on. Ten, nine – keep breathing, push – eight,
seven, six, five, four, three, and 10 minutes. Knock it down. Loosen up the legs. Good work. You’re halfway there. Halfway there. Sit up. Let it out. Breathe, breathe, breathe. All right. Some of my favorites. We’re going to go sprinting. So these ones are short and sweet. 10 seconds on, 20 second break. 10 seconds on, 20 second break. We’re going to do that five rounds. 10 more seconds, going right into it. Okay, so crank up resistance. Not too high. Something you could sprint at. Get your mind right. Five, four, three. All out! 10 seconds. Two, one. Come on, sprint with me! Go! Push, push, push, push, push, push, push! Nine, eight, seven. Let’s go! Six, five, four, three, two, back off. Back off, back off. 20. 20 breath, 20 breathe, 20 breathe. That was number one. We’ve got four left. You’re going to have to dig in again. You’re going to have to dig in again. Ready? Five, four, three. Get ready to go! Mentally prepare, go! Crank! Ten, nine. All out! Come on! Burn fat, burn fat. Seven, six, five, four. Push hard, push hard! Three, two, one. You’ve got to go through that finish line,
right? Right all the way through that 10. 20 seconds here. That was two. Don’t’ let me forget. Okay, you guys ready for number three? Crank in five, four, three, two, let’s go! Sprint with me! Push! Nine, eight, seven, six. Dig in, dig in! Five. Come on! Four, three, two. Push hard, push hard! One. Through that finish line. Run through that finish line. Breaking for 20. Already down to 15. That was fast. Number four coming at you. Coming at you in five, four, three, two, crank. Let’s go! Ten, nine, eight. Come on, heart rate’s up! Five. Burn it, burn it! Four, three, two, and one. Back off. 20 seconds. Great job! Feels good to sweat. Ride it, ride it, ride it! Seven seconds. Number five. All out. 110%. In three, two, one. Let’s go! Ten, nine. Come on! Eight, seven. Push harder! Six. Make your legs go faster! Four, three, two, through the finish line,
one. Yes. Great job. Don’t stop at nine. You stop at ten, right? So we’re going to do those some more. Later. Save that. Store that one. Okay, ride it out. Grab some water. Great job. Okay. The three positions that we talked about in
the beginning. In the saddle, lean forward, and then up out
of the saddle. We’re going to do all of those right now. So each one is going to last 20 seconds. 20 seconds. 20 seconds leaning in, 20 seconds up out of
the saddle, crank, back in, and go again. Four levels, four rounds. Ready? Start at your level three to four, and first
20, right here. Where you are. Push, push. 10 seconds left. Four, three, two. Lean in! So we’ll stay at the same level for all three
positions. Then when we come back to the saddle you’ll
go up and crank on your level two. Three, two, one. Take it up. Dig. Push, push. Posture is up, lean into it. Lean each side. Five seconds. Four, three, two, one. Back to the saddle. We’re cranking. Crank. Level two. Sit up. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three,
two, one. Lean! Go! Halfway. Eight. And take it up! And take it up! Ride for 20. Here we go. Almost there. Almost there. Push it, push it, push it! Three seconds. Two, your level three. Back to the saddle. Let’s crank. Yes, it’s hard, but you can do this. Come on! You’ve got four minutes left in this workout. Push yourself. Ready? Set? Up out of the saddle! Oh, sorry. Lean in. wrong one. The oxygen leaving my brain. Can’t skip anything. Push, push! Six, five, four, three, two, now up out of
the saddle. Let’s go! We’ve got one more level after this. One more level then we’re on the home stretch. You can do it! Three, two, one. Back In the saddle. Your level four. Let’s go! Come on! Keep those heels pressed down. Airways opened, push it! Five seconds left. Four, three, two, one. Lean! Dig, dig, dig! Come on! Push! Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two,
stand up. Last 20, come on! Out of the saddle. Last 20. Take it down. 15, 14, 13. Finish hard! Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,
three, two, and one. Ride it out, ladies. Great job! Ride it out. Agua. I hope you’re sweating like I am. Okay. Next one we’re going to move into, we’ve got
90 seconds left. Literally. We’ve got to move right into it. Sprinting. I told you we were coming back to it. Same strategy. 10 on 20 off. For the rest of the time, all out. 10, 20, 10, 20. In five, four, three. Let’s dig in for the first sprint! Two, one, go! Push! Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three,
two, one. Back off! Back off! Ride it. Let’s clock these precisely. All out, guys! All out! We’ve got 60 seconds left. Sprint number two. Three, two, one. Get in the game. Go! Push hard! Ten, nine, eight. Fat burn, fat burn! Six, five. Push hard! Four, three, two. Run through it! One. 20 seconds. Catch your breath. This will be a fast 20. We’ve got to get one more in. one more in. all out, one more in. everything you’ve got. Ready? In five, four, three. Ten second push! One. Go! Go, go, go, go, go! Ten, nine. Dig in, all you’ve got! Eight. This is it! Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Oh, my. Great job! Great job, ladies! Great job. Awesome workout. I applaud you. You did it. Solid 20 minutes. If you want to – like I said at the beginning
for the workout – minus the warmup, go through it again. I’m sure you’ll get to about 36, 37 of a solid
minute doing great cool down. So, your cool down definitely involves lowering
your heart rate. You want to stay pedaling. You never want to just jump off any kind of
machine, or any cardio that you’re doing. You want to reduce slowly. Bring that heart rate down slowly. So we just pedal it out. It’s very similar to a warmup. Bringing down that heart rate. If you have a heart rate monitor you want
to see your heart rate dropping pretty quickly. Let it come down in the 120s until you get
off and begin to stretch. So I’m going to do about 10 more seconds. I’ll lead you through a few, couple great
stretched post spin and I’ll leave it there. Going to go 10 more seconds here. Just cooling my heart rate down. Five, four, three, two, and one. Awesome. Go ahead and press your stop button. Make sure your resistance is down. Press your brake. Let’s go ahead and stand on up in the bike,
pressing your heels down, leaning over on the bike. It’s a great stretch. Hamstring, glutes, calves. Rotate it forward. Other leg in front, stretching it out. Nice job. You guys did great. It’s a great workout. Spin bikes are nice, too. They don’t take up much room either. Jump off. Come around to the back and let’s stretch
those calves a little bit more. Reach your toe up, lean into it. Then switch, other leg. Lean into it. Stretch it out. All right. Come along the side of it. Hang on to the bike. Reach behind, keep your knees together, posture
is up. Stretch out those quad muscles. Those are definitely getting tight. Keep your knees close together, stretch it
out. And other leg. Hang onto the bike for balance. Posture up, knees together, and stretch out
that quad. Quad and hips. There you have it. Great job, you guys. Thank you for joining me on my second 20 minute
spin workout. Check out the first one too, if you haven’t
seen it. It’s a great workout as well. Hopefully I can keep these coming for you
guys. Thumbs up, comment below, let me know what
else you guys want to see. Thank you so much. I’m honored to be a part of ATHLEANXX for
Women and to serve you guys with all these wonderful videos. Have a great day. We’ll see you next time.

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  1. Please post more! I do these every morning and love it! I've searched through tons of spin workouts and love Amy Jo the best! Thank you!

  2. Hi there. Great workout. However… This could be for men too…. Not just women. I'm a guy mm did the workout and was good for me too.. cheers!

  3. I loved your first video and love this one even more- to everyone bashing your form- do it correctly on your bike and leave her alone, she is guiding us through this, not teaching a spin class. I love your stuff amy- I would love a hill workout, 20-30mins of the dirties 😉 and thank you!!!

  4. At 20 + minute : 200 k cal
    If u repeat by the 15th mark u can burn about : 300kCal
    If u finish the second round plus cool down u burn about : 350-370kcal
    All these figures are subjective however as it depends on how fast u pedal, how much resistance u crank and etc.

  5. Not just for the girls. This is a great 20 minute workout. Now, that spin bike I bought for Christmas is being put to good use.

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  7. Hey Amy, Its really very amazing and enthusiastic watching you spinning sessions…
    please upload some videos containing different activities we can perform while spinning like, one leg cranking and push ups etc.

    Thank You
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  11. Love all of your Spin Workouts! Keep posting! I like having a variety of workout lengths to choose; maybe another 8-15 min workout and another 25-45min workout or a workout of all Position 3. Thanks! It really improves by day after a morning of Spin!

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