$2 PLASTIC BALL VS $350 SMART BALL – Football Challenges

$2 PLASTIC BALL VS $350 SMART BALL – Football Challenges

Servus and welcome to a new video. My name is Konzi I’m Martin from FOOTBALL4BORZ I’m Fabio And after the first reputable challenge we now got a helium football and we’ll try out a few funny challenges Martin, what shall we begin with? I’d say we begin with a penalty shootout again Yeah, okay May the best man win! Let’s Go! The first one Wow, dude! That curve! I don’t want to be biased, but… Impossible to save! YES! It was close You can’t save those crazy shots .. Oh God! How did he do that? What’s going on? We could change roles for the last shot. You shoot and we’ll be the in goal Oh , yes! Yeah, that would be an option. Shall we do it? Yes, let’s do it! Cold as ice! NOOOO! NOOO! NOO! Unbelievable! Now he won Why? Because you saved it and he didn’t… Yeah, but you saved one Yeah, but I missed one of my shots True! I won! YES! This challenge is all about power Here we have the miCoach ball We’ll be measuring our 5 best shots but we only count the shots that result in a goal meaning we have to defeat the goalkeeper and at the same time shoot as hard as we can Exactly. Let’s go? Good luck, boys Let’s go This one was a gift There the goalie showed what he’s capable of Too bad! Dude! Come on! Good power on that one Bad luck! At least it was powerful Powerful one again! Yes Oh man! It went in We already had easter, didn’t we? That’s Martin’s birthday F*ck! You can go and get this one yourself That’s enough! Oh, this one would have been awesome! This one would have been awesome!

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  1. U know the drill the last diget of the number of likes is which soccer player you are like
    1 Ronaldo
    2 Bale
    3 Kaka
    4 Oscar
    5 Messi
    6 Neymar
    7 Swarez
    8 Hulk
    9 Xavi
    0 pepe

  2. Geiles Video. Ich würde mich soo riesig freuen, wenn ihr Filip Kostic (HSV) einladen könntet. Er ist mein absoluter Lieblingsspieler. Es wäre soooooooooooooo cool. Ihr seid echt cool.✌?

  3. Hey :D. Nices Video. Wollen auch mal so werden wie ihr! Seid unser Vorbild. Könnt ja mal bei uns vorbeischauen. Haben grade die 100 Abos geknackt. Wir werden auch ab Sonntag wieder aktiv Videos bringen.

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