1v1 Football Skills vs My Bro! | SkillRules

1v1 Football Skills vs My Bro! | SkillRules

Hey Guys! Today I’m going to be playing 1 v 1 vs.
my brother Ross, in a game we like to call skill rules So basically the rules are this You get points by using each of these skills
to score 1 point for a stepover
2 points for nutmeg and 5 points for an elastic
while a goal itself is worth a single point for a goal We’ll be playing on this field right here
with 5 minute halves and 2 minutes in between I’m Kaden, and you’re watching AllAttack

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  1. They both play nice but I think Kaden plays around with the ball too much. Ross in the other hand just does one trick but is enough to make him score.

  2. hey!!! u r totally mad( for this video,well don't mind) u even don't know calculation. I guess no one noticed it but Ross should win. u know why because he scored 22 not 21.he was having 16 points and when he did a elastico + goal,he just got 5 points which should have been 6(elastico=5+goal=1 and total is 6 not 5) and as u see,16+5=21 but its wrong it should be 16+6=22 ,and he should have won…… but well your tutorials r just awesome

  3. Very nice skill moves and offensive play! But maybe you should try training defense too. You need to win the ball before you can start dribbling 😉

  4. kaden is better but ross is better too , so technically Both of them are the best since, better + better = best .

  5. very nice channel just subbed can you give me any tips to improve in football I am a defender but I can play in midfield

  6. I❤️ love your play style kaden
    ..your creativity and skills are like a cr7&messi….if you a professional footballer you win balland"or

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