1988 Olympic Women’s 4×400 Relay – World Record, American Record

1988 Olympic Women’s 4×400 Relay – World Record, American Record

she had a chance to equal the
record of Fanny Blankers-Coen, the only woman to win 4 track gold medals in
one games. East Germany has the World Record the United States has the Olympic Record and the American Record is the same (starting gun fires) and Denean Howard leading off for the
United States Dagmar Neurbauer is leading off for East
Germany. Tatyana Ledofskaya of the Soviet Union is leading off for that
country. Ledofskaya looks to be going the best at this point but it’s very
difficult in the relays you just have to wait until they’ve come off the
second turn gotten on the straightaway and made the pass you have some
indication who gets the baton first but even then it’s hard to tell because
they’ll pass the baton at different points in the takeover zone the passing zone so you have to wait Also remember the way Tatyana Ledofskaya tied up in the 400 hurdles and allowed Debbie Flintoff-King to take the gold medal and
she is having trouble here on the straightaway. Outside for Canada is
Charmaine Brooks who is the leadoff runner. And at the exchange.. the United
States is either in front or tied for front for first with the Soviet Union very good leg by Denean Howard
49.8 that is great, that is VERY good her personal record no doubt Olga Nazarova for the Soviet Union, Diane Dixon for the United States now Olga Nazarova was third in the
open 400 meters so she has the speed she’s a little better than Diane but she
may be going too fast Diane shouldn’t panic, don’t panic.. she
may die in the straightaway and the Soviet Union, the United States as you can see have broken away from East Germany, West Germany and Jamaica ten meters at the exchange Valerie Brisco for the United States
chasing Maria Piningina. Diane Dixon ran 49.3 for her leg which
means Olga Nazarova ran in the 48 second range for her leg so that was an amazing leg we’re not out of it yet cause Dixon ran as well as she could Piningina though really running well, Dwight. She looks really very good, in fact she looked very good in the semifinal. What I’m surprised at is how far put of this race East Germany is at this point! We have a shot at winning this relay.. Sabine Busch is running for East Germany and here comes Valerie Brisco! And Piningina is tying up in KNOTS this is the one, this is the one we’ve been waiting for! And Flo Jo is anchoring..smart move, smart move! She has the advantage she can run from behind the whole way. She drops right in behind Olga Bryzgyna. So we have the gold medalist at 400 meters open against the gold medalist at 200 meters and 100 meters Valerie Brisco 48.5 for her leg—fantastic. If Florence is even in contact coming off the turn look for a
tremendous straightaway She’s just gathering her strength you can just feel it! Bryzgyna’s trying to break away from her she knows she’s going to be hearing
Florence’s footsteps.. Here she comes! can she do it! the 400 strength holds up A gallant effort Soviet Union, United States and East Germany Florence-Griffith Joyner 48.1 fantastic leg, fantastic leg. an American Record! 3:15.18 — To win, it took a World Record. The United States with the silver at 3:15.51
That’s a new American Record. In fact, that is under the old World Record! But
there’s a new World Record, the Soviets have it at 315.18 quite a race women’s 4×400. So Flo Jo had won her fourth medal, but this one was silver.
Nonetheless she dominated the sprints and won more medals than any other
American track athlete in Seoul. Overall the U.S. women had won 9 medals, sparked by a family affair from the sisters-in-law Florence Griffith-Joyner
and Jackie Joyner-Kersee, who played a starring role in 6 of those medals.

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  1. Haha. The stupid partisan American commentators made such idiots of themselves. "She's just gathering herself, you can just feel it…. and here she comes (puase) can she do it… (total silence)… What idiots. Are these professional commentators or high school announcers?

  2. Americans on juice as so many other Americans before and after them. it's a shame! Let only the Scandinavian countries compete. They are honorable.

  3. As a lifelong track fan I wonder why I bother to watch these. Some beautiful running, just a shame it was all tainted and the authorities allows us sports fans to be cheated of fair competition. Yes, I'm bitter and I feel sad for the many clean and natural runners who were denied their rewards.

  4. look if it wasn't for drugs sports would be what it is today there nothing no one can do about it when theres money to be made they will do anything to make it

  5. Think about Lance Armstrong. He supposedly was clean but dominated other cyclists who were doping. You had to realize he was dirty. Sam with FloJo. How can you improve as much as she did and dominate others who are doping. I also now an Olympic coach who coached at least a dozen Olympians (including gold medalists) and he said he knows for sure she was doping. There are ways around getting detected (masking agents, etc.).

  6. These crappy commentators are about to shit themselves talking about second runner up when USSR team just beat world record right before their own stupid and bias goddamn assess. What a an american way to talk about sport.

  7. Drugs?
    32 years later and still the two fastest times ever run by a good margin and on an inferior track with out-dating training knowledge and technology.
    I mean c'mon

  8. US commentators never seemed to understand the difference between a natural focus on your own team (which is to be expected), and simply treating the rest of the world as Non-Player Characters. [One clear exception is Michael Johnson who is fiercely independent and neutral].

  9. Srs. x favor absténgase d infamar y mejor disfruten la belleza tanto deportiva como física, d esta mujer q x fortuna existió en nuestro tiempo (yo casi llego a los 60)
    Las pbas. antidping d aquellos tiempos las aprobó, ntoncs no sé x qué empecinarse en insistir lo contrario y manchar su reputación… Qué bueno q hoy en día la tecnología a avanzado y tiene ya control absoluto (a vcs pienso q hasta exagerado) dl dopaje.

    Disfrutemos mjor a esta portntosa atleta en 1 pba. q no era su especialidad, y q aún así hizo su recorrido con 1 tiempo récord d 48.08‼️, dmostrando q era 1 fuera d serie. (Yo prefiero quedarme con esta emblemática carrera y pensarla con admiración, q rebajarme a minimizar lo q fue todo 1 espectáculo) 🤨

  10. Блин, так за наших переживал, даже живот заболел от напряжения. А смотрю в 2019 году. Молодцы наши девушки, на характере выиграли, особенно впечатлил тот круг, где наша девушка американку обогнала!

  11. The split recorded by Olga Nazarova on the 2nd leg is still to this day one of the fastest women's relay splits of all time. She made Diane Dixon look slow(which she certainly wasn't).

  12. I was really surprised, but in a good way, ha ha, they were all doped anyway, back then , Europeans also looked like they were Europeans, now, the French team looks like the Nigerian team, its not the same anymore, btw, i always cheered for the east german girls, some of them were really hot 😉

  13. Gold, silver, bronze and 4th place: THEY ALL DOPED. Perhaps among 5th and 8th, there were some runners clean.

  14. So many uninformed comments here.
    1) Yes, it was silly of the broadcasters to be so sure that we'd win. The Soviets had better times in the earlier rounds in Seoul, and they had 2 of the 3 400 meter medalists running. But this was an American broadcast, so of COURSE they're going to cheer for U.S.
    2) There were drugs. People who don't know anything about the sport of track and field think that it's rampant all over, all the time. No, it's pretty specific. Before the late 70s, it was fairly rare. Some of the Eastern bloc countries were experimenting, of course. By 1988, the Soviets had institutionalized it, as had East Germany. It was barely kept a secret. But testing was way behind. Recall that these were the games where Ben Johnson got caught. Like the Soviet team, he was on a steady diet. They didn't think they'd get caught. The U.S. team, by all accounts, was not using. That's not patriotism, just based on having followed track closely since the 70s. If it was done, it was to a much lesser degree and kept very hidden, as no U.S. athlete ever failed a test, even as the tests got more sophisticated. In particular, Flojo, who was scrutinized more than others, never failed a test, and tests were good.

    For those cynics who don't know much about track, it's easy to say that everyone is/was cheating. I'm not sure why that's fun. Conspiracy theorists, I guess, who, by pointing fingers, can get away with their own crap. I'm not naive. I'm an informed, lifelong track fan. Yes, there are cheaters, and they get caught. Look at Alberto Salazar's team, none of whom uses, and Salazar himself has only been accused of trying to find what DOESN'T break the rules. So it's pretty tight. So tight that there's actually no Russian team anymore.

  15. 1:38 diane shouldn't panic .. nazarova may be going too fast .. she may die in the straight away .. nazarova proceeds to pull away lol

  16. Bardzo przyjemny bieg, ciekawy kolorystycznie, zauważalna wyraźna różnica w technice biegu, białych biegaczek z ZSRR i czarnych z USA. Oczywiście ZSRR minimalnie miał też lepszych lekarzy i dietetyków, bowiem w latach osiemdziesiątych uważano, że czarna rasa ma lepsze predyspozycje do biegów sprinterskich.

  17. Stop the craziness. Don't accept trans in any international sports meet. It's not fair for normal born especially women. Let them make their own sports meet.

  18. Great race. Great victory. I have never seen any USA team to be so satisfied and happy with just being second and all of the sudden American record is getting more significant than WR or OR. Very rare indeed

  19. Here she comes…Can she do it?? – No. she could not.

    No matter how the commentators try to say it…The SovietUnion beat the US in a fair race.

  20. Florence was turbocharged by doping. The Soviet too, and the East Gerry too. So the real fair winner should have been the West Germany runner.

  21. When I watch these old videos I have to laugh at the stupid patriotic American commentators, its as if they were unable to see what was really happening on the track

  22. The 400 meter Gold Medal against the 200 Gold Medal, in a 400 meter race, and the 400 one wins !! What a "surprise" ! I don´t know why I don´t wonder why …

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