£18 Football Vs. £100 Football: What Should My Team Buy? | Kitlocker.com

£18 Football Vs. £100 Football: What Should My Team Buy? | Kitlocker.com

Hi guys Oli from Kitlocker.com here. In this video we’re going to be testing out
some Nike footballs. We’ve got four balls: the first one is Charter
Standard football. The Nike Strike Ball (in red). Nike Magia. And the Premier League Nike Ordem. LET’S DO IT! There we go! Get that one on camera! So we’ve had a good hour now testing the balls
with Joel and Lee from Sheffield FC. Boys, what are you thoughts on the Nike Charter
Standard Ball? I thought they were very impressive, to be
fair. For the price, I would be extremely happy
if I turned up for training and there were ten of them we could have a kick-around with. So these are actually £12.57 on Kitlocker.com,
so that is the cheapest match ball we sell. Lee, any thoughts? I think, I think, for grassroots levels it’s
definitely something that – for a match ball – is absolutely ideal. As I say, the price is extremely competitive. So the second ball that we tested was the
Nike Strike Ball, this does come in three different colourways. That’s volt, silver and red. That’s basically the same as the Charter Standard
ball but just without the graphic. Guys, thoughts? Yeah, I think for those clubs that aren’t
a Charter Standard team and don’t necessarily want a ball with that kind of embellishment
on, the Strike ball is ideal for your kind of amateur level. The third ball that we tested was the Nike
Magia Ball – this is an RRP of £50 and it is £35 on Kitlocker.com. There is quite a big difference in terms of
the design; so there is no stitching, and it is a bit more rubberised for more, like,
rugged environments and that kind of thing. Joel, any thoughts? The ball is perfect for non-league level of
football. You can definitely see the FIFA quality in
the football, the way you strike the ball. It’s a lot cleaner. The final ball that we tested was Nike Ordem
Five, this is £100 RRP. £75 at Kitlocker.com. A lot more polyester and a lot more cotton
in the ball, so it has less rubber in it. You can definitely tell the difference from
the Magia. Guys, any thoughts? Yeah, definitely. There’s a big difference. It is fantastic to hit and it really does
fly through the air. You can really see why Harry Kane ended Premier
League top goalscorer when he is hitting that into the back of the net. I mean, from my perspective even pulling it
out of the back of the net and seeing the ball coming at me, you can tell it has got
a bit more swerve on it and that kind of thing. Obviously this is quite aspirational for a
lot of clubs, but if you do get an opportunity to use this ball then I do suggest that you
do try it because the difference in quality of hitting the ball – and the way it moves
through the air – you can tell why some big goals go in, in the Premier League.

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