16 Sports that Should Be in the Olympics

16 Sports that Should Be in the Olympics

Good morning John. I love the Olympics! I Iove its internationality, I love its history, I love a chance to celebrate with friends and I like watching humans do extraordinary things! But I also have my problems with the Olympics, for example, they seem to have absolutely no idea how people currently consume media. Like we can talk about them banning gifs, we can talk about their “social media opening ceremony with Ryan Seacrest”, or we can talk about how it’s impossible to watch the Olympics on the Internet without a cable subscription, which most young people rightly recognize as a really bad investment. But I think if the Olympic Games can correctly imagine how media works right now, there’s a bigger opportunity that’s being missed. The Olympics needs to understand itself and share itself as a massively parallel viewing experience with lots – I mean tons – of different things happening all at the
same time. And with distribution and production costs dropping like a rock, I think that’s super totally possible; all they need is a ton of new, interesting and weird events. So, here are 17 (actually 16) sports that I think, absolutely 100%, should be added to the Olympic Games. Number 1: Sepak Takraw, a mind-bending game native to Southeast Asia, that’s basically volleyball, except played without hands. Every spike, volley, serve and block is done with the head, torso and legs. And this game is like 90% bicycle kicks; it’s so cool and I want it to be celebrated! Number 2: Tug-of-war. Now I know this might seem a little bit silly, but in fact, it used to be an Olympic sport a mere 100 years ago. It’s a fun team sport, with simple as dirt rules, that I frankly would love watching every four years. Number 3: Wushu. You can think of this as like gymnastics, but also fighting. Wushu is complex, and beautiful, and difficult to understand fully, but very easy to enjoy, with both combat versions and an exhibition version. Number 4: Cricket! I don’t know anything about cricket, except that it’s the second most popular game in the entire world, and it’s not in the Olympics, and that’s dumb. Number 5: Super dope secret handshakes. Number 6: I don’t really think that battle bots is exactly the thing that I want to see, but the ability to build and operate robots that destroy other robots, it’s something that I would like to see people able to get a gold medal in. It’s…..yep. Number 7: Acapella singing, which I’m probably just mentioning because Peter Hollens just released a collab video that I did with him singing Hobbit drinking songs; and it’s really great, and I’m really proud of it, and there’s a link in the description. Number 8: Kite fighting. Using kite strings coated in finely ground glass, this South Asian sport pits kite flyers against each other with the goal of cutting the other person’s kite string. This sport is popular from Afghanistan to Vietnam to Brazil. Number 9: Ultrarunning. The longest race of the Olympics right now is the marathon, at just over 26 miles; ultrarunners regularly race over a hundred miles, sometimes with huge elevation gains. It’s one of the most remarkable things that humans do. Number 10: Cheer. Now a lot of people belittle cheerleading, but it’s pretty amazing these days; and I love the idea of cheer teams cheering for entire nations, rather than just schools or sports teams. Number 11: Kabbadi. It’s kind of full contact tag. Each team takes turns having an attacker raid the other side: and they have to get in there, and touch another person on the other side, and then get back across their line without getting tackled. Number 12: Parkour, obviously . Number 13: Darts. Because it’s actually really amazing and it takes no new infrastructure. Number 14: Headis. It’s like table tennis, but with soccer balls and your head. It’s so great. Number 15: League of Legends. Because if the Olympics doesn’t get into eSports right now, they’re going to lose an entire generation. And finally number 16: Mounted archery. Because if you’ve got this and you’ve got this, then you might as well have this. Yeeaaah. There are some things about the Olympics that are necessarily old-fashioned: the pageantry and the patriotism, and I don’t think it should leave those things behind, but I do think that this wonderful and ancient tradition could do a lot to be more inclusive of the marvellous cultural diversity of our species, and thanks to modern technology, I think it can be. Also, they should let us post gifs on Tumblr and Twitter because come oooooon. John, I’ll see you on Tuesday. (awesome hobbit drinking song playing, go check it out!) “That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates!” (song lyric)

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  1. I agree with some of these, but I really think tumbling and double mini trampoline should be in the olympics. If you watch the world championships for these, it's insane and deserves a spot in the olympics, or at least on television.

  2. With the Cheerleading you might like Acrobatic Gymnastics or Sports Acro. You should look up some of their competition routines as they are really impressive e.g. one base balancing three people on his stomach with the top person doing a one armed press handstand on the second person' head.

  3. Parkour would be so easy to do, too. Just take point A and point B in the host city, attach Go-Pros to the competitors, and the winner is the runner with the shortest time and the most impressive run, judged on difficulty like Gymnastics or Figure Skating.

  4. sepak takraw has a philosophy that one day it will go to olimpic someday.. but the term for olimpic sports had to acknowledge by 150 country otherwise it can't be in olimpic.. for now, there a few country in the world that support takraw.. u should refer SEPAK TAKRAW FEDERATION (ISTAF)

  5. "Cricket"!? You'll put millions of non-fans to sleep or gunning for Olympics officials that sanctioned it. (Besides, it's a leisurely game for The Ruling Class, with commoners excluded.)

    "Darts"!? Who are you, "Norm Peterson"? Darts is for beer drinkers, who get less and less accurate as consumption rises.

    "League of Legends"? An arcade-level video game for couch potatoes!? You need to take a hike in the mountains to clear your foggy brain.;)

    "Mounted Archery," huh, look for: "Yabusame," which is about as challenging as "horse archery" gets.

    If "Golf" becomes an "Olympic Sport," I'm done with The Olympics forevermore. This game has a dedicated cable channel, numerous championship tournaments, etc. While "Greco-Roman Wrestling" has to compete with the "rasslers" of WWE, which features acting "Ed Wood" would have called "disgusting."

  6. #Cricket is our life, there are 1.6 billions spectactors of cricket only in #IndianSubcontinent "#India, #Pakistan and #Bangladesh" which is 22% of world's population. I don't know how many spectactors world wide..

  7. In Western veiws cricket is 2nd most popular game but in #IndianSubcontinent cricket is like a part of religion..
    Omlypics deserved #Cricket, #Cricket_fans have no interest in omplypics..

  8. Cricket is only the world's second most popular sport thanks to a country called India. For a sport to be in the Olympics, you should consider how many countries play them. And there aren't many countries that play cricket.

  9. I love your suggestion of cricket and your justification of it being the second most popular sport in the world. I personally love cricket and would love to see it in the olympics. That being said the rules can be pretty complicated to understand

  10. Wheel gymnastics should be an olympic sport! It's quite unknown, but beautiful, graceful and requires strength.

  11. Mr. Vlogbrothers don't mind , but are you mad !!! ?
    Robot Fight , kite fighting, League of legends in Olympic ?! …this gonna never happened ?…
    My Olympic game list : –
    1. Cricket (T20) (from your video)
    2. Kabaddi (from your video)
    3. Chess (Best brain exercising game)
    4. Carrom
    5. Pool Game
    6. Golf
    7. Bowling
    8. Iron Ball Throw
    9. Cheer Leaders (from your video , I like that)
    10. Parkour (from your video)
    11. Ultra Running (from your video)
    12. Formula 1 ? (Race)
    13 . Soccer Volley (from your video)
    14. Rope Game (from your video)
    15. Wushu (from your video & I like that too)
    16. Squash Tennis

  12. I know I'm like a year too late on making this comment but I'm still gonna say it, can airsoft get little recognition here? You could even go big with it and have milsim games be an Olympic sport.

  13. I've been a big Hank fan for years, but his choice to use a hard j in gif has me rethinking the whole thing…

  14. So i guess you really dont know anything about cricket, because a game of cricket goes for 5 days its a 40 hour game.

  15. I love two/four-square but I feel like it's nostalgia talking, and table tennis and tennis already exist, so

  16. Kabaddi & Cricket Has to be there at Olympics.. Great Sports..Humungous Viewership..Lots of money..And Tons to Explore

  17. Yeah Sepak takraw is a dangerous games that anyone who like to play in high skill must practice heavily. Anyway, it might be not suitable for big body people in Europe and America. Size of body that fit for this games may be not more than 180 centimeter high for server 170-175 centimeter for attacker and setter and weight is not more than 60-65 kilogram for flexible in movement.

  18. God, I just wasted almost four minutes that I will never get back. The reason that the Olympics ratings are diminishing could be from the fact that people that loved the traditional events are dying off and the millennials aren't interested in the event. Those skills took years and years of blood, sweat, and tears from athletes that were passionate about winning. That is a trait that is beyond a millennials grasp. Now, if the Olympics had events like speed dialing, text messaging, and racing to a safe space, then you could attract more viewers.

  19. Disagree with the ESports. Yh its fun but I don't find it worthy to hv in Olympics. Also, you DIDN'T mention Squash.

    Nicol Ann David always hope this sport available for the Olympics. Previously has been suggested in London Olympic and ppl chose Wrestling. ;(

  20. If you started the cricket tournament at the opening of the Olympics, with regulation length tests. I believe the Tournament would conclude Just in time for the next Summer Olympics.

  21. Olypics controlled by western world …. Sepak takraw, wushu, cricket and kabbadi. The asian big power to control this game.. How to west country get a gold medal in this game???

  22. There should be a separate olympics for esports like summer Olympics and winter Olympics and it should be called e-olympics

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