15 Most Gross And Disgusting Moments In WWE That We’ve All Forgotten

15 Most Gross And Disgusting Moments In WWE That We’ve All Forgotten

The McMahon family has taken
professional wrestling to the
greatest heights but they are also know for taking it to
the lowest lows. While there are too many famous
disgusting angles ,today we present
you 15 Most Gross & Disguisting Moments
In WWE That We’ve All Forgotten 15) Al Snow eats his dog. The Big Bossman is no stranger
to disgusting angles. Recall the time he interrupted the
funeral of the Big Show’s father,
dragging the coffin away That was the epitome of class
compared to this angle where the
Big Bossman kidnapped Al Snow’s
pet dog Pepper (capitalizing on the popular Chihuahua
dog in Taco Bell commercials at the time)
on the August 23, 1999 edition of RAW. Stealing wrestlers’ pets has a rich
pedigree (no pun intended). Remember the time the Islanders
dognapped the British Bulldogs’
pet pooch Matilda. Being the Attitude Era, things were
a lot darker. The Bossman promised to return
Pepper if Snow granted him a
Hardcore title shot. On the premiere episode of SmackDown!,
Bossman defeated Snow but reneged
on his promise Finally, the Bossman agreed to
give Pepper back if Snow met
him for dinner. Unbeknownst to Snow, his dinner
was his doggie (according to a 2008
interview with Snow on In Your Head
Radio, this angle was based on a real-life
incident where Mr. Fuji killed a
neighbor’s dog and fed it to the owner). The results of the doggie dinner
would lead to a Pepper on a Pole
Match on 9/19/99 Sunday Night Heat and the travesty
known as the Kennel from Hell Match
at 1999’s Unforgiven PPV. 14) Tommy Dreamer Will Eat Anything: It’s been said that sometimes Vince
McMahon gives stupid gimmicks to
punish wrestlers. Fans remember “The American Dream”
Dusty Rhodes debuting in black and
polka dots The WWE is known for repackaging
wrestlers but nothing like what happened to Tommy Dreamer when he went from
“The Innovator of Violence” to “Just a
Regular Guy.” This regular guy ate hot dogs off the
floor, brushed teeth with the same brush
as his dog, drank toilet water, and
shaved his tongue. On the 5/27/02 RAW, WWE World
Champion the Undertaker forced
Dreamer to drink a cup of his tobacco
juice. On the 6/3/16 RAW, a sick Dreamer
barfed into a bucket The Undertaker emptied the bucket
on Richards after defeating him in a
non-title match that night. What did Dreamer do to deserve this
gimmick? Nobody knows. Things worked out for Dreamer as
the gimmick was short-lived and he
returned to the “Innovator of Violence”
gimmick doing what he does best- wrestling
hardcore matches and beating people
up with whatever’s at hand. 13) Dawn Marie marries Al Wilson Al Wilson fulfilled the dream of
red-blooded senior citizens
everywhere when he he began dating and eventually
marrying, WWE vixen Dawn Marie. Where things get disgusting is that
Dawn Marie was feuding with
Al’s daughter, Torrie Wilson, and using poor
Al to get back at Torrie Dawn told Torrie she would call off the
wedding if Torrie agreed to sleep with her. After Torrie agreed, Dawn Marie
continued the wedding anyways. On January 2, 2003 Al and Dawn
were married on SmackDown! in
their underwear. Poor Al discovered the perils of
May-December romances when his
wedding night led to an untimely
demise after too much sex. In true wrestling fashion, Mr. Wilson’s
funeral turned into a pier six brawl,
arguably the least disgusting part of
the angle. 12) Terri Runnels’ fake miscarriage Terri Runnels is a talented woman who
debuted as Alexandra York in WCW and made a name for herself as
Goldust’s manager Marlena. When Terri became involved with
Val Venis, she revealed that she was
pregnant only for Venis to dump her. Terri formed a female faction known
as Pretty Mean Sisters and managed
D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry. On January 4, 1999, D’Lo was wrestling
Edge on RAW when Terri fell off the mat
apron, leading to a miscarriage, or so
Terri claimed. Eventually, Brown learned the pregnancy
was a sham. What the angle did other than
disgust fans remains a mystery. 11) Eddie Guerrero Gives the Big Show
a Poop Shower You have to give Paul Wight credit. He’ll do anything to get an angle over,
no matter how stupid or disgusting. His feud with Eddie Guerrero had a
fecal theme First, Eddie gave Big Show some
burritos packed with laxatives. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination. When an angry Show confronted
Guererro on the October 9, 2003
SmackDown!, Eddie was ready with
a water hose. Unfortunately, there wasn’t water
in the hose. Big Show was sprayed from head to
toe with poop, disgusting fans at home.
One can only wonder the reaction of fans
in the arena itself. 10) The Boogeyman kisses Queen Sharmell The idea of a bizarrely painted wrestler
who eats worms and breaks breaks a clock reminiscent of Flavor Flav
has a lot of potential to disgust Arguably, the apex was when Boogeyman
wrestled King Booker at WrestleMania XXII. The Boogeyman kissed Queen Sharmell
with a mouthful of worms, disgusting Sharmell and people who
hadn’t counted on worms being part
of a PPV. 9) Ultimate Warrior’s Explosive Vomiting When the WWF introduced Papa Shango
as a self-professed voodoo practitioner, no one knew what that meant for
his opponents. They found out when Shango placed
a curse on the Ultimate Warrior on the
5/16/92 episode of WWF Superstars
during Warrior’s match with Brian Knobbs. After the match, the Warrior went to
confront Shango, only to collapse in
pain. Medical personnel took him backstage
where the Warrior reenacted the puking
scene from The Exorcist. Fortunately for the Warrior, the curse
was on his mouth and not at the other
end of his gastrointestinal tract. Shango’s antics did not go unrecognized.
In 1992, he won two awards from the
Wrestling Observer Newsletter Most Embarrassing Wrestler and Worst
Gimmick. A disgusting angle, but not unexpected
as Vince McMahon would eventually
introduce a wrestler called Puke. 8) Val Venis Choppy Choppy Pee
Pee Incident Fans used to wrestlers with second
jobs such as Duke “The Dumpster”
Droese (garbageman by day, wrestler
by night) were in for a big surprise when they
saw the day jobs of wrestlers in the
Attitude Era. Case in point, Val Venis, an adult film
star turned wrestler Venis quickly won fans over with his
promos and videos that were loaded
with double entendres. Venis’ horndog antics led to an angle
where he banged the wife of Yamaguchi-San,
manager of the heel faction Kaientai. Yamaguchi-San sought revenge on
Venis, his men eventually capturing Venis
and taking him backstage on the August
3, 1998 RAW. Yamaguchi-San got ready to choppy
choppy Val’s pee-pee with a samurai
sword. Fans were left wondering if Val had
lost his money-maker (not to be confused with his finisher,
the moneyshot) until it was revealed
that Venis had been rescued by John Wayne
Bobbitt (famous for having his penis
cut off by a jealous wife). Just before we produced this video, Yamaguchi-San passed away, we at
SlatRock send our condolences to his
friends, fans and family 7) DX drowns the McMahons in poop In 2006, Degeneration X was feuding
with Shane and Vince McMahon. Just to keep things fair, the McMahons
brought in the Spirit Squad, five male
cheerleaders DX was more than up to the task and
after mocking Shane and Vince with a
blistering impersonation, DX unloaded mass quantities of poop
all over their foes. Vince McMahon’s willingness to participate
in the incident and his penchant for poop
is disgusting on so many level but you
have to give McMahon credit for
concocting disgusting angles and
participating in them. 6) Kane torches his parents’ grave The thrilling feud between storyline
brothers Kane and Undertaker heated
up the WWF in 1998 After defeating Kane at WrestleMania
XIV, the Undertaker vowed to take out
Kane once and for all. However, Kane and manager Paul Bearer
had a horrific surprise. While the Undertaker was in the ring
cutting a promo on an April 1998 RAW,
they were at the grave site of the
Undertaker’s parents Kane and Paul Bearer showed their
disdain for the Undertaker, setting the
burial place on fire. The disgusting angle set up an Inferno
match at April’s Unforgiven In Your House PPV where Taker would
get revenge by setting Kane on fire. Still,
this is another disgusting case of what
were they thinking 5) Titus O’Neil gets sick We all know the risks of eating
too much, but every November, thousands
of Americans will gorge on an
enormous Thanksgiving meal. And in 2013, Titus O’Neil certainly
had his fill, after winning an eating contest
during SmackDown Later that same night, the former
tag team champion was called
upon to face Antonio Cesaro, before he was stripped of
his first name. Ever the tactician, the Swiss Superman
targeted Titus’ stomach with strikes
and gut-wrench throws, before hitting the former Florida
Gator with the Cesaro swing. This proved to be the last straw
for Titus’ tummy, as O’Neil became visibly ill and
grabbed the nearest receptacle, which just so happened to be JBL’s hat. As if that wasn’t gross enough,
the vomit filled Stetson was then placed on Michael Cole, who must’ve been questioning
transitioning from War Correspondent to
WWE Commentator. Despite little censor-turkeys covering
O’Neil’s mouth during his vomiting and subsequent attempts to
puke on Zeb Colter, the scene was definitely disturbing, and since witnessing someone
throw-up can often cause
copycat reflexes, Titus probably wasn’t the only
person blowing chunks during
the show. 4) The Pit Stop When you have a tag team
called the Nasty Boys, you can probably presume that
they’re going to be hard to watch. Together, Jerry Saggs and Brian
Knobbs enjoyed great success, holding tag gold in the NWA AWA, XWF, ECW and the WWF. And whilst the team had an array
of dominant moves that helped
them to glory, it is the disgusting Pit Stop that
the team are best remembered for. Whilst it was physically painless,
the move was one of the most mentally demoralizing moves in all of
wrestling history. When one Nasty boy would raise
his arm, revealing his armpit, the other would grab the head
of an opponent. In case that wasn’t bad enough,
remember that this move would come late into matches,
meaning that the pit would
be drenched in sweat. We can’t think of many moments
in our lives where we would want to be
pressed in a man’s armpit, and we certainly can’t think of any wrestler who looked forward to
the embarrassing manoeuvre.
And whilst other nominees on this
list were one off incidents, the Pit Stop was a regular move
for the Nasty Boys, with opponents, and fans left wretching for years. 3) Trish gets dumped Although Vince McMahon has
never shied away from
embarrassing himself in the
name of entertainment, the Chairman sure has done
a lot to his employees. One Superstar who felt the
boss’s wrath was Trish Stratus, who was romantically linked
to the Boss in 2001. After yelling his wife Linda he
wanted a divorce, Vince started an affair with Trish, which engaged Stephanie McMahon. When Vince and Trish were
scheduled to face Stephanie and then WWF Commissioner William Regal,
  the Chairman was spotted
backstage gleefully stirring
a mop bucket of nastiness. When Stratus asked McMahon
about the bucket, , the Boss assured her that it
would come into play later that night. And whilst McMahon stayed
true to his word, it wasn’t what Trish expected, as Vince turned on her mid-March, dousing the future Hall of Famer
in the bike substance. To make things worse, Stephanie proceeded to grab Stratus by
the hair, for information her head
into the bucket, and though Trish had been
a manipulative heel, even she hadn’t deserved this. Things would get even worse
the next week, as Vince would force the
Canadian to strip and bark like a dog, proving that no-one should
ever cross the boss. 2) Everything about Bastion Booger Bastion Booger may go down as as the grossest Superstar in WWE history. Appearing in the World Wrestling
federation in the early 90s, , Mike Shaw was reportedly given
the character as a punishment
for his weight and was forced to carry out
several disgusting tasks. It’s hard to pick the grossest
part of Booger’s character, though many fans must’ve definitely looked away from the screen when the heavyweight would pick
his nose during his entrance. With an ugly grey singlet that struggled
to hold in Booger’s rotund form, the mountain of a man would devour
food at ringside, with his missing teeth and lack of
hygiene only making Booger
seem more disgusting. His gross appearance was
match by Booger’s gross finisher, where the heavyweight would stand
over his prone opponent, jiggle
his body, before Jumping on his opponent
for the pin. Whilst his mannerisms disgusted
many, Booger would attempt to swoon
Luna Vachon, though after a brief feud with
Bam Bam Bigelow, the disgusting Superstar would
leave the WWE in August 1994, though returned for one night
in late 2007 for Raw’s 15th anniversary. 1) Shawn Michaels gets drug tested It’s pretty clear to everyone
in the WWE Universe Nothing is off limits. From the Montreal Screwjob to Stone Cold Steve Austin siding
with Vince McMahon in 2001, it’s obvious that anything goes in
the search for entertainment. In 2006 though, when Shawn Michaels
was in the midst of a war against
the chairman, the fans witnessed one of the
grossest moments in RAW history. After teaming with God himself
to face Vince and Shane, the chairman of the board accused
the Showstopper of being on drugs. Rather than suspending the
former World Champion, McMahon forced HBK to take a
drug test live on RAW, complete with a curtain for
Michaels to urinate behind, as well as a doctor to observe and
make sure he gave a genuine sample. Whilst the segment made very
little sense, the fans rooted for the Showstopper
all the way, though those cheers turned to disgusting when Michaels throw the cup of
urine in the face of the Boss. Well guys that’s our list, can you think
of other gross moments we might have
forgotten about ? if so, drop us a
comment below and let us know
Well guys that’s our list, can you think
of other gross moments we might have
forgotten about ? if so, drop us a
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  1. Maybe should change the name to Gross Moments We've All Like To Forget, because with me anyways, remember all them. Though being fair, the Shango one was more because watched the episode of Superstars on WWE Network recently more so than seeing it on a Worse Angle/Storyline list on YouTube. But, if you do that, might also include Katie Vick as well.

  2. Hold on, the Al Wilson/Dawn Marie angle was not disgusting. We got to see Dawn Marie kiss Torrie Wilson and Al Wilson die a happy man. That's not disgusting.

  3. Dude needs to stop adding "that weve all forgotten" to the end of his titles. Not nearly the first that has very memorable moments included

  4. Lorena Bobbitt didn't cut off John's penis because she was jealous. She did it because (according to her), he was abusive.

  5. Mike Shaw was punished for his weight with Yokozuna being the world champ and Mabel in the tagteam top. Logical WWE! 🙂

  6. I bet SRW would be the kind of person to hate on Torrie/Stacy/Trish/Sable/Ashley/Candice and all the eye candy chicks of the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era as a result of this day and age's SJW atmosphere.

  7. The REAL most disgusting moment in WWE that we've all forgotten: Feeding the entire WWE roster, alumni and active alike, to Roman Reigns for five years, then making a mockery of his Leukemia returning after eleven years in remission and thus using his Leukemia to fail once again in getting him over.

  8. Trish shoving Stephanie's face is poop, Katie Vick Angle, Goldust being shoved in a porta potty by Steve Austin, Eric Bischoff puking at Judgment Day in 2003

  9. Dawn Marie was supposed to feud with Torrie for several weeks, but the feud was killed off after their abysmal match at Royal Rumble 2003. The feud was ended the very next night on RAW. They had no idea that Dawn Marie (who was awful in the ring) was actually a better wrestler than Torrie was. And yes, I believe that Torrie should NOT be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

  10. Ummmm…actually, Terri Runnels is a beautiful but untalented wrestling performer. Sex appeal does not equal talent. There have been some talented and sexy women in wrestling (Lita, Trish Stratus, among others), but Terri Runnels, Sunny, Torrie Wilson, and Sable are not among them.

  11. That Warrior puke angle was gross, but on the plus side, when he puked he puked all over Rene Goulet and Chief Jay Strongbow. Classic…

  12. I was at Unforgiven in Toronto Canada when DX was in a hell in a cell match with Vince, Shane and the Big show. DX put Vinces head in Big Shows crack and Vince had a bloody face so blood was all over Shows butt!! Was extra yucky live and in person!!!

  13. Jon Wayne Bobbit did not have his cock cut off because hus wife was jealous, she cut it off when he was passed out because he was physically abusing her and raping her. Big difference between being jealous and being raped.

  14. he didn't eat the dog! it was staged, the dog was returned the same day but they made a story out of it as usually, actually nothing on this list is real its all scripted, wwe knows hoes to be dramatic

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