15 Minutes Of Gris PC Gameplay | Meet 2018’s Prettiest Platformer

15 Minutes Of Gris PC Gameplay | Meet 2018’s Prettiest Platformer

Hello and welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun. This is Matthew and today I’m looking at
the staggeringly beautiful Gris. It’s a platforming adventure from Nomada Studio, which is a new Spanish indie outfit made up of former Ubisoft and Square Enix
talent, who are putting aside the weapons of Far Cry and Hitman for something a bit
more delicate. It plays like Journey in 2D, with hints of
Metroid and a dash of Super Mario Galaxy – which is one of my favourite games of all time,
so I don’t make that comparison lightly. I don’t want to jabber over the incredible
music, so I’ll let you enjoy this demo in peace. Please do subscribe to the channel and hang
around at the end where there’s a teaser of more cool Gris delights to come. Enjoy! I actually played the demo four times over – the
bit where you swoop around the sky and dive through the pools of floating water are wonderfully
playful – I’m looking forward to lots more of that good stuff in the final game. The footage you’re watching now is hinting
at all the jolly adventures to come – Gris is clearly rammed with ideas. If you have any questions about the game,
pop them in the comments. And please think about subscribing to the
channel for more access to PC delights such as these. I hope you enjoyed the demo as much as I did
and hopefully see you around these parts soon. Bye for now!

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  1. I was born in '76. All my hopes and dreams lie with Indie game Developers, literally. Everything else is darker than dark (exceptions may apply ofc.). Keep on fighting the good fight Indie Devs, we will support you because what you do is your passion, no exploitative business models, no micro-transactions and so on. Peace out.

    11:19 Perfect wallpaper right there. That's Art btw. astonishing!

  2. I literally stopped caring about time while watching this. It's so simplistic yet beautiful, the music is deep and immersive!

  3. That looks absolutely amazing. Have been waiting to see what artist Conrad Roset would come out with and this is better than I could imagine.

  4. So, as an artsy game, it looks fantastic. BUT, it looks like it's literally Yoku blocks from Mega Man except an entire game, which I'm not too keen about. Hopefully the gameplay ends up being as great as the visuals, but this preview left me a little wary about actually playing the game.

  5. do the game has enemies for you to battle? sure it is visually appealing, but im aftraid this will become dragging and kind of boring to play eventually…

  6. Looks stunning,but seems not so challenging!
    i see a bit of rayman in it too.
    i like these kind of games these days more.
    with dollar price rising Iran.
    these artistic games are our only hope.these are the games that still keep us conneced to the gaming scene.
    Good as always,RPS.

  7. I literally had tears in my eyes while watching this. It’s an evocative work of art. I wonder if there will be a story or whether it will be obscure like Journey?

  8. THIS! This is why I became a gamer in the first place–games like this are ART! Moving, interactive art! THESE types of games are my cup of tea!!! If only there were more of them, these would be the only type of games I'd play! Watching this was SO captivating. Seeing this actually, legit, no joke, makes me want to cry because it's THAT BEAUTIFUL!!! I am totally going to support this and buy it when it comes out. Every second, any frame of this, is just begging to be a desktop background! Or even hung in a gallery!

  9. The water trees, and I know there've beensimilar ideas in the past, blew me away. It was so cool to see that.

  10. The art direction and the music are bloody amazing but the movements feel a bit rough. I hope they come up with something to make it better because this could be one of the big indie titles of the year!

  11. Looks like a nice little game to chill after a long day. I just hope the gameplay offers enough variation, and that the price is fair.

  12. Huh.. really intriguing choice aesthetics. I'd like to know who the developer hired for visual artist and if he/she has any social channel.

  13. Great more hipster nonsense from what is presumably a genuinely talented studio. AAA games that are visually stunning but substanceless on game play aren't given a free pass on their visuals. Why should indy games be any different? The only game play element here seems to be the timing of movement. So, the same thing that Pong achieved, then.

  14. Beautiful game. I especially liked the underwater bits where she's jumping between the water trees (?). Definitely want the soundtrack now.

  15. seriously i cannot stop my tears , the amount of emotions that's been bouncing in my heart on those 15 minutes are overwhelming ..
    ….so beautiful yet so sad ..

  16. It's very beautiful ! But imo, at some scene, it's zoomed out too much like I cant even see where she is at ! Hopefully the Devs hear this.. very beautiful though ! Gonna buy this game !

  17. I don't think interactive artwork really works with the linear platformer model, it's like looking at a painting through a pinhole that somebody else is moving. This isn't a game for artists, and its not a game for gamers, it's more an "experience" for first or second year art students… But really, on the post-modern scene, nobody aspires to do better anyway — I could call this both a masterpiece and a waste of effort, and in the current zeitgeist those might be synonymous… I don't know, man. It's pretty, but being a game is a barrier to that, not an improvement on it.

  18. Influence by Team Ico is super obvious and done extremely well. I imagine the movies by Tomm Moore and even FEZ could have influenced the art direction as well.

  19. This game is awesome and BEAUTIFUL! However… doesn't the music sound like MASS EFFECT 3?? maybe I'm imagining it but it sounds like 'Leaving Earth'

  20. I love slow/relaxing games that rely primarily on atmosphere, but I feel like this misses the mark somehow. There's a very specific line to tread between slow but engaging vs. dull, and at least judging by these 15 minutes, Gris is on the wrong side of it. It is gorgeous though.

  21. Why do they title the games such that it becomes hard to search on Google?
    I typed "girls game" and Google says Classic Girls Games. lol

  22. The habit of the camera zooming out for aesthetics can be annoying if you need to find the red particles that allows you to jump high. Even if there is no combat, the bird boss could be designed to be an obstacle to be outsmarted, instead of inconsistent on being a threat or helpfully blowing us to our target. The aesthetics is pretty, but the gameplay leaves more to be desired.

  23. the most beautiful game i've ever seen, seriously i have no clue about the story but design and the music are just so perfect… it takes you to another place and i dont even know why or where but somehow it moves me to tears, cant wait

  24. I can't wait to play this. 🙂 Gris is spanish for Grey… the color. He pronounced it correctly… In Spanish, it's pronounced like the country, Greece.

  25. On the fence as not sure if I would enjoy the gameplay but simple things like the sound of the shoes on the floor, the broken buildings and the sombre ambient music could be nice.

  26. Society: Video games promote violence, hate, destroy people's mind and decrease creativity…
    Me: You know what a REAL Video game is?

  27. What beautiful graphics! Among all these blood waves and laser lights in abundance, it's really relaxing and refreshing thank you for these 15 min of wonderful discovery!
    PS: those kind of graphics make me remenber a little those characters and universe of the Artist called "Folon" (in end of 70's) may be that add a kind of nostalgia too

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