13 WWE Superstars Who Were Arrested For The Craziest Crimes / WWE Wrestlers Arrested

13 WWE Superstars Who Were Arrested For The Craziest Crimes / WWE Wrestlers Arrested

Today we present you with
13 WWE Superstars who were
arrested for the craziest crimes 13 The Big Show The Big Show may be one of
WWE’s longest tenuring Superstars, but before he made it to the WWE, the Giant nearly risked his
entire future. After drinking far too much liquor
at a motel, the future WWE Champion
wreaked havoc, much to the distress of both
the staff and guests. After reportedly exposing himself
to a female member of staff, the colossal star was arrested, and we imagine it took many
police officers to book the 500lbs star. If nothing else, this brush with
the law did give the world Big Show’s infamous
mug shot, in which he is unable to keep
his eyes open. Fortunately for Show, the
charges were later dropped and the Giant went on to have
an epic career, joining the WWF in 1999. 12 Andre Hart Andre Davis may not have been
a champion in WWE, though he certainly goes down
in history for all the wrong reasons. Impressing everyone under
ring name Andre Hart, no relation to the Canadian
family, Hart received a contract
by Vince McMahon, which was quickly rescinded
once a medical exam found Hart to be HIV Positive Though fully aware of his HIV status, Hart returned to the indies, and slept with dozens of women, infected them all. Arrested in 2011, Hart was
sentenced to 32 years in prison the following year, and is currently
incarcerated right now Hart has apologised to his victims and has vowed to raise awareness
of the dangers of sex addiction and HIV when he gets out, though by the time that happens, he won’t have much life left to go. 11 Ken Patera Before he joined wrestling, Ken Patera was an accomplished
weightlifter, and could easily throw his
opponents around the ring with ease. But one showcase of the
powerhouse outside of the ring came on April 6th, 1984, when he was refused service at a McDonald’s. In the company’s defence, this
was after hours, but this little tidbit didn’t stop
Patera from picking up a chunk of rock and throwing it through a window, though he claimed it was done by a disgruntled ex-employee. Patera probably didn’t
help his legal defence when an officer arrived at the
scene, as Patera assaulted the cop. Later joining the WWF, Patera’s time with the
company was cut short, when he was found guilty, and was sentenced to two years
in prison. 10 Hardbody Harrison Unless you saw some very
specific matches in WCW in the late 1990s, you’ve probably never heard
of Hardbody Harrison. To be fair, you haven’t missed much, as Harrison was a poor wrestler, and unsurprisingly didn’t get
snatched up when Vince McMahon bought
the company in 2001. Six years later though, Harrison’s
name came up again, as he was charged with the
false imprisonment of eight women, whom he
used as sex slaves. Representing himself in
legal proceedings, Harrison denied the claims, and
even suggested he was helping them, providing them with wrestling
training. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t work, as amongst other issues
in his story, no-one in their right mind
would go to him for training. After laughable defence, Harrison was convicted of all
charges, and sentenced to life
in prison. 9 Vader Before his death in June 2018, Vader was known for being one of the stiffest wrestlers of all time. In fact, the story goes that in WCW, younger stars would show up to
tapings, see that they would be
facing Vader, and would flee the building in fear. Not only was the mastodon known
for being scary, he was also known for his
short temper. An example of this came when
the Superheavyweight was in the WWF in the late 1990s, and was in an interview with
The Undertaker. When the unsuspecting journalist asked about wrestling being fake, the Deadman remained calm, though Vader flipped into a rage. Assaulting the interviewer, Vader was arrested and fined $164, presumably because no-one
dared finding more. You know you’ve got anger issues 8 Scott Hall Scott Hall’s issues with substance
abuse are well known, and these issues have led to
multiple arrests. One of his most shocking brushes with the law came in 1983, when the future Hall of Famer was involved in an altercation
outside a Florida nightclub. When his attacker drew a gun, Hall had to wrestle for the weapon, and ended up shooting the man. Arrested and charged with second
degree murder, the case was later dropped due to a lack of evidence. Vowing to turn his life around,
Hall would join the world of wrestling, and would find his
way to the WWF in 1992. Though Hall has gotten his
life back on track thanks to the intervention of DDP, Hall did speak in a recent
interview about the attack, saying it haunts him to this day. 7 Emma When WWE’s Emma was fired on June 30th 2014, the wrestling fan community
weren’t pleased. The Australian had been arrested
in Hartford, Connecticut for allegedly stealing an iPad
case earlier that day, though the Superstar claimed
she had simply forgotten to pay for the case. This certainly seemed more likely, as with a WWE salary, it seems laughable that she’d
need to shoplift. After much fan outrage over such a strict punishment for
what seemed like a happy accident, the company did re-hire her later that week. After serving some community service, Emma returned to the ring, becoming a dominant force in NXT, before being released in 2017. Perhaps this was for the best, as the botched Emmalina
gimmick left fans cringing, and the Aussie has become
on of ROH’s top women. 6 Billy Joe Travis Billie Joe Travis was arrested for unpaid child support, and though that isn’t the
most exciting of crimes, his actual arrest got everyone talking. Working for a Memphis-based
promotion in 1996, Travis had already established
himself as a huge star, meaning there was no reason
he wasn’t able to pay. Being arrested live on TV, the promotion decided to turn
the whole affair into a storyline, including filming Travis being
dragged out of the building
and being placed in a squad car. Though Travis held several
champions in the territory, including being a former CWA
Tag Team Champion with a
rookie Scott Steiner, it is probably his arrest that the
star is best remembered for. 5 Ric Flair It’s no secret that Ric Flair is
a bit of a party animal, and is no stranger to
getting intoxicated. One of the Nature Boy’s
most shocking escapades came in 2002, when the WWE was travelling
back to the US after a tour in the United Kingdom in what would be later deemed
the Plane Ride From Hell. During the historic flight Flair became so drunk, he
stripped naked, before doing his trademark strut, whilst trying to dance with
flight attendants This unsurprisingly, did not
please the crew, as the attendants later filed a
sexual harassment lawsuit
against Flair, claiming the Dirtiest player
in the game had forced their hands
on his genitals. Though Flair denied
these accusations the case was settled out of court for an undisclosed fee. 4 New Jack Whilst he may be best remembered for the infamous Mass Transit
incident in the original ECW,
New Jack seemingly outdid himself in 2004. After the extreme promotion
went under in 2001, the original gangster would
bounce around the independent circuit, before founding himself in the
Thunder Wrestling Federation. During a show, New Jack took
on William Lane, though during the match, Jack snapped, and pulled out a
knife from his ring gear.
Shocking everyone watching,
Jack proceeded to stab Lane
nine times, before being arrested and
charged with aggravated assault to commit murder. In what may be the luckiest move
in wrestling history, Lane later
dropped all charges against New Jack, after the former ECW star
agreed to train him. 3 Scott Steiner Scott Steiner may be known
for his unique look and very unique promos, but the master of the Steiner
Recliner has had more than his fair share of legal issues. In January 2001, the Genetic
Freak was arrested a WCW taping for the most
shocking of reasons. During a segment, Steiner inflicted
a beating on Christopher Daniels
and Michael Modest that left both men a wreck. As an EMT went to check
on the duo, Steiner returned to the
scene of the crime, attacking the EMT as well. The only problem, was that
the EMT, wasn’t an actor, but was
an actual EMT. Arrested for assault, the case
against Steiner was later dropped when the court deemed that
Steienr genuinely thought
the EMT was part of the show. A lucky escape for the WCW
World Champion, though it would’ve been amazing
to see Steiner use one his
classic promos to defend himself in a court of law. 2 Bo Dallas Bo Dallas has promoted a life
full of positivity on-screen but it wasn’t that long ago, that the former NXT Champion
found himself on the wrong side of the law. During a tour in 2016, the Bo-Lieve star was found
heavily intoxicated and very disruptive during the company’s tour of Mexico. According to eye witnesses Dallas had been drinking
heavily before the flight, and after taking his seat, began singing songs from
The Lion King at the top of his lungs. Those on board clearly
didn’t appreciate Dallas’ impression of Simba, as he was kicked from the
plane before take-off. This didn’t stop Dallas from
raising a fuss, using inappropriate language
at Seth Rollins whilst being escorted out. Video evidence has showed
Dallas was still intoxicated
during his arrest, but later calmed down, and was
co-operative with officers. 1 Meng If you ask anybody in wrestling w
ho is the toughest star of all time, they’re probably going to
tell you Meng. Known as Haku in the WWF, the Tongan is not just known
for being tough, but for being downright crazy. When someone once called
out Meng for being part of the ‘fake’
wrestling world, the Superstar showed just
how tough he could be, when he bit the man’s
nose clean off. As you can imagine, this quickly got the
attention of cops, though Meng was able to
hold his own, fighting off eight, yes eight officers. And even being pepper sprayed
didn’t slow down the Powerhouse who simply closed his eyes
and continued brawling. On another occasion, Meng
was arrested by an officer, who fared better than the others, as he was able to get the
Superstar in handcuffs. This victory didn’t last long though, as Meng stared the officer
dead in the eyes, and snapped the cuffs in half. Long story short, if you’re
ever in a war you better pray Meng is on
your side. Well guys that’s our list, can you
think of any other arressts for really
crazy crimes that happenned to WWE
Superstars ? if so, drop us a comment below
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47 Replies to “13 WWE Superstars Who Were Arrested For The Craziest Crimes / WWE Wrestlers Arrested”

  1. A blind mouse would be too much for Big Show, as long as it didn't stick around for 3mins. Val Venus big show toilet scene?

  2. Patera was arrested in a hotel room and it took a couple of officer's to subdue & arrest him. My instructor was one of those officers.

  3. You actually got the story wrong. I heard Haku tell the story. He said after he bit the guys nose off him and someone else cleaned house and left before the police showed up. You mixed in a different Meng story with this one.

  4. Why did you add the story where her beat up 8 police officers? That's a completely different story. Do you do any research first?
    This came straight from Mengs mouth.
    For years, rumors circulated that Haku had bitten off a man’s nose in a bar fight. When asked about this incident in a shoot interview, Haku confirmed its truthfulness. He and the man were at the Baltimore airport in a hotel bar, and a man had the unfortunate impulse to tell Haku, to his face, that wrestling was fake. Haku, in his own words:

    “And I reached over without thinking—there are four other guys there—grabbed his face, and bit his nose off. Then the fight started. Me and Siva kind of cleaned house there and left. I'll never forget it.”

  5. Was going to be disappointed if you didnt mention the plane ride from hell, I think you should’ve added when Flair ran a guy off the road and pulled out of his car discovering he was a fan of the guy he was in a feud with; Adam “Edge” Copeland had been said to actually get under Flair’s skin, so Flair beat the man with the Edge shirt he had ran off the road nearly to death.

  6. Andre Hart's finnisher: The A.I.D.S auto immune disease special aka the Career Ender: poison damage over time: unbreakable submission: submission for life. Goes by the aliases: the nastiest SSOB of all time, The real cerebral assassin and The Charlie Sheen ain't got shit on me mean machine.

  7. the Haku/Meng arrest wasn't for the nose bite off it was in a bar fight involving against bunch of assholes with Rick Rude , Scott Hall , Scott Steiner and Mr Perfect who have all released exact same retellings of the incident to numerous interviewers…the nose bite off was witnessed by a bunch of bystanders and was deemed self defence/retaliation after he was shoved by someone who called him a fake wrestler guy multiple times while eating…get your facts before making videos mate

  8. What was the stabbing all about, though? William Lane must have been a real "good sport" to be stabbed nine times and drop charges.
    For an audience of twenty?

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