12 WWE Wrestlers Tattoos You Never Knew Had A Backstory (WWE Superstars Tattoos)

12  WWE Wrestlers Tattoos You Never Knew Had A Backstory (WWE Superstars Tattoos)

Today we present you
12 WWE Wrestlers Tattoos
with a backstory /WWE Superstar Tattoos 12. Jeff Hardy wears his
roots on his sleeve As the Charismatic Enigma,
Jeff Hardy certainly has a unique look when he competes splashing his body in face paint and and donning his full-length
arm sleeves. For over 20 years now, Hardy
has entertained fans across the world, with his few, massive tattoos being instantly recognisable
to the WWE Universe. Most striking of his tattoos, is the large root that stretches
across the former WWE Champion’s entire right arm. In an interview, Hardy
explained how he got the ink to remind him of humanity’s
connection to the earth with our planets ability to fuel
trees through water being similar to the human body’s ability
to create life with blood. Not satisfied with just one tattoo, Hardy has a dragon on his left leg, though has admitted that this
was inked in secret as an act of rebellion against
his and Matt’s father. A talented artist, Hardy has even designed some of his own tattoos, which appear on his right hand,
a difficult task when you realise the
Charismatic Enigma is right-handed, and had to use his left hand to draw. 11. CM Punk takes the Pepsi Plunge When fans look at the iconic
Pepsi logo of former WWE
Superstar CM Punk, they may at a first glance believe
that the straight edge saviour got the tattoo for his love of
the refreshing drink. And whilst there’s no denying
that Punk clearly is a fan of the drink, the Pepsi tattoo is also a
subtle message about his
straight-edge lifestyle. One of his oldest tattoos, Punk
got the famous striped logo after seeing so many people
get tattoos of their favourite
beer companies defiantly announcing his straight-
edge belief that he would refuse alcohol in favour of the popular soda. This tattoo did lead to some
issues however when he joined WWE as licencing issues meant the
logo was sometimes excluded from WWE games and figures, as the company did not want
to pay a huge fee to Pepsi. The MMA Star’s love of the beverage even found it’s way into his moveset, with the Pepsi Plunge and Pepsi Twist being some of Punk’s most
iconic wrestling moves Now competing in UFC, Punk continues to show his
tattoos in fights, with his opponents seeing
the words DRUG FREE on his knuckles
as Punk wails into them. 10. The Hot Headed Bam
Bam Bigelow Whilst most of the Superstars
in this video have a deep meaning behind the ink, the same can’t be said of the f
lames that rocked the dome of Bam
Bam Bigelow. Whilst there may not be some
epic story behind them, the flames remain one of
wrestling’s most iconic tattoos, demonstrating the hot-headed
temper of the Beast from the East. Whether he was in the WWF, WCW or ECW, Bam Bam dominated his
opponents in all promotions, even capturing the ECW
World Championship in October 1997. Though some tattoos aren’t
as painful as many believe, the same can’t be said for this one, as Bam Bam admitted that he
passed out due to the
excruciating pain, though when he came to,
refused to take a break. Costing a whopping $4,500, this fact is made all the more
impressive when you find that Bam Bam got it before
making it as a wrestler, so who knows how he paid for it. Our guess is he told the tattoo
artist what he wanted, and everybody was too afraid
of the mountain of a man to say no. 9. Hornswoggle, part muppet? As one of WWE’s most colourful stars in recent years, it seemed at time that
Hornswoggle wasn’t even human, with his short stature only
being exaggerated when he shared the rings
with giants like the Great Khali. But underneath his green, white and orange garb, his 4 foot 4 inch frame has
been covered in tattoos, celebrating Hornswoggle’s
love of the Muppets. Seemingly obsessed with Jim
Henson’s band of misfit marionettes, Hornswoggle got to meet his
heroes in 2011, where he showed off his tattoos
to Kermit the Frog and Miss
Piggy on RAW, though received a swift ‘pork’ chop
by Piggy when he leaned in for a kiss. This setback didn’t stop the
former Cruiserweight champion’s
love for the group, as he’s added Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, Statler and Waldorf to his body since, and was even able to make
a cameo in the 2014 film, Muppets most wanted’. Though it’s not just his body
that is adorned in muppet art, as the petite performer also has
a massive Muppet toy collection, which was featured on the
WWE’s ‘Superstar Toyz’
YouTube series. 8. The Rock, a true Pe’a Warrior If you’ve followed the career
of the Brahma Bull, then you’ll know that the Rock
is very proud of his Samoan heritage. The Son of Rocky Johnson and
 Grandson of High Chief Peter Maivia, it’s hard to truly understand
The Rock’s connection to his heritage, without understanding the meaning behind his most personal, and painful tattoo. Unlike common tattoos that
use a needle, the pe’a tattoos are constructed
with pieces of bone, turtle shell and wood, and often takes 3 people to apply. Travelling to Hawaii for the
excruciating procedure, the shoulder tattoo took a
total 60 hours to complete, split into three 20 hour sessions and was designed entirely
by freehand. As intricate as it is, The Great
One has said the message of the tattoo itself is very simple, saying it’s a representation of three things
, family, protecting family, and being a warrior his enemies
can’t hold down. 7. The Undertaker has pride
in his krew When Triple H, Shawn Michaels,
Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman everyone in the locker-room
took note. Fearing that the group would
be nothing but trouble if gone
unchecked, the Undertaker formed his
own group, though with significantly smaller stars, Paul Bearer, Yokozuna, Savio
Vega, Rikishi, Brian Adams
and the Godwinns. Committed to the group, who
called themselves the Bone
Street Krew, The Deadman had a massive
tattoo saying ‘BSK pride’
etched across his abdomen. Whilst the team were never
explicitly mentioned on WWE TV, the Phenom often represented
the group, exposing the ink whenever
he pulled the straps down, symbolising that the end was
near for his opponent. Sadly the tattoo has also
become a tribute to those of the Krew who have
since passed, and was actually a response to Savio Vega getting the first BSK tattoo, though a much smaller one. Clearly, the Deadman
wanted to make sure no-one could deny his
pride in the group. 6. Lita is a Punk With her red hair, alternative image and risk-taking offence, Lita was unlike any woman on the roster
during the Attiude Era. And whilst there have been
other tattooed women in WWE, none compare to Lita, in terms
of ability or championship success. Setting herself apart from the
blonde bimbo archetype of
the early 2000s, Lita sported a large demon
tattoo on her right arm, with an assortment of skulls
on her left. What is far more interesting though,
is the tattoo fans never got to see, which is hidden away on the inside
of her lips, which reads Punk. Despite what some fans may believe, this has nothing to do with CM Punk, who Lita used to date, but was inked on years earlier when she was living with a musician
in a house that often hosted Punk bands. During a performance by Railhead, the young Lita allowed her
roommate to commemorate this
chapter of their lives with some ink, saying the process didn’t hurt at all, perhaps due to how fast it happened. 5.Santino The Barbarian When you look at WWE’s goofball
Santino Marella, with Conan it’s clear the former US
Champion has a lot more with the ginger-haired talk show host than the muscle-bound fictional
character. But despite this, Marella is a
huge fan of the Barbarian even having the comic book
star tattooed on his chest. Wanting to add to his ink, Marella also has a lion, dragon
and winged beast across
his body, perhaps for the Barbarian to battle. An icon of pop culture, it’s clear that Santino is a huge
fanatic of Conan, and is able to connect with
the Barbarian, who also often mixed strength
and dominance with humour. Explaining the tattoo to WWE.com, Santino showed his comedic chops equating Conan’s rise from
peasant villager to king, to his own success in WWE, appearing in the crowd in 2007 and winning the Intercontinental Championship on his first night. At least now the Italian sensation
has a connection to a Barbarian who crushed his enemies, compared to the WWE’s Barbarian, who was more of a cuddly teddybear. 4.Wade Barrett inks up for
his favourite band It doesn’t matter if you won
season 1 of NXT, and are a multiple time champion, when your favourite band contacts
you, you’re bound to geek out. This was just the case with
Wade Barrett, who despite his massive
success in the States, remained loyal to his British roots, who sported a bouquet of red roses, the official flower of his home-
county of Lancashire. Surrounding the rose are the words
‘Boredom, culture, alienation
and despair, which may seem like the usual
cries of an angsty teen, but any UK indie rock fan worth
their salt will recognise them as the lyrics to
Little Baby Nothing by Manic Street Preachers. Although MSP never really
made it big in the US, they were massively popular
in England, where both Barrett and the
band hail from. In fact, Barrett was even contacted
by guitarist James Dean Bradfield, who offered the Superstar
his services for the former WWE 
star’s next theme, to which Barrett could only
respond that his mind was blown, in a tweet. 3. Seth Rollins, Samurai Warrior
or Tom Cruise fan When Seth Rollins entered a
tattoo shop for his first piece of ink, he had two things in mind: getting
something that represented his
life philosophies, as well as his favourite movies. Anyone Japanophiles will
instantly recognise the Architect’s back tattoo as the
seven traits of Bushido: Integrity, respect, courage,
honour, compassion,
honestly and loyalty. Whilst many may assume that
the Architect found the
message whilst travelling the world, honing his craft, the truth is
not as glamourous. Instead, Rollins found the
message whilst watching
The Last Samurai, which stars Tom Cruise as
Army Captain Nathen Algren, who finds inner peace in the
ways of the samurai. Rollins has even said he
relates to Algren, despite Rollins’ risk-taking offence and consistent mind games leaving him far from relaxed. Certain tenets of the Bushido
even include the eighth virtue of self-control, though with tattoos often going
into hundreds or even
thousands of dollars, it’s obvious why some tattoo
fanatics don’t celebrate this virtue. 2. Justice for Jericho With Chris Jericho taking as
many sabbaticals from WWE, it’s no secret that when not
in the ring, Y2J can often be found on stage, rocking out with heavy
metal band Fozzy. A huge fan of the genre the band’s first album was almost
an entire tribute to classic metal, with the band later deciding
to write more original songs. More than merely cover Iron
Maiden’s classic ‘The Prisoner’ Jericho has gone the next step, getting the band’s iconic
mascot Eddie on his wrist. His other wrist is equally metal, sporting a copy of Metallica’s And Justice For All cover, with
a blindfolded Statue of Liberty following the Ayatollah of Rock
and Rollah in his life. Though many have considered
Jericho getting these tattoos
in his 40s as a clear mid-life crisis, it’s
just as believable that the metal-mad Superstar
always wanted the ink, and sees now as an appropriate
time to get them. 1. Brock Lesnar’s drunken swordfight We’ve all heard the story: a guy quits his job, his life spirals out of control,
this dude gets wasted and wakes up with a tattoo he
doesn’t remember getting. It doesn’t matter how big or
bad you are, this can happen to anyone
man or woman, and even a Beast. To Lesnar’s credit, he at
least remembers getting the huge sword on his front inked, though has admitted he was
very drunk at the time. The Beast Incarnate has also
stated that the Sword itself is a metaphor of the pressure
he felt at the time, as WWE were blocking his
attempts to wrestle for New Japan, pressure that didn’t mix well
with Lesnar’s substance
abuse problems. Eventually joining New Japan, Lesnar would clean himself up
before joining UFC, whom he left to return to the
WWE in 2012, now sporting his iconic sword, which no-doubt strikes fear
into his opponents. Well guys that’s our list, Do you know of any other stories
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    2. Manic streets preachers are from Wales not England.
    3 Metallica and justice for all album cover feature Lady Justice not The statue of liberty

  2. Undertaker had a tattoo that read Sara on his throat, cause he was married to her before filing for divorce

  3. Punk was reading an interview with Brian Baker of Minor Threat. Baker has a Coca Cola tattoo. Punk liked Pepsi, so he got that. Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat coined the term "straight edge". The X came when Ian MacKaye (of Minor Threat) was in the Teen Idels. Punk shows were at bars. They were underage and didn't drink anyways. They drew the big X on their hands so it was known to not serve them.

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  7. Didn't bam bam go into a house that was on fire and pulled out some children? I heard that somewhere. Also Bigelow is his last name in real life but if you look up below in the dictionary I believe it means a huge fireball…Hence the flames on his head

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