12 WWE And Other Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Died In Car Accidents (2019) – Wrestlers Deaths (R.I.P)

12 WWE And Other Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Died In Car Accidents (2019) – Wrestlers Deaths (R.I.P)

Today we present you, 12 Wrestlers
Who You Didn’t Know Tragically Died
In Car Accidents 12. Jerry Blackwell Tipping the scales at nearly 500 lbs, this grappler from Stone Mountain,
Georgia was an indestructible force. A true tough-guy who competed
in strong-man competitions,
Blackwell amazed fans driving nails into wood with
nothing but his forehead. Joining the AWA, the mountain of
a man would have his greatest
success as a heel, alongside Ken Patera, where the two reigned as
AWA World Tag Team Champions. Turning face not long after,
Blackwell would become one of
the promotion’s most beloved stars, thanks in part by the departure
of Hulk Hogan, who had joined Vince McMahon’s WWF. Feuding with world champions
such as Nick Bockwinkel, and later Curt Hennig, Blackwell was one of the
promotion’s top stars, and for
good reason. Unfortunately, things would come
 crashing down, as in December 1994, Blackwell was involved in a car accident and died just one month later. The mountain from Stone Mountain
has died specifically due to his injuries from the accident, and
was 45 when he passed. 11. Brady Boone A stocky man to say the least,
it didn’t take long for Brady Boone to capture the
attention of WWE. Debuting in the 1984, Boone would
work for years on house shows, occasionally making it on Television.
Originally competing as himself, Boone would get his most memorable
character of Battle Kat in 1990, with many fans remembering
the colourful character of the time. After years working as a wrestler, Boone would become a referee
in WCW in the late 90s, where he was able to help
coach newer talent. Driving home from a taping
on Orlando, Florida to his home in Tampa, Boone sadly died in an
automobile accident on December 15, 1998, aged 40. Whilst he never held championship
gold in either the WWF or WCW, Boone helped inspire and mentor
a young Rob Van Dam, helping open doors in All Japan
Pro Wrestling for the future WWE Champion who would capture the richest
prize in the industry in 2006. 10. Sailor White One of the WWF’s most travelled stars, it’s disappointing that the incredible
life of Sailor White came to a tragic end due to
a car accident. Working as a heel in Japan,
South Africa and Malaysia, White is best known for his time
in the WWF as Moondog King, where he held the World Tag
Team Championships with
Moondog Rex in 1981. During this reign though, White’s
time competing in the U.S.
was cut short, as visa issues meant he was no
longer allowed to compete, with his disspearence on-screen
eerily being explained in kayfabe as that White had been hit by a car. Falling into a destructive mix of
drugs alcohol and violence, White would serve time before
returning to his native Canada, where he turned his life around. Twice running for office, White would form his own
political party, before spending his final years
driving a taxi. When his taxi crashed in
December 2004, White’s neck and back were
severely damaged and he would succumb to his
injuries 8 months later. 9. Adrian Adonis When Adrian Adonis competed
at WrestleMania 3 in front of
over 93,000 fans, no-one could’ve expected that the
huge star would be dead not long after. Facing Roddy Piper, Adonis would
come up short against the Hot Rod, and would even lose some of
his brunette locks in the aftermath. Following this historic defeat,
Adonis would take a hiatus
from WWE making appearances on the
independent scene, when his travels took him to
Newfoundland. Near the town
of Lewisporte Adonis swerved to avoid a moose, and the vehicle ended up at the
bottom of a deep embankment
in the water. The July 4th, 1998 accident
made headlines as many people were shocked that someone they had seen not that
long ago, was now gone. That same year, Adonis was
posthumously awarded this Stanley Weston award by Pro
Wrestling Illustrated magazine, allowing fans one final chance
to say goodbye to the Superstar. 8. Ernie Holmes While many fans may have forgotten Ernie Holmes career as a
professional wrestler, older fans may recall the NFL
star participating in the football vs. Wrestler Battle Royal at
WrestleMania 2. Playing for seven seasons in the NFL Holmes was a crucial part of
both the Pittsburgh Steelers
and New England Patriots, though somehow found the time
to wrestle on multiple occasions
onthe side. A two-time Superbowl Champion
with the Steelers, Holmes competed in 84 NFL games, before retiring to a quiet life
in Texas. Later ordained as a minister, Holmes would spread the word
to countless members of
his congregation before his tragic death on
January 17th, 2008. Involved in a single vehicle accident
near Beaumont, Texas Holmes’ car veered off the road
and flipped several times. It was
later discovered that Holmes had
not been wearing his seatbelt, and had been flung from the vehicle, and was pronounced dead at
the scene. When Adrian Adonis took his
hiatus from WWE one promoter eager to snatch
the Superstar up was Dave
‘The Bearman’ McKigney. An established wrestler, McKigney
was also the promoter behind
Big Bear Promotions an undercover company that ran throughout Ontario and Quebec from the 1960s-1980s. As you can imagine, McKigney
got his nickname as as he would often wrestle
against bears at shows, though became fast friends with
Adonis when they worked together. Unfortunately, the Bearman was
with Adonis on July 4th, 1988, and also perished in the car
accident that took Adonis’ life. Also in the vehicle were wrestles
Pat and Mike Kelly, and though Mike survived, his
brother was not so lucky. The death of three wrestlers in just
one day shocked fans to the core, with Lewisporte hosting no wrestling
for nearly twenty years after
the tragedy. 6. Billy Redwood One of the more obscure
wrestlers on this list, William Crumpton made his debut
in the world of wrestling in 2001. Trained by Jimmy Cicero, The Bruiser and Corporal Punishment, Crumption would compete as
Billy Redwood and later as
Billy Beater during his career. Whilst he never made it big in WWE, Redwood would become a
two-tome Hardway Wrestling
tag champion in Philadelphia, and also held the MCW Pro
Wrestling TV Title. Amongst his opponents included
former ECW stars like Axl Rotten, Chris Chetti and Rockin Rebel, as well as former WWF Light
Heavyweight Champion, Duane Gill, better known by fans
as the man called Gillberg. Sadly, Redwood’s career was
cut short when he died in a vehicular accident on July 3rd 2004. Stading 6-foot-5 and weighing close
to 300lbs, who knows how far Redwood’s career could’ve gone if the blue-chipper hadn’t tragically
been struck down just three years after entering
the business. 5. Joey Marella The son of the legendary
Gorilla Monsoon, Joey Marella had huge shoes to
fill when he joined the WWF in 1983 at just 20 years old. Becoming a referee instead
of a wrestler, Marella would become one of
the most recognisable refs of all time before the likes of Earl Hebner, Nick Patrick or Charles Robinson. Arguably his biggest moment
came in 1987, when Marella was chosen to call
the main event of WrestleMania 3, which saw Hulk Hogan slam Andre
the Giant to retain the WWF title. Driving home after refereeing
matches in Ocean City, Maryland, , Marella fell asleep at the wheel
on July 4th, 1994 in New Jersey, and died after
a car accident, aged 31. Also in the car was Harvey Wippleman, who fortunately survived as he was wearing his seatbelt,
something Marella reportedly had
not done. As tribute, ring announcer Tony Chimel would name one of his sons
after Marella, and when his father passed in 1999, the pair were laid to rest side-by-
side at Cinnaminson, New Jersey. 4. Pierre Lefebvre When Vince McMahon decided
his promotion would host the
very best talent, many assumed that Pierre ‘Mad Dog’
Lefebvre would be first on the list. ntering wrestling aged 17, Lefebvre
would earn the respect of many fans and wrestlers for his ferocity
in the ring, as at 5 foot 10 and 233lbs, would often find himself overpowered. Though he did have some success
in the U.S. as part of Georgia
Championship Wrestling, the Canadian star would have
his best success in Quebec, where he won the International Tag
Team Championships seven times. On Christmas Eve, 1985, Lefebvre’s life was tragically
snuffed out aged 30, during a car accident which
happened whilst he was
returning home for the holidays. What makes this even worse, is
that Lefebvre wasn’t travelling alone, with both his passengers also
perishing: referee Adien Desboris, and one half of the first-ever WWF
Tag Champions, Tarzan Tyler. 3. Buddy Landell Though many current-day fans may
not have heard the name Buddy Landell, the former Superstar was once poised
to be one of the greatest of all time. After several years wowing
fans in the 80s, Landell feuded with fellow
Nature Boy Ric Flair, and was poised to dethrone
the 16-time World Champion for the NWA World Championship, but departed the company in 1985
after a falling out with management. Despite this, Landell would still
do well, was slated to face off against
Buddy Rogers before his death, and was awarded the State
of Kentucky’s governor office in 1990 as the state’s most influential wrestler. Being involved in an automobile
accident on June 21, 2015, news of the incident instantly
hit social media, though it looked like Landell was
going to be okay. After being seen at hospital, Landell was sent home, but was found dead by his wife
the next day, at the age of 53. 2. The Junkyard Dog Whilst Hulk Hogan may have been
the face of the WWE during it’s expansion in the 1980s, it was the colourful cast of
characters that helped prop
the Hulkster up. One such character was the
Junkyard Dog who after debuting in 1977, became a huge star of the promotion. A fixture on the short lived ‘Hulk
Hogan’s Rock ‘n Wrestling’ cartoon JYD’s popularity continued to build even competing at the very
first WrestleMania, where he defeated Greg ‘The
Hammer’ Valentine. One of the most athletic Superstars
of his generation, Dog would remain active in the
industry until his death on June 2nd, 1998. Falling asleep at the wheel,
JYD sadly died moments after his daughter’s
graduation ceremony, in what must’ve been one of the
best and worst days for the family. Despite holding several regional titles, the Junkyard Dog never held
gold in the WWE, though was inducted posthumously
into the Hall of Fame in 2004, the night before WrestleMania 20. 1. Randy Savage Although he was one of the
most recognisable wrestlers
of all time Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage
became something of a recluse after his contract
with WCW came to an end. Despite a brief stint in TNA and a cameo as Bonesaw McGraw
in the 2002 Spider-Man film, fans would not get a chance to see
the former WWF Champion for years until a video at San Diego Comic
Con showed him speaking about the new Mattel
image of himself. With fans hopeful that this was the
start of Savage’s return to the company, his sudden death on May 20, 2011 hit fans worse than any of his patented diving elbow drops. After his death, it was determined that Savage had
suffered a cardia arrest whilst driving, which had caused him to crash
his car into a tree. A huge loss for the wrestling community, fans still consider the Macho Man
as one of the greatest and most gifted stars of his time, and he was rightly inducted
into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015, by his brother Lanny ‘The Genius’ Poffo. Well guys that’s our list, and it was a
morbid one, what do we say we all cheer each
other up by sharing some of our favourite
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  1. I still miss Jerry. He was someone I remember well from my early memories. I remember hearing of his death. It was very sad.

  2. Redwood a huge percentage of wrestling fans never heard of him. Why was he #6? Who the heck didn't know Savage had a heart attack while driving and went into a tree? Thanks for that news breaker.

  3. Even in death Savage is always the controversial type of person. From whether or not he was involved with a underage Stephanie McMahon ( Which I do believe he did ) his fall out with Elizabeth, real life civil war with Hulk Hogan and even in his death there was no way he could survived a Heart Attack and Car accident at the same time. Savage was just like his Wrestling name a Macho Man in the ring and to the women but his inner demons led a savage life to the end.

  4. I'm glad you included referee Joey Marella on this list. He deserves it. I didn't know he was Monsoon's son, though. That's pretty cool ?

  5. Sailor white is moondog spot. He died in the ring. Not in a car accident. Moondog King died in a cat accident via heart attack.

  6. Adrian Adonis ' DID NOT have "brunette" locks, you fucking moron! His hair was OBVIOUSLY fucking blonde in his WM3 match! DUMBASS!

  7. WOW…two wrestlers dying on July 4th, & one on July 3rd! Two of them were in same year! Adonis was July 4, 1988, & Joey Morella died on July 3rd, 1994, & I forget who died the next day after Joey the same year! Really strange!

  8. it is a shame that No One really saw Adrian at his best…. In the AWA with jesse, The East-West COnnection was my fav Tag Team…. he was in shape and was awesome….. and, in the year before he died, he had stopped drinking and lost 100 pounds and went back to Dark hair and started to look like he did in the AWA… Such a shame he never got to get his full redemption….. Adrian Adonis for WWE HOF

  9. Wasn’t the finding that Randy Savage had a massive heart attack so he may have been dead before the Jeep struck the tree.

  10. Macho Man Randy Savage Looked So Different Without The Black Hair & Beard. Cutting It Lower & As It Got White Made Him Look Completely Different, The White Beard Too.

  11. Buddy landel is very underated. He really deserves to become the nwa world heavyweight champion. He really deserve the 10 pounds of gold.

  12. I know an ex Boxer from Tampa and Blackwell was messing with him and my friend punched him and knocked him out. Same with Tom Zenk, Zenk was messing with one of his friends.

  13. Randy Savage Did NOT die in a Car Accident! He died of a HEART ATTACK Cause By ATHEROSCLEROTIC HEART DISEASE While At The Wheel of His Jeep Wrangler! You Stupid Morons Ought To Check Your Facts Before Making Your Videos!

  14. disliked all old new some really old… click baited with the 2019 made look like they died last year.. really if you didn't know of most of these guy have passed away then your not a fan your a want to be fan

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  16. U have 0 proof Macho Man was involved with an underage Stephanie! Quit tarnishing his name! That's weak as fuck! If u can't respect the late, great, Macho Man, than keep his name out of your cyber mouth!

  17. JYD died on my 20th birthday. His legend lives on with Colt Cabana doing the dance while wearing the polka dots.

  18. Please… It wasn't the wwe in the 90s…. Since you have no problem calling them the wwf, I figured you use the proper name all the time…. WWWF…. WWF….. Get the WWF-out "lol"…. And the WWE….

  19. Half the time you talk about Sailor White, you show a pic of Randy Cooley or Larry Latham, as if they were him. RESEARCH!

  20. You pronounced Newfoundland incorrectly, you pronounced Lewisporte incorrectly, you pronounced Lefebvre incorrectly. Have you ever thought of researching before you record?? Shoddy my friend, very shoddy!

  21. Savage made Hogan Warrior Roddy Piper Jon Lister aka Zeus Ricky Steamboat Jake Roberts and Razor Ramon that bit more famous. Macho Icon Randy Savage was a work horse. He is an example he entertained me. Thank you Macho Icon. RiP Randy Savage..?

  22. I remember Pierre Mad Dog Lefebvre, he was one hell of a wrestler and one of the top heels in the old international wrestling promotion in the province of Quebec. He held the tag titles with my mantor Frenchy Martin. Lefevre had a huge feud with Mad Dog Vachon in what was called the battle of the Mad Dogs.

    Frenchy told me that the night Pierre passed away in that horrible car crash, he was originally supposed to travel with Pierre, Tarzan Tyler and Adrien Desbois, but decided otherwise. He learned of the car crash and death of Pierre by the tow truck Driver who was at the crash scene. Frenchy told me that was the worst night of his life since the passing of his old friend and partner Michel Martel who was Rick Martel's brother.

    This car crash was and is still known today as the event that started the demise of Lutte International. In one night the promotion lost one of it's top heel in Mad Dog Lefebvre, its top referee in Adrien Desbois, and his top manager in Tarzan Tyler who at the was on par as a manager with Eddy Creachman.

  23. what?? 'when vince took over, many expected pierre lefebvre to be at the top of the list'…. what a croc! nobody outside of eastern canada knew who pierre 'mad dog' lefebvre was.

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