12 Upcoming Racing Games in 2016 / 2017

12 Upcoming Racing Games in 2016 / 2017

Modern racing games have created some of the
most realistic car simulation experiences. With photorealistic graphics, high tech steering
wheels, and now even virtual reality capability there’s a lot of reason to try the new generation
of racing games. There’s also tons of crowdfunded arcade racers with that are throwbacks to
classic games. There’s no shortage of variety in this genre. So let’s take a look at these
upcoming racing games. 12 Assetto Corsa � June 3, 2016 � PS4,
XB1 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgrlBI6OzHgVA-iVupI4TuQ/videos
Assetto Corsa is one of the most realistic racing sims on Steam, and this June it’s coming
to consoles. Every track and every car is built to be as close to real life as possible.
The developers used laser scan technology so that every feature of the roads on the
track matched to real life. With over 80 cars to choose from that all
have authentic and unique driving styles, there’s a wide selection for players. Race
modes include career, special and unique events, and challenges. Assetto Corsa releases June
2016 on PS4 and Xbox One. 11 Calibre 10 Racing. TBA / PC, XB1
The global economy has collapsed, leaving combat racing as the only televised sport
in this futuristic offering from Bongfish. Calibre 10 Racing is considered a successor
to the 2010 arcade title Harm’s Way, which finished as a finalist in Dorito’s �Unlock
Xbox� game design competition. Four teams of two battle to finish first,
with weapons such as missiles and machine guns changing how you play every lap. Each
team features a driver and a shooter. Drivers race their way towards the finish line in
concept cars developed by real-world artists as they avoid each other and enemy fire. Shooters
operate remote-controlled turrets featuring missiles, snipers, Gatling guns, and more
to take out the competition. Cooperative play promises to be a new experience as both first-person
shooting and racing are both taking center stage. Early access gaming was made available
on Steam in 2014, allowing players a chance to try the game and provide feedback in the
development process. The full release is still to be announced. 10 World Of Speed � TBA 2016
If it’s cars you want, then World of Speed is where you go. This free-to-play racing
MMO from Slightly Mad Studio features street-based racing events that allow you to team up with
others. It’s not always just about your time, because your teammates’ times and your ability
to complete specific challenges during the race will have the same impact on whether
your team wins or loses. You’ll be able to join various Motor Clubs comprised of other
players, and can stake your claim to a particular circuit by earning a clubhouse. Other events
include Destruction Derbies and Territory Wars on four different track styles spanning
Drift, Sprint, Circuit, and Drag racing. Customization of cars and famous locations such as London
add to the arcade feel of the game, but it is geared for a multiplayer-only experience.
World of Speed has a playable beta, but the release date of the final version is scheduled
some time in 2016. 09 Distance � 2016 � PC, PS4
Another successful Kickstarter project, Refract Studios is aiming to build on their successful
Nitronic Rush game with Distance. Players can explore an open-world concept with color
and textures that make you think of a Tron movie, working their way through different
races with the goal of survival. Your car can twist and jump, almost like it is parkouring
it’s way around. It can even fly and race upside down, giving races a very fast feel
while the track bends and twists through the city. It also features multiplayer, online racing,
and multiple other game types such as Reverse Tag, where you try to stay ‘it’ as long as
possible. On top of that, Distance provides users with a level editor to allow the creation
and sharing of new tracks from other players. The game is currently in early access on Steam
and the full version will be for PC and Playstation 4 sometime in 2016. 08 Gran Turismo Sport � TBA 2016 – PS4
The only VR racing game so far in our lineup is Gran Turismo Sport. Developed by Polyphony
Digital and published by Sony, Gran Turismo Sport is the 13th game in the Gran Turismo
series but it is a separate standalone entry. GT Sport includes three modes: Campaign, Sports
Mode, and Arcade mode with online and offline play available. There will be two championships
held simultaneously throughout the year. These will be organized into online live events
for The Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup. There will be a beta for the game during the
first and second quarter of 2016 prior to the release later in 2016. 07 Valentino Rossi The Game � June 2016
� PC, PS4, XB1 Valentino Rossi The Game is more than just
a racing simulation setup. It lets you relive the career of Valentino Rossi, the Italian
professional motorcycle racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion. You’ll get to participate
in the official MotoGP World Championship starting from the beginning of Rossi’s career
until present day. The game will also include 291 riders, 47 tracks, and 15 game modes.
Valentino Rossi The Game releases June 2016 on PC, PS4, and XB1. 06 Next Car Game: Wreckfest
BugBear Entertainment, creator of FlatOut, brings location-based damage to the forefront
in Wreckfest, which was originally titled �Next Car Game.� When you hit a wall or
another car, you take damage on your car in the exact spot you were hit and your car will
react accordingly, providing a stark reality check. Players will race on tarmac and dirt
tracks, and will have the gamut of races and demolition derbies you could want. Gamers
have so far been impressed with the realistic physics while driving, making it important
for you to take those turns correctly or suffer the consequences. You’ll be able to buy and sell cars, and perform
research which gamers are hoping may provide a way to unlock new parts. BugBear has stated
they hope to provide 24-player multiplayer in the final version coming to PC. Release
date is still to be announced. 05 MXGP 2 � June 7, 2016 � PC, PS4, XB1
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNXsP4yFi3QhLJ_lO7evmFw/videos MXGP 2 is the quintessential motocross game
with officially licensed bikes, rosters, and tracks. Featuring the complete roster of the
official championship of MXGP and MX2. There’s also a new mode that lets you represent an
entire nation in races. You’ll also get the chance to create your
own personal team with your custommized name and logo. Every part of the bike can be customized
including suspension, brakes, and handles. MXGP 2 launches in June 2016 on PC, PS4, and
Xbox One. 04 Power Drive 2000 – TBA � PC, PS4
Power Drive 2000 is reminscient of every 80s racing and car motif. It has a talking car.
It has a synth soundtrack. The game even boasts a retro futuristic look set in the year 2000.
Game mechanics revolve around drifting and boosting at the right times around tight corners.
There’s six unique game modes with local and online multiplayer. There’s basic racing,
but then there’s also a few unique modes. Outrun mode has you dodging traffic as you
outrun a police helicopter through the streets of an 80s cyberpunk and neon city. Gauntlet
mode has you avoiding obstacles in a procedurally generated environment as you try to escape
a giant laser wall moving quickly towards you. Power Drive 2000 is releasing for PC and PS4,
but the release date is still to be announced. 03 Formula Fusion � TBA � PC, PS4, XB1
Formula Fusion makes you immediately think of the classic racing game Wipeout. It’s futuristic
with anti-gravity vehicles. Tracks are composed of magnetic superconductors that suspend the
vehicles in a gravitational field, allowing them to move at high speeds on the track.
In between races you can research new weapon technology then activate them during the match
for both offensive and defensive use against your opponents. Track design is incredibly
dynamic with corkscrews, twists, banks, and jumps. Formula Fusion is currently in early
access on Steam with the full version launching on PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in the future. 02 Road Redemption � TBA � PC And Consoles
Road Redemption got off the ground thanks to a Kickstarter campaign by DarkSeas Games,
and over four thousand people backed it. Fans of the old-school Road Rash games will be
pleased to know Road Redemption is considered a successor to the motorcycle combat sport
franchise. You start by picking your rider and bike,
then work your way through the campaign filled with races or objectives such as beating up
a certain number of racers before the finish line. There are also bombs, guns, and other
ranged weapons to liven things up. Tracks are procedurally-generated to give players
a new driving experience on every track. The big challenge is there is no respawning
throughout the campaign. Instead, if you can’t keep your health high enough and you die,
your permanent upgrades carry over to your next play through. Road Redemption already
featured an early-access version on Steam, and aims to release on consoles in the future. 01 Drift Stage � TBA – PC
Drift Stage claims to be a modern take on the arcade racer. The game has a mix of pixel
art and 3D models to create a unique 80s inspired look. Gameplay is focused on fun as the top
priority with an easy to pickup handling style. Standard racing and time trial modes are available
but there’s also something unique called infinite drift. In infinite drift, the course is procedurally
generated with checkpoints. For customization there’s also a decal system that will allow
you to personalize your car with custom images. Drift Stage is currently in development and
hopes to launch on Steam in the near future. Outro
There’s a lot of high end racing simulations, but also a lot independent arcade style crowdfunded
racing games coming up. What are your favorites racing games from this list? Let us know in
the comments and subscribe to the skilled channel or more game previews.

100 Replies to “12 Upcoming Racing Games in 2016 / 2017”

  1. they should bring back cruisin rush California speed screamer Daytona usa Wipeout ridge racer into new graphics

  2. umm wtf….you left out like one of the best racing game series EVER (that's not just an opinion)…..Forza Horizon 3….no true car enthusiast gamers give two damns about those silly pew pew race fast drift tron rip off and 90's looking arcade games…i recall hating those as a kid (except Rad Racer so i was kinda stoked when i saw that racer 2000 whatever game)…I know nothing has changed in me towards those other silly games though….and is Test Drive ever making a new game???

  3. Why is so hard to make simple and as good game as nfs underground or most wanted 2005 was. I mean this is really what majority of nfs fans want. You just have to make different city or maps and better graphics. I don't know what has been wrong with racing games last 5-10 years I could say

  4. Well, NASCAR Heat Evolution blows, so now I'm back playing Forza 6, and Forza 5 occasionally. At this point just looking forward to Forza 7.

  5. Sooo sick of car porn. Seriously, just give me an interesting variety of cars, good game mechanics, a bit of story and Amazing scenery/tracks/graphics/crashes.

  6. There should be one set game for racing that includes EVERYTHING! Everything: super detailed car tuning, customization, graphics, just everything. I need to be able to see when the tires get flat when I hit a curb. That much detail in a racing game would make it everything. We need REAL RACING in every way possible

  7. i have been looking for drift stage since the begining of this year when I saw it in a magazine, but when I got home I compltely forgot the name, and ever since I have been trying to figure out the name ??

  8. I'll stick with Gran Turismo for the PS4 and iRacing and Sierra / Papyrus' NASCAR 2K3 for the PC.
    Maybe Project Cars if it supports VR down the road.

  9. I really feel sorry for kids nowadays that didn't experience NFS Underground and Most Wanted.

    I mean I'm 17, not that old, but I don't see any game like those NFS games coming out soon. I only see racing simulators, yeah looks cool but it's not for all and not that fun imo. Why racing games now are only racing simulators?
    Why not a good street racing game? Why not a good OG Need For Speed?

  10. Nice overview.The best racegames in my opinion:Need for speed the Run, Split second, Drive Club, SkyDrift (planes), GRID, GRIP (Rollcage Remake). Any one else agree with this list??

  11. where are you real simulators?…Assetto Corsa is leading the way….if it's anywhere near the PC version u console owners are in for a treat

  12. They should come out with a new Splashdown and ATV quad power, I loved being able to do the challenges

  13. I highly recommend distance, it has a learning curve and the adventure mode is not fully complete. that said the adventure is largely a tutorial mode. The real fun is the hundreds of absolutely insane maps made by the absolute insane editor.

  14. Drift Stage looks like an awesome game! The pixel art is totally awesome! This game reminds me of super good looking console game.

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