12 Rules for Life (Animated) – Jordan Peterson

12 Rules for Life (Animated) – Jordan Peterson

there is chaos in the world it comes in
a variety of shapes and sizes and individual and family levels as well as
from within larger corporations and even higher cosmic levels but why is it so
pervasive well because it’s the natural state of everything entropy is another
more scientific sounding word for the degrading force of chaos which seeks to
ruin anything and everything now it requires effort and energy to set things
right again to put them back in order it is a forceful and rightful
application of this effort and energy that will help keep chaos at bay in our
own personal lives it’ll help us live peaceful lives of purpose and meaning
and make our institutions more aligned to their duty dr. Jordan Peterson lays
out 12 rules to help turn this chaos into order and the rest of this video is
based off of Jordan Peterson’s book the 12 rules for life which seemed to be a
great list of cliches to live a happy meaningful and successful life number
one stand up straight with your shoulders back standing up straight
that’s two powerful things it exerts dominance and confidence and it also
shows that you accept responsibility further research has actually shown that
a physical stature even a small muscle movement can affect your emotions for
example gradually making a sad face will make you feel sad likewise having a
stooped posture with your head hanging low leaves you susceptible to appearing
as though your lower status now it’s hard to accept responsibility for your
actions when you’re slouching or sprawled out on the floor by being
upright with your shoulders back and your feet shoulder-width apart
you exude a confidence and a willingness to take meaningful action it is this
that separates people from animals being able to recognize your own actions
number two treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping there’s
a famous golden rule that goes do unto others as you would have them do unto
you the truth is many people are terrible at looking at themselves this
is often seen at research from the medical field people don’t take their
medicine they don’t take it at the right time they don’t take the right ones and
they don’t take the right amount of medicine however people are usually
really good at taking care of their pets think about it you buy them food you
feed them every day you’ll wash them when they need it and if they start
limping or puking you take them straight to the vet so improve your own health
exercise your mind motivate yourself and seize the greatness that is within you
if not for yourself than to be better able
to take care of those that you love number three make friends with people
who want the best for you friends are amazing they add excitement humor and
joy to your life without friends people become a shrunken shell of what they
could become a so called dark and twisted hermit
friends also act on one another driving one another to become something
different for example a group of men who are friends probably look very similar
to each other have the same habits whether they’re good or bad and laugh at
the same jokes and because of what friends can do to us we have one heavy
responsibility to choose friends that will be healthy influences and not toxic
ones choose your friends carefully number four compare yourself to who you
were yesterday not to who someone else is today assigning value to something is
entirely natural in a more common use of the term value people use it to measure
themselves against the progress of other people he makes more money her children
are smarter they drive a better car this is utterly an inherently
self-destructive these kind of beliefs will build resentment anger and
self-loathing not only for the other person either but for yourself
all of this diminish your own sense of self your personal valuation and your
feeling of autonomy therefore you should strive to become a better person even if
it’s just a 1% better each week than you were before if you do this continually
for 71 weeks you’ll be twice the person that you were before number 5 don’t let
your children do anything that makes you dislike them at first glance this rule
might sound a little strange suppose a child is treated in one of two
ineffective parenting styles either permissive or authoritarian permissive
parents dote on their child even when the child has done something bad or
wrong on the other hand authoritarian parents are at the other end of the
spectrum layering on so many rules and iron-fisted punishments that the child
feels they have no sense of reasonable freedom let me say I have no children
and I’ll be the first to say that parenting is a bloody difficult task
however in both of these cases the child will be socially stunted and have
problems fitting in to the broader society because we all know there’s a
bunch of intricacies in gray’ moral areas if a child’s parents are to love
them and support them but are driven mad by certain things that the child does
then there’s a low likelihood that anyone else in society will also
tolerate that kind of behavior and if society doesn’t
tolerate him it could leave the child feeling isolated and with all kinds of
problems basically if you don’t like something
that your child does neither will society so it’s your job as a parent to
put an end to it also you need to understand as a parent
your own capacity for bad and egregious behaviors and try to introduce your
child to the world in appropriately sized doses again I don’t have children
but this is what the book recommends but number six set your house in perfect
order before you criticize the world how is someone supposed to set themselves in
perfect order this kind of question misses the entire point the idea is not
that you must live perfectly but that you must be willing to deeply introspect
and examine your life and your choices in order to prevent future mistakes
basically stop doing things that are objectively bad for you or that you know
to be a bad idea for example this could be stopping smoking or maybe letting go
of a toxic relationship don’t rush to judge and blame others for the problems
of the world I think this step can be summed up in
one quote if every man sweeps his own porch and the whole world would be clean
number seven pursue what is meaningful not what is expedient President Kennedy
put eloquently in 1962 we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do other
things not because they are easy but because they are hard nobody ever said
that life was fair nobody ever said that we were born to live a happy life
everyone will endure suffering and if you don’t think you’re suffering right
now then you need to know you were in the few of the billions of people who
have lived on this planet and suffer and they suffer daily anyways I like
Jordan’s idea that life isn’t supposed to be happy it’s not supposed to be fair
or fun it’s supposed to be meaningful that means you will suffer but your
suffering should be worth the life that you live in the life you’re leaving
behind again do what is meaningful not what is fun or easy in the moment number
eight tell the truth or at least don’t lie social trust is a difficult thing to
achieve and can be quickly lost through an indiscretion or even a simple
misunderstanding social trust is crucial and not just for well-functioning
businesses but also for sustaining the forward progress of society and the
happiness of the individuals within that society the truth in this instance comes
with a big tea it’s a conglomeration of personal truth of experiences the
keeping of promises and contracts and the accurate description and
understanding of reality here’s a little example you might
say that 70 degrees is warm and I might say that 70 degrees is cold in a sense
we are both telling our own truths even if they’re different the important part
is to tell your own truth number 9 assume that the person you’re
listening to might know something that you don’t if what you hold to be true
must be forced upon others is that truth that you hold really that powerful a
part of the truth is that you shouldn’t have to proclaim it others should find
it through their own research if it’s so true and righteous then it should be
able to withstand honest scrutiny and either emerge stronger be modified or be
cast aside as a lie social progress and personal development will only happen if
people are willing to take a deep look at themselves and realize that while
they might know a great many things and comparison to the great sea of all human
knowledge in the cosmos any one person knows practically nothing I think this
can be some down into being humble because if you’re humble you will always
listen to other people remember ten be precise in your speech when two or more
people debate or discuss a particular topic precision and speech is very
important because without it it becomes impossible to understand exactly what is
being discussed for example if there’s an argument between a couple it does no
good to dredge up things in the past instead you should try to focus on
what’s causing the problem right now don’t use a paint roller when a fine
brush will do as another example when some people save faith what they mean is
belief without evidence while other people mean complete trust and these are
two very different things and I suppose the difference is the cause of many
debates for example you might have belief without evidence that when you
sit in a new chair that it will hold you up even if you have no evidence of the
chairs weight limits or you’ve never seen someone else sit in it however you
might also have complete trust that when you sit down in the same chair that
you’ve sat in for years which again is a form of evidence that the chair will
hold you up in both cases the people will say that they had faith that the
chair would hold them up but they mean different things being able to describe
exactly what you do not understand or what makes you unhappy or unproductive
is the first step in improving any situation if there is a problem the
first step is to clearly define it number 11 do not bother children when
they’re skateboarding as mentioned earlier there’s two detrimental styles
of parenting permissive and Authority area
even more prevalent today is the style of helicopter parenting now this kind of
parenting is very controlling but it comes with a warm Pleasant and a helpful
face the helicopter parent lives a life of perpetual fear for their child that
maybe their child will eat a piece of Halloween candy that contains a razor
blade this kind of thinking leaves children unprepared for the rough and
tough environment of school unsure of how to navigate novel social situations
and completely unable to take appropriate and calculated risk whenever
they become adults skateboarding teaches children about their own limits and it
uses the pain of failure as a learning tool for setting boundaries which as you
know can be modulated as your skill increases you can do more difficult
tricks skateboarding along with other physically demanding activities teaches
children how to handle their own fear and when to push against it ultimately
you end up with two very different children who will grow up in the two
very different adults risk takers and the risk-averse each of these types of
adults have their strengths and to put it bluntly if your house or apartment
building catches fire who do you want rushing in to rescue you one who knows
how to control their fear or one who is dominated by it
number 12 pet a cat when you encounter one on the street the point here is not
to seek out every cuddly creature on the sidewalk or in the wild and try to give
it a pat on the head because some cats are feral and some dogs are service
animals that are best left alone to their work what this instead means is
that people need to stop what they’re doing from time to time and just be
present in the moment and appreciate the wonderful beauty and peace that is all
around us you hear on the news all the time about bad things happening but for
example the United States has way less murders happening now than happened a
hundred years ago almost everyone has the availability through the wide
knowledge of the internet basically everyone has access to clean running
water take some time to appreciate the little things
now as I in this video I hope you guys really enjoy this summary and the new
style of video and if you want more book summaries exactly like this one and to
help support my future work go ahead and check out practical pi comm slash pga
where i create animated book summaries just like this one practical growth
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you gained something valuable out of this video and I hope to see you in the
next one

100 Replies to “12 Rules for Life (Animated) – Jordan Peterson”

  1. My mom was absolutely a helicopter parent and I am greatly aware of my issues that have developed from it and yet don't know how to grow out of it… I have fear to do what I need to and a life of suffering doesn't seem worth living. I've had way too much cushion in life… My sister on the other had was raised passively and she's self centered but a go getter and successful

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  6. This is simplistic. JP lacks depth, his analysis of human psychology always remains superficial. And people think he's a genius… He's just a mainstream personal development book writer like there are tons.

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  12. number 1 what if you cant stand up and put back straight and sholders back because i cant not possable in far too much pain and curviture of the spine and joint damage 2 cant do health ergo number 1 number 3 thats daft why would you choose folks that are not your friends and most folks i meet are dumb number 4 im me i dont care what others have or want thats there shallowness 5 being a parent is ,get a grip and who likes there kids all the time not possable 6 perfect order is an illusion nothing is perfect and critersizerm is a opinion not a fact,7 life is life deal with it ,8 its a moral choice 9 some folks many are blind to truth they will not listen either 10 yep its 101 of talking and discussion 11 yep one way or other its yet again 101 of parenting 12i do this all the time i look at rocks in the river at the different colours some folks look but dont see

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  14. Sorry, you completely missed the meaning of #8. It is to tell THE truth or at least don’t lie, not your individual perspective and if you are doing this video you should know the difference. Moral relativism (MY truth, YOUR truth) is part of chaos.

  15. Now the big question: what is meaningful? What gives a life a purpose beyond doing your duties so that the generation after you can find meaning?

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  20. I think number 9 is either incredibly flawed or you didn't properly relay that info. It sounds like a very dangerous line of thinking. There are many people with objectively false claims, and you can't just expect them to come to the "truth" on their own. That's how we end up with antivaxxers. It doesn't logically hold up, AND it goes against the principle of being assertive. You don't have to talk down other people, but if you let everyone hold onto falsehoods around you without challenging them, you aren't going to do very well at all emotionally or socially. You either become hyper agreeable to avoid conflict, or become apathetic towards the repercussions of the other person's truths (which on a smaller scale doesn't matter, but if we're going to discuss stuff like abortion and vaccination then we've got an issue on our hands). If number 9 was true, then society would correct itself as the "truths" would always prevail. That isn't what we see – those who are able to lie convincingly have an overwhelming control over the masses. In fact, it's almost a required trait to have in order to raise to the top of the ladder.

    We don't make progress by just waiting for others to find the truth on their own. We make progress by shutting down their lies. If they come to the conclusion on false pretenses, it isn't that they "know something you don't" it's that they're misguided at the very least and ignorant at opposite spectrum. Keeping the truth silent while letting the lies roam free is a recipe for disaster. So I implore anyone listening to this video to reconsider point 9. Either the narrator of this didn't understand Patterson (my assumption, as it doesn't sound like something he advocates), misrepresented it (possible – why is this video a transliteration instead of just an animated adaptation of the exact wording? Too afraid to be called out for plagiarism?) , or it's one of the points I'd disagree with him on. "Others should be able to find it on their own research" isn't a good thought to live by when the vast majority of people seem to think that a Facebook article on their feed constitutes as "research" and then use that "research" to influence others. Remaining silent on this, not pushing the truth on to them, just leads to a situation where the masses that can't be expected to take the time or effort to properly research on their own will be convinced of falsehoods. It's why people still to this day think that MSG is poisonous or whatever. It's been what, like 60 years? The idea still roams due to people spreading lies so hard and unchecked that it penetrated the truth.

    There's a difference between being humble and being a pushover.

  21. These rules are hilarious, especially the fact he breaks them himself. Number 8 would of came in handy when asked about the literal resurrection of Christ, and when he said you have to have a mystical experience to quit smoking. As well number 10, when he makes word soup

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    of Peterson's thoughts !!!!

    You just did a GREAT SERVICE for SOCIETY

    Once again…….THANK YOU !!

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  27. I can see why many Americans would not like this video as it puts them in responsibility for their current medical status which they cannot take

  28. Entropy is not “the degrading force of chaos” as if that is the way of the Universe. Entropy can be simply explained as “things tend to move into open spaces”, which is logical and the opposite of chaotic.

  29. I dont believe number 11 was what he meant about boys on their skateboard. It was more of the preservation of masculinity.

  30. standing straight with your shoulders back shows that you accept responsibility?

    so you did read the book! its reductionist self help garbage riddled with unsubstantiated claims, religious demagoguery, and contradictions.

    If you are too much into the cult of Peterson, please read it again with an open mind. It is not a good book.

    I have only read a little of maps of meaning, but what i have read from it shows the clear intellectual decline this man has gone through since he exploded on the internet.

  31. 1. slouch leave your shoulders down.- Straight up with shoulders back is unnatual position that causes stress on the body. its a delusional belief that posture can control your mind. There is no proof that it will make you happy. You can actually have more confidence and less stress in more relaxed slouching position.

    2. treat yourself on what makes you happy- if your uncomfortable with taking care of yourself like you would someone else don't do it. Do whats comfortable for you. We know our body better then someone else does and know what we can withstand. Where as a dog we don't really know so we need to take more precautions and take it to the vet.

    3. Don't make friends with people who want the best for you actually the ones that want the worst- in life the people that actually motivate you the most are the ones that tell you your not capable of something. Now we have to prove them wrong. Its like when a bully bothers you until you finally motivates you to fight back. This resistance makes you grow into a stronger more successful person. Kerri Strug was not going to even be at the olympics until she brought in the worst meanest coach she knew of that motivated her and her team to a gold medal. Being friends with positive people make you lazy cause they always accept your situation even if not up to par.

    4. don't compare yourself to yesterday- its to short term. You want to compare yourself to the following year then the year before. Long term is what brings success. THe short term anythign can happen. Bad things will happen within a a few days so if you compare yourself every day to the day before then your going to have a lot of disappointments with yourself. So your mind should be comparing yourself long term from year to year. What i do is write down my goals to improve for the year and at end of the year I look back and reflect and always find improvements.

    5. I say let yoru children do things you dislike- instead of trying to fix how they really feel instead we need to not try to change who they are but ask why they are they way they are to understand. EVeryone is their own person. As soon as you don't like something someone does your no longer treating them like a human being but dictacting the way you want them to be. And you will go around doing that your whole life to everyone and nobody will like you don't respect who they are.

    6. Don't set your house in perfect order- Tryign to be perfect is something that causes stress. It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be acceptable. If you see any spot of dust and clean it it will drive you mad. just try to do things in a acceptable way is much better then trying to be perfect.

    7. Don't pursue what is meaningful- If something is meaningful to you but doesn't make you happy its going to cause stress. Instead pursue the things that make you happy. you can die the next day. We don't know how long we will live so pursue happiness in that moment first. Then work on meaningful things. But without happiness who cares whats meaningful.

    8. don't ever tell the truth- Only tell the truth if it actually is positive thing that makes people happy. If my grandma asked me she looks pretty in a dress that is not pretty on her I am not going t be honest if it hurts her. i would say oh man i am going to have to hire security to keep all the men away from you. Then she is happy. And thats the key its about making people happy. Barney fife was a very honest character and he stressed everyone out including himself where andy taylor would lie to make barney and other people happy.

    9. Never assume the person you are listening to knows someting you don't- You always want to be a skeptic. The reason is if your skeptical instead of believing what someone says you will research from the skepticism to find out the real truth behind what the person said. And that is the key is actually getting the facts not assuming people have the facts.

    10. don't be precise on your speech- If your to precise you become boring. Less is more. We all have had those friends who talk to much explain things out to much in to much detail and we just want to put tape over their mouth. Trust me less is more.

    11. Alway bother children when they are skate boarding. Kids do things iwth little knowledge. When they are skate boarding if you see something unsafe about it or even notice how they are doing the trick wrong give them the knowledge needed to be succesful. I think bruce lee said something like when people observe you they see things you don't and that can lead to more success. When he fought people he would do it tryin to see it from 3rd person point of view. So do get in the way and their success can be more rapid.

    12. never pet a cant when you encounter it.- this leads to procrastination. If you stop and observe everything around you you wont reach your end goal in a decent amunt of time. Ignore the cat until your goals are reached. If you have time to pet a cat do it on your leisure time after you have done all of the necessities in your life.

    13. don't listen to anyones rules cause someone like me can show you why they don't work.

  32. These people who help people are a Curse they can't help themselves they Know Nothing about themselves why should we wont to help others when we dont know our own karma our own ugly mess we are All in conflict sorrow i dont trust these help people they run away from them selvs ts much beater to smoke a Joint pop a pill get Drunk hen Liston to these Charlestons sorry if i have sung any one

  33. I believe "happieness" must be a higher value than "meaning" (as the sensation of meaning neccessarily causes happieness – but not the other way round).. or am i wrong?! I would like to discuss this with someone who is reading this..

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