12 Beautiful, worthy of respect moments in
sports Hi! It`s so awesome that professional sport is
not just about competition but also about respect, unity, honesty, humanity and sometimes
very cute and touching moments. All of that makes us realize that sport is
more than those countless court proceedings, mere statistics, doping scandals and silly
jiggery-pokery! All of that gives us people hope and courage
to proceed with our lives. 1. Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be one
of the best footballers in the world. But a lot of people say that this guy is a
total disrespectful egomaniac. While we all have our flaws it doesn`t mean
there isn`t enough place in our hearts for kindness. In one of the matches against Uruguay, Ronaldo
gave Edinson Cavani a helping hand when the guy was clearly seriously hurt. He helped him to leave the field despite the
fact that Portugal was loosing the game. In 2016 Ronaldo got himself a new haircut
but not because he wanted to change his image but to show his support to the kids. Ronaldo imitated the scars many kids get after
brain surgery. Another cool thing Ronaldo did was when he
payed 60 000 pounds for a young fella`s operation. What a guy, right? 2. A very touching moment occurred on the final
lap during a Biathlon sprint in Antholz. Daria Domracheva and Dorothea Virer were up
gainst one another in the pursuit of silver. The battle was rough but fair. When Dorothea turned to the home stretch first,
Daria`s ski slipped on her opponent`s ski pole. Virer didn`t stop and went forward against
all odds. When Daria saw, what happen she put her hands
down, deciding she was gonna let Dorothea win. The public appreciated the gesture right away. It was obvious that Daria did an honorable
thing. So finally Virer came second and Daria came
third. So there you have it. One of the rarest examples of honest and beautiful
moments in sports. Respect is everything. They say that for a reason. 3. Marathons are extremely difficult. They require an insane amount of stamina. For most athletes the main goal is to finish
the distance at all cost. And it`s very difficult. Your system can fail at any given moment,
especially during the last sections of the distance. This happened many times before. Take 37th London`s marathon for example. When Matthew Rees helped David Wyeth to get
to the finish line. David was in a bad condition and seemed like
he was about to faint. So Rees sacrificed his score to help the man
he didn`t even know. Wyeth was totally devastated, he couldn`t
control his own legs. When there was only 300 meters left Rees came
to rescue. He decided he was gonna help the man finish
the marathon whatever it may take. David fell a few times but Matt didn`t give
up on him. He kept saying “Come on, buddy! We can do this!” Rees was planning to finish the run in 2 hours
50 minutes but was 2 minutes 26 seconds late because of what happened. But it`s alright because it was all for the
good cause. 4. The first round of Roland Garros started with
a rain when Novak Djokovic was up against Joao Souza. So before the match started, Novak spend some
fun time with the ball boy. He decided to make friends with the guy who
covered him from rain. Djokovic took the umbrella and gave his racket
to the boy. He gave the guy some water and it seemd like
they really had some fun there. The crowd was very touched with the scene
so they gave the duo a round of applause. Once again Djokovic showed that he has an
opened heart. 5. A very touching accident happened after the
final sambo tournament during the European Games in Baku. Stepan Popov won the fight against Amil Gasimov. Amil was badly injured and couldn`t walk after
the fight. So what do you think? Stepan picked him up, put him on his shoulders
and carried away from the ring. The crowd was delighted to see such noble
act. It takes a true professional and an honorable
man to act in such a manner. Stepan took Amil to the rest room where the
later was offered immediate help. I think it`s fair to say that moments like
these are exactly what sports should be all about. 6. During a warm-up, Washington Capitals attacker
Brett Connolly spotted a little girl in the front rows of the audience. The girl was very excited about the game. Connelly saw that and wanted to make the girl
happy. His idea was to throw a puck to the girl. He couldn`t do it right away because of an
adult who passed the thrown pucks to a couple of boys standing beside the girl. On the third time, however when Connelly indicated
that the puck s intended for the girl, he threw it the third time and the girl finally
received her puck. Needless to say, the young lady was beaming
with happiness. The girl said that she felt really-really
happy. 7. This next one isn`t very cute or touching,
it`s more silly and crazy. So during a final match between Liverpool
and Tottenham in Madrid, a lady, almost naked run out to the stadium. This stopped the match for a few minutes. What`s totally wacky is that the girl was
able to run as far as half the field before she was finally caught by the staff. The girl`s name`s Kinsey Wolanski. She`s an American model and a girlfriend of
a popular Russian blogger Vitaly Zdorovetsky. Kinsey was supposed to show the public what
was written on her chest. It was the name of her boyfriend`s youtube
channel. By the way, before the champion`s league started,
Kinsey Wolanski had about 300 thousand subscribers. After that silly incident however the numbers
went up to 3 million! The video of Kinsey running almost completely
bare is quite popular right now. Who knew! Although… A pretty young blond with big boobies on a
football field. What`s not to like? 8. Borussia Dortmund during the pre-season in
the US. It`s International Champions Cup and Christian
Pulisic in the middle of it all, giving an interview. But then suddenly something totally unexpected
happens. Some boy decided to give a surprise visit
to his idol. He was so thrilled, he could barely control
himself. What am I talking about, he was totally out
of control so the stewards caught the little guy. They were acting rather rough, you can tell. But Christian interrupted the interview and
invited the boy to have a small talk and to make a photo. The crowd seemed to appreciate the gesture
and the whole situation took the positive turn. The boy was never that happy in his entire
life. 9. A 10-year old Ann is a big hockey fan. She particularly likes one player. His name`s Alexander Ovechkin. One of the most popular and busiest hockey
players of our time had a meet up with his fans on the ring. Being a huge OV fan, Ann decided to ask her
idol out on a date. She asked Sasha if he wanted to have some
sushi and much to everyone`s surprise he said yes! So they had some fun time. The girl received a bouquet of roses and a
uniform sweater with every team`s player autograph. 10. Something painfully terrible happened to Derek
Redmond during a 1992 world cup semi-finals in Barcelona. A 400-metre record holder was in his prime. Everything seemed okay during the run but
then, much to Derek`s surprise, something snapped at the back of his leg. Turned out it was his hamstring. Most people can`t even imagine how painful
it is! Redmond fell, the pain was too immense, it
was unbearable. But guess what? Derek had an incredible will to win. His courage and bravery made him stood up. Of course he couldn`t run, he could barley
walk. So he hopped toward the finish line. Derek`s father was watching him from the stands. It was too painful for him to watch his son
struggle like that so he pushed away Olympic officials and came to give his son a helping
hand. By the time both father and son came to the
finish line, the whole stadium was applauding the two. That moment showed the world that miracles
are possible and how strong a will to win can be. 11. After the game, American footballer Leonard
Fournette came to a young fella who was obviously a huge fan of his team. As a sign of respect and kindness, Leonard
took off his football boots, signed them and gave them to the boy. Looking at the guy`s face you can tell that
he`s totally delighted. It feels like it was the best day in his life,
which it probably was. 12. Runners Abbey D’Agostino from US and Nikki
Hamblin (New Zeland) shook the world during a 5000 meter run in Rio. So what happened was that the girls fell. Nikki Hamblin was forced to slow down to avoid
contact with another runner. That`s why Abbey bumped into Nikki from the
back and both runners fell down. When Abbey stood up she noticed that Nikki
was in pain and she clearly needed help. Both girls got to the finish line despite
that screeching pain that Nikki felt. Despite the fact that the girls came last,
they both felt good afterwards. By the end of the race, they were like sisters. The girls showed us that it’s not all about
competition but that it`s also about compassion! What a beautiful race it was! That`s all for now guys! Don`t forget to press the like button and
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