11 AMAZING Facts About The Barbie Doll!

11 AMAZING Facts About The Barbie Doll!

What famous celebrities got their starts thanks
to Barbie? What would Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse be
worth if it was a real house? Find out in 11 Amazing Facts About The Barbie
Doll! #11.“Backstory”- You might know that Barbie
is short for Barbara but did you know that Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent
Roberts? You might also not know that she gets her
name from the daughter of Elliot and Ruth Handler, co-founders of Mattel. Ruth Handler first got the idea when she noticed
her daughter preferred playing with dolls that had adult personalities over baby dolls. She got further inspiration from a German
toy doll named Bild Lilli which originated as a gag-gift for adults with a much more
provocative nature than the wholesome kid-friendly Barbie would. Released in 1959, the original Barbie was
said to hail from the fictional town of Willows, Wisconsin and wore a black and white swimsuit
costing $3 which would be the equivalent of just over $25 today. The first Barbie dolls also had the distinction
of eye’s that looked to the side as opposed to forward-facing like they are today. The forward looking Barbie was released in
1971 and hasn’t looked back. #10. “Collect ‘Em All”- If you are wondering
who the biggest Barbie fan in the world is look no further than Bettina Dorfmann. Bettina lives in Dusseldorf, Germany and though
there are hundreds of thousands of Barbie collectors all over the world her collection
blows them all away. She owns the World Record for the largest
collection of Barbies with over 15,000 individual dolls. Not only does she collect and take care of
her own dolls she helps others maintain theirs, operating a Barbie repair business fixing
everything from tangled hair to broken limbs. #9. “Everlasting Love?”– One of the most
famous and celebrated fictional couples in the world are Barbie and Ken. The Ken doll was first released in 1961, two
years after Barbie and was named after Ruth Handler’s son. Despite being named after real-life brother
and sister, Barbie and Ken have been an all-but inseparable couple for almost 60 years. Though they were considered an item since
inception and Barbie has sported many wedding gowns over the years they have never officially
been married in any of Mattel’s backstories. After dating for 43 years Barbie and Ken hit
the first major speed-bump in their relationship and broke-up in 2004. Barbie actually moved on quite quickly dating
the much younger, in toy years, australian surfer named Blaine. But luckily for life-long Barbie and Ken enthusiasts
the break-up was only temporary as 7 years later they were back together. In a move remarkably hip for two 50 year-olds
they announced their rekindled love on Facebook. Their break-up and eventual make-up both occurred
on Valentine’s Day of their respective years. #8. “Woman of Many Hats”-Barbie is known for
being a Jill of all trades, mastering everything from yoga to surgery. In fact, over the years Barbie has had over
150 different careers. Her career has ranged from being a clerk at
McDonald’s to the President of the United States and been an astronaut on three different
occasions. Some of the most unique careers she has had
include: a canadian mountie, a major league baseball player, a video-game developer and
even the chancellor of Germany. She has held several different positions in
the military as a fighter pilot, medic, marine corps sergeants and paratrooper amongst others. Interestingly enough Mattel values accuracy
so much on these Barbies that they consult the Pentagon in order to make sure the outfits
are true to life. Several of her careers have met with controversy
most famously that of her job as a SeaWorld trainer. After several allegations of animal abuse
created public backlash against SeaWorld Mattel decided to drop SeaWorld Barbie from their
production line. #7. “Barbie Boomers”–Barbie is one of the
best-selling toy product lines of all time rivaled only by Hot Wheels and the Rubik’s
Cube. This trend continues today and Barbie’s
popularity has only grown over the years. Amazingly, a Barbie is sold somewhere in the
world every 3 seconds. There are also more Barbies sold a year than
there are babies born in the United States. To clothe all these stylish dolls it takes
over 100 million yards of fabric. In order to supply the dolls with the latest
fashions, Mattel has become one of the biggest clothing manufacturers on Earth. They can also boast that since the birth of
Barbie they have designed over one-billion different pairs of shoes. #6. “Fashion Icon”- Not only does Mattel make
thousands of different styles of clothing themselves, famous fashion designers have
jumped at the chance to create outfits for the mini-model. Designers such as Vera Wang, Dolce and Gabbana
and Versace have all outfitted Barbie with their signature styles. Probably the most famous of these designer
Barbies was the one created by jewelry maker Stefano Canturi in order to raise money for
breast cancer research. This Barbie, which took 6 months to make,
has the distinction of being the most expensive Barbie ever sold, auctioned off with the final
price tag of $302,500. Most of the price can be attributed to the
diamond necklace that she wears, valued at $300,000 alone. In comparison a mint-condition 1959 original
Barbie today is worth $27,450. Two other ridiculously expensive Barbies that
have been created are: the promotional doll for the Barbie cartoon movie ‘Barbie and
the Diamond Castle’, which has Barbie adorned in a dress that features 318 diamonds worth
a whopping $94,800 and that of the 40th anniversary Barbie designed by the jewelers DeBeers, which
is worth $85,000 and features a belt made up of 160 diamonds. #5. “No Doll’s Allowed”–Though you can
find Barbies of all varieties in most of the countries on Earth there is one country you
will never see them sold: Saudi Arabia. In 2003, Saudi Arabia’s religious police
that go by the official moniker of The Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention
of Vice banned any sale or purchase of the doll. There reasoning, which was full of anti-semitic
rhetoric was that if girls play with Barbies they will eschew laws of Islam regarding how
women should dress and act. The Committee also prints posters required
to be put up in classrooms that reinforce the evil that Barbie represents. In addition to it being illegal to buy it
is also illegal to bring a Barbie into the country if you are visiting. Despite these laws some citizens still love
Barbies and purchase them on the black market, though at an incredibly inflated price. Saudi Arabia has tried to curb this by creating
several barbie knockoffs that are consistent with Sharia Law. #4. “Cover Girl”–Barbie made headlines in
2014 when she was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition, becoming
the first non-human to do so. Barbie is also featured in an article and
photo spread inside the magazine in her iconic black and white striped swimsuit. Her appearance on the cover re-ignited longstanding
debates on whether or not Barbie is a fun toy for children or a bad influence on young
women. Barbies critics have long bandied about their
point that Barbie promotes unrealistic and unattainable beauty standards for girls. The theme of this particular Swimsuit Edition
was ‘unapologetic’, which is basically a shot at the critics. Mattel partnered with Sports Illustrated in
this promotion as a way to modernize Barbie’s image and stated that the ‘unapologetic’
theme was an effort to show Barbie as a confident modern woman who is comfortable with herself. #3. “Famous Firsts”–Barbie commercial have
been a feature of children’s television shows since she first hit the scene in the
50s so it’s not surprising that many of these commercials gave some aspiring actresses
their starts. Barbie commercials have helped to launch the
careers of such high-profile female thespians as: Mila Kunis from That 70s Show and Family
Guy who appeared in an ad for Glitter-hair Barbie in the early 90s, a Barbie that comes
with glitter that can be used to streak her hairs or yours. Tiffani Amber-Thiessen from Saved By the Bell
appeared in a commercial for Peaches N’ Cream Barbie in 1984, which features Barbie
wearing an orange dress that wraps around her like an octopus tentacle. Fergie from the Black-Eyed Peas appeared in
a 1985 ad for Barbie’s Glamour Bath and Shower which sported a working shower and
bath. Christina Applegate from Anchorman and Married
With Children added Barbie to her resume in 1983 when she helped sell the Pose Me Pretty
Barbie, which is the almost life-size head and shoulders of Barbie whose hair girls can
style anyway their heart desires. Before starring in Nickelodeon’s All-That,
Amanda Bynes appeared in the 1994 commercial for Cut N’ Style Barbie which as you may
have guess has hair you can cut and style. Lastly one of the first celebrities to breakout
in a Barbie commercial was none other than Marcia Brady herself, Maureen McCormick, who
acted in several Barbie commercial in the late 1960s through the early 1970s. #2. “She Speaks!”- One might think that the
talking Barbie doll is a fairly new toy technology but the fact is the first talking barbie was
released over 50 years ago in 1968. The doll was able to talk using a voice box
in her chest and the most futuristic pull-string technology of the time. She said things like “Let’s Go Shopping”
or “I love being a fashion model” in stereotypical Barbie fashion or the bubbly “I have a date
tonight” but also featured the awkwardly phrased “what’s playing at the cinema?”
and “stacey and I are having a tea”. Flash forward to the present and you will
find Mattel’s newest talking Barbie called Hello Barbie. Hello Barbie uses speech recognition in order
to have a unique and adaptable conversation with children. It does this using a web-based program called
ToyTalk that is constantly updating its database in order to give realistic responses to voice
commands. Because wi-fi is needed in order to use Hello
Barbie, many people are worried that hackers can access the dolls and spy on their children. A more realistic fear that cybersecurity experts
worry about is the fact that the doll records children’s voices and these recording are
stored in ToyTalk’s database. ToyTalk could potentially turn around and
use these recording for malevolent reasons than just providing a life-like toy. Cybersecurity experts warn that ToyTalk can
sell the information they have collected to other companies or use them to gain an edge
in future toy innovations. #1. “Moving Up”–You might best know Barbie
for having luxurious multi-storied dollhouses that feature some of the latest advancements
in toy technology but she actually had modest beginnings when it comes to dwellings. The first Barbie dreamhouse that came out
in 1962 was a studio apartment that was made entirely out of cardboard. This model was replaced by a townhouse and
subsequent houses started to bare more elaborate features. By the mid-70s Barbies many careers must have
finally started to pay off as the dreamhouse as we know it started to appear in the form
of multi-storied houses equipped with elevators. As of today the dreamhouses have only become
more and more complex and Mattel comes out with several different models every year. In an attempt to promote Barbie sales Mattel
created a marketing campaign that involved the fictional sale of Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse,
pretending it was a real house. Mattel teamed up with the television show
Million Dollar Listing to add credentials to the marketing ploy and listed the house’s
worth at $25 million dollars. They then segued into their sales pitch stating
that though it’s worth 8 figures your kids can own their own toy version of the beachfront
mansion for the comparatively low price of $170. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be
like to shrink down and go inside of Barbie’s dreamhouse you will be excited to learn that
a lifesize version of the house opened in 2013 in Sunrise, Florida. Barbie The Dreamhouse Experience covers over
10,000 square feet and was built using over 100 gallons of pink paint and 20 pounds of
glitter. What was your favorite toy as a child and

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