so FIFA 19 is just dropped and everyone’s cheap coins to build the best team so you have returned yo hat right down link in description and use my discount code gone this is all possible let’s let me ask you one question do you want a cheap team that you can take into foot jumps and play competitively a cheap team that you can genuinely go and beat other people with no Burpo cuz today that’s where you’re gonna see you’re gonna see a high routine the cost around 100,000 coins and has a whole load of sick players let me introduce you to the boys the boys are back in town and we’re starting with man like Sergio essential yeah before anyone tries to chat any have a little look I played six games six games with this team and I won five so that’s not bad and I don’t leave a either you probably do think I’m chatting but trust me Matt go essential was decent games therefore a lot Kember the same time you’ve got yourself a need for a keeper I’ve used better I’ve used worse deal with him he’s Spanish and he links up that’s all you need but I mean it’s when we move up to the defense now we’re getting a little bit decent man like Gabriel Paulista Gabriel Paulista a Brazilian in the Spanish BBVA League our man I mean it’s just dreams it’s hybrid perfection it’s all you hardwood makers out there is what makes your hybrid Willy go up another six foot too overpowered look at its bats it if we defending strong fast and he can even that’s good pass him for a defender as well look at his strength you look at his Mackin you look at it standing tackles interceptions the guy’s good he’s really good and you’re gonna love him and how much was he a thousand coins or pay glass for a sausage and batter down the chippy that I have for Gabriel let’s assume you can’t afford him no you shouldn’t be playing on the team I’m partner name yes he’s gonna be do called language name but doesn’t matter this guy’s lensman another sent it back that’s gonna cost you about a thousand coins very strong fast great defending links up to a shitload of players because he’s French and he’s six foot one the only thing is in his black if he was black hammer the defender was back but not gonna lie they stats would probably be a little bit higher but anyway it’s said about partnership is pretty tasty like I said I played six games of them I’m gonna go and play my seventh game after this and you’re gonna see these are decent players I might write back today is gonna be man like Nelson have you ever heard of a white guy called Nelson cuz I don’t have him then I spotted but my fierce boy unless he got four special moves a right back with for staff skill moves is always fun it means you can do that like running scoop so you can like Wren down the wing with him and scoop turn and so it’s decent or scoop to nor the run you know the scoop of all about where they like so drag it it’s like overpowered man this guy dribbling a pace is all you need to use it mr. Fenton’s good enough he strengths good enough but really you’re gonna use him to bother for down the wing get back down in position he’s gonna do the job but we’re Nelson I’ll be honest I was surprised the guy was very good thousand coins you can go wrong and I’m body to sum up my defense we’ve got Dalbert fresh out of Her Majesty’s Prison I mean look at him he looks like a criminal and if you disagree you’re lying I think he’s just scared of him you guys dog fresh the guys guys like girlfriends name tattooed on his neck oh yes it’s a little bit mad he just looks that looks like a crime watch picture and I wouldn’t mess with it but like I said for a thousand coins you got yourself naughty one pays decent defending average dribbling decent passing he’s gonna do the job he sent me six rate so he’s not gonna be amazing but as a defense Dalbert and the rest of these dudes play pretty decent and so fat if you haven’t bought the team that I’ve showed you it’s gonna cost you about 8k a thousand calling for that already decent now we’re moving up to the midfield yeah 10 K 11 K but I mean he’s a Chinese superstar a Chinese League superstar he’s a great long shot he come he’s an engine this guy’s that guy who’s gonna run up and down my attack in high defensive he ain’t gonna stop yeah unfortunately he hasn’t got the Brazilian skill moves but you don’t always need those he’s the kind of guy who’s gonna throw in a slide tackle when you need one he’s gonna give a shoulder badge to the chin when you need one and it’s gonna do the job they’ve rounded out stats and he’s gonna play CDM he’s gonna hold it down for you this is the guy it’s gonna take you to 30 and 30 and he’s gonna link up to another one of our guys who just got a fresh out of prison and let me introduce you to Anderson I’ve been a wise what he’s dudes with he’s betas and he’s like I don’t know man they just there’s something criminal about start on the other hand does have forced our skills and force that we put so now he’s feeling a little bit more Brazilian it’s not great passing great dribbling great shooting he’s got decent pace he’s strong I mean he’s just a complete and utter rounded center midfielder for 1,800 points and if you’re stingy you could probably get in for cheaper and if you’ve got a little bit more money to spend you can go get it in full version for 60 K is even better unless he has a midfield boys oh man so far or lino and Anderson are really gonna hold it down I mean you just look for midfielders you need those stats especially if you’re gonna go and play competitively you need players in your midfield who have got rounded stat sprays that can shoot to dribble compass’ you don’t just want those attacking midfielders you need the ones who are gonna defend as well and that then brings me over to my last midfielder Parolo don’t be put off by that 69 pace because this guy can defend he can pass he’s strong and he pops up and scores goals wrong look you bang me into from the edge of the box bro this guy has a rocket as you can see a e7 shot power with 86 longshot here yep rolling that’s the ball he’s gonna hit a screamer he’s a little from Bayern a boom pop pins say something go on say something to parole oh I dare you God you ain’t gonna get a more balanced midfield for a war 15k 13k and you’ve got one of the most balanced solid midfielders with attackers midfielders defensive midfielders engines hi attacking with high defensive work rate so people are going to get up and down good skills bid weak foot I mean it’s just a perfectly field please listen to what I’m saying I need a pro but it’s just common sense so we’re gonna move up to the attack and yeah shit’s getting real now here’s where the P stack I mean this is where that price tag of 100k stats are coming because we don’t expect about LA 30k so far boom we’re gonna blow another 30 K on parasitic and yes this guy is worth it he is one of my favorite wingers yeah I said it I have used hopefully for this job there quite a lot of games not not not a crazy amount but Paris hit I am in love with this guy honestly he is sick he wins every header cuz he’s quite tall and lanky he’s got unreal weak foot he got the skills he got the strength he got the passing ears just the perfect winger trust me you can’t get him off the ball man he’s strong probably the best day I’ve ever spent he is absolutely insane and anyone who’s used in you can agree with me this guy is the real deal we’ve then got a multiple another one of the players that really just brought a great joy great enjoyment to playing Fifa madness support I’m gonna use some of these different players yeah he’s 87 rated and yeah it’s gonna cost you 50 K but I ain’t used any of these players yet they just sick he is yes you gonna have to pay the cash you can get him for about 40 43 44 and trust me he is going to score you goals for start weak foot you can put it in on any foot high attacking just what you want in your attacker scored me three and six like I said I’ve got other players were scoring goals as well but this guy he has such a ridiculous shot and he’s got the strength do not sleep on him please go and try him don’t get put off buddy 82 pays cuz he’s strike he’s incredible and last but not least over there the big boy till it ends man like Hulk boom boom that’s what Hulk got have a little look of a strength 92 strength you think you’re pulling Hulk back you’ve got another thing coming this guy is so sick he wins every single hand you crossed the ball in he grabs players pulls them up the way and heads the ball over their head he’s evil one of the most enjoyable players you’ll play with simply because he’s so strong you can get him off the ball he’s got decent skills he’s got one hell of a strike he’s shot power and his long shots at just a joke you can hit the ball from anywhere with this guy it’s probably gonna be near enough on target and that’s exactly what you want when you shoot for for your dad’s he is going all this player man high attacking worker age six you in sick bastard sick dribbling decent pace amazing physical great in the air he’s just the perfect I never won him a Paris eg side they are going to bring you joy and they’re going to help you get wins especially if you’re going in foot champ for this team because it is worth it but they’ve advanced there’s your team balanced every player has their pros some player have their cons but look at it it’s a perfect country K team a perfect hunter K hybrid and all about to go into a games I can’t wait I love this team and I’ll to show you I ain’t messing about look at that look at her strength look at this brand for him like still going I will take the free kick can you see what I mean these guys are aggressive midfielders aggressive and catarrhini got no chance for a mobile a mobile RAF RAF it’s getting doing it’s getting day out there getting disgraceful out there oh that is why I Mowgli can do man I mean edge of the box stuff you paying for quality boys you’re paying for quite yeah okay you’ve got a people you’re catering but you can do that enter the box tough man Oh Oh another one is and they say mobile again is that mobile again my eg holding it down for the boys so gonna dump his squad I told you boys if I tell your brain can bang a player kampang this guy’s shot is next-level bro that is why he’s got an 87 strikers he come bang straight up this Hulk there’s the bang bitch free it’s just clockwork my brother’s clock work mate you just saw that you just saw how quickly I attack them man it’s madness bro this team is sick Hulk trust me you hit the ball this guy’s going in one of my favorite players man bang beer is for one for one game over it’s game over you can cross you can shoot from the edge of a box you can catch him on a break yeah it’s a pretty unstoppable team there’s the other half game lovely a mobile Patrick boom we’ll take it we’ll take it a nice comfortable for to win should have been five should have been six at times to be fair kind of goods that I didn’t see to but lads I’m glad that you could get a little look into how that team plays it’s pretty sick you get a lot of attacks but you’re not left blown open at the back which is what I like about its team so if it is that’s me is your one hundred thousand coin foot champs a bull foot chance of all squads I mean you’re definitely win games with a team input chances balance it’s solid and it could score goals if you have used it make sure you let me know make sure you message me and let me know how you got on with that team and also if you have enjoyed make sure you leave a thumbs up but let’s hope you’ve enjoyed and I’ll speak to you all next time please


  1. Squad builder: most dramatic and unnecessary goalkeeper saves/dives plus if you use this can you put it in the vid

  2. Plays 7 games and it’s overpowered weekend league yeah good man play the weekend league with the team and come back to us and see we’re u finish

  3. he was playing in div rivals and he scored a kick off goal and said that immobile is quality, what division are you in?

  4. I made the team with Depay and Fekir from the last video and it banged so now I’m gonna sell that and make this banging team #inGonthWeTrust

  5. I remember watching you before watching Ksi and you would open packs and say the players aren’t worth a bag of chips ??old school memories

  6. Mate I am black who gives a fuck about if were white or that we all have legs and arms etc but the difference is the race so shut the fuck up

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