10 WWE Wrestlers Who Came Back from the Grave

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Came Back from the Grave

In wrestling storylines anything is possible including the resurrection of the deceased here are 10 wrestlers who came back from the dead? Abdullah the butcher the Fiasco Dubs the chamber of Horrors at WCW, Halloween Havoc 1999 was a tag team match in which the winning team needed to get one of their opponents in an electric chair and throw the Switch to secure the victory however cactus jack mistook his teammate I billed as a butcher to Scott steiner and threw the switch prematurely seemingly killing Abdullah and assure of electricity and Pyrotechnics that was so intense it actually set the ring on fire the butcher charred like a well-done hamburger sat motionless for almost two minutes Before suddenly snapping back to life and attacking cactus jack for his grave error The Giant after losing to Hulk hogan in the Monster truck match at WCW, Halloween Havoc 1995 the Giants better known as big show confronted hogan in person on the Rooftop of Detroit’s Cobo Hall Convention center as hogan attempted to fight off his attacker the giant fell over the edge of the building apparently to his death hogan came out before what was supposed to be the main event title match and apologized for the Accidental death that occurred earlier Which is when the giant suddenly appeared to the shop [of] everyone this could have been quite an epic vows But the entire [thing] was botched when hogan lost due to a lame Disqualification as well as an interference by one of Wrestling’s worst Gimmicks ever the yeti Kane According to Paul bearer the undertaker sinister Backstory involved him murdering his father mother and brother in a funeral home fire as a child however bearer later revealed that takers brother actually survived the Blaze had been Institutionalized for most of his life and was seeking revenge on his brother although the undertaker denied all of this as an impossibility his nightmare came true when kane crashed the first-ever hell in a cell match at 1997’s Bad blood in your house ripped off the cage door and delivered a tombstone pile driver That allowed Shawn Michaels to beat the dead man kane had returned from the grave and his sibling rivalry wasn’t even close to being over Big Bossman although the actual match between the undertaker and Big Bossman at Wrestlemania 15 in 1999 was one of the more forgettable bouts in hell in a cell history what happened immediately after the match was quite memorable as taker raised his hands to the I members of the brood lowered down a noose which was flipped around the big boss man’s neck the entire cage was then raised along With boss man who kicked around helplessly before going limp as the arena light faded to black Big boss man returned two weeks later and soon began a feud without snow making no mention of his miraculous resurrection sing the great American bash 2,000 feet a human Torch match between sting and Vampiro which ended with sting ablaze as he ferns from the top of a giant video screen the announcers called the action as if singh had died in the storyline from the free fall which led to WcWs writers hotly debating how to properly explain his eventual come back according to Former Writer Kevin x the discussion finally ended when a Frustrated Vince Russo threw his arms up in the air and said he would simply put sting back on the air without explanation which is exactly what happened Road Warrior Hawk in a terrible Judgment call the Wwe decided to incorporate Road warrior Hawks real life struggles with drugs and alcohol Into a storyline which culminated in hawks dying after falling from the titantron in either a suicide or a murder committed by Puke Also known as drawers drawers was revealed that he had been Enabling Hawks addiction the entire time the angle was so unpopular and controversial that most puffs and road warrior animals quite the promotion Soon afterward although Hawks death was never resolved he and animal surprisingly returned to compete [in] a tag team match on raw in 2003 Paul bearer poor Paul bearer was actually killed in a storyline twice during his wwe 10 years the first occurred at the great American bash 2004 where bearer was covered in cement after the undertaker Refused to throw a match against the dudley boyz in order to save his manager in a cruel twist It was taker who ended up pulling the lever and dumping the concrete as the pay-per-view Ended the promotion backpedaled on the next smackdown revealing that bearer somehow survived But he wasn’t as [lucky] in 2012 in his last appearance with the wwe bearer was locked in a storage freezer by Randy, [orton] But kane later freed him only to walk him right back up again Sadly Paul bearer died for real less than a year later Vince McMahon at the very end of the Jun 11 2007 episode of raw Mr. McMahon entered a limousine that promptly exploded followed by reports of his presumed death on wwe.com Minutes later Jun 25th was bent to be a three-hour memorial to McMahon But those plans were derailed Following the death of Chris Benoit the previous day Instead vince appeared and revealed his own death had been only in storylines And the show was instead turned into a tribute to [Vin] law however this also backfired when news emerged the Benoit’s death was actually a suicide following a double murder which been Clarified the next night on Ecw on SCi Fi by dedicating the show to those affected by the tragedy Jerry Lawler while all of the other entries in this list involve wrestlers storyline death this one was one hundred percent real on September 10 2012 only minutes after competing in a tag team match on raw Jerry lawler Suddenly collapse at the announcers table due to cardiac arrest Thanks to the ringside doctor and other medical Personnel lawler survived But later revealed that he was actually clinically dead for a full 22 minutes before getting revised in more upbeat news not only his lawler not suffered another heart issue since but he even showed a sense Of humor about the incidents later tweeting a photo of himself reading a book entitled [you] [idea] zombie The Undertaker of course the undertaker had to make this list the guides entire gimmick is based on him repeatedly cheating death after being burned alive sealed in coffins during casket Matches and entombed underground and buried alive foust in one of the most famous incidents kane interfered in a survivor series 2003 Match between taker and McMahon and helped Bury his brother who remain dead for more than four months before making a triumphant return at Wrestlemania 20 did we miss any other wrestlers who returned from the dead let us know in the comments [below] and be sure to like And share this video for more wrestling clips and lists follow the sportster on YouTube

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  1. Kane didn't scare me as a younger kid, I'm a tween now, still dosent scare me, thd undertaker is cool, still not scared of him, never watched barney, he scares the hell out of me, big purple dinosaur, I wasnt afraid of a murderer, or a back from the dead man, but a friking purple dinosaur, A DINOSAUR!

  2. Cold stone Steve Austin died because the rock hit him off a bridge but came back and destroyed the rocks car

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  4. 1.The Undertaker
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    10.The Undertaker

  5. 1. the rock
    2. triple H
    3. Stone cold Steve Austin
    4. Mark Henry
    5. John cena
    6. Hulk Hogan
    7. The undertaker
    8. Brock Lesnar

  6. I'm dying at this guy making it seem that all of this is real… Its all fake kids. Everything in WWE is staged, even the blood. Think about it, how can John Cena's AA finish off superstars while other superstars do similar moves, but fail to pin their opponent?

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