10 Wrestlers Who Went FLAT BROKE!

10 Wrestlers Who Went FLAT BROKE!

[music] 00:13 Speaker 1: What is going on, guys? It
is [00:13] Wrestlelamia here back with another video. You know, announcer Gorilla Monsoon
was know for saying, “How quickly the tide can turn in the world of professional wrestling”.
That’s evident by the following stories of wrestlers who went from having the gold mine
to having the shaft. 00:27 S1: Number one, Ric Flair. The Nature
Boy is the patron saint of wrestlers who pissed away vast sums of money during illustrious
careers. In Flair’s case, he had been a big spender throughout his career living the lifestyle
of a styling, profiling, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling and dealing
son of a gun. In Nature’s case he faced two opponents that even the 16-time world champion
couldn’t beat, four divorces and the IRS. And we don’t mean Irwin R. Schyster. In 2007,
Flair founded Rick Flair Finance which made about as much sense as Lindsay Lohan driving
school. To no one surprise, Rick Flair’s finance folded a year later and Slick Rick filed for
bankruptcy. The Nature Boy ended up in hot water when highspots.com sued him for money
owed and Flair faced jail time for contempt of court over a settlement with them. Fortunately
someone paid for his debt. Flair was also sued by Ring of Honor for money allegedly
owed but the case was dismissed. Despite world class financial woes, you can’t help but admire
Flair’s attitude as epitomized by this quote: “If you’re a man you don’t cry about it, you
take life, the ups and downs. If you’re a real man you never go down, you just stay
up”. 01:37 S1: Number two, Kamala. Big man Jim
Harris took the wrestling territories by storm with his bizarre but money making gimmick
of Kamala the African Giant. Rumoured to be a former bodyguard of dictator Idi Amin. Considering
Kamala’s run in the territories and main event programs with WWF champion, Hulk Hogan, it
would seem he made enough money, however, Kamala claims he was paid substantially less
than his opponents. In a Slam Sports wrestling interview, he claims “I know what I made.
It said Kamala James Harris, $13,000. Then I saw Undertaker, Summer Slam $500,000. It
was a big difference, man it was terrible”. Complications from blood pressure and diabetes
led to Harris having both legs partially amputated. Harris currently lives on disability checks
and is one of many wrestlers involved in a class action lawsuit against the WWE for concussion
related injuries. 02:25 S1: Number three, The Dynamite Kid.
Tom Billington inspired wrestlers such as Chris Benoit with his high flying, hard hitting
style, that drew crowds despite his smaller size. That same style though led to leg and
back injuries that landed Billington in a wheelchair. Billington is said to be confined
to his home and not doing very well. Billington is also involved in the class action suit
against the WWE. 02:45 S1: Number four, Virgil. There’s something
ironic about the man who worked for the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase, being down on his
luck and yet fortune can be good, or in Mike Jones, case very bad. Whereas, many retired
and semi retired wrestlers make money on the convention circuit selling autographs. The
man best known to fans as Vigil can’t sell them. Some claim he charges a hefty sum for
someone who was just a step above a jobber to the stars. And that he falsely promises
Ted DiBiase will be there and he can also be a bit of a jerk. The sight of Virgil seated
at an autograph booth with no one in sight has led to the lonely Virgil memes. Even a
GoFundMe page proved futile with Virgil only raising $875, perhaps the Million Dollar Man
will slide him $500 if he bounces a basketball 10 times in a row. 03:29 S1: Number five, Perry Saturn. Perry
Saturn had a run of bad luck after he did a very noble thing, saving a woman from being
raped and getting shot in the process. Saturn subsequently became addicted to methamphetamines
and was homeless for two and a half years disappearing from sight. Eventually he recovered,
kicking his drug addiction but now he reports he has plagued from the effects of traumatic
brain injury. Not surprisingly, Saturn, too is involved in the lawsuit against the WWE.
Saturn now has a GoFundMe page and on it reports, “Perry is in a position to get good medical
care but he’s strapped financially. He can’t work and his wife, Lisa, is a full-time caregiver
essentially. They live within driving distance of his care but they need money to pay living
expenses, medical bills and to arrange reliable transportation that can make it through the
winter”. So far Saturn has raised $37,707 of his goal. 04:20 S1: Number six, Lex Luger. Larry Pfohl
was one of wrestling’s biggest stars. But things went south when he was involved with
a domestic dispute with then girlfriend, Elizabeth Hulette, aka Ms. Elizabeth, followed by her
drug overdose. Luger was charge with various felonies and subsequent legal fees, personal
demons and health issues robbed him of the money he’d earn, transforming him from the
total package into the total pauper. Thankfully Luger got help after a short term in jail,
turning to God for a new direction. According to an interview with the local Buffalo, New
York television reporter, “Lex says he’s now a changed man, enjoying a much simpler life
in the Buffalo area living with his mother and spending most of his free time helping
others at his church. Luger is not involved in any lawsuit with the WWE that we are aware
of but he is a playable character in WWE 2K16 and WWE 2K17. So there you go. 05:05 S1: Number seven, X-Pac. Sean Waltman’s
high flying skills and hard to define charisma made him an upper card star in the WWF during
the New Generation. When his clique pal Scott Hall and Kevin Nash went to WCW, Waltman followed
suit, but found life wasn’t as good in WCW, especially after Eric Bischoff fired him whilst
he was recovering from an injury. Waltman returned to the WWF as X-Pac, a member of
D-Generation X, but personal demons took their toll physically and financially. Waltman’s
infamous sex tape with China and drug addiction hurt his reputation as did unflattering appearances
on the TV show The Surreal Life. Waltman now host a wrestling podcast, which hopefully
is helping him financially. 05:41 S1: Number eight, Joey Mercury. Both
Mercury and Johnny Nitro provided highlights in the WWE tag-team division during the mid
2000’s. Working exciting programs with Brian Kendrick and Paul London as well as the Hardy’s.
Mercury, real name Adam Birch, struggled with drug addiction though, admitting in a 2007
interview, “I’ve been a drug addict and an alcoholic since I was 15 years old, right
before I started wrestling.” Mercury became addicted to painkillers after a brutal injury
to his face during a ladder match, and Mercury recalled how Vince McMahon personally intervened
telling Mercury, “We’re not concerned about your work because you know you can pull it
together for 30 minutes every night. We’re worried that you’re going to die.” Mercury
got the help he needed, but the addiction cost him financially. He returned to the WWE
in 2010 working in various capacities, including on air as a member of J&J Security for The
Authority. Following his release in 2016, Matthews now works as head trainer for Luke
Gallows Wresting School. 06:34 S1: Number Nine, Tony Atlas. Tony Atlas
won the body building title Mr. USA before entering the world of professional wresting.
His incredible physique made him a natural, and his team with Rocky “Soulman” Johnson
led to the Soul Patrol becoming the first African American WWF tag team champions. Rumor
has it Atlas was considered for the Intercontinental Championship, but drug problems led to no
shows resulting in his push ending. By late 1990, Atlas was living on a park bench when
Vince McMahon brought him in as the controversial Saba Simba character, who was supposed to
be a member of an African tribe. Atlas left the WWF working in WCW and the AWF. Following
his induction into the 2006 WWE Hall of Fame, Atlas returned to the WWE in 2008 and was
part of the WWE Network show Legend’s House. 07:19 S1: And number 10, Jake Roberts. Jake
the Snake’s drug problems are well-known and well documented as seen in the film Beyond
the Mat, and the WWE video Pick Your Poison, and the recent Resurrection of Jake the Snake.
The latter film showed Jake’s health problems and financial woes, documenting his physical
and spiritual recovery with the help of wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. Roberts seems to have
turned the corner with his drug addition and hopefully will recover financially as well. 07:43 S1: Well guys, that about wraps up this
video here. Were there any wrestlers that we managed to miss off? Please let us know
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100 Replies to “10 Wrestlers Who Went FLAT BROKE!”

  1. Virgil is broke broke. He sets up at a flea market called trader jacks in Pittsburgh . Go see him.

  2. to laugh at political incorrectness, if Virgil bounced a basketball 5 times in a row the million dollar man might slip him a thousand, lol

  3. was at a indy show about a year ago Bushwacker Luke was there at a table. I yelled "hey Luke" and licked my new wife (who know nothing about wrestling), she gave me a funny look Luke gave me a thumbs up. anyway he was in a no DQ match the guy we was wrestling hit him with a padded chair, everyone booed. eventually Luke won. The next day (via internet) discovered he was 72 years old ,,, might not have booed as loud. Ric was there signing autographs for a fee

  4. I recall meeting Roberts as a young teen. Seems like a lifetime ago. While he appeared sober, I met him while I was part of the hot dog catering company covering the Grand Opening of a car wash in Queens, NY. He was there to sign autographs.

  5. Not here to judge but I really don't feel sorry for anyone on this list besides Perry Saturn. What he did was heroic and Maybe Kamala for not being smart enough to know he was being hood-wink.

  6. But…everything in Flair's life suggests he put himself there. You're not much of a man if you can't control your damn self.

  7. Like Scott Steiner once said to Ric Flair in a shoot inside the ring " he made and makes all the millions dollars, but instead spending money for a week on limousine, girls, and alcohol….you should have went to the dentist and fixed your crooked yellow rotten teeth " Someone who made that much money and still walks around with a set of horrible teeth like a homeless man is embarrassing, considering how wealthy he was. And what man, poor or rich, would marry 3-5 times???
    not to mention without a prenup lol

    Virgil was an is an idiot, He used to make 200k a year by just walking around the Million dollar man……he could have easily bought a nice house, had it paid of instantly….and saved 35% of his income…
    Total clueless idiot!!! Funny part is, you dont need an accounted if u have your own brain and common sense thoughts.

  8. Never get why people are satisfied and enjoy when others went flat broke. "Kamala" for example what an unlucky guy he is. Seems that the worst job when getting old is being a wrestler. 😉

  9. You wouldn't know Ric Flair was broke judging by the fact the guy's worth over 6 million $. Most of the people on the list were actually bit players and not stars.

  10. Flair 's problem was other than divorce was making 2 million 1 year but spending 4 million. Finally he has someone controlling his spending.

  11. Perry Saturn is supposedly an Army veteran.  If he is, why can't he get medical treatment at the VA?  Furthermore, the VA has a program to pay his care provider (in this case his wife).

  12. It's sad seeing the wrestlers i grew up on in this condition, but thank GOD we gave DDP, who has helped guys like Jake Roberts n Scott hall get their life together, hope all these guys get themselves right again

  13. Perry is full of crap. He ran out on back alimony from three wives totaling $80,000. No police reports were filed, he was never admitted to a hospital, and he never registered for PT or rehab following his alleged injury. He no-showed wrestling events because a lawyer was waiting to serve him papers. He didn't go to John Kronus', his best friend's funeral because a lawyer was there waiting to serve him papers. He was drifting all those years getting paid under the table doing menial jobs. He was even tracked to a door making company in Iowa. His current physical condition is more likely a result of the stresses he put on his body over the course of his career and not being shot in the neck.

  14. Make all the excuses for flair you want it wasn't just his spending and failed ponzi scam but most of his money went up his nose his 2nd ex said it was around a grand a week.

  15. Perry Saturn is extremely underrated in the business I will gladly donate to his cause if someone can provide me an e-mail or means

  16. I don't get these guy's they blow their money, then do go fund me page's and expect the public to fund them? What? they think we all live for free ?

  17. "Larry Poffo " at 4:19 ….. huh? Did anyone else catch that? He was talking about Lex Luger but i swear he said Lanny Poffo around 4 minutes and 20 seconds …..

  18. Kamala wrestled in Memphis in the early 80's. Lawler claimed he discovered him wrestling in Japan & brought him to the USA.

  19. When Perry Saturn can get $37k from donations, after his own poor choices put him that position.. people got too much money to throw around.. let me help you waste your money.

  20. There is a mistake about Kamala in this video: Kamala never went broke because Vince McMahon never paid him. And that's the true story.

  21. Wrestlers sueing the WWE for concussions gtfoh you are the one that decided to be a pro wrestler and take bumps and steel chairs to the head lol. Smh

  22. Can't stand to see these guys who pissed their cash away now suing the WWE. Take some responsibility for yourself. Glad to see Ric Flair takes it like a man.

  23. 10 wrestlers who went broke??
    Ok, give me a list of any 10 wrestlers no longer performing in the WWE.

    Scratch that…any 10 minus d.d.p.
    He seems to be doing well with his stupid yoga bull shit.

  24. I think Flair's quote saying "if you're a real man you never go down, you just stay up" was his attempt at WOOOOO'ing a sponsorship deal with Viagra. That would've got him out of debt real quick had they taken the bait. Nice try there you sly old dog.

  25. He failed to actually mention that it's Vince that keeps paying for Flair's debt and I for one am glad he did cuz I would hate to hear that Ric Flair was broke.

    People talk a lot of trash about Vince McMahon and some of it is warranted but that's only because the good things that he does he does behind closed doors and he doesn't ask for praise.

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