10 Worst Sports Injuries Caught On Live Tv!

10 Worst Sports Injuries Caught On Live Tv!

Elite Facts Presents 10. Renzo Gracie, suffered a broken arm when
his opponent Sakuraba snapped it with a kimura. The match was a submission only and Gracie
refused to surrender even when he knew it would end in a broken arm. Either total man
machine or idiocy, you can judge. 9. Corey Hill threw a low kick to his opponent,
who checked it like it was nothing special. As he blocked the kick, Hill’s shinbone seemed
to snap in half, causing Hill to crumble to the mats by the time his broken leg returned
to his fighting stance. Hill had fractured his tibia and fibula, and slightly less importantly,
had lost the fight due to the break. 8. Marcus Lattimore was a Heisman Trophy contender
and a surefire high draft pick heading into the 2012 season, but that all came to a screeching
halt in an October home game against Tennessee. A hit to his right leg dislocated the star’s
knee, reportedly tearing his ACL, MCL, and PCL. 7. Starting off with one of the most popularized
sporting events in history, Mike Tyson decided he was hungry in the middle of his heavyweight
fight with Evander Holyfield. He was hungry, he had a little nibble on his ear and bit
a chunk off. 6. John Terry, Chelsea captain and thorough
bred Chelsea man fell foul to an accidental kick to the jaw in a London derby vs rivals
Arsenal in 2006. The former England captain took a swinging boot from Abou Diaby and he
was left unconcious for 45 seconds afterwards. 5. Bryce Florie nearly lost his more than
his Baseball career at a game for the Red Sox at Fenway Park, when a sizzling line drive
off the bat of a Yankees outfielder struck him squarely in the right eye, shattering
bones, temporarily disfiguring his face, and threatening his vision. 4. This is an example of when soccer celebrations
go wrong. Like many footballers, Paulo Diogo celebrated a goal choosing to leap onto a
fence to give the fans a close up, but his wedding ring got stuck and as he escaped so
did his finger (ring still attached). His finger completely detached, that’s one way
to give a finger to the fans. 3. Janos Baranyai found out the hard way at
the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing that 300lbs plus is a really heavy thing to try to lift.
As he attempted to hoist the bar, his elbow dislocated. The injury put him out of commission
for two years but he’s active again and pushing for more Olympic glory. 2. Salim Sdiri has the most bizarre injury
on the list. Tero Pitkamaki of Finland, one of the world’s best at what he does, rumbled
forward and released his javelin. It sailed far off target to the left, and nearly 80
meters away it landed in the back of the unsuspecting long jumper. Luckily, he didn’t suffer too
many injuries and was back in action soon after 1. Easily the most gruesome on the list, and
probably the nightmare of every person who steps onto an ice rink. Florida Panthers’
Richard Zednik had his external carotid artery cut by a skate blade. Fortunately for Zednik,
medical personnel were all over him as soon as it happened, and despite losing five units
of blood his life was never in danger. He missed the rest of the season, but came back
strong the following year and continues to play today. Don’t forget to like us and subscribe
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  1. They missed Joe Theisman, quarterback for the Washington Redskins back in the 80's when Lawrence Taylor of the NY Giants snapped his ankle when he tackled him. It wasn't gruesome, it was like someone running their finger nails on a chalk board because you could see the exact time when it snapped. Look it up on You Tube, I think they have it.

  2. Made it about 30 seconds in, then realised its one of those shitty clips that have dialogue over images and doesn't actually show anything. So pathetic.

  3. It's cause if a hockey player break a leg or gets hurt they keep on playing but if a basketball player sprained an ankle they act like there career is over and need to be driven of the court

  4. so, anybody up for a game of a………well how about soc………hoc………nah fuck it, im gonna sit here watching TV all day, screw sports

  5. I was going to watch porn, had the webpage open while watching this, now i dont think i'll watch that porn now..

  6. the akward moment when u think of sex the ball hits your head and u score and then fall down with everyone sayng well done jim.

  7. Who knew soccer and rugby were so dangerous compared to the NHL athletes, I mean with 100% frozen, hard pucks flying towards your net at 100mp/h+….

    I (before Don Cherry said it), thought that if you take fighting out of hockey, how do you release the pressure valve., so much, and also try to ban checking. checking, or letting out their aggression in a 99% harmless fight. My advice as a fan is to allow far more fighting, where virtually no one has ever been hurt, than get a player so worked up that he concusses or otherwise injure him boarding. The NHL player who was cut by a skate was OK, thanks to his armour. It looked like his team mates' skate went right over his abdomen.

    Other than the former goalie, Clint Malarchuk, NHL players do wear neck guards – but not the same as the goalies' see-through plastic 'hanger', no guarantees though.

    Why not buy Malarchuk's autobiography for Christmas? I won't post any spoilers here. Bruce Cockburn's autobiography is also an excellent gift. It's very hard to stop reading it, and go to bed.

  8. how bout the ncaa guy that broke both legs after shooting a basket. there been a few goalies that got thier throats slashed that should be on the list.

  9. another lame story telling clip this is youtube things suppose to be moving not showing us still images and narrate the whole time it's no diffrent from an audio pop-a-book

  10. Why diss Mike Tyson? Hes been thru alot, went to jail for false accusations of rape, got robbed by Robyn Givens and Don king, lost his daughter, lost his fortune and much more.. i think the man deserves some respect.

  11. Lots of these are stolen jokes and number one was zednik and not theismann or malarchuck and Willis McGahee wasn't on the list. This is stupid. I disliked.

  12. Diaby did a real shit job on JT! Aleast put the cunt in a coma for a month or make him loose all his teeth to improve his speech.

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