10 Tricky Riddles and Logic Puzzles To Sharpen Your Brain

Hello and welcome back to FactoFusion, and
get ready to trick your mind with the top 10 amazing riddles and puzzles that 90% people fail to answer. So let’s turn your mind into a genius. Starting with a simple one! Can you guess what should replace the question
mark in this puzzle? Well before you start to think, a hint for
you that it’s not the obvious 6. You’ve got 15 seconds, and your time starts
now! Well if you didn’t get the correct answer, then for those the answer is R.
Yes this puzzle is taken from the gear handle in the car, and those who drive their private
cars must have noticed this calibration on the gear handle. Now the next puzzle is from our community
section of YouTube. A few months ago we’ve asked you all this
question in the community that if 3 hens lay 3 eggs in 3 days, then how many eggs do 9
hens give in 9 days. For those who haven’t gone through this
puzzle, you have your 15 seconds to think, and if you need more time, then just pause
the video before we finally reveal the answer. So your time starts now! The correct answer is 27. For those who didn’t get the correct answer,
then here’s the explanation. First let’s understand how many days does
1 hen takes to lay one egg. We have 3 hens and 3 eggs that is laid in
3 days, which means 1 hen lays 1 egg in 3 days. Now that means 1 hen can lay 3 eggs in 9 days. But we have 9 hens, so simply multiplying
9 with 3 we get the answer as 27. Now, this puzzle is a picture puzzle. Can you find out the most stupid person in
this picture? You have 15 seconds and your time starts now. The correct answer is person 4, Well he’s the most stupid because he’s
cutting the branch of the tree on which he his sitting, while 1 is just sitting on the
branch and 2 & 3 are cutting the branches on which other people are sitting. Now hope your brain got the warm up,
Now time for a tricky question. We have a bulb inside a room that is packed
and you can’t peep in, Outside the room are 3 switches, that are
initially OFF, You can turn on and off the switches as many
times you want, but you are provided only one chance to go inside the room. You have to tell, which is the correct switch
for the bulb and there is no one either to help you
All you got 20 seconds and you can even pause the video for more time. And your time starts now! Well did you get the solution, if not here
it is. Step 1: Turn on two switches and keep them
on for a few minutes. Step 2: Turn off one of the switch. Step 3: Enter the room. Step 4: if the bulb is ON, this means the
switch that is ON is the correct switch. Step 5: if the bulb is off, then touch the
bulb. Step 6: if the bulb is warm, this means that
switch that you turned ON and then OFF, was the correct switch. If the bulb is cold and normal, then the correct
switch for the bulb is the third switch that was never turned ON. Well our next puzzle is a simple arithmetic
puzzle. 3 Friends go for shopping, and each bought
a $10 pen. The 3 friends in total paid a sum of $30 to
the shop. But after the bill being paid, the manager
called one of his sales person, and gave him 5$ and said him to return the $5 as a discount
to 3 of the friends. Now the sales person was in a thought that
how can I divide 5$ in 3 person, so he kept 2$ with him and returned back $1 to each of
the friends. Which means each of them paid $9 to the shop
which makes the total of $27 dollar. Now the question is they paid $27 and the
sales person has $2. The total comes to $29, so who has the missing
one dollar? You have 15 seconds again, and your time starts
now! Hope you got the correct answer, or are you
still trying to guess it? Okay, let’s get through the explanation. The entire puzzle was a simple arithmetic
but the question was twisted to misdirect your arithmetic calculation. If you examine the overall transaction, we
can get this equation $30 (initial payment)=$25 (paid to shop)
+ $2 (taken by sales person) + $3 (returned) Confusion arises because the listener is forced
to add the $2 to the $27 paid by the friends that makes the total $29. If you look carefully the $27 that they paid
already includes the $2 taken by the sales person, so there is no need to add it again. Now after the 3 dollar refund, the total transaction
with the shop was only of $27, out of which the $25 was taken by the shop and $2 by the
sales person. We think now your brain have got a really
tough exercise. Now let’s go to a simple one. You have 3 cups and 10 coins. You have to divide and put all the 10 coins
in 3 cups so that each cup has an odd number of coins. You have 15 seconds and your time starts now. The correct answer is, none, that is the question
is wrong. Once again this was a simple arithmetic puzzle. You can never add 3 odd numbers and get an
even number as the result. Try out any three odd numbers. Now for the puzzle we have 10 coins,
So the odd numbers are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 If you add any of the 3 numbers from these,
you will never get an even summation result that is 10. After much of solving, now let’s test your
vision and brain together, Can you find the incorrect thing in this picture? You have 15 seconds and your time starts now! Well if you didn’t found it, the incorrect
thing is this hand. Now this is a birthday problem,
When a man was asked for his birth date, he said: “The day before yesterday I was only 25 and
next year I will turn 28.” So can you guess what his birth date is? You have 15 seconds and your time starts now? The answer is December 31st. This question was asked to the man on 1st
of January, So day before yesterday on 30th December he
was 25, And on 31st December he turned 26. Now at the end of this year he will turn 27
and next year he will be 28. Once again a picture puzzle, can you find
the difference. You have got 15 seconds and your time starts
now! If you haven’t found it, it is here. Now finally the last puzzle in our list. You have 9 dots
That make a square as 3, 3, 3 Now you have to join these 9 dots with only
4 lines, can you do it? You have 15 seconds to give it a try and your
time starts now? Well if you got the correct answer, I really
appreciate your mental capacity to think beyond the scope. If you haven’t got it yet, then here’s
the solution.

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