10 Shocking Facts About The Rio Olympics 2016

10 Shocking Facts About The Rio Olympics 2016

10 Shocking Facts About The Rio 2016 Olympics 10. BODY PARTS ON THE BEACH In June 2016 parts of a mutilated body were
found on Copacabana beach, just meters from where the beach volleyball will take place. The gruesome discovery was reported by a city
street vendor and prompted a police investigation into identifying the victim. Rio de Janeiro is notorious for crime and
often referred to as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. In an attempt to keep crime to a minimum during
the Olympic Games, organizers will deploy an extra 80,000 security personnel to patrol
the streets and stadiums. Sources: Reuters, Huffington Post, BBC 9. WORKER MISTREATMENT In November 2015 the Labor Public Ministry
in Rio, who are in charge of supervising labor laws, rescued 11 Brazilian workers building
the media village, as they were living in squalid conditions. The accommodation provided for the workers
did not have any drinking water, was covered in cockroaches and sewage, and the only bathroom
had no shower or flushing toilet. The construction company working on site,
called Cyrela [SUR-EL-AH], was forced to pay each worker around $6000 in compensation. SOURCES: NYTimes, Reuters, Rio On Watch 8. RUSSIAN ATHLETES BANNED An investigation by The World Anti-Doping
Agency revealed that, between 2011 and 2015, Russia operated a state sponsored doping program
across the majority of summer and winter Olympic sports. It is considered to be the biggest doping
scandal of all time. While the World Anti-Doping Agency recommended
that the whole Russian team be banned from taking part in the Rio Olympics, the International
Olympic Committee controversially only banned 68 Russian track and field athletes from competing. The IOC has urged the individual sports’
governing bodies to decide which of the 300+ remaining Russian athletes should be allowed
to take part. SOURCES: The Telegraph, The Guardian, Sky
Sports 7. FORCED EVICTIONS Since 2009 over 77,000 people have been forced
out of their homes to make way for infrastructure projects related to the 2014 World Cup and
the 2016 Olympic Games. One settlement cleared of residents and completely
demolished was a favela called Vila Autódromo. Of the 600 families that lived there, only
20 voluntarily moved after being offered financial compensation or alternative housing. Those that remained formed a human chain around
their homes, only for their peaceful protest to be violently broken up by the police with
pepper spray and rubber bullets. Six people were left seriously injured. SOURCES: Vox, Reuters 6. CONDOM O’CLOCK The first Olympic record to be broken in Rio
will be the number of condoms provided by the International Olympic Committee to athletes,
totaling 450,000. They will also be handing out 175,000 packets
of lubricant. With 10,500 athletes competing in the games,
this figure equates to a whopping 42 condoms each. Enough for two or three sexercise sessions
a night during the 17-day sporting event. This figure is three times the 150,000 condoms
supplied by the IOC during London’s 2012 games. SOURCES: New York Post, The Guardian 5. FINANCIAL EMERGENCY 49 days before the opening of the Rio Olympics,
the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Francisco Dornelles, declared a state of financial emergency. Dornelles begged for federal support to avoid
a “total collapse in public security, health, education, transport and environmental management”. He blamed the budget deficit of around $5.5
billion on a tax shortfall, as well as Brazil’s deep recession. Meanwhile, the lack of money in the city has
led to the emergency services staging protests. Adopting the slogan ‘Welcome to hell’,
they have warned that tourists visiting the city won’t be safe, as they aren’t paid
enough to protect them. SOURCES: USA Today, BBC 4. SEX SALE Prostitutes in Rio de Janeiro’s red light
district are offering a ‘sex sale’ for visitors to the Olympic Games. Over 3000 women will be offering their services
in more than 70 bars and nightclubs, with the hope of luring in foreign visitors. The sex workers claim they are slashing their
prices, as business during the 2014 Brazil World Cup fell substantially. They have been preparing flyers, printed in
English, detailing their cut-price deals. 30 minutes of sex will cost just $11, half
the typical rate of $22. SOURCES: IBTimes, Inquisitr, Daily Mail 3. ZIKA VIRUS Since May 2015, a life-threatening, mosquito-borne
disease named the Zika virus has spread through Brazil at an alarming rate. The virus has been linked to a birth defect
called microcephaly [micro-sef-alee], which gives babies underdeveloped brains and abnormally
small heads. Olympics spectators, particularly pregnant
women, have been warned not to travel to Brazil. Over 30 male and female Olympians, including
tennis player Milos Raonic [MIL-OS R-OW-NICH], have pulled out of the games, as they fear
the uncertainty of the disease. SOURCES: BBC, WHO 2. SOCIAL CLEANSING In Rio’s north zone, far away from the picture-perfect
Copacabana beach, is an area called Maré [MAR-AY], home to a massive complex of neglected
slums. During the run up to the Olympics, a concrete
wall was built around the neighborhood’s favelas. Officials stated that the wall was built to
protect the residents of Maré from sound pollution. However, residents believe it was actually
built so visitors traveling from Rio de Janeiro airport to the southern part of Rio would
not see the reality of the city. Further along the wall, a brand new school
has been built. At this point, the wall becomes transparent,
allowing foreign visitors to have a perfect view of this brand new building. SOURCES: The Daily Telegraph, Reuters 1. SHITTIEST OLYMPICS EVER In 2015, officials for the Rio Olympics promised
to remove 80% of the sewage that flows into the Guanabara [GWAN-AH-BAR-AH] bay, where
the Olympic water sports will take place. However, only 65% of the water has been treated. This means that athletes could be swimming,
sailing, and rowing through raw sewage. It’s not just feces that athletes will have
to watch out for, but trash too. Every day, 100 tons of trash gets washed up
into the bay. Rio officials have now acknowledged that a
complete clean up of Guanabara bay would take about 20 years. SOURCES: The Atlantic, Gawker

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  1. The Olympic for 2016 was an absolute fiasco shame for Brazil, I love the culture and the people, but corruption destroys everything.

  2. Thanks God, This was the last Great World Event in a poor country. Certain things are reserve only for rich people. Here in Brazil we are all ignorant, poor, corrupt. Our women are all prostitutes and nobody here like to work. Please, I beg you, forget Brazil. We don't deserve your attention. And thank you for so precious information without prejudice. All things in the video are true. But not in these proportion. And we have some "Shocking Facts" full of good things. Please, forget Brazil. We are no menace.

  3. The media loves to sells the most negative of Brazil and sells the best of the other countries BUT once they get in there, they realized that ppl are not Indians,  they don't speak French and it is not a florest lol. Interesting that USA media (an example ) never shows that LA is a dangerous city of Cali, duty and nasty city, many homeless but of course not, USA is a first world so let's sell to stupid ppl that they have to come up here and waste their money in this awful city. See, this is all about business and image, who believes is an idiot, I bet an American make a test in Brazil's high school and they pass, I doubt it 100%, ppl think that 3rd world is like idiot ppl that the technology hasn't arrived lol and they don't know nothing, guess what ?! it is a wrong thought, Brazil just need to be fixed with the politic, just that, everything there happens the same in any other countries. I love when gringos go there and try to be funny making jokes but they realized how stupid they acted once they get the right and perfect answer from them.

  4. i came from the future. rio olimpic was fantastic. no poluted water no terrorist atac no zika almost 1.5 million turists having fun. amazing wonderful

  5. If you don't like "my country" , BraSil with S, and believe everything you Watch on tv or internet, just do us a favor don't come here, we don't need anymore stupid people here. We like people tha't enjoy diversity and respect. For sure If your "first world country" didn't have explored the whole world and still does with your banks and shit politics, we could be now much better, because on reality our country os really rich of nature resources, water, metals, food and biologic sources. So please, study more you fucking gringos, you guys are so fucking nerds that look like you don't even know how to fuck. That is disrepect just like Whats you guys are doing with "my country"

  6. Rio is a beautiful city. Although the country hosted th FIFA and suffered from Zika despite of so many losses they were able to complete the olympics. I mean the opening and closing was so good. But I think India could be better choice than Brazil u can say India is same as Brazil but situations here r better than Brazil. Also we have hosted commonwealth. So….2024

  7. Brazil is a very beautiful place with some of the most unique sites to visit. Unfortunately it's full of ugly disgusting people living there. I truly feel sorry for the less fortunate living there. How can they do this to them and watch them suffer this way. It's just horrible. When people have nothing left it is obvious they will go extreme measures to survive. Considered one of the most dangerous place on earth? If that is the case, the government clearly neglected the population and enriched only a few at the cost of millions of other lost souls.

  8. Ridiculous video !!!! ….. Nothing this happened in Rio …. Bunch of idiots, cowards, assholes !!! ….Yours should be processed, like the American swimmers who invented lies about assault in Rio !!!! > 🙁

  9. Here in Brazil have so many thefts that a terrorist was in the police to complain your gun (ak-47) was stolen, he was arrest and the thieves as well e.e

  10. I want to know what has the Russian doping scandal got anything to do with the Rio Olympics? Why is the media considering it one of the controversies of the games? Its not a Brazilian problem but a Russian problem! Its not like the organizers of the Rio games bribed Russian athletes into taking drugs! Don't blame Brazil blame Russia and the IOC for this.

  11. Number 1 is not fair. Come on, The "shittiest olympics ever"? I don't know if that's a bad pun or plain irresponsibility. I don't remember athletes competing under unfair or improper situations. Guanabara bay was a problem, not arguing that, but it didn't compromise the games, I don't remember athletes being poisoned or refusing to compete due to the water condition, there was no case of Zica virus and no terrorist attacks, sad for you and so many others who were hoping for the worse it seems.

    The games were beautiful to watch, the opening and closing ceremonies likewise and let's not forget about the paralympics, which are happening right now.

    Important to note too is that Brazil is part of a global economy, much of the preparation for the games, if not most of it, were made or planned by international contractors, so maybe you should give it a second thought.

    Last but not least, I'm sure no athletes were personally belittled or mistreated by the people of Brazil, we are exceptional good hosts, contrary to many of the so called first world countries. Actually, the athletes were so comfortable that some even took the chance to enjoy some time with the local prostitutes. Why don't you put that into consideration when talking about the "shittiest olympics"?

  12. Russian hackers expose 11 more Western Cheaters for doping
    Fancy Bears "third exposure has the " immunity "list serve doping athletes. The total list of 11 people, almost all of the Olympic medalists in Rio, where as many as five Olympic gold medalist, silver medalist 4 UK a total of four people on the list, including two cycling gold medal: harvest Laura – Trotter's and women's boxing gold medalist Nicola – Adams (China with 26 gold less than the United Kingdom ranked 1 gold medal standings c) Australia 3 people, including the Rio Olympic Women's Singles gold medalist in rowing oars Brennan – Kimberley and the Spanish Rio women's 200 meters freestyle gold medalist Belmont – Garcia – Mirella, in Denmark about the Olympic gold medalist in the women's 50 meters freestyle Autzen – Janet.
    Ironically, the exposure in Fancy Bears latest list just hours after The Associated Press reported that the International Olympic Committee president Thomas Karabakh have sought help from Russia. , but the Putin government has yet to respond to his plea.

  13. Nice….The Games ended up being a HUGE SUCESS….
    case YOU deem yourself as NON-BIASED and serious, YOU must post videos "Tourist vs Real" for:
    Los Angeles (INCLUDING EAST LA)

  14. balela!! O Rio e o Brasil mostrou do que são capazes!!! engulam!!! foi um dos melhores jogos olimpicos, mais animados e com mais públicos de todos os tempos!!! foi tudo lindo e perfeito!!! Quem torcia contra ficou no vácuo!!!! Vai deixar saudades, e os jogos do Rio 2016 está na história para sempre!!!!!!!!!

  15. wow… despite all the criticism, Rio did a splendid job. I was there.. and was quite impressed with the whole thing. Brazilians are the friendliest

  16. Ok. We are not the best City in the World.
    But you can't say that only happens here.
    All of these things happen in The Whole World.
    And as a Loser Who lives in Rio de Janeiro, I'm only going to say one more thing: Fuck you.
    And the same go for the rest of the comment section that was rude with my country and my city.

  17. Brazil has enough conditions to have a great economy, we were already the 7th largest economy in the world, but the corruption of our government is immense! About 500 billion of our currency is diverted illegally per year, the lack of knowledge of the population makes our situation much worse, but in spite of everything we are a happy people.

  18. Remember when people thought the Rio Olympics was gonna be the worst Olympic Games to ever exist because of some random virus outbreak that was happening?

    Yea me too.

  19. Im confused as to why countries want to host the olympics so badly to the point where they care more for it then improving their country and their people.

  20. Understand brothers . The so called white ppl are red and are the devil the Bible speaks of . They feed themselves on the poor which are the blacks,hispanics/latinos, n native Indians(the true Israelites of the Bible)

  21. Rio de Janeiro used to be THE place to go on honeymoons and cruise ship stops or high fashion and music. It was a sigh of wealth to be able to visit from the USA for example. What the h—- happened?? It was so very posh and high class at one time, with great music, legendary beaches, photographic walks, unonaginable food. I mean it totally imploded and no one in their right minds goes there if they don't have to. The country has resources and beauty so was it massive political corruption and the very rich refusing to allow a larger middle class to develop? Honestly what happened?

  22. are you kidding me?! 20 years to clean the bay up when it took a fraction of that time to clean up 60% of the sewage hmmm :/

  23. I thought that Brazil is a developed country, what's with the pomp and splendor they spend for world cup and Olympic. until I witnessed this video. it makes me consoled that at least my government is sensible enough not to pretend to be a prosperous and rich country.

  24. Make 2024 in Aussie again like Aussies are super chill no fucking heated relations poor areas no diseases just a all round sick place like beaches everywhere

  25. #6:


    Why the frik does a national sports competition business and organization need to provide CONDOMS? Why?!

  26. A couple more interesting facts about Brazil. The first female to become president Dilma was impeached for corruption 11 months ago and now the presiding president Michael Temer is under indictment for some meat and bribery scandal. Expats are causing hyperinflation so locals are now being gentrified. On a lighter note the current economic predicament has dropped the price of pussy from $20 to 4.94 + all applicable fees.

  27. I live in Brazil and I can say that the only thing that is not true is the zika virus part. Yes it does exist, but almost no one in Rio has been diagnosed as infected.

  28. Not all brazilians were acording to the olympics, but what can we do? Do you think that the government care about us? Do you think they listen to us?

  29. I was born in Brazil so I’m used to this. Also Brazil is a great country, you should go there if you have the chance!

  30. I don't exactly understand why Rio is a tourist destination. Sure it has festivals but it's dangerous and unsanitary.

  31. It's funny how the government of Brazil sued the Simpsons for the episode blame it on lisa for the depiction of Rio and years later look at what the government tried and failed to hide

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