10 NEW Physical SWITCH GAMES you may have MISSED!

– [Metal Jesus] Hey guys Metal Jesus here. Now I don’t know about you, but when the Switch was first announced and we heard it was a handheld, as a collector I was pretty
worried that this might be the beginning of the
end of physical media. Thankfully, that has not
turned out to be true. However, you could argue it’s almost the opposite problem now. With so many high-profile
Nintendo releases, other games get lost in the mix. So for this video, I’m
gonna share with you 10 games that recently
got physical releases that you may wanna pick up. Let’s take a look. (heavy metal music) Before we get started,
I do want to mention that most of these games I
paid for with my own money. I think only one of them
was sent to me for review. But, as always in my videos, all of the opinions are my own. All right, the first game
we’re gonna talk about is “Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair.” Now what’s interesting about this game is that I knew there was
a new Yooka-Laylee game that came out that was
a 3D platforming game, but I didn’t realize that this is the one that is actually a 2D platforming game like you see in this footage here. Now, if you’re not
familiar with the series, here’s what’s going on. You control Yooka, who is a chameleon, along with Laylee, who is a female bat, and both of these characters
have a lot of personality. As a matter of fact,
really the game itself just oozes personality. And as you can see here,
the game has great graphics. I love how the entire
level is 3D rendered. Like, it’s not just a flat 2D, it’s got that cool 3D look to it. And it controls really well, which actually isn’t
that much of a surprise because this is actually
developed by ex-Rare employees. Which explains why this has a bit of a “Donkey Kong Country” feel to it. And I know there’s a
section of people out there who love to speed run classic
“Donkey Kong Country.” And I think you’re gonna
feel right at home here because this game also has that feel, that if you know the levels really well, you can probably just zip through them. Although that said, the
levels here are pretty long and can be pretty complicated. Unfortunately the downside
to those lengthy stages is long load times. You’re definitely gonna
notice these on the Switch. It takes a while to get
into menus and out of them. So just be aware of that. I know this game is also
available on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 1. I haven’t tried those
versions to see if maybe the load times are less. I suspect they probably are. But again, on the Switch you’re making a sacrifice for portability
and that’s pretty cool. And again, this is a
really well made game. I highly recommend it. (game sounds) Oh, this next game is a total trip. Okay, it’s called “Evoland” and this is the legendary
edition on Switch. So at it’s core, “Evoland”
is actually two games and I’m gonna show you footage from the first game right here. And at it’s core, it is
actually an action RPG, but it takes you through
the history of action RPGs, starting with the most basic and then all the way up
to the PlayStation era. Now what I mean by that
is that, for instance, in the beginning here,
as you see this footage, well it’s a very basic
looking two-color game that you might see on the Game Boy. And your character can really only move, like on a simple grid. Just up and down, left and right. But then every time that
you touch a treasure chest, it starts unlocking new
features in the game. For instance, in the beginning of the game you’ll unlock a weapon,
then you’ll unlock monsters, then you’ll unlock a save point, and then it just keeps going from there. You’ll unlock music. Pretty soon you’re
unlocking 16-bit graphics. Then you’ll unlock the ability to move in more directions more freely. Find another chest and
you’ll get the overworld map. And then pretty soon after that, you’re gonna get turn-based combat, very similar to those early
“Final Fantasy” games. And then you even get like a “Moat 7” that you would see on a Super Nintendo. And then from there it just
gets more and more complicated. It keeps adding on and building
up this epic action RPG to the point where it starts
looking like a PlayStation. It gets high-definition textures. It’s really, really cool. Now I mentioned that this is
called the Legendary Edition because it comes with two games. Now I’m only showing
you the first game here, because I don’t really
want to spoil everything that happens when you
play these two games. And just know that the
first game actually is, it’s a simple game. It’s almost like a proof of concept. And the second game,
which I’m not showing you, takes it even further. So in that game you go through time. It actually has more emphasis
on story and characters. It’s very cool. So if you’re looking for something a little different and a little unique, I definitely recommend that you check out “Evoland: The Legendary
Edition” on Switch. (game sounds) Next up is a game called “Valfaris.” And there’s no other way
to describe this game other than heavy metal bad assery. So as you can see by the
gameplay footage here, this is a run-and-gun
game that’s very similar to your classic contras. Although it’s even more hardcore and it’s by the makers of another game that a lot of people loved in this genre called “Slain: Back from Hell.” Even more bloody, even more disgusting, and it’s also just as hard. And I know that’s saying a lot. Now as much as people liked “Slain,” there were people who complained about its brutal difficulty. Now, “Valfaris” is still really tough, but it has some little improvements that can definitely help out people who may not be quite as hardcore. The biggest improvement
being that there are now resurrection points throughout a level, so no longer do you have to actually start at the very beginning if you die, which is a really, really nice feature. And as you can see here,
the graphics are great and they kept all that blood and guts and over-the-top violence. And underneath all of that, is a killer heavy metal soundtrack. This game can be pretty
frustrating and unforgiving, but it is fair because
the enemies do come at you in very predictable ways. So, if you have to replay a section, well at least you’ll anticipate
what killed you last time. This game is not gonna be for everybody, but if you love these
old school run-and-guns and you like a serious challenge, definitely check out “Valfaris.” (game sounds) Here’s a pretty cool one
that I hadn’t heard of before until I picked up the physical
version the other day. And that is “Everspace:
The Stellar Edition.” As you can see by this footage,
it’s a space combat game. But what’s neat about it is
that it has Rogue-like elements that basically always change the universe every time that you play it. So what you do in this
game is take your ship, fly into a randomly generated sector, kind of assess the situation,
see what’s going on, see if there are any bad guys around. How much mining is available, if there are any like, floating ships that you can interact with. And then you just play out that sector. So, a lot of the time you’re gonna end up where there are some enemies
that you need to take out and then you’ll get loot from them. Often you can dock with
the ship and either trade or get upgrades for your
ship or your weapons or things like that. And because this game is Rogue-like, that means that every section
of space that you jump into is randomly generated and
completely unpredictable. And like other Rogue-like adventure games, dying in this game really isn’t problem, it’s kind of what you do. So, you just try to go as
far can and then if you die, well, you’re technically a clone. So that means you just
keep all your experience and money and everything you’ve upgraded from the previous life. So you always feel like
you’re making progress. Now a bit of a warning: This game is pretty tough when
you first start playing it because you’re gonna die a lot! You’re gonna be overwhelmed, you’re gonna be trying to
learn how combat works, and it can be a lot. But stick with it, earn
the money, do the upgrades. Just you know, rinse and
repeat and you’ll be fine. And it’s nice that they built in multiple difficulty
levels, if you need it. And this game is a nice fit on the Switch, because those sectors of
space that you warp into aren’t too big. You can actually explore them
in maybe five or 10 minutes and just move on or save your game. So it’s perfect for on the go. (game sounds) Next up are some games I don’t know if I ever expected to see on the Switch. And that, of course, is
“Baldur’s Gate” one and two, as well as “Planescape:
Torment” and “Icewind Dale,” and these are all the enhanced editions. So, what do we got here? Well, if you’re an old
school PC gamer like me, you are very, very familiar
with these classic RPGs. And again, these are
the enhanced editions. And I wanna be clear here, because I’ve read some
stuff on the internet where people say, “Oh,
these are just simple, “old school, MSDOS ports or whatever.” And that is actually not the case. Beamdog, which is the company that made these enhanced editions, put a lot of work into the UI, into tweaking the party AI. They’ve added multiple
difficulty settings. They’ve changed the interface. They’ve upgraded as many of the graphics as they were able to. These are quite amazing. – [Game Character] A den of stinking evil! Cover your nose, Boo. We will leave no crevice untouched! – [Metal Jesus] And so
what have we got here? Well, these are at their heart old school, “Dungeons and Dragons” RPGs. And again, when these came
out back in the late-90s, they were groundbreaking. They were really game changers, literally, for RPGs on a computer. They were so deep, they were so immersive, they were so well made,
and so well written that I feel like they really
stand the test of time. Now thankfully Beamdog
took those original games and updated them quite nicely for modern-day systems like the Switch. For instance, these games
were originally designed to use a keyboard and mouse, but they’ve tweaked it to work really well with a controller. And that’s saying a lot,
because party management as well as inventory management, is a big part of this game and you spend a lot of time in menus. And so, I feel like they were very smart in how they used the trigger buttons and the shoulder buttons and
shortcuts and all of that to make it somewhat
natural for gamers today. I also like how they made this
game accessible to everyone, regardless of whether you’ve played a D-and-D game before or not, you can set this up to
be, like in Story Mode, so you don’t even really
worry about combat. Or you can move it up
to the most hardcore, you know, difficulty and realistic setting that you can possibly imagine. It’s for everybody. So I would say, if you like RPGs and you have an interest
in these old school ones that people still talk about today. I still go on and on about
“Planescape: Torment.” Well, now is your chance to check it out. And again, it’s portable,
it’s on the Switch. And you’ve got hundreds of
hours of gameplay to check out. Highly recommended. – [Game Character] Ah! Minsc will be free! These bonds will not hold my wrath! Butts will be liberally
kicked in good measure! – [Metal Jesus] Next up,
we’re gonna check out “Sniper Elite III: The
Ultimate Edition” on Switch. Now it’s kind of funny,
because I consider myself a big fan of stealth games. But for whatever reason, I’ve never played these “Sniper Elite” games before. So, when the ultimate
edition came out for Switch I was pretty excited to get it because it has all of the DLC included. Yay! And right off the bat,
it definitely impresses. I mean, as you see by this footage here, it looks and plays great. And as a stealth game,
it really reminded me of the Tom Clancy “Splinter Cell” series, but just in World War II. And this game has all
the things that you need for a good stealth game. Specifically, there’s feedback
on how hidden you are. Which you think would be something that every stealth game would
have, but sadly they don’t. So on the dash there, there’s a little eyeball
that opens and closes to show, you know, just
how hidden you are, which is really nice. Also you’ll see, there’s a little circle above enemies to show
just how aware they are of sounds and your presence. And I like how big and
open the levels are. Now it’s not really “Open World,” but it’s big enough so that
there are multiple ways to achieve different goals. And despite being a game
called “Sniper Elite,” it’s not just about sniping, although that’s definitely
a big part of it. But you also have handguns you can carry. You can also do stealthy melee attacks and even pick up a machine
gun and some grenades, if you just want to make a big, old scene. But you are playing a sniper in the game, and it definitely encourages you to do that whenever possible. But there is this one feature, and you may have seen this before, where you are sniping and it’ll do a bullet-time view of the bullet flying through the air and then hitting your target, and then it goes into
kind of like an X-ray mode where it shows bones and muscles. It shows you exactly how you
shot them and how they die. It’s pretty gruesome, it’s pretty cool, and it never gets old. So yeah, “Sniper Elite III:
Ultimate Edition” on the Switch looks and plays great, is incredibly fun. If you like stealth games,
definitely check it out. (game sounds) “The Ninja Saviors:
Return of the Warriors.” This is gonna look somewhat
familiar to you guys, because it’s a re-imagining or remake of the original Super Nintendo
version of “Ninja Warriors.” Now if you’re not familiar
with the original game, well, the gameplay footage
is gonna explain it here. It’s basically a beat-’em-up. It just has gorgeous
graphics and great animation. Really solid action. And then bringing that game over to modern systems like the Switch, well they took the original
game and made it widescreen, so of course it’s running in 16-by-9. It also has a slightly tweaked or re-imagined soundtrack, which is cool. They also expanded the
number of characters that you can play as. So the original game lets you
play as three robotic ninjas, but in this new version you have five. The last two need to be unlocked. And then they kind of went all
out on the physical version. So, you see here there
is a printed manual. There is also a small poster. You’ve got some stickers, some cards, and then also, look, see
the cover is reversible. So if you liked the original game but you want to get a
cool physical version, definitely check it out. Next up is a game called
“GRIP: Combat Racing,” but this is the airblades and roller ultimate edition for Switch. This game is gonna look
familiar to some of you because the game actually
released a year ago on consoles, but this is a new version of it and it’s worth talking about. Now if you’re not familiar
with “GRIP” Combat Racing,” when this was first
announced I was very excited because this game is
actually a spiritual sequel to a game called “Rollcage,” that came out on the PlayStation
1 that I liked quite a bit. And that release a year ago actually, I was pretty happy with. I mean, I love “Rollcage” and it definitely felt like a sequel. But since that release,
the developers have put a year’s worth of free
upgrades and enhancements into the game, based on player feedback. Some of the updates since
the original include: They’ve tweaked the
online multiplayer a bit. They’ve also balanced the AI
bots in the single-player mode so that little bit smarter,
little bit more fair. They’ve also fixed a bunch
of bugs to the game engine. They’ve tweaked the weapons during races. They’ve added additional
languages, and just a bunch more. They’ve also expanded to 32 tracks across a bunch of different alien worlds. And now with this latest update, there are 42 different
vehicles to choose from, based on your racing style and preference. Now I will admit that
originally I played this game on the PlayStation 4 Pro, and
that version looks stunning! So, how does it look on Switch? Well, it’s definitely a downgrade. Although to be honest, you
don’t notice it as much if you’re in handheld mode. But when you have it on
your TV, side-by-side, yeah, you definitely go
for the PS 4 version. But again, Switch, portable. So “GRIP: Combat Racing” was already a fun arcade-racing game, but now a year later
we have all the updates and this new physical version. (game sounds) And here we have “Trine 4: The
Nightmare Prince” on Switch. I think the last “Trine” game I played was either the first or second one, and I remember enjoying it quite a bit, but for whatever reason I
didn’t play the third one. But that’s okay, ’cause
you actually don’t need to have played any of the previous ones to check this one out. So as you can see here
by the gameplay footage, it’s 2.5D platforming game, meaning you can only move left or right. But of course, it’s got this
whole 3D rendering thing, which looks absolutely beautiful! But its main gimmick is that
you can switch at any time to three different heroes
and each one of them has a very different play style. For instance, the Wizard
can summon crates, but also use magic to pick
up objects and move them. (game sounds) Then you have a fighter that
is really good at combat, but also has a shield. And he can use that
shield to deflect sunlight or projectiles to solve puzzles. And then you can switch to a
thief that is light and nimble with the ability to swing from rings or use her bow and arrow
to create ropes or bridges. And you switch between
these three characters by simple clicking the shoulder buttons. And you do this all the time because every time you
go into a new screen, there’s some puzzle
that needs to be solved and it usually requires all three of them. It feels very unique and
also very well thought out, because most games like this where you have multiple characters, usually you would just have one level for one particular character. But this one, you’re constantly switching back and forth all the time. And there’s some real brain teasers that I got stuck on for
a couple minutes going, “What do I do next?” But the solution was always something that made sense once I figured it out. It was very satisfying. And the platform in combat
is very fun as well. It’s a really well-rounded game. It looks beautiful, it plays great. It should not be missed. All right guys, well
that is 10 Switch games that recently got physical versions, but I know that is not all of them. You guys picked up some
stuff that I’m sure I missed. Please let me know down
in the comments below. I’d love to check them out. All right guys, thank you
very much for watching. Thank you for subscribing and take care.

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