10 MOST SHOCKING Times Fan Got Kicked Out of A Wrestling Event Caught on Camera

10 MOST SHOCKING Times Fan Got Kicked Out of A  Wrestling Event Caught on Camera

What is going on guys it is wrestling lamia here back with another video Just before we get into the video don’t forget to like or dislike the video subscribe turn on notifications And leave a comment down below as we saw in a recent video Wrestling fans can get pretty crazy and in the following cases their actions have led them to getting booted out of an event Here at ten times a fan has been kicked out of a wrestling event caught on video Number 10 fan tries it off the air as this video goes to show anything can happen in wwe Even when WWE’s cameras are off the air on an episode of Raw in July 2010 Randy Orton and Cena were both seen in the ring when a teen fan jumps into the ring ready to pounce on Cena Luckily just before she got to him Security did instead and they managed to restrain her even though WWE’s cameras didn’t manage to catch the incident It was caught on camera by user big Maia think that’s how you pronounce it and Uploaded to YouTube the fan shows much restraint trying to get out of the ring even at one point hanging on to the bottom rope Because of that security had to use a little bit of force to get her out of the ring and out of the arena number 9 just for a sign JBL caused a lot of controversy this year as a number of allegations of workplace harassment had surfaced Allegations had come to light in Justin Roberts book and the abrupt departure of commentator Mauro Ranallo Well WWE fans were irate that JBL had seemingly got away with the incident without any repercussions He attempted to block users who voiced their opinion to him on Twitter But things got worse for him as a WWe fan brought in a sign at a Smackdown taping that read JBL bullied me the sign was clearly visible in the front row with only a few yards away from JBL Something that he obviously couldn’t ignore Rather than ordering the fan to get rid of the sign the WWE thought it was best for him to be ejected from the arena And thus escorted out of the building by security Number 8 Randy Orton gets a low blow in South Africa we discussed this one a while back, but it’s worth repeating Randy Orton was on a double wwe tour of South Africa when he was posing in the corner of the Ring Oblivious to a fan who had snuck into the ring the fan punch Orton in the Orton Family Jewels with the technique the late great Chyna would have been proud of Security got the fan, but not before Orton punched him in the face The fan turned out to be a local wrestler who apparently didn’t like Randy Orton Just as prevailed as the fan ended up getting banned from the arena for five years following his court case number seven fan attacks Linda McMahon and gets a triple H beatdown Sometime in 2000 linda mcmahon was making her way to ringside for one of her legendary sleep-inducing Promos only for a fan to go after her fortunately for Linda future son-in-law Triple H was there and the Cerebral Assassin Tackled a hapless fan assuring. He’d be invited to the McMahons again for Sunday dinner number six ref subdues a crazy fan We discuss WCW referee Brian Hildebrand aka Mark Curtis a man beloved by his colleagues And who earned the nickname shooter for his amazing ability to subdue idiotic fans who jumped into the ring here Diamond Dallas Page was cutting a promo on the New World Order when a fan decided to jump in unfortunately for the fan referee pee-wee Anderson dispatched him with the greatest of ease number five Jericho impersonator attacks the rock in 1999 the rock and mankind were cutting an in-ring promo when a fan dressed as Jericho rushed into the ring complete with silver jacket and flowing blond locks mankind intercepted the wrestler keeping him under wraps until Security showed up if they’re going to do something stupid like rush in a ring at least get dressed up for it number four Op actually delivers on the 9th of August 2015 an anonymous user Posted on the for Chan boards with a picture of a Money in the Bank briefcase With the words Sasha in the banks and threatened to throw it at Roman reigns That very same night a video surfaced of the briefcase being thrown at reigns during a house show match between reigns and Bray Wyatt Reigns were said to be stunned, but continued his match for the night the fan was ejected from the arena number three shoots and ladders During a ladder match between Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam a fan got a bit too anxious when Guerrero climbed the ladder Apparently about to win said fan knocked the ladder over Keeping the match going as the referee restrained the unruly fan Eddie Guerrero clobbered the foolish fan with a right hand number two braun strowman struck by a fan in 2016 during a dark match on Raw a fan was ejected from the arena after he struck braun strowman in the face a fan in The crowd managed to capture the incident on his iphone Strowman who was teaming in his former stable the Wyatt family had been involved in an eight-man tag match against Roman reigns Dean Ambrose Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler momentarily went on to the outside to recover when a fan clearly strikes him in the face alerting security to which the fan was then consequently ejected from the arena and number one wrestling fan escapes with his life at a czw show this is a situation where a wrestling fan was fortunate to get ejected from a show rather than suffer the beatdown of a Lifetime in a moment of silence to the late great Eddie Guerrero that was being held at the combat zone wrestling’s cage of death 7 show a fan Disrespected the ten bells salute his fellow fans began to throw him out chant as several wrestlers look like they might go after him for His terribly rude behavior Security escorted the fan out saving him from getting beat up by other fans and all wrestlers Well guys there you have it ten times a fan got ejected from a wrestling event that was caught on video We’re there any we missed out be sure to leave your comments down below. I’ll see you next time with some more wrestling content

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  1. I was at a show in Wichita last month, this dude was sitting in front of the tv camera and he had a sign saying “ I want to be lynched”( Becky Lynch sign) ?

  2. Haa my brother this channel owner you said like video or dislike video why i dislike your video.i always like your work bro.

  3. Some fans are over the top. These guys were lucky wasn't worse. Back in the day in Jim Crockett Promotions Ole Anderson( one of the original 4 horsemen ) was stabbed by a fan after the matches in Greenville S.C. If I'm not mistaken Roddy Piper was stabbed also when he wrestled there in JCP. All before it became WCW

  4. yo for people who think wrestling is all fake ,,i bet that punch an kick eddie gave the fan who pushed over the ladder wasnt fake???

  5. For the fan that disrupted the 10 bell, security shouldve shoved that fan in the ring and had the wrestlers give him a beatdown that he would never forget. I mean, interrupt a 10 bell in memory of a wrestler…..thats a human being. By the look of that fan, you can see he's an ass hole.

  6. Fans take wrestling way too seriously. Lol…Like you're not funny just annoying. And don't get mad when you get your butt whooped either. Because once you step through those ropes its fair game.

  7. 0:28
    If you watch WWE, Smackdown & Raw then you would notice the man in the green shirt (Who looks like James Elsworth) is ALWAYS & I mean ALWAYSSSS in the same from row and same seat in every event.

  8. Eddie G w the most clear pop to the face of course. Hopped off that fuckin ladder like a cat and rocked dude, I remember watching it live lmao. RIP Eddie Guerrero

  9. The Strowman thing was weird. It almost looked like was trying to get his attention from the audience.

  10. Is that an akatsuki outfit at 5:29 on the bottom left? By the way akatsuki is a group in the anime "naruto"

  11. Like at what level of retardation do you have to get to to not only run into the ring with this beasts but actually hit one in the nuts

  12. The last time I went to an event live, it was sting verse hogan part 2 in San Fransico, I was mid-level, and the guys behind me were drunk off their rocker, and after sting won, some crazy fan jumped into the ring and was doing something with Hogan, it was crazy. So many drunks at a live event. I am not surprised. They'd rather have 5 seconds of fame then stay in their seats, regardless of the fact that before the show starts they get told to stay seated.

  13. There are three sacred laws when it comes to the wrestling world.

    1. NEVER disrespect the dead.

    2. Under no circumstances are you to break the silence during a bell salute. It is seriously disrespectful and shows just how much of an immature dick you are. The ringing of the bell symbolizes the ultimate thank you and or goodbye.

    3. Remember something very simple, they (wrestlers) might be your idol/hero but they too are human and have good days and bad days and there are times they just don't feel like dealing with fans.

    They have the right to sit in a restaurant and have a meal without being pestered for an autograph or a picture. There are proper times and places when to ask for such things. Bugging a person while they are eating or chilling with family/friends isn't one of them.

  14. Hey guys, here to tell you a sad story that happened years ago. This disturbed man named JBL bullied me at a live event.

  15. I got kicked out of the Old Halifax Forum back in the late 80's when Sensational Sherri grabbed and kissed me during a match between Macho Man and Dusty Rhodes.
    I was like 15 or so , so it was fucking awesome for me.. but then security came and escorted me out of the building.
    I thought maybe I was gonna get more..

    Nope. Just me and a jam packed parking lot and I wasn't parking.

  16. Guy attacks wrestlers
    Refs beats the heck outta him

    Girl attacks wrestlers
    Refs and security carefully take her outta ring


  17. That guy who punched Braun Strowman, Probably had a death-wish, but WWE is fake and scripted so Braun would'nt have Attacked him anyway

  18. The randy Orton low blow incident was so funny and I think I'm not the only one who thinks it would have been even more funny if they had of put him in a match with randy after words lol

  19. Re-used incidents the only thing new is the title of the video. How bout putting a little effort in your videos?!

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