10 Most ATTRACTIVE Men’s Hair Styles | Top Male Hairstyles 2017 | Attraction & A Man’s Hair Style

10 Most ATTRACTIVE Men’s Hair Styles | Top Male Hairstyles 2017 | Attraction & A Man’s Hair Style

So, you want to level up your style, you want
to come off as more attractive and you know you want to start with your hair, but where
are you going to start? Guys, there are so many options when it comes
to hair. So, we went out there and we did the research
and in today’s video, I’ve got for you ten of the most attractive men’s hairstyles. Now, gentlemen, I want to have fun with this
video, right now the order is a bit random. I did a lot of research, we tried to find
what were considered to be the most attractive hairstyles, but I couldn’t find the true ranking. But, I bet some of you, guys have tried a
few of these hairstyles perhaps you’ve got some great stories and perhaps you can help
me take these ten attractive hairstyles and rank them and we’ll use that in another video
at another point. Also, you’ll notice there’s a lot of images
in this video, there’s an infographic which you can go grab you can take to the barber
you can show him on how to get the particular hairstyle that you want. Attractive hairstyle number one, the undercut. Made popular by actors like Brad Pitt, athletes
like David Beckham. It actually has a working class history. Go back a couple of hundred years. Barbers that didn’t have a whole lot of
skill could easily get this cut. So, for a lot of guys that couldn’t maybe
afford the best, this was something they went with because it gave a nice clean look. Now, the issue with the undercut is if you
don’t have great ears you’ve got big ears, you may want to avoid this. The characteristics of this haircut are on
the sides. It’s going to be short or in some cases even
shaved. On top, it’s going to be much longer, usually
more than 3 inches and we’re going to see it combed straight back sometimes to the right
sometimes to the left, oftentimes product is going to be used in the hair. So, we’re talking about wax, we’re talking
about pomade, we’re talking about gels to keep everything in place throughout the day. Attractive hairstyle number two, the classic
quiff. We saw this made popular by guys like Elvis
Presley. It was really big in the music industry. The history of it, I’m a little bit uncertain
about, I wasn’t able to find too much of about this. But one of the reasons that women love the
classic quiff is it looks a bit rugged, a little bit messy. So, when we look at the features the key characteristics
of this type of hairstyle, we see volume. We see that basically the hair is being combed
a little bit forward except for the front area. There, it’s going to be a little bit messed. The side shorter, it can be a bit longer than
the undercut. We’re not going to see the shaved, but definitely
up on top it’s going to be longer. Guys, that is the classic quiff. Attractive hairstyle number three, the classic
pompadour. Made popular recently by gentlemen such as
Bruno Mars. If we look back in the history of this hairstyle,
we’ll see a couple hundred years ago, it started off as a woman’s hairstyle. And as late as the 1950’s, many women were
still supporting this. Nowadays, again, we’ve seen a number of musicians
bring this is. And let’s talk about the features of the classic
pompadour. It’s actually a cousin to the quiff, but it’s
neither. Everything is going to be swept back, every
hair is going to be in its place. The overall feelings of this is it’s basically
a high maintenance. If you look at it from the sides, it almost
got like shark’s fin look to it, but this is for the man who is supremely confident. Attractive hairstyle number four, the crew
cut also known as the classic cut also known as the Ivy League cut. So, that last name kind of gives away a little
bit of its history. But, it was made popular about a hundred years
ago on some of the top college campuses. What we found, young men love this because
it was low maintenance, a very easy way to look great when they’re going to class to
look presentable. And still to this day, that’s one of the reasons
it’s a very popular cut. So, we were looking at the features of the
crew cut, what we’re going to notice is that it’s pretty even length across the whole top
of the head. Now, it’s going to be a little bit shorter
over on the sides and in the front area, occasionally people will brush it up. But, again, this is a very low maintenance
style and something that a guy doesn’t even have to part. Attractive hairstyle number five, the bus
cut also known as the military cut. Now, the key with this haircut is consistency,
so around the head we’re going to see about to the most inch length. Now, the reason for this and if you look at
the name military, is to keep the hair out of the way. So, if you’re going to be in a fight, you’re
a fighter you’re an athlete, you don’t want anyone accidentally or on purpose to be able
to grab your hair use it against you. Now, when we look at the features of the bus
cut, like I said it’s consistency, so a 0 or a 1 guard all the way around the head. Now, also at the back of the neck and on the
sides, you want to make sure to have very tight lines. Attractive hairstyle number six, the side
part also known as the professional cut. Made popular by guys such as Antonio Centeno. No, just joking. But, you guys get the point. This is the hairstyle that I love that I usually
go with. Now, key feature of this obviously the part
right here. But did you know that you can move that part
up and down, it doesn’t have to go where you traditionally or you’ve gotten the habit of
putting it. Another thing, some guys actually will take
a razor and they will make a permanent part, I’m not a big fan of that, but some guys are
into it. Now, the location, should it be on the left
or the right? Depending on what depends on where your cowlick
is at. So, the cowlick is the back part of the hair
that goes in different directions. I have mine right back here, but I have moved
the line over here and it can work over there. Looks a little bit odd on the back, but if
you use enough product. But some guys have two cowlicks, some guys
have three cowlicks. The key feature of this hairstyle as previously
mentioned is going to be the part that’s either on the left or on the right. The hair on top of the head in general is
going to be much longer than on the sides. We’re talking about 3 to 6 inches up on top. Over on the sides, it’s going to be much shorter. You will rarely ever see it shaved though
on the sides. This hairstyle in general is a much more modern
and mature style, it’s associated with business. Attractive hairstyle number seven, the tussled
aka messy look. Made popular by actors such as Robert Pattison. This type of look right here has a raw kind
of an edgy look to it, a very youthful feel. A lot of artists want to go with this, looks
like they just crawled out of bed, but they didn’t, they actually took time to put this
together. Now, the overall features of this hairstyle,
what we’re going to see little bit longer on top although the sides will be long. Across the hair we’re going to see product
has been used to keep the messy look in place. About 2 to 4 inches on top, a little bit shorter
on the sides. Again, a very artistic look here. Attractive hairstyle number eight, the long
round layered look also known as the hockey cut. As the name implies, made popular by hockey
players back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. When they were on television other men would
see them wearing their hair and they just like the way it looked. This is for longer hair, so we’re talking
about 6 to 8 inches. Also, this hair is usually going to be curly
or wavy. Whenever you comb the hair straight back,
it’s at the right length, it’s going to look like a mini lion’s mane and that’s why it’s
attractive for a lot of people. Many women are drawn to it as well, it’s got
more of a laid back kind of a wild vibe feel to it. Attractive hairstyle number nine, the fade. Made popular by a number of athletes and actors. The key with the fade here is that you have
really, really curly hair, something that makes a lot of the other hairstyles almost
impossible. But, guys right here, they want to still have
texture, they want to have some look, so the fade the key characteristic of it is that
what we see at the bottom going up to the top, we start to see more hair. So, a lot of times they’re going to use a
pair of clippers, go for maybe a 0 start at the bottom and then go up to almost a 4. Now, at the top, you could add different products
to give it a bit more body, but the sides are going to be very tight. They’re going to have very clean lines around
the sides and in on the back. All right, gentlemen. So, I’m going to cheat a little bit on this
next attractive hairstyle because it’s not actually a hairstyle. I’m talking about shaving your head. I’m talking about going bald. Why would you want to do this? Because, gentlemen, for some women this is
very attractive, something they’re drawn to. In addition, men who shave their head come
off as more dominant, they come off as stronger. So, this could be a great thing, something
you could use to your advantage and definitely don’t discount it. All right, gentlemen. So, now it’s your turn. Let me know in the comments what your favorite
hairstyle is, which one you consider to be most attractive. And I really want to hear from some of you
guys that have tried a few of these. And, if you want a particular product, let’s
say you want to get some gel, you want to go over and get some pomade, you want to get
some clay to be able to use to have any of these hairstyles, go check out Pete & Pedro. I’ve got an affiliate deal with them, so,
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down the description, hopefully you go check out that big infographic we put together. That’s it, guys. I’ll see you in the next video. Take care.

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  1. Which hairstyle do you think is the most attractive? Comment below!

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  2. A great barber in the North Hollywood California area is Dapper Fellas Barbershop. You will spend a little more than you are use to but they take their time and don’t rush work. This is a true barbershop in every meaning of it. You will have to book all your haircuts a month in advance because they are so busy but trust me the wait is worth it.

  3. Ive been using an undercut cor about 4 years now. Cant complain, i always get people talking about how nice my hair is

  4. The crew, The tousled and long hair push back are my main hairstyles. Ofcourse 2 of them have been used by my favorite Actor Chris Evans in Captain america Winter soldier and Infinity war 😊😊

  5. Only one for American man of African descent? Lets do better. How about ten for American men of African descent. Not a hater love your content. Its helped me immensely. I dont believe that im the only American of African descent that has subscribed and likes your channel. We like to look good too. 😎 We call it SWAG. Aka Dapper. Keep up the good work.

  6. This for white people😂 from the girls I encountered they like waves, braids, nice faded cuts, dreads, messy hair, curly just on top, bald(not if your young don’t do it😂) and hair pushed to the side

  7. Although your point about hair cut #5–attackers not being able to grab a soldier's hair during a physical assault is a valid point, it's not the main point. The main point was that the military shaved men's heads completely bald and maintained short hair cuts afterward to control head lice invasions!

  8. Hi Antonio! Greetings from Brazil.
    As a Law Student, o wanted to change my hair style to a more business formal one, just as yours. I have been using something between the long round layered and the tousled since I was a young boy and now I think its time for a change. If possible, I would like some help and more info from you, maybe in a video or an article, on how to style it, which products to use and the correct length, in order to rock a perfect side part just like you.
    Thank you so much for your time. Cheers

  9. I have Asian hair which gets really annoying when it sticks out at the side, I normally go for a mid skin faded undercut crossed with a quiff or slick back

  10. Looking for some advice here. I've been wearing a high and tight for 25 years. In the last few years I have developed 2 round bald spots on the top/back of my head. Looks like mickey mouse ears. I have tried cutting the tight part all the way across the back of my head only leaving a front portion with hair. I am now finally at the point of just cutting it all off with a 0 or 1, not shaving it. My wife asked me if I would grow my hair out for a few months and just see what it looks like as it has always been short in our 30 years of marriage. I agreed. I told here it looks like a comb over and comb overs are not cool these days. I told her I should just buzz cut it and be through with it. Has anyone here gone from a high and tight to balding and if so what worked out best for you? Thanks for a great video. Love this guy's videos. Subscribed.

  11. Im in between the Crew Cut and Side part because I have my sides faded short but above is sideparted (a bit short) with a bit of pompadour on the front

  12. nothing beats a 1 up top high fade 0 on the sides…zero time wasted styling…zero $ wasted on hair products…sorry alpha m you don’t get any of my hard earned $$ 😂😂

  13. I’ve tried a few of them but my hair is thick, coarse and full of cow licks. It never works out, so I just keep it high and tight. I would love to rock a grown out side part though…

  14. #6 The Side Part
    Also known as "The Professional Cut". Made popular by guys such as Antonio Santana.
    There's nothing to laugh about it. You did make this hairstyle popular. Although, I guess businessmen mostly use it.

  15. My current hairstyle is a longer buzz/fade. I am currently a #4 top #2 sides. I have done the bald before (BCT and last month of AIT), the crew, and the fade. And for a short time a wired mullet thing in my teens. I hated that one. Most compliments I get for my hair is when it gets on the longer end and I have a near #6 and #4 look. That being basically a crew but on the short end. I just prefer the near no maintenance of the buzz cut. About half of these cuts are still AR 670-1 but given that they must be modified some.

  16. What about the burr cut? I tend to ask my barber to use a 3 or 4 guard all the way around (I prefer a 3 guard). It's my go to hair style since I have thinning hair and am losing it in some places.

  17. Tell a bald man that you can give him a full head of beautiful hair, and he'll immediately give up the shaven look.

  18. 3:09 the pompadour hairstyle compliments more to men than women basically hairstyles is more a man thing💯

  19. I like short hair, also i have some areas like the sides of the forehead going bald, so since 2012 i go with shaving my head a #0 cut, i have my machine and i shave my head every 15 days

  20. No front haha but foreal why is an unattractive man telling us about attractive hairstyles 🤷🏽‍♂️ btw his hairstyle is not cool

  21. There are some of us blessed with Male pattern baldness. With the exception of the professional, I've gotta say,"WTF?"

  22. I'll stick with the fade although, I don't have curly hair. No other hairstyle seems to fit the length I aim for. I don't like my hair too short or too long, I like my hair at (what I call) a short medium, length. So, I try parting my hair to my right, it's the way my cowlick seems to flow. But in general, I try to enforce my hair length to suit Civil Air Patrol grooming standards.

  23. My haircut is the crew cut at the top 3:25 with a fade at the bottom 7:10 half blade into a 1 blade, sometimes I grow the top out and either leave it messy or brush it to the side or the back

  24. I always dream of having the hockey cut, but my hair doesnt grow that way
    What kind of hairstyles that fits someone with big ears like me?

  25. These are good for under 40 men but I'm 61. These wouldn't really work for me except maybe the parted cut. I have long hair in a ponytail but want to change it.

  26. Bald is sexy af if you couple it with muscles 😍

    Undercut is hot too, but bald looks more masculine, mature, and alpha when you have big muscles. These are the only 2 cuts I liked tbh…others generally looked homo.

  27. Well I can confirm for all the guys out there who have a receeding hairline or are balding. Guys honestly just roll with it and get in shape. I have friends who wear caps all the time and it annoys me so much. Just embrace your appearance and roll with it, women will absolutely love your confidence. Of course you have to switch your mindset. Look at Johnny Sins or Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel, you think those wear caps?

  28. The glaiadotor cut always worked best for me. ( russell crowe in "Gladiator; Andy Whitfield in "Spartacus" etc. That hairstyle).shorter on sides and more length on top with it falling across the forehead.

  29. Just turned 40. My hairline has been receding over the past few years. I've always combed it back, but now I can see the thinning on the two sides. I'm wondering which hairstyle would be the best to cover up the thinning. I don't have a bald spot in the back.

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