10 Hottest WAGs of 2018 FIFA World Cup

10 Hottest WAGs of 2018 FIFA World Cup

When the FIFA World Cup comes around I’m always hearing girls talking about the hot football players. So I’m making this video specifically for the guys or for the ladies out there that like looking at Ladies, welcome back to FTD facts. My name is Leroy Kenton. This is gonna be a pretty fun one It’s not necessarily a fact video But we’re taking a look at the hottest wives and girlfriends of the players at the 2018 FIFA World Cup So let’s start off from number 10 all the way down to number one first up We have Katie Goodland who’s with Harry Kane. Katie Goodland is a sports side’s graduate who met Harry Kane in school now both of them They got engaged during July of 2017 on a holiday to the Bahamas Harry good Lind is a striker for the Spurs and England and he got down on one knee on the beach to ask the question and then he revealed on Twitter that she Said yes now I’m introducing Sam Cooke at number 9 who is with Chris Smalling Sam Cooke was born on November 19th 1985 and she’s an England glamour model and a page three girl from Manchester Sam She’s appeared in numerous British magazines including FHM front Maxim loaded Zoo as well as nuts magazines in the UK as Well as several other covers from all around the world Kimberley crew is at number eight and she’s with Joe Hart on June 27th 2015. Joe hart married kimberly crew his girlfriend of six years and this happened in florence Italy such a romantic place Joe hart he proposed on holiday in Cabo, Mexico Back in the year 2013 while the couple were enjoying a trip on a yacht. Okay, so lucky number 7 is Perrie Edwards? Perrie Edwards is with Alex. Oxlade-chamberlain and in February of 2017 Alex oxlade-chamberlain of Arsenal football team was confirmed to be dating singer Perrie Edwards of the girl group Little Mix and since it’s very Common for pop divas to write a breakup songs telling all the secrets of their past relationships Alex oxlade-chamberlain Has told a paparazzi that he is super Terrified that he might be the one at the center of a breakup song So yeah, he’s on good behavior page Milian comes in at number six and she’s with Raheem Sterling the Manchester City and England football player Raheem Sterling met paid million as a Teenager sterling asked Paige to marry him on March of this year 2018 and they are planning to get married next year They celebrated their I’ve loved their son Thiago last year and it’s so cute. They got a nice cute little family just starting I’m so happy for them. Okay, so we’re halfway in this list And in at number five comes Antonella Roku’s oh and she’s with Leo No, Messi, Messi and Antonella have known each other since childhood Now they met when she was only five years old and she was Missy’s closest friends cousin they started the relationship in the year 2008 and the couple now have two children Tiago and Matteo Messi coming down to the bottom of this list. We have Pilar Rubio. Who’s which Sergio Ramos? Sergio Ramos He started a relationship with this journalist presenter Pilar Rubio in the year 2012 in the month of September to be exact Pilar Rubio Fernandez She was born on 17th of March in 1978 And she’s a Spanish reporter and TV presenter and together the couple have three sons Okay, so we entered the top three the hottest wives and girlfriends And I’m like so scared to like offend anybody doesn’t mean the other ones aren’t like good-looking I just mean like these were the top three Okay, Melissa, Sara is at number three and she’s with kevin-prince Boateng, Melissa Sara She’s one of the most popular women in the football world and she’s also one of the sexiest football W AG’s wives and girlfriends She’s an Italian American TV presenter and she got married to the German football player kevin-prince Boateng in the year 2016 Okay guys, so we finally made it. We’re took the final two now Let’s take a look as most of you could imagine Georgina Rodriguez who’s with Cristiano. Ronaldo is on this list She’s at number two. Georgina Rodriguez has been hitting the headlines after she and her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo went public with your relationship, Georgina grew up in Xhaka, which is a city which is located in north eastern Spain and she is just a Smoking-hot hit that like button on this video if you agree So we just saw some fantastic amazing and beautiful and awesome women, but who’s at number one? So the number one position had to have gone to of course my future wife Although she’s taken. So that’s not gonna happen, but it went to Shakira Shakira She started relationship with the Spanish football player Gerard piqué of the FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team back in the year 2011 pique who is exactly 10 years younger First met Shakira in the spring of 2010 when pique appeared in the music video for Shakira song Waka waka this time for africa and that was the official song of the 2010 fifa world cup Alright guys, so that concludes this episode, but let me know Who do you think should have been number one, or at least the top three degree with my pics? Let me know all the way down below in the comment section Now before I go this episode of FTD facts is brought to you by Pirates of the Caribbean tides of war Parts of the Caribbean tides of war is a real-time strategy game where you are the captain of your own Pirate Haven and you get to build your pirate base and recruit an army as well as fight against supernatural Creatures and pirates to dominate the ocean it’s available for Android and iOS devices So the link is down below where you can download it and I highly recommend this game. It’s super awesome. Super fun Ok guys, so you’ve been awesome Don’t forget to check out our other World Cup videos coming at the end of this video and I’ll see you real soon Alright so for all you FIFA fans, here’s a playlist of videos just dedicated to the FIFA World Cup You’re gonna love it or if you’re just tired of watching FIFA videos today We also have videos of other different countries and cultures from all around the world So if you’re not subscribed already hit that subscribe button and come back every single week for brand new videos

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  1. Point of correction prince boating is Ghanian footballer, and he's German Ghanian also dual citizen.

  2. Bruh please, wrong choices, wrong choices. You picked most popular players (and some English that no-one cares) not the hottest chicks. Check out wife of Krychowiak – @celiajaunat

  3. "Best Song Fifa Word Coup Rusia 2018".https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXGkWDrNNls&list=RDMMqXGkWDrNNls&start_radio=1

  4. You called Harry Kand , Harry Goodland and his wife is grim Oxlade chamberlain isn’t going to the World Cup due to injury and he plays for Liverpool not arsenal Chris Smalling and joe hart are not going to the World Cup and Kevin Prince Boateng is Ghanaian

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