10 Forgotten WWE Wrestlers You Might Not Realise Have Died (2019) – Wrestlers Death Reasons (R.I.P)

10 Forgotten WWE Wrestlers You Might Not Realise Have Died (2019) – Wrestlers Death Reasons (R.I.P)

Today we present you – 10 Forgotten wrestlers
you might not realise have died 10. Mike Shaw The name of Mike Shaw may not ring a
bell to most fans, but the man is responsible for some of
the most iconic gimmicks of all time. Debuting in the 1980s for
Stampede Wrestling, Shaw first competed under the
name Makhan Singh, and feuded with Bret and Owen
Hart as the promotion’s top heel. Signing with WCW in 89, Shaw became Norman the Lunatic, and in 1993 became the malicious monk Friar Ferguson in the WWF. After complaints from the Catholic
Church about the idea of a man of faith beating people up, the character was quickly dropped, and Shaw got his most infamous
gimmick of Bastion Booger, , an overweight monster of a man, who ate everything in his path
and had serious B-O. Remaining as Booger until 1995, Shaw left the company, and set up his own wrestling
school during the 90s. Weighing in at over 400lbs during
his WWF tenure, Shaw’s colossal size would
be his undoing, as his weight caused major
health problems for him, and on September 11th, 2010,
Shaw died of a heart attack aged 53. 9. Brad Armstrong Born to the legendary wrestling family Brad Armstrong is best known as
the son of ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong, and the brother of Road Dogg
Jesse James. And whilst Brad never reached
the same highs as his father and brother, he had an impressive career in
his own right, which started aged 18. A multiple time NWA Tag Champion, Armstrong competed for WCW
from 1998 until the company’s
closure, primarily as a jobber, with one character of his,
Buzzkill, being a clear rip-off
of the Road Dogg. Becoming a fixture of the indies,
Brad would join the revamped
ECW in 2006, though only competed in a few
house show matches, and occasionally commentated
for the new brand. Retiring from the ring, Armstrong would later take up
a producing role backstage in WWE, before passing away on
November 1st, 2012, of a suspected heart attack. A big loss to the WWE family, fellow commentator Jim Ross
described Armstrong as “one of the most underrated
all-time greats ever in this business.” 8. The Wall Standing at 6’10 and tipping the
scales at 340lbs, Jerry Tuite had all the makings
of the next big star in wrestling. The personal project of Bam
Bam Bigelow, Tuite received his training at the
WCW Powerplant, before debuting as ‘The Wall’, the heavy of Berlyn, and a not-so-subtle reference
to the Berlin Wall which had been toppled a
decade prior. A monster heel who would leave
a path of destruction in his wake, The Wall would have his biggest
feud against his mentor Bam Bam, before joining the WWF after
the company’s demise. Being granted a release for
personal reasons before he ever
made it on-screen, Tuite would join TNA as Malice,
and even appeared in the
first TNA Show in 2002, where he lost to Ken Shamrock in
the main event for the vacant NWA
World Championship. Sadly, Tuite would be found
dead on December 6, 2003 in his hotel room in Japan. Like so many wrestlers he had suffered a massive
heart attack, and tragically died just 36 years old. 7.Hector Garza Whilst he is best known for his
time in his native Mexico, working for promotions like Triple-A and CMLL, Hector Garza did have some
success in the United States. Appearing during a 6-man tag
at the 1997 Royal Rumble, Garza impressed fans, though this show was a one-
time thing between the WWE and Triple-A. Joining WCW not long after,
Garza had a minimal push, appearing as a member of the LWO, and even getting an upset victory
over Scott Hall. When the company folded, Garza would find his way to TNA in 2004, rising to being a leader of Team Mexico, though was deported the next
year after being caught with steroids. Garza continued wrestling until 2012, when he took a leave to battle lung
cancer. Passing away in May 2013 fans were truly shocked, as Garza was the Mexican
National Heavyweight Champion
at the time of his death, and the belt was retired by
CMLL afterwards. 6.John Kronus As part of The Eliminators, John
Kronus will forever be
 remembered as one of the greatest tag team
wrestlers in ECW history. Working alongside Perry Saturn, the pair’s devastating Total
Elimination finisher felled
plenty of opponents, and the team went on to become
three time ECW Tag Team Champions. Once Saturn left for WCW in 1997, Kronus’ career spiralled. Whilst he tried to make it as a
singles star, fans weren’t buying it, and he was put into a tag team
with New Jack, with the Gangstanators becoming ECW Tag Team
Champions. Retiring from wrestling in 2001 after the closure of ECW, Kronus would lead a private life, before being found dead in
his fiance’s home on July 18th 2007. His death sadly, didn’t come as too much of a
surprise, as Kronus’ family had a history
of heart problems, and he had died because of
an enlarged heart. 5. Battle Kat Brady Boone had a very lengthy
wrestling career, though few fans will remember him
as anything other than his brief time in the WWE
as Battle Kat. Wearing bright colourful spandex
and hiding his face with a cat mask, the character was clearly dumb,
though Boone made it work as
much as he could with his cat-like
reflexes and agility in the ring. Despite winning the majority
of his matches at live events,
the Battle Kat character was
eventually scrapped, and Boone would join WCW in 1993.
Competing in the Georgia based
promotion for a year, Boone would
make little impact in the company, Boone would later return to WCW, but tragically died on December
15th, 1998 after being part of a fatal car accident. Whilst Boone’s career may
have been forgotten by most fans, one fan who certainly looked
up to him was a young man called Rob Szatkowski. Inspired by Boone’s unique
offence in the ring, Rob would develop his skills
as a wrestler, , and later make it big in ECW, WWE, and TNA, as the whole Damn Show Rob Van Dam. 4. Bertha Faye When Rhonda Sing arrived in the WWE, she was different than any
other woman at the time. Granted she wasn’t the fittest
wrestler around, but Faye’s unique look helped
her build a solid career, beginning in Japan in 1979. Working as a monster heel, Sing would later join Stampede Wrestling, becoming the promotion’s first
Women’s Champion in 1987, before joining the WWF, eight
years later. Brought in to help the company’s
dwindling Women’s Division, Sing was given the character
of Bertha Faye, a simple-minded, trailer-park
living hick. As the company focussed less
on Women’s wrestling, Faye would still become the
WWE Women’s Champion, defeating Alundra Blayze
at Summerslam 1995, but only held the title for 57 days. Unhappy with her role in the WWE, Sing was granted her release in 1996, though returned to the spotlight
3 years later when she signed
with WCW. After being used as comedy relief, Sing would leave WCW in 2000, and in 2001, died of a heart attack
at the age of 40. 3.Al Green Making his wrestling debut in 1990, Al Green was one part of the
Master Blasters in WCW, alongside partner Steele, who
would later become Kevin Nash. Whilst his partner went on to
have great success in WCW
and the WWF, Green was not so lucky, as
after the Master Blasters split, Green was put in a new team
called the Wrecking Crew, that
had very little success. Returning to WCW in 1998, Green
was able to pick up some singles
victories but was mostly fodder for biggest stars, including Diamond Dallas Page, Curt Hennig, and Goldberg. In 2000, Green arguably reached
his low point as a character, as he was rebranded as The Dog,
a character who shared all the
traits of a dog, including drinking out of the toilet. Created solely to feud with Ernest
‘The Cat’ Miller, Green couldn’t
even get a win over his natural enemy, as the Cat defeated the Dog
during an episode of Thunder. Following WCW’s demise, health problems would plague
Green for years, before he
passed away aged 58 in 2013. 2. The Zombie When the WWE brought back
ECW in 2006, fans of the original promotion
hoped for a return to the classic,
hardcore promotion. What they got instead, was
the Zombie. Played by Tim Roberts, the Zombie appeared on the very
first episode of the new ECW, though the WWE originally
wanted a Martian to appear instead, an idea shot down by the SciFi channel who didn’t want a sci-fi creature
to be a punchline. Shuffling to the ring to a chorus
of boos by the ECW fans, the Zombie spoke only in moans, and was quickly dispatched by
The Sandman, who caned the life
out of the undead creature,
pinning him in After this debacle, the Zombie
would never be used on WWE
TV again, though Roberts continued to
use the character on the
independent circuit. On the indie scene, Roberts
would eventually feud with
Marty Wright, who fans will remember
as the Boogeyman, in a battle of WWE’s monsters. Unfortunately, death came for
Roberts in real life, as he passed away of unknown causes on January 7th,
2015, at the age of 38. 1.Lance Cade Being trained at the Shawn
Michaels Wrestling Academy, it’s safe to say that Lance Cade
had a near-perfect start to his
wrestling career. After spending some time in Japan, Cade would sign a developmental
deal with the WWE in 2001, making his main roster debut
two years later, teaming
with Mark Jindrax. Despite never holding the tag
titles with Jindrax, this didn’t stop Cade’s ambitions,
as in 2005, he was partnered with
Trevor Murdoch, and the pair of rednecks
successfully won the World
Tag Team Championships on three separate occasions. After splitting with Murdoch Cade would receive a small push, as he was partnered with
Chris Jericho in 2008, aiding the Best in the World
with his feud with Shawn Michaels. Now part of the main event,
Cade’s star would rise Jericho became the World Heavyweight Champion but was released in October,
after personal problems, with Jim Ross stating that Cade had made a “major league mistake
whilst utilizing bad judgement.” Now gone from WWE, Cade would spent his final
years wrestling back in Japan and on the independent scene. Sadly, on August 13th, 2010, Cade died of heart failure after overdosing. He was 29 years old. Well guys that’s our list, Are they any wrestler’s
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